Best Analog Phones for Home Office

HOME BLOG YOUTUBE For many years, millions of users all over the globe have been relying on the unmatched quality of analog phones. Although not as popular today, there are still a few who prefer its simplicity over digital VoIP technology. Read more Are you a proud member of this dying breed? If so, you’ve […]

Best Digital Filing System for Home Office

Sometimes, no matter how hard you work on going paperless, you will realize that it’s simply not possible for everyone. Yet even if that’s the case, it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about that growing pile of documents on your desk. With the best digital filing system for home office, you can finally free […]

Best Cross Cut Shredder for Home Office

HOME BLOG YOUTUBE Looking for the best cross cut shredder for home office? Going in, you probably thought that choosing a machine to cut up important documents with sensitive information would be easy. In some cases, that would be true, especially if you are fairly familiar with the technology and already know what to look […]

Best Small Laser Printer for Home Office

HOME BLOG YOUTUBE Around 16% of companies across the globe are currently implementing 100% remote work, and 77% of their workers are happier and more productive than ever. These numbers are but a small glimpse into the power of working from home, and there is no doubt that its list of benefits is actually much […]

How To Add Working Remotely On Resume To Win The Job

HOME BLOG YOUTUBE How To Add Working Remotely On Resume To Win The Job Rewind to 2019, when the world was in a groove, facemasks were as common as unicorns, and the word Covid made as much sense as swimming in a shark tank wearing a meat jacket.  Oh, those were the days.  Mind you, […]

How to Become an Accountant – A Personal Accountant at Home

HOME BLOG YOUTUBE How To Become an Accountant and Work From Home What?! You’re telling me that I can have a professional corporate job with the salary to boot, but work from home in my 10-year-old shredded jeans? Are you serious?! Ok, now you’ve got to tell me how to become an accountant and work […]

Remote Interview Meaning & Typical Questions To Prepare For

HOME BLOG YOUTUBE Remote Interview Meaning & Typical Questions To Prepare For Since the pandemic caused a shock change to the way many of us work, remote interviews have become the norm for many companies looking to hire new staff. To give a short remote interview meaning, it’s one that’s carried out without the interviewer […]

10 Course Alternatives to Brian Dean’s SEO That Works

HOME BLOG YOUTUBE 10 Course Alternatives to Brian Dean’s SEO That Works Doesn’t it drive you crazy when you finally decide to enroll in an online course that you’ve been researching, only to find that the course is closed?!?! This can easily happen for Brian Dean’s SEO That Works training program, which only opens once […]

Best Bluetooth Headset for Home Office

HOME BLOG YOUTUBE Did you know that 64% of surveyed American consumers stated they bought a Bluetooth device in 2016?  And you can bet your bottom dollar that a decent chunk of those consumers were looking for the best Bluetooth headset for home office… And with good reason.  Read more No more distracting wires flopping […]

10 Best 2 Line Phones for Home Office Professionalism in 2022

HOME BLOG YOUTUBE According to a survey, more than 60% of customers get annoyed when they’re unsure whether the call’s on hold or disconnected and have to wait for a long time. Thus, handling two or more calls simultaneously helps you become more productive and build better client relations. A 2-line phone dedicated to business […]