Top 10 Office Paint Colors to Bring Life to Your Home Office – 2022




Top 10 Office Paint Colors to Bring Life to Your Home Office – 2022

A selection of the best home office colors

Did you know that choosing the best office paint colors can help increase work productivity, lower stress, and cultivate new ideas? 

If you are a work-at-home newbie or just need to spice things up, consider painting your home office walls in a fresh color. The right color scheme can hold just as much weight for productivity as other office essentials such as your desk (check out these 32 Best Desk Gadgets), chair, or tech equipment.

To find the best office paint colors for you, check out our top 10 color inspirations below. 

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How to Choose the Best Office Paint Colors for Your Home Workspace

Color can spark an emotional response every time you enter a room. While warm tones like red, orange, and yellow can increase energy, cool tones like green, blue, and purple have anxiety-relieving properties and can help reduce your stress levels. 

But, choosing the right office paint colors can feel overwhelming.

Whether you are simply trying to select the perfect shade for your home office or a shared workspace, here are a few tips to help you.

Consider your individual preference – what paint colors do you love?

This is the most important factor in finding the home office paint colors that are best for you. The way you view color is a lot like how you gravitate toward certain furniture, decor, or clothing. Some people like bright colors, some prefer darker tones, while others prefer a more neutral hue. When sharing office space, the ideal option is to find a color middle ground that everybody likes. 

Do your research – what office paint colors are there?

Look through home decor magazines, search #office space on Instagram, and pin your favorite home office paint color inspirations on Pinterest.

You can even use interactive tools on paint manufacturer websites, like Benjamin Moore’s “See in Room” to visualize what the color will look like in a home office setting.

Look at how much light is in the room

Take note of how much natural light is in your home office. If you lack sufficient natural light, consider choosing a bright, cool tone. If your room is flooded with natural light, you have the option of choosing a deep, warm tone to aid in surrounding yourself with tranquility and reduce eye strain.

Don’t base your paint selection on color swatches alone 

While paint swatches are important (the more choices the better) and can be gathered either by going into a paint or home improvement store or ordering them online, don’t have the paint mixed just yet.

Once paint swatches have been collected, narrow down your options to your favorite color. Then choose 3-4 colors in the same range (either a suggested coordinating color or different shades of your favorite). 

Purchase a test sample of paint for each of those 3-4 colors. Paint samples are small containers of watered-down paint usually between 7 to 30 ounces. They are inexpensive and available in any color that can be mixed, but may only come in one finish (i.e. flat or satin).

Although you can paint sample squares directly on the wall, House Beautiful provides an alternative method for testing paint swatches. 

    • Apply your test paint to large pieces of poster board or foam core, and tape them to your walls using double-sided tape or poster tack.
    • After a couple of days, move the samples to a different wall to see if you still have the same favorite. 

This method saves you from sanding or priming the walls before the final paint job. Plus, it gives you greater flexibility by moving the samples from each wall in your office with little effort.

For more home office decor ideas, head over to 25 Home Office Decor Ideas That Will Inspire and Motivate.

Our Top Office Paint Colors To Inspire You

A sample of the color Sea Cove

1. Sea Cove for Focus

Sea Cove (7005-5 by Valspar) is a beautiful mix of white, green, blue, and gray. It is light and airy and will mix well with cool tones. Plus, it’s perfect for easily switching to a pop of color down the road. 

The calming hue of Sea Cove will help you stay focused and can even improve your organization skills thanks to its clean demeanor.

Do you have a small office? Office paint colors like Sea Cove can brighten up a small area and create a sense of space.

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A sample of the color Leatherbound

2. Leatherbound for Security

A warm brown like Leatherbound (3004-10A) by Valspar can give a cozy feel to an otherwise mentally taxing space. Choose steel or glass furniture pieces for a put-together look. 

If you are down to earth and prefer not to draw attention to yourself, then rich brown might be perfect for you. It will give you a sense of comfort and safety, like settling into your favorite recliner after a long day.

By painting your home office in Leatherbound, you will feel secure in your surroundings even when you are working on a difficult project.

A sample of the color Repose Gray

3. Repose Gray for Sophistication

Looking for a grown-up tone that is versatile? Repose gray (7015 by Sherwin Williams) is a mid-tone neutral that is the perfect backdrop for mixed metals or a grey color palette. Keep it upscale while you are working at home toward that next promotion.

While some may argue that grey office paint colors are boring, we disagree. Use it to brighten up a room with lackluster natural light. Since light gray goes well with pops of color (both cool and warm), it is also great for a shared home office space. For shared spaces, allow each family member to choose an accent color to differentiate the space.

A sample of the color Graphic Charcoal.

4. Graphic Charcoal for Strength

Graphic Charcoal (N500-6 by Behr) is a neutral tone that will soothe anxiety and tired eyes during intense projects. Its dark shade helps to ground areas that are saturated with light, bringing a sense of strength and purpose.

If you are a nose-to-the-grindstone type of person, you will appreciate the quiet power of a deep gray. A color brimming with wisdom, sophistication, and inner strength.

If your home office is bright and airy, Graphic Charcoal can help bring structure and a firm foundation to your workspace. Use accents of white or bright colors to maximize contrast or varying shades of gray for a calming approach.

A sample of the color Island Getaway.

5. Island Getaway for Growth

Constantly working on your next big idea? Island Getaway (593 by Benjamin Moore) is the perfect color for inspiration, growth, and success. 

A brighter shade of green creates a playful, creative atmosphere that can energize the mind and help deter procrastination. A darker shade can bring a sense of calmness and consistent growth because of its association with nature. 

If you live in the city and can’t get into nature that often, Island Getaway green might be a good option for your home office. Pair it with a few low-maintenance houseplants to create a work-friendly oasis.

A sample of the color Recycled Glass

6. Recycled Glass for Balance

Recycled Glass (7747 by Sherwin-Williams) is the perfect shade for nature enthusiasts who seek work-life balance. Light green can remind us of the outdoors, freedom, and relaxation. Add an earthy green tint and it can help calm anxiety and bring a fresh start. 

 If you face a lot of ongoing projects or repetitive work conditions, Recycled Glass is a great color choice. It also goes beautifully with Repose Gray and accents of white for window frames and bookshelves. 

This beautiful green can bring a sense of balance into your home office. Reminiscent of your favorite spa, feel free to grab a couple of cucumber slices for break time.

A sample of the color Lotus Flower

7. Lotus Flower for Optimism

The Lotus Flower (6310 by Sherwin Williams) is known for its analogy to the human condition to overcome obstacles and triumph in the midst of the most difficult circumstances. When the lotus flower’s roots lie in murky waters, it produces the most beautiful flower. 

Pink is often seen as nurturing and positive. It will help keep you optimistic when problem-solving or you find yourself in a challenging situation. Lotus Flower is great  for an artistic or feminine touch to your office space or corner.

Want pink without the commitment? Check out @desklifebliss accent of pink in her modern, girl boss office space.

A sample of the color Symphony

8. Symphony Blue for Confidence

Whereas red promotes a feeling of aggression and anger, navy blue portrays intelligence without a short temper attached. With as much versatility as a neutral, navy has a natural feel, perfect for keeping an even keel and can provide a bold background for men’s office decor.

If you are constantly plagued with distractions in your home office, Symphony Blue as an office paint color can bring clarity to your chaotic world. With a calm mind and body, you can sharpen your focus to exceed your productivity goals. Relish in the new confidence by taking on a challenging project of finally asking for that raise.

Symphony Blue (2060-10 by Benjamin Moore) is an ultra-saturated navy blue that will make your furniture and artwork pop. Not convinced? Check out this gorgeous home office courtesy of

Sample of the color Celestial

9. Celestial for Serenity

Chances are, if you stop to think of the most tranquil place you’ve been, it will include the color blue. For some it might be a vast body of water and others may think of a cloudless sky. Either way, Celestial (5808 by Sherwin Williams) brings a sense of serenity and space. You might well find yourself breathing in a little deeper and breathing out a bit slower. 

Whether it’s sunny or rainy outside, this supreme sky hue can keep you calm and productive throughout a long day in front of the computer. It’s also perfect for the occasional daydream (we won’t tell!).

A sample of the color Yellow Brick Road

10. Yellow Brick Road for Inspiration

A muted warm yellow that is pleasing to the eye and will make even the grayest of days feel sunny and bright.

Like highlighting your favorite self-help book on a much larger scale, Yellow Brick Road (349 by Benjamin Moore) will consistently inspire you to reach toward your goals and provide the perfect backdrop to remember positive affirmations to keep you motivated. 

If your home office feels dull and boring, this energetic tone will brighten any space whether you saturate the walls or use it as an accent or a pop of color. 

What Office Paint Color Will You Choose?

By following our tips on how to choose the best office paint color for your home office or workspace, you can create an updated look without devoting a lot of time or money. While researching various colors, considering lighting, and utilizing test swatches are key pieces of the puzzle, it’s important to remember your individual preference is the most important factor.

We hope you enjoyed our roundup of top home office paint colors. From light to dark, bright to soothing, your color choice can create an engaging environment for consistently meeting deadlines and boosting creativity.

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