32 Best Desk Gadgets – Fun & Function for the Home Office

Fun & Function for the Home Office

When you’ve chosen an online business idea and made some headway, it’s a fantastic feeling. What better way to optimize your productivity and give your home office some personality than with a few desk gadgets?

Now it’s time to have some fun with creating the perfect work environment.

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Best Desk Gadgets

1. Car-shaped wireless mouse

Wireless mouses are a must for anyone who gets slowed down by a touchpad, and they don’t get much cooler than this SUV-shaped optical mouse.

The ergonomic shape fits your hand curve perfectly, so you won’t sacrifice comfort. Plus, they come in lots of pretty colors and styles!

If you need a desktop computer to go with your car-shaped wireless mouse, we’ve found a few great options in: Best Desktop Computers for Home Office

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2. Mug warmer

Ever made yourself a cup of coffee in the morning, only to get so engrossed in your work that you couldn’t drink it before it got cold?

Make this problem a distant memory with this Mr. Coffee mug warmer, which can keep beverages hot for hours.

Mug warmer

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3. Record player tape dispenser

Historically, records have preceded tapes. But this tape dispenser in the shape of a record player lets you have both at once!

Made by market leader Scotch, it’s a premium brand desk gadget you can count on.

Record player tape dispenser

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4. Leaky bucket pencil holder

Ever thought using a mug as a pencil holder is kind of dull? Buy a pencil holder that looks like a floating, leaking bucket instead!

The only risk is that you might end up staring at it all day instead of working.

Leaky bucket pencil holder

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5. Gadget charger

You can’t have too many charging ports. Zendure’s wall charger covers all bases, with three USB ports and one USB-C PD port.

You’ll never have to choose between your phone, iPad, and Mac again.

Gadget charger

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6. Think board film

If you don’t know what a think board is, you’re in for a treat. They’re peel and stick whiteboards, but with a twist – you can make your notes digital using the app.

With various sizes available, there’s something for every purpose.

Think board film

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7. Flip-over picture messages

Bring some fun and color into your home office with these flip-over picture messages. There are 29 different messages, including reminders to stay calm and that life is awesome.

They’ll certainly provide a talking point for any clients (or family members) you have, too.

Flip-over picture messages

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8. Productivity button

What’s a productivity button, I hear you ask? The Saent Button times work sessions, schedules in breaks, and helps you build focus.

In terms of desk gadgets it’s a great alternative to relying on your phone for productivity apps.

Productivity button

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9. Electronic word clock

Try something different with this electronic word clock – you’ll literally be able to read the time, because it lights up the letters for you.

It also provides an extra source of light to keep you alert.

Electronic word clock

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10. Desktop speakers

These pebble-shaped speakers are a must for playing music and sounds whilst you work, and they’re aesthetically pleasing too.

They’re powered by USB, so you can conveniently charge them at your desk.

Desktop speakers

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11. Wrist pad

If you’ve ever had to type on a laptop for a significant period, you’ll know that it can become uncomfortable. To protect your joints and your sanity, make sure you have wrist support pads.

This set includes one pad to support you when using the keyboard and another for using your mouse.

Wrist pad

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12. Foldable bluetooth keyboard

Wireless keyboards are great for anyone who types a lot and feels limited by the keyboard on their laptop. But there’s one issue: carrying around an extra keyboard with you everywhere is hardly convenient.

Solve this problem with a foldable wireless keyboard, lightweight and portable.

Foldable bluetooth keyboard

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13. Posture trainer

No matter how many times you read about the importance of good posture, it’s tough to stick to it whilst working.

A posture trainer provides the nudge you need. Just attach it to your upper back and you’ll feel a slight vibration if you slouch.

Posture trainer

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14. Monitor

You don’t realize how useful a second monitor is until you have one.

Luckily, that doesn’t have to cost a fortune – this ultra-thin frame-less LED monitor is less than $100 at the time of writing.


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15. Phone Soap smartphone cleaner

The world is hyper-focused on hygiene right now, so this ultraviolet multifunctional sterilizer is ingenious.

This small capsule uses UV light to disinfect your phone, and it has an aromatherapy function so your phone smells delightful. We love clever, multi-purpose desk gadgets.

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16. Webcam with privacy cover

If you’re not freaked out about the prospect of someone spying on you through your webcam, you should be.

The Logitech Pro Webcam provides a high-quality camera complete with a privacy shutter, giving you everything you need.

Webcam with privacy cover1

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17. USB hub

The minimalist design of laptops means they only have a couple of USB ports, which can be problematic.

Get around this with a 4-port USB hub, ensuring you won’t worry about port space again.

17USB hub

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18. Headphones

I don’t think I need to explain why headphones are useful. But I can recommend these ridiculously affordable Cowin Bluetooth headphones.

They’re noise-cancelling, have a long battery life, and even come in a range of colors.


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19. USB headset

Headphones don’t quite cut it for video meetings; to get a great sound without background noise, opt for a headset with a microphone instead.

The Callez USB headset has the technology to guarantee high-quality sound and smooth meetings.

19USB headset

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20. LED desk lamp

Nothing is simpler yet more effective than having a good desk lamp. And you’d struggle to find a product with better reviews than the TW Lighting lamp.

It has three levels of light, comes in different colors, and even has a port to charge your phone.

LED desk lamp

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21. WiFi range extender

Unfortunately, WiFi doesn’t always reach the corners of the house we most need it in.

That’s where a WiFi range extender comes in. This one provides an impressive speed of 1750Mbps and a range that can extend up to thirty feet. These desk gadgets got reach.

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22. Laptop riser

Instead of looking down at your laptop and risking neck cramps, buy a laptop riser so you can look directly at the screen.

The ergonomic design of this adjustable laptop stand is suitable for most models and even helps to cool down the fan. Again, love those multi-purpose desk gadgets.

Laptop riser

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23. BPA free water bottle

We all know that staying hydrated is essential for good health. But make sure you don’t accidentally absorb any toxic plastic particles along the way!

The Giotto water bottle is free of those nasty BPAs and even contains time markers to ensure you drink enough. Oh, and there are a great range of colors! What more could you want?

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24. 4G phone signal booster

If there’s anything more annoying than poor WiFi signal, it’s poor phone signal.

The good news is there’s no reason to have either – you can buy a cell phone signal booster too. The weBoost signal booster supports 4G and works with all major US carriers.

4G phone signal booster

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25. Virtual reality headset

Hear me out. You might think virtual reality headsets are the last desk gadgets you need to stay focused in your home office, but they offer a quick escape from your environment without you ever having to leave. Particularly useful during lockdown!

The Oculus Quest is the best you can get in the VR world, transporting you to another dimension whilst allowing you to still interact with your environment.

Virtual reality headset

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26. Fitbit

A Fitbit might not be a typical home office gadget, but staying fit is important for office productivity.

The Fitbit Versa 2 can track everything from your sleep to steps to heart rate, and you can get Fitbit Coach fitness classes straight off your wrist!


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27. Circulator fan

The Vornado fan does an amazing job at circulating air effectively. At just 6 inches tall, you’ll hardly notice it’s there either.

As a bonus, it’s a pretty stylish addition to any office!

Circulator fan

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28. WiFi router with VPN server

As a home business owner, few things are more important than WiFi. This TP-Link router has a speed of 1750 Mbps: more than enough for most people, even home workers.

It also has an in-built VPN to give you an extra layer of protection from hackers.

WiFi router with VPN server

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29. Tabletop water fountain

Having a mini water fountain might sound ridiculous, but hear me out. If you live in a hot country, working from home will be a wake up call about how hot your new office gets during the day, but a water fountain can help trick your brain into thinking it’s cooler.

This 3-tier tabletop water fountain will relax you with the calming sound of falling water. At just ten inches high and nine inches wide, it will barely take up space on your desk either.

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30. Portable external hard drive

There’s no reason to backup your files because there’s no way you could ever lose them all… said no-one, ever! It’s easy and affordable to use an external hard drive. So worth it.

The WD 1TB external hard drive has enough space for almost anyone and is small enough to fit in your hand.

Portable external hard drive

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31. Speakerphone

Sometimes a headset is perfect for meetings; other times a speakerphone is better. Especially if there are multiple people in the room, or you want a handsfree call.

The Jabra Speak 510 turns anywhere into a conference room. Just connect your device using Bluetooth, and enjoy the amazing quality.

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32. Office desk name plate

I had to end this list off with something fun. Why not add a custom name plate to your desk or door? These are aluminum and contain up to two lines of engraved text.

Now nobody can stop you from calling yourself the CEO!

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Bottom line

It’s tempting to scrimp on extra costs, but think of office gadgets as an investment into your mental health, and therefore your business. You need a positive environment to thrive right! For more decor ideas that will positively impact your mental health and productivity, head over to 25 Home Office Decor Ideas That Will Inspire and Motivate.

I hope you found this list useful. If so, we’d be endlessly grateful if you would share it with anyone you know who also Loves Work at Home! It really helps us out.




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