Best Desktop Computers for Home Office

If you work from home, picking the best desktop computers for home office use should be a priority.

That being said, it’s no easy task. 

Desktop computers come in various models, sizes, and specifications. And for the average Joe, this can get confusing — if you don’t exactly know what to look for.

To help out, we’ve rounded up the 10 best desktop computers for home office use. Whether you’re looking to work from home, or already do, this article will help you grasp a better idea of which desktop computer to buy.

We know you find this list of the best desktop computers for working from home beneficial.

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Best Desktop Computers for Home Office

Dell Inspiron 3880 (Best desktop computer)

Acer Aspire TC-885-NESelecti3 (Best value computer for home office)

CyberPower Gaming Desktop (Best gaming computer for home office)

Lenovo ThinkCentre M720 (Best tiny desktop computer)

Acer Chromebox CXi3 (Top desktop browsing computer)

Acer Aspire Z24-890-UA91 (Best all-in-one computer)

HP Pavilion 24-Inch (Top all-in-one PC for work from home)

Acer Aspire C24-865-UA91 (Most stylish PC for work from home)

Lenovo IdeaCentre A340 (Best compact computer for home office)

HP 21.5-Inch All-In-One (Best all-in-one computer under $500)

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Top Picks - Best Desktop Computers for Home Office

best desktop computers for home office

Dell Inspiron 3880 Desktop

Best desktop computer under $1000

acer aspire best desktop computers for home office

Acer Aspire Z24 All-In-One PC

Best all-in-one computer under $1000

HP best desktop computers for home office

HP 21.5 Inch All-In-One Computer

Best all-in-one computer under $500

Our 10 Best Computers for Working From Home – Full Reviews

Best Desktop Computers Under $1000

best desktop computers for home officeDell Inspiron 3880 Desktop Computer

Features | 10th Gen Intel Core i5 plus solid state drive 

The Dell Inspiron 3880 has amazing performance. It comes with Intel UHD Graphics 630 so you can more easily run a bunch of different apps at the same time and have outstanding graphics. 

This model is smaller than its predecessor, and offers 2 year onsite service after the smart cookies at Dell remotely diagnose the issue.

It comes with Windows 10 Pro which is pretty cool, as this is not a typical bonus. Another reason why this is arguably the best desktop for working from home.


Reviewers have also praised it’s quiet yet efficient performance. It’s not loud like most desktops, so you can enjoy a silent work environment, without being distracted by background noise.

Image of black Acer tower with keyboard and mouseAcer Aspire TC-885-NESelecti3 Desktop

Features | 8th Gen Intel Core processor plus immersive sound. It’s a monumental multitasking machine.

At such a low price for quality, the Acer Aspire may be an option to consider. Powered by 8th Gen Intel processing, this desktop is perfect for any computer task at hand.

From general browsing to complex tasks like photo or video editing, the desktop offers an abundance of storage, power, and speed. Plus, it’s iconic, the sophisticated design adds a touch of elegance to any home office.

Image of the front and side of a cyberpower pc with its lights onCyberPower Gaming Desktop 

Features | 9th Gen Intel Core, Wifi ready, Windows 10 plus it looks cool

While primarily for gamers, the CyberPower desktop is perfect for almost any task you throw at it. Driven by the newest 9th Gen Intel Core processor, you can be sure it won’t slow down your productivity in the middle of a big task. And with 8GB RAM memory, there’s plenty of storage space available for your files.

Slim Black ThinkCentre LenovoLenovo ThinkCentre M720 Tiny Desktop

Features | Available in 16 GB or 8 GB solid-state drive, Windows 10 Pro 

If you’re space-savvy, this desktop may be a great fit. A compact design allows it to sit comfortably on top of any home office desk. But its performance isn’t limited by size. In fact, it delivers the same, if not better, performance than a full-size desktop. Moreover, the tiny desktop is driven by the newest generation of Intel processing. In other words: it offers a fast, reliable computing experience while taking up minimal desk or floor space!

Picture of a black Acer with the chrome logoAcer Chromebox CXi3 Desktop

Features | Runs on Chrome OS, perfect for online work and browsing, great performance

A desktop equivalent to Chromebook, this machine is run via Google’s Chrome operating system. The Acer Chromebox CXi3 is another compact design with great performance. Being super lightweight and weighing only 1.2 lb, this desktop can easily fit onto any desk. It’s so small you can even attach it to the back of your monitor. Still, though, the performance is pretty sound. With an Intel i3 processor, the desktop is able to handle most of your browsing needs. You can switch between numerous tabs at once without any sign of overload.

Best All-In-One Computer Under $1000

Image of Ascer Aspire all-in-one with keyboard and mouseAcer Aspire Z24-890-UA91 All-in-One PC

Features | 9th Gen Intel Core, full HD, wireless keyboard and mouse

If you want a computer that’s affordable, yet classy, check out this all-in-one. Performance-wise, the machine uses the latest 802.11ac wireless. That’s more than fast enough to browse the web, without need for an ethernet cable. 

The display: outstanding. On the exterior, the PC is super thin, bordered by a small bezel that supports a 23.8-inch HD display. You’ll also find an HDMI port at the back, in case you need to attach an additional display.

Best of all, it’s powered by 9th Gen Intel core processing, so it’s perfect for everyday tasks. In terms of all-in-ones, this could be the best home office computer around.

But, keep in mind: some reviewers say you’ll notice a slow-down while doing complex tasks like Photoshop editing.

Picture of black HP all-in-one with keyboard and mouseHP Pavilion 24-Inch All-In-One PC

Features | 512 GB solid-state drive, upgradable memory, awesome touch screen so that you can feel like Ironman

This strikingly designed All-in-One, powered by Hexa-Core 9th Gen core processing, is great for a bug-free experience. It’s also paired with advanced Intel UHD graphics, providing you with fantastic visuals and a performance you can depend on. It has a 10-point touch display for an ultra-responsive touch experience. Its slim profile allows for plenty of desk room, and its solid aluminum stand ensures proper stability while in use. 

White Acer Aspire All-In-One with keyboard and mouseAcer Aspire C24-865-UA91 All-in-One PC

Features | 8th Gen Intel Core, wireless keyboard and mouse, elegant silver

Similar to the Acer Aspire Z24, this all-in-one PC offers a smooth browsing experience. 

Appearance-wise, it produces beautiful, clear visuals. Visuals that can be enjoyed at 1080p resolution on a full HD display. Plus, the addition of 8th Gen Intel core processing is more than enough to carry out tasks, such as using Windows Office or surfing the net. This all-in-one is silver, elegant, and full of style.

Picture of Lenovo all-in-one with keyboard and mouseLenovo IdeaCentre A340

Features | responsive touchscreen, available from 4GB to 32GB, solid-state drive

This all-in-one is powered by 8th Gen Intel core and has a multi-touch display. It comes with Windows 10 and an iPuzzle Mouse Pad. It’s powerful enough for work tasks, light streaming, studying and even light gaming. Reviewers mentioned that it’s light and easy to move about. If you want an extra computer about the house or your work doesn’t require too much space and power, then this is a good option. 

Best All-In-One Computer Under $500

White 21.5 inch HP All-In-One with keyboard and mouseHP 21.5-Inch All-In-One PC

Features | Essential home computer, adjustable tilt stand, attractive design

Although the cheapest computer on the list, it still packs a decent overall performance. The All-in-One has a slim bezel, supported by a tilt stand that you can adjust for viewing preferences. It also has a built-in HD camera that can be switched on or off to ensure privacy.

It’s great for day-to-day tasks, such as browsing, emailing, or sending photos. Some users have complained about speed but apparently connecting via ethernet should solve the issue. If you are on a really strict budget and don’t need major computer power, then this might be a good option. But anything more and I’d opt for one of the computers above, especially for the long-term.

How to Choose the Best Desktop Computers for Home Office

Before you buy a desktop, you need to know which one fits your needs best. Here are a number of factors to look out for so you know how to find the best work from home computer

PC Desktop or All-In-One Computer?

When looking for the best desktop computer for working from home, you’ll need to decide whether you want a desktop or an all-in-one computer.

Of course, each has its own pros and cons. To give you a better picture, here are a few of them:

Advantages of Desktop Computers

    • More powerful. In general, desktop PCs are able to regulate heat consumption more efficiently than an all-in-one PC. So it can run faster for longer.
    • Customizable. Desktop PC’s allow you to customize the internal system. For example, you can add a new graphics card or a more powerful processor.
    • Generally cheaper. Desktops are often cheaper than all-in-one computers. And if you already own a keyboard and mouse, this makes this option even more affordable.

Disadvantages of Desktop Computers

    • Size. Desktops do vary in size. However, most are usually bulky and you have to find a spot to place the tower.
    • Individual costs. Not every desktop PC comes with a keyboard and mouse. For some, you’ll need to buy this separate from the desktop.

Advantages of All-In-One Computers

    • Easy setup: Setup is as simple as 1) placing it on a desk, 2) plugging in the cable, and 3) switching it on! A hassle-free way to get started.
    • Space-saving: Without the need for numerous cables, you have more room to move around the desk. All-in-one PC’s help to keep your workstation decluttered.
Neat home office with an all-in-one desktop computer on the desk.

If you like a decluttered workspace then an all-in-one desktop is a good option

Disadvantages of All-In-One Computers

    • More expensive: An All-in-one ties in every feature into a single machine. However, this makes it costlier compared to desktop computers. 
    • Harder to upgrade: It’s easy to upgrade a desktop, but all-in-one computers don’t share this same advantage. Without the option to upgrade, you may experience slower performance as the years pass.


This goes without saying, but the computer you choose depends on what you can afford. So, before searching for a computer, define a realistic budget. 

Nature of Work

Every person has different tasks involved in their work. Some of us write. Some of us edit photos or videos and others analyze data.

So with this in mind, it’s crucial to pick the best desktop computer for working from home that aligns with your nature of work.

If you are a graphic designer or video editor, consider choosing an all-in-one computer that usually comes with a fairly large screen and full HD. 

If you aren’t a designer and already have a screen, mouse, and keyboard, then a desktop is a good option. It’s also more affordable in many instances plus you can always upgrade or replace the hardware further down the line. 

No matter the nature of your work, at some time or other you might need a printer, find one here in The Best Home Printers for Small Business & Home Use.


It’d be great to have all the space in the world. For most of us, though, space in our home office is limited, so we have to use it wisely. This is one factor that we tend to forget when shopping for the best work from home computer.

If you are short on space then an all-in-one is a good option because it doesn’t have a large tower that needs to be stored somewhere (not to mention all the cables and plugs). Also, if you are still setting up your home office and currently work at the dinner table, then an all-in-one is much easier to move if you need to do so. 

When looking at desktop computers, also consider the space where you’ll store the tower. Is there enough space under your desk or do you need to have it on top of your desk which limits your working surface?

Talking about under the desk, looking for a chair that slides under the desk? Check out our Top 10 Best Home Office Chairs – Choice Made Easy.

Image of a desk with limited workspace and an all-in-one desktop computer

How much desk space do you have? An all-in-one might be a good option if space is limited.

Do you like bringing a bit of fun into your workspace? You might enjoy reading 32 Best Desk Gadgets – Fun & Function for the Home Office. 

Electrical outlets

Along with space, look at electrical outlets. For a desktop, you need to plug in the monitor and the tower. If you have limited outlets, this is something to consider if you want to avoid tripping over extension cords on the floor or using multiple-multi plugs to make enough outlets.

Now you’re aware of what factors to consider, scroll back up and pick out the best work from home desktop computer for your specific needs and circumstances.


It doesn’t matter how kitted out a home office looks. Without the right computer desktop, day-to-day work will feel like an uphill battle.

Before you choose the best desktop computer for home office, make sure you have a rough idea of what type you’re looking for. Define a budget. Check your desk has adequate space. Keep in mind the nature of your work. Then, decide if you want to buy a desktop computer or an All-in-One PC.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If so, we’d greatly appreciate you sharing it with other fellow home workers! It really helps us out.


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