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If you’ve ever tried to complete an important project using nothing but your laptop while sitting at a wobbly table, you’ll know that working at a coffee shop isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. Work environments are essential for productivity, which is why you need the best home office setup possible. 

Don’t panic, we’re here to help. We have home office ideas galore! From where your eyes look up to where you rest your backside, we’ve thought of everything you could ever need (and more) to curate the perfect work-at-home experience. 

The only downside of following our advice is having no excuses left about why you can’t focus on your work. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Up and Above for Inspiration and Organization

wall organization home office setup ideas

When you think about creating the best home office setup, the first things you’ll think of are probably desks, chairs, and gadgets. While it’s true that working without a computer and desk is almost impossible, don’t underestimate the power of creating an inspirational and aesthetically-pleasing environment.

A well-designed home office can increase productivity, keep you motivated, and help you love working from home. 

Not all of us are born interior designers, but we can all create a place that makes us feel happy or gets our creative juices flowing. Here are our suggestions for wall art, shelving units, and more if you need some home office inspiration.

Best Home Office Setup Ideas: Inspiring Office #1

Image of inspiring monochrome home office

If monochrome, minimalist aesthetics are your thing, the image above probably just gave you an orgasm. Even if you prefer a little color, you can probably agree that the design and use of wall space are impeccable.

Whoever decorated this space clearly has a thing for plants and art; you can make space for whatever you’re into. But just in case there’s any overlap — and who doesn’t love plants?! — we’ve found close or exact matches for the items in this photo. Don’t say we’re not good to you.

Wooden floating shelves with decor

Floating Shelves

Part of what makes the desk setup shown above so easy on the eyes is the symmetry between the desk and shelving units. It’s tough to find anything long enough to have this effect, but these floating shelves just about pull it off.

Wooden floating shelves with booksGray Oak Floating Shelves

By InPlace Shelving Store

Product Highlights | Rustic look, durable, 48 inches long, floating design.

Made of sturdy wood, these floating shelves can make any office look elegant and Instagram-ready. You can purchase them in a range of colors and wood types, but we recommend the gray oak and 48-inch length, allowing them to hang perfectly above your desk. Great for a vintage, rustic vibe!

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White floating shelves with picture and plantDeep White Floating Shelves


Product Highlights | Clean white color, 2 inches thick, good for tight spaces.

Not everyone has the space for massive, 48-inch shelves above their desk. Or maybe you just favor a more minimalist approach. Either way, these smaller white shelves could be a better fit. Plus, their chunkiness is a statement itself, giving your workplace a groovy touch.

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Black storage boxes

Storage Boxes

We’ve all got a few files, papers, or notebooks that we need to keep near us while we’re working, but that doesn’t mean we want to have them sprawled across our desk, causing chaos. Use storage boxes to restore some order.

Two black storage boxes with white labelsBlack Storage Boxes

By Pioneer Photo Albums Store

Product Highlights | Sturdy, 2-pack, includes a nameplate, free of nasty materials.

These two storage boxes are 14.75 by 13 by 3.75 inches each; that should provide more than enough space for most people to store their paperwork. They’re excellent quality and free of acid, lignin, and PVC. What more could you want?

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Two folding boxes with metal cornersFolding Boxes with Metal Corners

By SLPR Store

Product Highlights | Nest inside each other, deep, dotty design, large and deep.

If you fancy something funkier to brighten up your workspace, these nesting boxes will be right up your street. At 7 and 6.3 inches deep (the 2 boxes are different sizes), you’ll also fit anything you want in there. Helpfully, you can open up the box’s front panel, allowing you to peer inside and access your stuff without having to remove everything first.

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Geometric decor ball on shelf

Something Arty #1

Just because you’re a professional, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun in your life by adding some artsy objects to your office. A 3D polygon will add some wonder and personality.

Polygon iron frame ballPolygon Iron Frame Decor Ball

By Torre & Tagus

Product Highlights | Modern and geometric design, made from iron, 9.5 inches diameter.

Inspired by early computer graphics, this 3D decor made from triangular shapes looks slightly different from every angle. You can have a fresh view every day! Have fun creating a kooky combo with other items.

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Hurrican lamp on a bookshelf

Something Arty #2

If you identify as more of an old soul, you might prefer more of a vintage-inspired item, like this lantern. It’s a great way to add some old-school character to your office.

Brass LED hurricane lampHurricane Lamp LED Candle Holder

By Smart Living

Product Highlights | Includes LED candle, has a timer, rustic finish. 

Love a good antique but not the price tag? The rustic finish on this lantern makes it almost passable as a historical artifact and the glass panels are real — but at a fraction of the price.

It comes with an LED candle that you can set to turn on automatically with a timer. All the ambiance of a real candle with none of the bother — plus, you can trick your friends and family!

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Stationery organizer on a bookshelf

Stationery Organizers

Don’t be that person who leaves their pens and stationery lying around on their desk — files and paperwork aren’t the only things you need to keep organized.

Leather storage box for stationeryLeather Storage Box

By Kingform Store

Product Highlights | Made of PU leather, 4 compartments, white stitch detailing.

This desk organizer for office supplies has 4 compartments — enough space for you to fit everything stationery-related you own and then some. The PU leather gives it a soft look, yet it’s impressively sturdy.

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White floral pen holdersFloral Pen Holders – Pick Your Color

By EasyPAG Store

Product Highlights | Pack of 2, range of colors, 3.75 inches tall.

Want something a little fancier? Of course you do! Whether you’re a dark teal or rose gold sort of person, you can find a decorative pen holder featuring a beautiful, carved pattern in your color of choice. They’re tall enough for all your scissors, pens, and rulers.

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Pot plant on a bookshelf with a picture frame.


Needing home office inspiration? A few plants can turn your dull office space into a tropical jungle — without the snakes, or spiders. Plus if you choose our realistic-looking artificial plants below, you can have the greenery without having to remember to water or transplant them.

Three artificial pot plantsArtificial Flowering Pots

By Plants+

Product Highlights | Set of 3, polyethylene, durable.

You could go out and buy some real plants, but why would you choose something you actually have to maintain over a hassle-free item that looks just as good? Besides, it’s better for the environment to cut down waste and water use. This set boasts 3 beautiful colors: green, lavender, and orange. 

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Artificial succulent in a potArtificial Succulent in a Pot

By Karrajong Farmhouse

Product Highlights | Looks and feels real,  rustic handmade pot with black pebbles.

Succulents have taken the world by storm recently and for good reason. Have you seen how cute they look? This succulent looks so real that reviewers say that the only way to know it’s fake is to touch it. It’s the perfect addition to the floating shelves, a corner coffee table, or even a corner of your desk. 

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Rail with hanging pots containing a plant and stationery

Rail with Hanging Pots

Admittedly, rails aren’t the most exciting purchase in the world — but no rails means no hanging plants, and that would be a tragedy.

Rustic industrial towel railIndustrial Pipe Rail 


Product Highlights | Rustic finish, made of high-quality steel, 15 inches long.

Viewed alone, this looks like a standard industrial towel rail — but combine it with other rustic items, and you’ll realize it has an antique-like aesthetic. The durability of steel plus the distinctive, vintage look makes for a winning combination. 

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White box photo frames hanging on wallHanging Pots for Everything from Plants to Pencils

By Ydida utility hooks

Product Highlights | Range of colors, made of iron, budget-friendly.

Artificial or real, you’ll need something to put your plants in. These mountable pots are a great option, and they’re available in just about every color under the sun. Each pot comes at a bargain price, so go wild!

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White box photo frames hanging on wall

Photo Frames

Few things are more motivating than looking at images of your nearest and dearest while working — it doesn’t matter if you work from home and they’re all downstairs. Give them pride of place in your office with some photo frames.

White shadow box with an image of a baby with baby shoesWhite Shadow Boxes


Product Highlights | 3D look, includes glass front, made of high-quality wood.

This is a photo frame with a twist. The box-like frame is so deep (1.85 inches) that you can insert little objects alongside the photo, resulting in a 3D effect. Way to give your photo frame some personality! It’s made of FSC-certified wood composite and contains a glass panel at the front, guaranteeing a premium feel.

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Four distressed wooden frames with images of leavesDistressed Wood Photo Frames

By Q.Hou

Product Highlights | Pack of 4, 8 by10 inches, wood with distressed white accents

If you’d prefer to stick to 2D, this set of 4 frames is a great option. Made of MDF wood with a distressed effect, they’re quirky and stylish. Just like your friends and family!

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More Up and Above Ideas for Inspiration

Analog wall clock on a wall with black hands

Wall Clock

Now that we can all see the time on our phones, clocks have fallen out of favor among some. But there’s nothing like looking at the real deal.

Black old school analogOld School Analog

By Bernhard Products Store

Product Highlights | Non-ticking, 3D design, 112 inches.

Concerned that the constant tick-tock of a clock will distract you from your work or put you to sleep? Fear no more — this wall clock doesn’t make a ticking noise. It’s also 3D, meaning more style and the convenience of checking the time from various angles.

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Digital La Crosse Wall ClockDigital Wall Clock

By La Crosse Technology Store

Product Highlights | Shows a variety of metrics, has an alarm clock, can be free-standing.

Legend says some people can’t tell the time with analog clocks anymore. Are you one of them? Or maybe you simply prefer the digital feel. This La Crosse clock has various added benefits — you can also use it to see the date, the temperature, the day of the week, and set alarms.

On and Around the Desk

desk organization home office setup ideas

Home office inspiration… check. Now, onto something more practical — how to use your desk space for organization and storage. Naturally, we’ll throw some motivational and stylish items in, too.

Few things are worse for productivity than having a desk cluttered with your credit card statements, miscellaneous cables from unknown devices, and half a dozen pens that don’t work. You’re just giving yourself a million ready-made excuses to procrastinate. Don’t fall into that trap — make use of the organization tools and systems out there to get your home office set up.

Best Home Office Setup Ideas: Inspiring Home Office # 2

Inspiring bohemian home office

Image source: https://www.instagram.com/p/B9W-KpQnJ4n/

Time for more inspiration and home office ideas! If you’re into plants and greenery, you’re bound to love this workspace. Also, take note of how intentional and well-organized the desk space is. Goals.

Bamboo home office desk organizers

Desktop Home Office Organizers

The wooden storage unit on the inspiration desk above could be full of junk and clutter, and we’d be none the wiser. That’s the beauty of storage space! Get your own.

White vintage desk organizerVintage White Wooden 4-Drawer Desktop Organizer

By MyGift Store

Product Highlights | White wood, 5 drawers, vintage look.

Anyone going for a monochrome theme will love these vintage white wood drawers. Scratch that — anyone should love them. Compact enough to fit discreetly on your desk yet spacious enough to store most of your office essentials, it will add some order to your work environment.

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Brown wooden Chinese medicine cabinetSolid Wood Traditional Chinese Medicine Cabinet

By Primo Assembly

Product Highlights | Comes fully assembled, 10 drawers, made of natural wood.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a Chinese medicine doctor to purchase this cabinet. But if you are one, awesome. 

If you’re looking for some serious storage space but don’t want to compromise style, this won’t leave you disappointed. It has plenty of drawers for everything from paperclips to those stray Lego pieces that somehow end up on your desk. 

Of course, buying a full cabinet (10.8 by 15 by 5.7 inches) comes at a cost but it’s solid wood which means it will last a lifetime… maybe you can pass the cabinet and random Lego bits onto your grandkids one day. 

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White monitor stand holding an Apple all-in-one computer

Monitor Stand

For the perfect ergonomic office setup, the top of your monitor should be roughly eye level. That’s where a monitor stand comes in.

Height-adjustable monitor standHeight-Adjustable Desktop Stand

By Hemudu

Product Highlights | Clear, tilt function, safety glass.

Putting your beloved monitor on glass might sound risky, but we’re talking about safety glass with non-slip feet and skid pads here, so no need to panic. That’s not all — there are height adjusters and a tilt function to ensure you get your monitor into that perfect position.

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Dual monitor stand with desktop organizerDual Monitor Desktop Organizer


Product Highlights | Includes storage space below, three units, made of quality wood.

Sometimes, one monitor just isn’t enough. But that’s what dual monitor stands are made for. This sturdy stand is made up of three separate units, each of which features storage space below. You can also adjust the angle and the width. In case you were worried about their ability to hold two heavy monitors, don’t be — they’re made of P2 particle board wood which is used for furniture and shelving units. 

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Pot plant on a desk with books, a candle, and a terrarium

Desk Decor

We told you we wouldn’t neglect style and decor entirely. Here are some items to add color and personality to the top of your desk as well as above it.

Indigo ceramic planterIndigo Ceramic Planter

By Classic Home & Garden

Product Highlights | Range of colors, UV coated finish, pottery finish.

Whatever color or finish you can dream up of, you can probably find a version of it sported by this plant pot including lava red and willow green. Something to match every plant! It’s weather-resistant (perfect for full sunlight) and features a premium pottery finish yet is surprisingly lightweight. 

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Potted artificial taro leaf plantArtificial Potted Taro Leaf Plant in Pot

By Velener

Product Highlights | 15 inches tall, leaves are made out of allergy-friendly plastic, easily cleaned.

Yes, we’ve already covered artificial plants. No, that won’t stop us discussing them again. This artificial plant removes all the inconvenience of the real thing — no watering or maintenance required. It’s perfect to bring some life to your desktop or a gloomy corner.

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Hand-blown glass fish bowl terrariumFish Bowl Terrarium


Product Highlights | Hand-blown glass, 5.5 by 4.5 inches, bubble bowl.

This might be a fishbowl, but you can use it for whatever you want — a terrarium or even to store your sweets. The curved, bubble bowl look gives it a quirky look and it’s even hand-crafted, guaranteeing quality.

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More On and Around the Desk Ideas

Black and brass desk lamp on a desk next to a plant

Desk Lamp

If you like burning the night oil as you work, you’ll need a desk lamp. Here are our top picks.

Adjustable task lamp in black and brassRiver Caden Adjustable Task Lamp

By Amazon Brand – Rivet Store

Product Highlights | Adjustable, USB port, quick to assemble.

As well as lighting up your workstation, this adjustable table lamp contains a handy USB port in the base. 

Perfect for cutting down on chargers lying around! You can also assemble it in just half an hour. It comes in a choice of classy colors:  black and brass, white and nickel, blue and brass, or terracotta. 

Check Price on Amazon

White adjustable desk lampBudget-Beater in a Choice of Colors


Product Highlights | Durable, made of metal, light switch on base.

You don’t need to break the bank to work in a fully lit environment. This LEPOWER is sturdy, bright, and extremely affordable. It also comes in black, bronze, and silver. What more do you need?

Check Price on Amazon

White Canon printer on a desk

Home Office Printers

Everyone wants to go paperless — until we desperately need to print something! Be noble, but also be prepared.

Black canon printer with printed imagesBudget All-In-One Printer

By Canon

Product Highlights | Wireless, includes photo printer, various special features.

We all know that the only reason printers are cheap is because the manufacturers make more money off the inkjets, but we can still revel in how affordable they are! This Canon printer has a range of special features like AirPrint, Auto Power On/Off, and photo printing.

Check Price on Amazon

Small Kodak photo printer with a printed imageInstant Photo Printer – Just for Fun

By Kodak

Product Highlights | Print directly from a phone, also charges phones, thermal transfer technology.

Even if you don’t want to print out any documents, it’s always handy to have a photo printer around. Perfect for decorating your office and house with holiday snaps — oh, and totally-necessary images for your business mood board.

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Laptop cooler with phone holder

Laptop Coolers

Overheating is one of the biggest threats to your laptop’s performance. Fortunately, you can practically remove that threat with a laptop cooler.

KLIM external air vacuum inserted into a laptopExternal Air Vacuum


Product Highlights | Sticks in USB port, efficient, metal structure.

Just plug this small device into your computer’s USB port, and it will immediately cool your PC down. The metal structure is a heat sink and acts as a vacuum, sticking to the air exhaust and cooling the machine. With minimal effort, you can expand the lifespan of your laptop.

Check Price on Amazon

Gaming laptop cooling padGaming Laptop Cooling Pad


Product Highlights | 3 configurable fans, ergonomic design, elegant aluminum surface

If you use an external keyboard, you might find it more convenient to stand your laptop on cooling pads — keep it at a consistently cool temperature instead of periodically having a cooling session. However, the pads will get in the way if you use your laptop for typing.

Check Price on Amazon

Gaming Laptop CoolerAdjustable Cooling Laptop Stand plus Phone Holder

By MeFee

Product Highlights | Metal surface, quiet fans, docking station

If you want to give your laptop the deluxe treatment, this cooling pad is the way forward. It’s built for gamers, which says it all! There are six silent turbofans to cool your laptop and you can even dock your phone in by the side.

Check Price on Amazon

Something for Your Backside

home office chairs

Do we really need to explain why looking after your backside is important? Don’t make us use a terrible pun about how much of a pain it is…

But seriously, having the right chair and putting it in the perfect position is essential for ergonomics. It’s not just your lower half you need to think about but also your arms, neck, and back.

Best Home Office Setup Ideas: Inspiring Home Office # 3

Blue home office with wooden desk and chairs
There’s no shortage of chair choices out there, so it was hard to narrow our selection down to just a few. We ended up choosing three categories: comfort and fun, stylish and elegant, or modern and flexible. Go with whichever describes you best!

Comfort and Fun

Everyone wants to feel comfortable while they’re grinding away in the office, but that doesn’t mean you have to be boring! The chairs below give you a little of both.

Blue and black executive office chair on wheelsStylish Ergonomic Office Chair

By BestOffice

Product Highlights | PU leather, ergonomic design, easy assembly.

As far as comfort goes, you can’t do much better than this adjustable chair with an ergonomic design and cozy material. You can also assemble it in less than fifteen minutes! It’s also available in black, camo, and white.

Check Price on Amazon

Red ergonomic office chair with flip up armrestsBright and Breezy

By Devoko Store

Product Highlights | Flip-up armrests, ergonomic, mesh back.

For anyone who wants to branch away from the usual black/gray office chairs without sacrificing comfort, this is the ideal option. This chair is height adjustable and has a mesh back that will keep you ventilated. Choose from blue, gray, black, and red.

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Elegant and Stylish

Want to feel like an executive in your own home? Of course you do! These sophisticated chairs will help you achieve exactly that.

Brown leather swivel chair with legsRivet Mid-Century Leather Swivel Chair

By Rivet Store

Product Highlights | Leather, swivel design, low-slung arms.

Rewind a few decades with this swivel chair made of real leather. It might not have the highest score in terms of ergonomics, but it sure looks cool — maybe a good chair for visitors or clients? 

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Gray office chair on wheelsSophisticated Gray

By Duhome

Product Highlights | Adjustable, PU leather, well-padded. 

It might not be made of real leather, but this swivel chair still has a premium feel thanks to the amount of padding. Adjust it to whatever height you like to find the perfect angle. Available in gray and black. 

Check Price on Amazon

Modern and Flexible

Want to switch things up with a quirky statement chair? The seats below will do just that while fitting into the tightest corners of your office.

Bright green office chair on wheelsMake-a-Statement Green

By Modway Store

Product Highlights | Adjustable, swivel-style, aluminum frame, funky colors

You’ll either love or hate this bright lime color — we love it! But the vivid color isn’t the only notable element here. The chair design has ergonomics in mind, with extra support and adjustability, plus the aluminum frame is sturdy enough to support almost anyone. Also available in orange, red, and gray.

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Orange high-back office chair on wheelsOrange-You-Glad-You-Bought-It High Back

By The Modway Store

Product Highlights | High back, adjustable, sturdy

If a high back chair is your thing, then this chair is for you. It features a sturdy base (made of steel), plus adjustable tilt and height. Reviewers claim it’s surprisingly comfortable. Also available in bright green, gray, and red.

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Under Desk Store Best

home office storage ideas

There’s nothing like having some hefty tomes on display to give your office an intellectual feel. Using under-desk storage wisely is a great way to give your home office that final touch of style.

Maybe you’re more focused on convenience and want to tuck your junk away — or should I say, items you’ll totally need to use one day. Either way, don’t overlook this final element.

Best Home Office Setup Ideas: Inspiring Home Office # 4

Wooden L-shaped home office desk with brown leather chair

Feast your eyes on this home office — it’s the last inspiring setup we’re showing you today. The mix of tan leather, wooden furniture, and books brings a sophisticated and erudite vibe. We’ll help you build something similar!

Wooden desk with storage for books and ornaments

Desk with Storage

The desk and cabinet may look like two separate entities, but don’t be fooled — this is all one unit. Perfect for anyone who never wants to have to leave their desk to fetch anything ever again.

Rotating L-shaped desk with books and a monitorRotating L-Shaped Desk

By Tangkula Store

Product Highlights | Rotates, made of wood, storage space.

See that storage unit? It rotates, so you can pull it around — choose between an L-shaped desk, a super long desk, or an overlapping storage unit. Whether your priority is space or storage, it should tick some boxes. Also available in black. 

Check Price on Amazon

L-shaped desk with shelves and storageL-Shaped Corner Desk with Storage Shelves

By Bon Augure

Product Highlights | Can be configured either side, ample storage space and legroom.

This versatile desk is made of metal frames and thick wood. It’s sturdy, not too big but has plenty of workspace. Its storage area is big enough to fit in a tower and books.

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Wicker storage baskets under a desk.

Storage Baskets and Organizers

You don’t have to store everything inside your desk — a few baskets or organizers can go a long way. Besides, this is a great way to categorize your belongings and make them easier to find.

Wicker baskets with magazines and towelsWicker Baskets

By StorageWorks

Product Highlights | Thick handles, 100% natural, 2 in a pack.

Wicker baskets are attractive yet strong, and this pair is no exception. At 7 inches deep, they’re large enough to store all kinds of supplies.

Check Price on Amazon

Wire BasketsWire Baskets


Product Highlights | Metal, 2 in a pack, black.

These smaller baskets (11 by 9.6 inches) are ideal for your stationery essentials or other bits and pieces lying around. Reviewers are impressed by the quality and cost. What more could you ask for.

Check Price on Amazon

Bronze wastebasket under a desk


It’s always handy to have a wastebasket in your office to avoid unnecessary trips to the kitchen. The options below are small but look classy.

Ultra-slim bronze wastebasketUltra Slim Spacesaver

By Umbra Store

Product Highlights | 2-gallon capacity, easy to clean, integrated handle.

Who said wastebaskets have to be ugly? Whoever made this stylish, metallic option clearly didn’t get the memo. It’s also wide yet thin, perfect for slotting into awkward spaces, and features a handle so you can carry it easily. It also comes in a variety of colors so, no matter your office style, you’re sure to find one that goes. 

Check Price on Amazon

Glossy silver waste can with a swing lidMini Wastebasket with Swing Lid

By Umbra Store

Product Highlights | 1.5-gallon capacity, swing-top, glossy. 

If you’d prefer a lid, consider this waste can instead. It has a slightly smaller capacity (1.5 gallons) but is also great for small spaces thanks to the swing top. It also comes in bronze.

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Cables and Electronics 

We all love a good rock concert — but you probably don’t want your office to look like a rockstar’s stage! Keep those cables in order before they take on a life of their own.
Rock concert stage with electrical cables in red lighting

Black cable basket on the back of a desk

Cable Baskets

Cable baskets are one of the easiest ways to show those wires who the boss is. Just hang up the basket or tray and tuck your cables away in it.

White cable management trayUnder Desk Cable Management Tray

By S Stand Up Desk Store 

Product Highlights | 51 inches long, easy installation, durable.

Attach this long metal tray to your desk so you can feed the wires from behind your machines into it. Great for anyone who wants an open plan workspace instead of backing their desk on to a wall. It also comes in black.

Check Price on Amazon

Speaker with cables lying aroundJ Channel Desk Cable Organizer

By SimpleCord Store

Product Highlights | 5 separate channels, comes with super-strength adhesive tape, each channel is 16 inches.

This pack includes 5 raceway channels to stick to your desk, allowing you to create your own flexible system. You might have 3 horizontal channels feeding into 2 vertical channels, or whatever works best for you. It also comes in gray, white, and wood grain.

Check Price on Amazon

Cable Tracks

Speaker with cables lying around
BeforeSpeaker with cable tray.

Cable tracks achieve the same goals as cable baskets but through different means — these systems feature large holes you can feed wires through.

Black cable raceway kits with fittingsBlack Cable Raceway Kit

By Stageek Store

Product Highlights | 9 channels, comes with strong adhesive tape, very customizable.

Armed with these channels, tape, and some screws, you can create the perfect DIY cable management system. The channels are so neat they’ll become practically invisible.

Check Price on Amazon

White cable raceway kit attached to a desk.White Cable Raceway Kit

By Stageek Store

Product Highlights | Flexible, come with adhesive tape, pack of 9.

If you have a white desk and white skirtings, opting for white channels certainly seems logical. The other standout feature of these organizers is their flexibility — there’s a mix of straight, elbow, inside elbow, and outside elbow structures.

Check Price on Amazon

Paintable cable raceway kitPaintable Cord Cover Raceway Kit

By Delamu Store

Product Highlights | 157 inches in total, large capacity, paintable.

The differentiating element of these channels is that they’re paintable. Whether you want a funky color to introduce an interesting accent into your home office or you just want to make sure they blend in and become invisible, using paintable channels could be a smart idea. Each channel has a large capacity — the equivalent of 2 HDMI cables and 1 USB cable.

Check Price on Amazon

Cable Management Box

Cables in a multiplug under a desk
BeforeA cable management box installed under a desk

We’re not quite finished with cable management yet! If you think slotting your cables into hidden channels sounds a bit too fiddly, you might prefer a box — just stuff all your cables in and enjoy feeling tidy. It’s a beautiful thing!

White cable management box by D-LineD-Line Cable Management Box

By D-Line Store

Product Highlights | 3 cord entry points, curved ends, electrically safe.

Designed to blend in with your computer equipment, this cable management box will conceal all your wires away. Also available in pink, blue, and black.

Check Price on Amazon

White cable organizer with accessoriesCable Management Organizer Plus Extras

By Tokye

Product Highlights | Comes with accessories to hide wires, anti-scratch surface, fire retardant.

This is more than just a box — you’ll also get cable ties, cable clips, and a cable sleeve, making sure your wires truly are invisible. The box can fit up to 12 wires inside.

Check Price on Amazon

Electrical storm with a bolt of lighting striking power wires.

Surge Protectors

When you’re using multiple power-intensive electronic devices at once, you put yourself at risk of power surges and electric shocks. Surge protectors control the flow of power so you can avoid any nasty shocks.

White surge protector with 6 outletsDoes-The-Job White With 6 Outlets

By GE Store

Product Highlights | 10-foot cable, 6 outlets, flat plug.

Give yourself the flexibility you need to set up your office however you want without worrying about where to plug your devices in. This extra-long cord has 10 feet of length! You can seal off the outlets you’re not using. Use one of the cable management kits above to hide the cord. 

Check Price on Amazon

Gray surge protector with 12 outletsSophisticated Gray with 12 Outlets

By Belkin Store

Product Highlights | 8-foot cable, 12 outlets, rotating outlets.

In case 6 outlets wasn’t enough for you, try this neat unit with 12 outlets. Despite the large capacity, the power strip won’t take up much space thanks to the rotating outlets.

Check Price on Amazon

An APC UPS plugged in


Even a good surge protector can’t prevent power cuts — that’s where an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) comes in. If your electricity stops for whatever reason, they’ll keep everything running so you don’t miss your deadlines.

APC UPS mini towerMini Tower APC

By APC Store

Product Highlights | 10 outlets, 6-foot cable, automatic voltage regulation.

This tower consists of 10 outlets — 5 with surge protection only and 5 that also have power backup. Choose carefully what you plug in where! You’ll also have automatic voltage regulation to manage fluctuations.

Check Price on Amazon

CyberPower UPSCyberPower Compact UPS

By CyberPower Store

Product Highlights | 12 outlets, has an eco mode, compact.

This chunky but neat unit has impressive capabilities. You’ll find an LCD panel displaying data about the battery, an eco mode to prevent power wastages on devices turned off, and 12 units. Not bad.

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Time to Create Your Perfect Home Office Setup

There you have it — a complete guide to the best home office setup ideas. You might not want to take up all our suggestions, but you can’t deny that we’re anything but thorough! If nothing else, you’ve hopefully enjoyed daydreaming about your perfect desk while looking at so many images of inspirational home offices.

Time to take some action! Create your best home office setup that fosters creativity and inspiration now and you’ll reap the rewards in the years to come. What does your perfect office look like? We’re always looking for new ideas, so leave a comment below letting us know. And pass this article on to any friends who need a helping hand in setting up their home office!




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