Hi, I’m Rowan Adler, founder of Love Work at Home, business owner, online entrepreneur and devoted dad. I have a passion for living an amazing life, discovering ways to create time and financial freedom, and sharing what I learn with those committed to improving their lives and the lives of those around them.

I started Love Work at Home as a way to share with others the endless options available when it comes to earning money beyond the confines of an office. With the fulfilment and freedoms that I now have in my life as a remote working solo- preneur, I would like to share with the world how you too can take a step towards changing your life by changing your work.

A little about me…

I’m a proud father of two little people who I love to no end. For me, there’s nothing more fulfilling than watching my kids learn, develop and grow into bright little creatures.

My amazing wife, Lara, and I work part-time so we can enjoy raising our kids, knowing full well how precious this time of our life is. On weekends we enjoy time at the beaches, cooking up a storm, spending time with our friends, reading or listening to self-development books and audios, and planning our next adventure abroad or locally.


My vision is to find the perfect balance between working on what I’m passionate about, enjoying the outdoors and the many fruits of life, and contributing time to worthy causes.
While I don’t necessarily believe we’re born for a certain purpose, I do believe that life is infinitely better for ourselves and those around us if we choose to live with purpose. Which leads me into how Love Work at Home
got started.

The Love Work at Home Story –

All through my schooling life I knew something wasn’t right. There was something about the forced commitment of turning up at school every day and being on someone else’s clock that just didn’t sit right with me.

Following school I did some travel, but returned to start my first corporate job. It was exciting. Getting dressed up. A young guy in his 20’s, acting like an adult. Commuting to the city every day. Having a desk space, a computer, and a view to the people by the window who had a view.

I lasted 9 months before I quit, taking to the open road and travelling around Australia, Indonesia and Europe for almost 3 years. Eventually though, I was ready to settle down, and go back to having a desk space, a computer, and a view to the people by the window who had a view.

Sure enough though, that feeling that something wasn’t right crept back in. I knew life had more to offer than showing up at the same office week in, week out.

I figured that if I could somehow get ahead financially, then I could quit my job and spend my days sipping from coconuts in a hammock strung between palm trees. Perhaps a very early retirement was my dream. Years on I see some flaws in my logic, but logic aside (haha), it was financial freedom that I figured would be the cure-all.

At that time I felt stuck, but I suppose I was fearful. Could have been any number of fears. The fear of embarrassment if I stuck my neck out. The fear of failure if I tried something different. The fear of losing the security of a paycheck. Fear of change. Fear of the unknown.

I could see that it was a very long, and very slow path to getting ahead. Pay increases sometimes didn’t even match inflation, so it often felt like I was stuck in a repetitive cycle going practically nowhere. It was glaringly obvious to me that my day job was never going to move me towards financial freedom, so I was on the lookout for an opportunity to ‘escape the rat race’.


I pursued a fast food franchise opportunity, crunched the numbers to start a drive through coffee shop, tried network marketing, flipping houses (renovating), and dabbled with other opportunities. I was eager and hungry, but for any number of reasons and excuses, nothing seemed to be working out.

As time moved on, my discontent with the large corporation I was working for grew, until one Thursday afternoon at 4pm on the dot I stood bolt upright, walked over to the lift, went down to ground level, out the front doors and straight to a recruitment agency. Within weeks I had downsized to a smaller company that suited me a lot better.

Fast forward 2 ½ years, the birth of both my kids, further investigating and dabbling with money making opportunities, and again I was ready for change. But this time was different.

This time I knew that I needed to start my own business in the quest for work life balance.

But I now had 2 dependants, we were on a single income as my wife was on maternity leave, we were mortgaged up to the eyeballs, so I had every excuse to let my fears and commitments take charge. Besides, how was I going to build a new network, find clients, market my services, and do things like invoicing, tracking finances, outsourcing tasks amongst other things that I’d never done before.  

Despite all that I took the plunge. I knew that I had to, and I also knew that I had to work it all out. I’ll be the first to admit that it was a shaky start, but once there was wind under my wings, I was flying and I discovered freedoms that I was looking for all along.

As it turned out it wasn’t financial freedom that I was after, it was actually flexibility, the variety of working remotely from anywhere, the inspiration that came with building a business, and the freedom of being my own boss. It wasn’t early retirement or spending my days swinging in a hammock (although that is a great way to relax!), it was working on something that inspired me while also gaining that work life balance I craved.

Having been through this journey, but also hearing similar struggles from friends, colleagues and even strangers, I was inspired to create a resource centre where people could discover all the work from home and work remotely options, create a side income in spare time, find a more flexible job, or upskill with an online course and start an online business. And so in the spirit of living with purpose, Love Work at Home was founded.

The funny part is that creating a niche website like this one is in fact one way to start an online business, but I’ll let you discover that for yourself if you’re that way inclined.

From here I encourage you to consider what it is that would bring you the most fulfilment. Is it earning some side income, finding a new work from home job, or starting your own online business? I hope you find exactly what you’re after on your journey with Love Work at Home.