Best Ergonomic Chair for Standing Desk in 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

best ergonomic chair for standing desk

The best ergonomic chair for standing desk can help you achieve better overall health and increase your productivity. Hang on a sec… can you even get a chair for a standing desk? Isn’t the whole point to stand…

At Love Work at Home, we couldn’t just stand around while our readers were wondering if there is even such a thing, so we set out to gain a better understanding of the benefits of standing and why having a chair at your standing desk is a good idea.

The result is this list of the best-of-the-best options guaranteed to give you the level of comfort and support you want from a chair that can also be used at your standing desk.

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Top 3 Picks: Best Ergonomic Chair for Standing Desk

Our Winning Standing Desk Stool:
Learniture Active Learning Stool

The Runner-Up Standing Desk Stool:
LeanRite Elite

Standing Desk Chair for Buyers on a Budget:
Modway Veer Drafting Stool

what is the best ergonomic chair for standing desk

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Ergonomic Standing Desk Chair

When I first started working from home, I used to sit for hours on end. As I’d just started out, I had to put in long hours to make ends meet.

This eventually started to take its toll on my health, strength, and happiness… not to mention the extra “padding” around my middle! I decided that something had to be done and invested in an adjustable standing desk.

Needless to say, after the first day of enthusiastically standing for the whole day thinking I was burning enough extra calories to magically melt the padding in a couple of hours, my legs and back were complaining and I was exhausted! All I wanted to do was sit down. 

This is one of the reasons why an ergonomic standing desk chair is so useful. When you first transition to standing, it’s important to do so gradually. And, although standing is really good for one’s health, the key is to be able to alternate standing and sitting throughout the day.

This gives your legs a break, your back some support, and also prevents you from staying in one posture for the whole day.

In the same way that you can find yourself hunched over hammering away at the keyboard while sitting, you can end up doing the same when standing the whole time as your body does get tired.

Being able to partially sit, perch on the edge of a seat or even sit completely, prevents this from happening. 

Like most products meant for improving health and productivity, standing desk chairs or stools also require you to consider a specific set of criteria to choose the best models.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

1. Height Adjustment

Each of us has different posture needs and these needs might change if you are standing, sitting, or “sit-standing” like you would on the edge of a bar stool. 

A standing desk chair’s height adjustment feature allows you to set the seat height at a level that meets your posture requirements.

That way, you can use the stool for long hours without feeling the least bit of discomfort.

2. Stability

Most ergonomic standing desk chairs can lean so that you can perch on the edge and give your back a break. However, the last thing you would want is to take a topple sideways and land up on the floor especially, during a video Zoom call. But hey…you never know, you might end up on YouTube with the funniest work-from-home videos out there. 

But, jokes aside,  since considerable pressure is applied when you lean, you should consider if your chair has features that contribute specifically to its stability.

It really is better to be safe than sorry, so be sure to keep stability in mind. 

3. Design

A design that works for other people might not work for you.

Still, that doesn’t make the design any less important when choosing standing desk chairs.

Standing desk chairs come in different looks and qualities. Some are more generic and subtle, and others are designed more boldly and uniquely.

Find a chair that appeals to you and will motivate you to pursue your standing desk goals. 

4. Comfort

Now, this is pretty self-explanatory.

Most of the time, standing desk chairs require the user to work in a position that they are not used to, so comfort becomes even more of a priority.

You want to pick a particular model that’s forgiving and ergonomic.

In this way, you can use it for hours without your back hurting or your legs getting tired.

5. Quality

Quality focuses on the finish, fit, durability, and other characteristics considered important in a standing desk stool or chair.

As some chairs can be quite pricey, make sure that the quality reflects the investment. 

Best Ergonomic Chair for Standing Desk: Brief Reviews

#1 – LeanRite Elite Ergonomic Standing Desk Chair

How could a chair that promises to get rid of back problems related to poor sitting practices not be on our list?

LeanRite Elite gives the user adequate support while standing for hours but still allows for sit-down breaks in between.

Product Highlights

The team behind LeanRite Elite is composed of product designers, orthopedic experts, and ergonomic specialists, so its buyers will always be in good hands.

They built this chair to provide support to a wide range of users’ musculoskeletal systems.

As such, it’s perfectly capable of adapting to any kind of workstation.

You can easily adjust the chair to suit your most comfortable working position using the foot pedal and hand lever.

Its stainless-steel fasteners and high-grade aluminum structure can give you years of quality use.

Then, you have the adjustable seat and wheels on the rear of the base to address your needs for positioning and mobility, respectively.

The chair’s all-black finish is absolutely gorgeous to look at.

The base, adjustable column, anti-fatigue mat, and seat are all in black, but there’s a bulk-buying option that allows you to request a seat color change.

The Good

What separates the LeanRite Elite from most ergonomic chairs for standing desks is its tilting seat.

This gives the chair a considerably wider range than the average standing desk stool.

The Not-So-Good

Since the LeanRite Elite is significantly larger than most standing tools, it’s also going to take up more space.

This could be a problem if you don’t have a lot of free space or are simply using this as a secondary chair.


    • Excellent build quality
    • Wide seat height range
    • Tilting seat function
    • Great movement range


    • Poor mobility while sitting
    • Can take some getting used to
    • Uses a bit more space

#2 – Learniture Active Learning Stool

Considering the price, core-strengthening abilities, and comfort, it’s hard to pick anything else over this number by Learniture.

What makes the Learniture Active Learning Stool stand out is its simple yet gorgeous design.

Also, even though it was made for adults, children above 10 years old shouldn’t have any trouble using it.

Product Highlights

Thanks to this stool’s slightly curved base made of thick foam, users can rock back and forth safely and with ease while they work.

This particular design also allows users to strengthen their core while sitting down.

It makes moving around easy, too, so you should be able to use the chair for both individual and group purposes.

What’s great is that there are five different colors to choose from.

These colors were based on what teachers considered to inspire creativity the most in the classroom.

The Good

The chair’s sleek design is what will draw you in initially.

Then, you’ll notice how easy it is to move around and how quickly it can be adjusted to meet your posture needs.

You’ll find that this chair is also determined to help fix bad posture.

The Not-So-Good

Despite how health-focused this chair is, it does have one particular drawback. To make sure the stool can do its job of strengthening the core, the user has to be determined to keep their sitting posture correct.

Also you might get frustrated setting this chair up since users have noted that the package didn’t include any instructions. Hopefully they’ve fixed this by now.


    • Helps correct posture
    • Aesthetically pleasing design
    • Easy to move around and adjust


    • Might be difficult to assemble

#3 – Vari Active Seat

Vari has been making standing desk chairs for quite some time.

Not to mention, they’ve also gotten some stellar reviews on some of their past products.

So, what’s stopping the Vari Active Seat from getting the same acclaim?

Product Highlights

This chair is made to keep you active and healthy while you work.

It’s structured with a low back to help you maintain the correct posture.

You’ll also notice that it is modeled similarly to the Learniture, allowing you to rock back and forth on it with ease.

It’s built with a cushioned seat and has an overall nice-looking design. You can get it in black.

Situated right on a pedestal, the chair can be lowered and raised easily.

The Good

Perhaps the best thing about this yet is the fact that it requires no assembly. It will be delivered to your home ready to use!

It belongs to the upper echelon of standing desk chairs, having been created by a company that has earned a name as one of the top manufacturers in the business so it’s great quality.

It should also have no problem carrying up to 200 pounds.

The Not-So-Good

It might take about a week to break this chair in. Users have mentioned that it was uncomfortable for the first few days of use, but all good after that.

This awesome chair is on the pricey side but see it as an investment in your health. 


    • Comes ready-to-use
    • Allows you to sit and stay active
    • Superb design


    • Price is on the higher side

#4 – Varier Move Tilting Saddle Stool

A reputable health website tested this chair and deemed it an effective calorie burner.

For one, it’s got a great design that follows the curves of the human body.

You’ll also love that it’s lightweight and compact and can, therefore, be moved around with little to no trouble.

Product Highlights

To further educate yourself on the chair category this Varier standing desk chair belongs to, make sure to do your research on saddle stools.

This chair has a gas-lift-like lever that adjusts the height of the seat.

This is so that it doesn’t take up too much space and can hold more than 240 pounds.

The stool comes with a super-soft two-inch cushion that, like the seat, can be replaced easily.

You can also move it around your workstation with ease because of its easy turning mechanism.


The Good

This chair is designed to be great for your backside with its heavily padded and easy-to-swivel seat.

You’ll like that it keeps your back straight and active as you move around, preventing you from experiencing any kind of discomfort in the area.

The Not-So-Good

This chair is also on the pricey side, so again, it could be viewed as an investment in your health and wellness. 


    • Easy turning mechanism
    • Booty- and back-friendly design
    • Padded seat


    • Price is on the higher side

#5 – Modway Veer Drafting Stool

Now here’s a futuristic standing desk chair for you.

This particular number by Modway comes with a foot ring to rest your feet on in case they get tired.

Product Highlights

You can lock the back of the Modway Veer Drafting Stool in a position that best supports the weight of your body.

To unlock the middle area, you pull the lever for lowering and raising the chair. This then allows you to lean and relax a bit more.

A single touch of the pneumatic lift allows you to adjust the height of the chair. You can also adjust the armrests up to 90 degrees.

Looking at this Modway model, you’ll see that it can fit right in with workstations at home, in the classroom, or at the office.

Capable of supporting more than 300 pounds, this chair comes out on top of our list in terms of weight capacity.

The Good

This super-affordable drafting chair can bring you the kind of comfort most people look for in a standing desk stool.

It’s a heavy-duty chair that comes in four different colors.

The Not-So-Good

This chair can be challenging to assemble.


    • Comes in a variety of colors
    • Highly durable
    • Feels great to sit on
    • Affordable


    • Assembly can be challenging
best ergonomic chair for standing desk at home

Ergonomic Chair for Standing Desks FAQs

1. How do you ergonomically use a standing desk?

Like in any situation that requires you to work standing up, using a standing desk calls for your neck, shoulders, legs, and head to be aligned properly.

To make it easier for you to maintain this for hours, wear the ideal shoes for support.

Also, use a footrest so that you can shift your weight from one foot to another easily.

2. What is a standing desk chair?

A standing desk chair or stool is a seat that’s often paired with a standing desk. It’s usually higher than an office chair or its height adjustable. 

Having this accessory lets you rest in a position that’s not quite sitting down and not quite standing up.

3. Are standing chairs good for you?

It has long been proven that years of living a sedentary lifestyle can take a huge chunk off your overall lifespan.

As such, a lot of desk workers are transitioning to using standing desks for their workspace.

These chairs help you maintain good posture by allowing you to shift back and forth from a standing and sitting position while you work.

4. What is the proper ergonomics for sitting at a desk?

When sitting at your desk, make sure your eyes are level with the monitor, your lower arms are parallel to the floor, and your shoulders are low and relaxed.

Your feet should also be positioned flat against the floor, and you shouldn’t reach too far for your keyboard and mouse.

5. Is it better to sit on a stool or chair?

Stools are usually more ideal because they encourage “active” sitting.

This means they allow you to change sitting positions frequently.

Using a stool, you’re able to sit, move, and perch as you work, developing core and back strength over time.

That being said, be sure to use a normal chair every now and then to give your back a break, especially when you first transition to standing or using a standing desk chair.

Conclusion: What Is the Best Chair for a Standing Desk?

Although each one offers great value for money, the one that’s truly able to give the best benefits is the Learniture Adjustable-Height Active Learning Stool.

It’s backless, decently priced, made of lightweight materials, and designed with a pneumatic gas lift to save space.

It is also made with a comfortable, foam-covered curved seat and promotes active seating to strengthen your core and back muscles.

With all those features combined, that should give you little doubt as to why it holds the title of the best ergonomic chair for standing desks.

I hope that this helped point you in the right direction to find the best chair for standing desk. If you’ve found this helpful and know of others who are considering standing more during their day, we’d be ever so grateful if you shared this article with them. 


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