Best Cross Cut Shredder for Home Office




Looking for the best cross cut shredder for home office?

Going in, you probably thought that choosing a machine to cut up important documents with sensitive information would be easy.

In some cases, that would be true, especially if you are fairly familiar with the technology and already know what to look for.

More often than not, though, it’s not as simple as it seems. 

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So, here you are now.

You have made the first big decision, which is to choose the cross-cut over the strip-cut shredder.

It cuts paper both in the crosswise and lengthwise direction, which is a better way to protect your company’s data.

The next, more important step is to pick the best model to add to your home office setup, and this is where it can get tricky.

We will take a close look at some of the top cross-cut shredders in the market today. 

After reading, you should be able to make a decision more quickly and be confident about it.

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Tops 3 Picks – Best Cross Cut Shredder for Home Office

Fellowes Powershred 99Ci Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

Best Overall Cross-Cut Shredder With Speed and Power

AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Heavy-Duty Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

Best Quality Cross-Cut Shredder for Its Price

Aurora AU1230XA Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

Best Value for Your Money

10 Best Cross Cut Shredder for Home Office

1. Fellowes Powershred 99Ci

Features | Heavy-duty cross-cut paper shredder with high capacity and blazing-fast speed

If you have stack after stack of documents you need to dispose of, the Powershred 99Ci is for you.

This unit is aptly named; it can shred 18 sheets of paper in a single go, obliterating each one into 397 security level P-4-compliant pieces.

You can run it for 30 minutes straight before you have to turn it off for a 40-minute cooldown period.

The pull-out bin can accommodate nine gallons of shredded paper, much more than what you normally see in other brands.

Moreover, it is 100% jam-proof, which means you can work uninterrupted until you finish your task.

In short, the Powershred 99Ci is a powerful, heavy-duty cross-cut paper shredder that can take on virtually anything you throw its way.

That said, this office equipment is not all brawn.

It has the SafeSense Technology, a built-in feature that stops the shredder every time it detects a hand at the paper opening.

The pull-out bin also has an LED sensor that lets you know once it is full.

The Powershred 99Ci is more expensive than some other brands or models, so that’s something you should consider. 

However, if you have the budget, it would be a solid investment for your home office.

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2. AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Heavy-Duty Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

Features | Highly affordable cross-cut paper shredder that can hold its own against bigger units

If the Powershred 99Ci is too much for you, the AmazonBasics 6-Sheet would be a great alternative.

This unit costs much less than most other brands, but make no mistake; it is no slouch.

Even with its compact size, it can shred six sheets of paper in a single pass.

You do not have to remove staple wires or small paper clips before shredding, as the machine can take care of them.

You can even use it to shred credit cards, so you won’t put yourself at risk by simply throwing them into the garbage with the rest of your trash.

The AmazonBasics 6-Sheet has advanced features like the Auto Start function. It starts the shredder automatically once it detects papers or other materials.

Plus, the built-in thermal protection prevents overheating and keeps your machine in good running condition.

It also comes with a manual reverse to help you clear jams.

If you weigh all these features against its affordable price tag, you’ll agree that the AmazonBasics 6-Sheet is a great buy.

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3. Aurora AU1230XA


Features | Jam-free cross-cut shredder that offers the perfect balance between cost and performance

When shopping around for a cross-cut paper shredder—or any product for that matter—one of the biggest challenges is how to find the sweet spot between cost and quality.

As a general rule, cheaper options most likely won’t meet your needs, while expensive models are, well, expensive.

The key is to balance one with the other, and the AU1230XA hits the mark on both fronts.

In one pass, it can shred 12 sheets of paper into small pieces that comply with the P-3 security level requirements.

If you need to dispose of old credit cards and other similar items, this machine can do it for you, too.

It has a built-in overload and overheating protection, with automatic off, reverse and forward functions.

The 5.2-gallon waste bin has an LED indicator that lets you know the status.

The best part is that all of these features come at a reasonable price.

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4. Bonsaii Home Office Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

Features | Affordable cross-cut paper shredder for home office use

The Bonsaii Home Office Cross-Cut Paper Shredder is another entry-level option perfect for budget-conscious buyers.

It has a compact design, ideal for workstations with limited space. Even so, it can perform at a level surprising for its small stature.

It can shred six sheets of paper at once and churn out P-3 security level-compliant pieces.

Also, you can run it for four minutes straight before you have to cool it down for 40 minutes.

There is an overload and overheat protection to ensure you don’t tax it too much and cause damage.

Plus, it can detect materials for shredding and automatically feed them.

Like any reliable paper shredder, there is also a manual reverse mode to help clear jams.

All in all, this paper shredder from Bonsaii offers the most value for your money.

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5. Aurora AU1220XA Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

Features | Budget-friendly paper shredder with quiet operation

With remote work, separating your job from your personal life can be a challenge sometimes.

One simple example is when your office equipment makes enough noise to disrupt the routine of other household members.

This would not be a problem with the AU1220XA. 

Its efficient and quiet operation lets you do your job without noise disrupting your focus.

You can shred 12 sheets at a time without removing the staple wires and paper clips and run the machine for three minutes straight.

You can also shred credit cards and other similar items.

To protect your investment, there is a safety feature that protects the shredder from overload and overheating.

This unit is a great choice if you are looking for a high-performing but compact and quiet shredder.

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6. Bonsen Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

Features | A low-cost, compact paper shredder that packs a lot of power

This shredder is small enough to fit under your desk, which is great if your home office is a bit cramped.

Even better, you won’t be giving up much in terms of performance to enjoy the benefit of its compact design.

You can shred eight sheets of paper in one pass without having to worry about removing staple wires or paper clips.

In addition, the pieces that go into the four-gallon bin are compliant with P-4 level security standards.

You can even use the machine to shred credit cards, mails, and similar items.

This unit is hard to beat, especially if you compare it to other models of the same price point.

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7. Bonsaii C149-C Heavy-Duty Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

Features | High-performing paper shredder with one hour of continuous run time 

Is disposing of tons of documents a big part of your routine for work?

If so, it might be more difficult to find a machine that can get the job done in one sitting. 

Most shredders can only run for a few minutes, after which you need to stop and wait for it to cool down.

This is where the Bonsaii C149-C comes in.

This heavy-duty machine can run for 60 minutes straight, thanks to its advanced cooling system and cutting-edge technology.

It can shred 18 sheets of paper in one go without breaking a sweat or making much noise.

The auto start, stop, and reverse functions ensure everything goes smoothly, allowing you to make short work of big tasks.

While it is a bit more expensive than some other models, it is the logical choice if you have to shred tons of documents.

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8. Aurora AU1200XD Desktop Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

Features | Desktop cross-cut paper shredder with advanced safety features

If you have kids or even pets and you work from home, safety should be your top priority.

This is especially true for paper shredders, which can cause finger lacerations and other injuries.

The AU1200XD takes away these worries with its auto power-off function.

It automatically shuts the machine down when someone or something tries to force its way in. 

It also has the auto-reverse feature to prevent jams, so you won’t be tempted to stick your hand in the machine and possibly get injured.

The AU1200XD has many other things going for it aside from its safety features.

It is very compact but powerful enough to shred 12 sheets of paper at once, CDs, cards, junk mail, and the paper clips or staple wires that go with them.

It produces very small pieces that comply with P-4 security level standards.

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9. Bonsaii Heavy-Duty Quiet Shredding Machine

Features | Paper-shredding workhorse with quiet operation

This machine is a heavy-duty paper shredder capable of 30 minutes of continuous operation.

It has an advanced cooling system that regulates the temperature, allowing you to destroy up to 3,500 sheets of paper in one sitting.

It is jam-proof, too, thanks to the auto stop/start and manual reverse functions. Because of this, you can finish the job with no interruptions.

Adding another layer of protection is a built-in safety feature that prevents the machine from overheating or overloading.  

Overall, there’s no denying that it is a powerful machine, which is surprising if you consider how quiet it runs.

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10. Bonsaii C209-D Cross-Cut Paper Shredder

Features | Heavy-duty yet compact machine with hassle-free operation

This model can shred 10 sheets of paper at the same time, reducing them to small, P-3 security level-compliant pieces.

It uses durable, solid steel cutters and blades to withstand heavy use on papers, cards, and even paper clips and staple wires.

It is small enough to fit under a desk, but you can count on it for heavy tasks.

Plus, it is very easy to operate, as the shredder automatically detects the materials for shredding.

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best cross cut shredder for home offices

How To Choose the Best Cross Cut Shredder for Home Office

While every individual has unique needs, there are tried-and-tested ways to choose a cross-cut paper shredder.

Here are some of the features you need to look at when shopping around for this type of home office equipment:

Load Size

If you will only be shredding 20 sheets of paper each week, the machine’s load size is not so important.

However, if you are going to dispose of reams of documents at a time, it is the first thing you need to consider.

Pick a model based on how many sheets of paper it can shred in one pass.

Also, it would be best to look at how long it can run continuously before you need to shut it down to cool off.

Noise Level

When working from home, it is important to keep the noise down so that you do not disrupt the activities of other household members.

That said, when shopping around for a paper shredder, check out how many decibels it generates before buying.

Equipment Size

Another factor you have to consider is the size of the paper shredder.

If you have a small home office, you should go for models with a compact design but enough power to meet your needs.


Finally, you need to choose a brand or model that fits your budget. Make sure you pick one that gives you the most value for your money.

best cross cut shredder for home office in 2022

Which Cross Cut Shredder Tops the List?

Choosing a cross cut shredder for your home office is harder than it sounds, given the number of available choices.

Fortunately, there are ways to narrow down your options so that you can make the right decision.

Make sure you consider the size, speed, cost, and other features that suit your unique situation.

Once you have added the right model to your home office, you can focus on work and be more productive.

From this list, you can get all of these advantages and more from the Fellowes Powershred 99Ci.

The AmazonBasics 6-Sheet unit is also a wise choice if you need a small but heavy-duty shredder.




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