Top 10 Best Home Office Chairs – Choice Made Easy

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Your back can ache, your neck turns stiff as a board, and let’s not forget the old gluteus maximus that just goes numb. All symptoms of suffering from a case of miserable-home-office-chair-itis. The cause… not having the best home office chair. 
The cure-all? Choosing the best home office chair for your needs. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.
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Why You Need the Best Home Office Chair

Studies show that our increasingly sedentary lifestyles lead to adverse health outcomes. It’d be nice if we could always do exactly what our bodies need when it comes to mixing up sitting, standing, and exercising. However, sometimes we just need to get sh!t done from a seat which is why finding a good office chair for home is essential. 
Some office chairs will let you get up and walk away as if you only just sat down. Others will leave you walking away like a penguin that’s just had its spine fused. So here’s our round-up of the 10 best home office chairs, turning the labour of choice to easy as pie.

Summary of Reviews

Best Home Office Chair for ErgonomicsBest Home Office Chair for Ergonomics

Ergonomic Executive Chair

Best Home Office Chair for Lumbar SupportBest Home Office Chair for Lumbar Support

High Back Office Chair

Best Home Office Chair for Tight SpacesBest Home Office Chair for Tight Spaces

Classic Adjustable Office Desk Chair
By AmazonBasics

How to Choose the Best Home Office Chair

Here are some things to look out for when choosing the best home office chair for your needs.
Armrests – These can prevent your chair from rolling under your desk which can force you to lean forward, putting pressure on your back. The question of whether you need them or not is answered in the following informative clip.

Ergonomics – Ergonomic chairs will generally contain lumbar support, a curved back or seat, and easy adjustments so you can personalize it to your body.
Materials – Searching for the best home office chair shouldn’t be routine. Choose a chair built with high-quality materials to increase longevity. Bonus if the office chair has a warranty.
Lumbar Support – Lumbar support provides a cushion for your lower back which allows your spine to form a comfortable curve and relieve pain points. For more on how your spine should look when sitting in a chair, check out these Physical Therapy Tips for choosing an Office Chair.
Recline – If you prefer to lean back in your chair to stretch or change positions, look for an adjustable tilt-back.
Casters (Wheels) – The wheels make it easy for you to move from one area of your desk to another, and from one room to another without carrying the chair.
Seat depth – The right seat depth can allow your spine to curve in a natural position and provide support for your legs. While sitting, you should have a few fingers width between the front edge of the seat and the crease of your knee for correct seat depth.
Adjustable height – Adjustable height is a must-have for a personalized fit as well as leg and arm comfort while working.
Of course, to go with your best home office chair, you need a decent size desk. Check out our article: Find the Best Desk for Dual Monitors – Our Top 10.

Review of the 10 Best Home Office Chairs

Armless Office ChairArmless Office Chair by SMUGDESK

The main benefit that stood out to users when using this chair was the casters (aka wheels). Some wheels struggle on the carpet, however, these wheels not only attach to the legs very easily but also roll nicely on the carpet.
It’s not often you see 98% of users giving a 5-star rating, but that was the case for this home office chair at the time of writing this review. Very impressive.
Some of the other features that users appreciate include the compact size, and the chair’s ability to roll under desks, even in tight spaces, due to the lack of armrests.
While the back support mesh has a little give to it, the back of the chair is fixed in place so you won’t find yourself slipping backward when your core muscles relax as your mind wonders if it’s time for your 5th coffee break before 11 am.
For the price, this chair is great value.

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Ergonomic Executive ChairBest Home Office Chair for Ergonomics by SMUGDESK

Ergonomic chairs can be pricey so we were happy to find this gem. The angled seat and back follow the natural curve of the spine keeping you comfortable for those long hours sitting at your desk.
A quick 15-minute installation is all you need to start using your chair, and the mesh cloth is breathable and easy to clean.
Plus, you won’t have to worry about the chair teetering or feeling unlevel. Five strong wheels provide 360-degree rotation on the carpet and hard surfaces, supporting up to 250 lbs.
While the armrests are not adjustable, a tilt-back and easy height adjustment helps you customize your position and even recline for a stretch break.

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Best Home Office Chair for Lumbar SupportHigh Back Office Chair by YOUNBO

This office chair offers a smart, slim design that won’t take over your desk area. Chair dimensions are marked within the product listing pictures so you know exactly what you will be receiving.
Lower armrests provide both arm comfort and preferred proximity to a keyboard and mouse. The adjustable headrest is a welcomed feature and rarity at this price point. Users praise the lumbar support and note it is more substantial than office chairs that are double in price.
Buy with confidence, this office chair comes with a 5-year warranty.

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Office ChairOffice Chair by SMUGDESK

If you are fed up with narrow office chairs that squeeze and pinch while sitting, this office chair will not disappoint. People were impressed with a wider seat than competitors (18.5″ wide) and generous support up to 250 lbs.
A tilt lock mechanism ensures the chair reclines securely so you can take frequent stretch breaks without worrying about stability. Both the mesh back and high-density foam seat allow air to circulate to keep you cool all day long.
However, users noted that the wheels don’t move as smoothly as they would like even on hard floors.

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Classic Adjustable Office Desk Chair by AmazonBasics

Need an office chair that looks less like you stole it from a cubicle and more like a sophisticated mid-century accessory? AmazonBasics has you covered with their Classic Adjustable Office Chair. The chair comes upholstered in a stylish, durable material and is available in a range of colors.
If your home office is in your living room, bedroom, etc. you will appreciate the elegant design and comfortable back support. The chair is perfect for lounging and sneaking in those tv and social media breaks.
Users note that the high-density foam holds up to everyday use and the fabric is easy to spot clean.
The chair is easy to adjust and rolls smoothly on hard floors. However, we recommend purchasing a plastic chair mat if you will be primarily using this chair on carpet.

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Ergonomic Executive Office ChairErgonomic Executive Office Chair by SMUGCHAIR

This chair has a durable bonded leather that feels luxuriously soft to the touch. The fabric also creates a cooling effect without sticking to your skin. Thick padding provides a cozy retreat for your back and legs.
The chair adjusts with ease and is sturdy when moving around. The armrests align perfectly for typing.
You will need to consider that the chair may need to be lowered to fit under a standard desk. Also, while it is made from high-quality materials, the chair is fairly heavy making it difficult to move from room to room.

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Adjustable Task ChairAdjustable Task Chair by Yaheetech

Now you can multitask and stroll around the office with ease. Taking up less space than a standard office chair, users also found a use for this chair in other areas of their home such as a kitchen nook or vanity space.
Enjoy chrome details and easy to maintain polyurethane (PU) leather. The curved back helps adjust your posture. The pneumatic lift has an impressive 16.3″ to 22.2″ lever height adjustment.
While it has a generous weight capacity of 265 lb, users warn the seat can be narrow and is not suitable for every body type.

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Mid-Back Executive Swivel Office ChairMid-Back Executive Swivel Office Chair by Flash Furniture

If you are tired of the standard black office chair, you will love the multiple style options by Flash Furniture. Offered with chrome or gold frames in a variety of upholstery colors, you can even order this chair with or without arms.
Featuring an upgraded LeatherSoft bonded leather fabric, the chair is easy to clean (even if you choose bright white). The chair both rocks and reclines smoothly with a durable tilt tension adjustment knob.
A bonus integrated coat hanger bar on the back of the chair is great for storing a jacket for impromptu nature walks or a small towel for any accidental caffeine spills.

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Computer ChairComputer Chair by BestOffice

This minimalistic computer chair is available in basic black and pink. The seat and back are comfortable. The swivel wheels and base make it easy to scoot around the room to reach a printer, dresser, or cabinet without getting up from the chair.
People were impressed with its quality for the price, noting that it’s a sturdy chair that holds more than its weight limit with ease.
Need a desktop to go with your computer chair? Here are some great options: Best Desktop Computers for Home Office.

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Low-Back Desk ChairLow-Back Desk Chair by AmazonBasics

With more positive reviews than any other chair in our lineup, the Low-Back Desk Chair by AmazonBasics is worth a look.
This chair comes in a variety of colors including blue, green, red, and standard black. The backrest is tall enough to accommodate up to a 6’6” body height. Conversely, it might not be the best option if you are vertically challenged as the backrest may hit you in the wrong spot.
Keep in mind the backrest does not tilt backward making it difficult to recline.
Plus, just like the YouTube video above suggests, this chair has no armrests so it can easily slide under your home office desk.

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Our Top Choice

Office chairs can vary in size, features, and style. However, through our extensive review process, we’ve found that price doesn’t always mean quality. When purchasing an office chair, it’s important to look at the features that cater to your body type. Finding a personalized fit can aid in better posture and instant pain relief.
Of the ten best home office chairs, our top pick checks all of the boxes. The Armless Office Chair by SMUGDESK is the best home office chair for the price point and offers many benefits such as comfort, compact size, and strong casters, features normally reserved for higher price point chairs.

Armless Office Chair

Aside from the lack of recline, 98% of people rate this as a 5-star chair. If you are in the market for a new home office chair, consider our top pick. It might just be the best home office chair you’ve been searching for.
So there you have it, the top 10 best home office chairs. From years of working from home, I can honestly say that a good chair is worth the investment!
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