Best HP Laptop for Home Office in 2021: Complete Reviews

list of the best hp laptop for home office

If you’re looking for the best HP laptop for home office, you’re in luck because we’ve spent 2 full days being a keyboard warrior to find the top five HP laptops that will take your work to the next level. 

When I first started working from home, I bought the cheapest laptop I could find. It wasn’t that I didn’t want great equipment but, as it was a “leap of faith” leaving a “real job” to work from home, the budget was tight!

After spending hour after hour hypnotizing myself with the never-ending “loading” circle, wondering how a program can remain 100% ready for more than 2 minutes, it was time to step it up. 

I took another leap and bought a super-fast, fancy laptop, and I’ve never looked back!

We have gathered the best HP laptops, discussed each model’s features and provided tips on what to look out for so that you can see which one suits your needs.

This post contains affiliate links and I may be compensated, at no additional cost to you, if you make a purchase after clicking on a link. 

Top 3 Picks: Best HP Laptop for Home Office

Best Connectivity Option:
HP Omen Gaming 15.6” Laptop

Best Battery Life Performance:
HP Envy 13.3” 10th Gen

Best Image Resolution:
HP Envy x360 15

what is the best hp laptop for home office

How to Find the Best HP Laptop for You

If this is the first time you’re choosing a laptop for remote work, keep the following factors in mind: 


Did you know that the size of a laptop is measured diagonally across the screen from corner to corner? If you prefer being mobile and enjoy working from different spaces in you home, or from a shared workspace, consider the size of your laptop.

We recommend 12 and 13-inch laptops as they’re considered the average size. 

Bigger is no doubt easier to work on, but can be cumbersome in transit, while the smaller ones, though cute, may not be as effective and helpful. You might find yourself crouching over your laptop and squinting to see the screen… never a good thing in public.

CPU (Central Processing Unit)

The primary hub or “brain” of your laptop or desktop computer, the size of your CPU is essential. This option depends on how you will use the device, but an Intel Core i5 is more than enough for most users. If you need more CPU than that, then you probably didn’t need us to put (Central Processing Unit) after CPU!

RAM (Random Access Memory)

Although this might sound like the phenomenon that happens when you hit your forties and you randomly call your kids by the wrong names, RAM is actually your computer’s short-term memory. Again, this feature depends on your usage. The average RAM size is 4GB which will allow you to run basic applications and programs.

Best HP Laptop for Home Office: A Review

1. HP Envy x360 15

This model from the HP Envy series has a sleek design and functional features providing excellent value for its user.

Product Highlights

It’s no wonder that it’s called “Envy.” The natural silver of this HP model gives this laptop an exceptional look with its sandblasted anodized finish… aka… super eye-catching and fancy.

This Envy model has a 15.6-inch touchscreen interface with a WLED backlight and full HD resolution with 1,920 by 1,080 pixels when it comes to screen display.

There’s something extremely satisfying with a touchscreen, so if you enjoy swiping across your screen to move windows around, this is a great option.

At 15 inches, it can get heavy if you are holding it during a presentation or watching endless cat videos… it may become uncomfortable after several minutes.

It’s a 2-in-1 device that’s “convertible” with a 360 degree flip-and-fold design to become a tablet,  and you can prop it up using its tent mode. So whether it’s your slide deck at a coffee meeting or a propped up screen for kids shows, this laptop is diverse.

Apart from the touchscreen, as you type on its keyboard, you will hear a satisfying thud every time you press a key. What’s more impressive is the dedicated number pad, which is rare to find in other 15-inch laptop models… if you’re a numbers kind of guy or gal, you’ll love it.

The HP Envy is one step below the brand’s premium Spectre line. Consequently, some of the features from the top-of-the-line series also appear in this particular model.

You will also find the Envy name showing in strategic areas of the laptop, boasting which line it belongs to.

Surprisingly, there’s a small switch on the laptop’s right side, allowing you to turn off the webcam any time. It’s HP’s version of the physical sliding doors to protect you from webcam hacking.

The Envy x360 15 offers various types of connectivity placed on the same side as the webcam switch.

It includes different ports, such as the HDMI, Gen 1 USB 3.1 Type-C, and Type-A.

On the other side of the laptop, you will find other parts and features for your device to function efficiently.

The first one is the power port, where you attach the electric cord, followed by the second USB Type-A port and the power button.

Additionally, a headphone jack and an SD card reader are also found on this side.

To wrap up with some heavy tech talk, this HP Envy x360 15 uses the Windows 10 operating system, comes with an 8GB computer memory and is equipped with Intel Core i5 and 256GB SSD.

What We Like

Aside from the features mentioned earlier, this Envy model also comes with a backlit keyboard with three brightness options.

Another valuable feature for the HP Envy x360 15 is the number pad instead of the standard type typically found in laptop keyboards.

The laptop is full of new features, including fingerprint detection, touchscreen capability, and convertible into a tablet, but easy to use in general.

What We Don’t Like

Some users said that the screen resolution looks dull even if it’s bright, while the keys are a little shaky.


    • Sleek design
    • Decent build quality
    • Responsive trackpad
    • User-friendly keyboard
    • Excellent sound quality


    • Small trackpad
    • Screen may wobble when touched on laptop mode

2. HP Envy 13.3” 10th Gen

The HP Envy 13 2020 version has the newest Intel CPU technology and slimmer bezels.

It has a compact design with an all-metal chassis. It looks slim and sleek. 

Product Highlights

This 2020 refreshed version of the Envy 13 uses Intel’s latest 10nm CPU from its Ice Lake line for excellent performance.

The top and bottom screen borders are a bit larger than the left and right edges. The top border has the 720p webcam that you can disable using the kill switch on the side of the device.

Overall, the all-metal chassis of the Envy 13 with its sandblasted anodized finish provides a contemporary look.

It also comes with a slightly bouncy keyboard and a plastic trackpad.

The 13.3-inch screen is fully touch-enabled. Expect a decent screen display with its 1080p resolution, IPS technology, and 1000nits combination.

Surprisingly, the Bang & Olufsen audio technology on this device provides a fantastic sound quality.

The Envy 13 comes with two USB-A ports for legacy and one USB-C socket as Thunderbolt 3 support without charging capability.

Impressively, the battery life can last up to ten hours with regular tasks, allowing you to use it for a day without charging.

The HP Envy 13 comes with Windows 10 operating system, 10th Gen Intel Corei7, 8GB DDR4 memory, 512 SSD, WiFi 6, and Bluetooth 5.0.

What We Like

The HP Envy 13 is an aesthetically lovely laptop with a fingerprint sensor that functions well.

It lays flat when closed, but the hinges raise it slightly when opened.

It’s lightweight at 2.58 pounds, making it more manageable to hold.

It also comes with a backlit keyboard with three brightness settings to choose from.

With its 4k display resolution, you can enjoy bright and crisp images on your screen.

The quad speakers from Bang & Olufsen provide excellent sound quality.

What We Don’t Like

The refreshed HP Envy 13 model has limited connectivity ports.

It does not come with an HDMI slot for external monitor use.


    • Compact
    • Lightweight
    • Portable
    • Sleek
    • Full-screen touch enabled


    • Louder fan
    • Reflective screen

3. HP Spectre x360 15T

HP Spectre is the brand’s premium line boasting excellent performance using the latest 10th generation Hexacore Intel Corei7 CPU.

Product Highlights

It has a 15.6-inch touch-enabled display showing bright and crisp 4k resolution.

It also comes with the Windows 10 Pro operating system preinstalled by HP.

The gem-cut design of this model speaks precision in every angle partnered with its black and gold motif.

The system comes with 1TB of SSD storage and 32GB Intel Optane memory, which is tech talk for “heaps and heaps of memory”.

This latest generation model has a 2.2 millimeters webcam, the world’s most miniature of its kind.

It also has two 360-degree golden hinges that allow you the flexibility to use it in tablet or tent mode.

Just above the keyboard is the Bang & Olufsen edge-to-edge speakers providing superb sound quality.

The responsive touchpad shows a subtle trimming of rose and gold while all the keycaps are in ebony finish.

It also has multiple connectivity ports to satisfy your needs, including HDMI 2.0, headset jack, Thunderbolt 3, USB-A, and microSD card slot.

What We Like

The first thing that comes to mind upon seeing this laptop is luxury with its rose gold accents on black. It looks smart and professional. 

There’s a large vent that takes in cool air at the bottom of the device, while vents on each side emit hot air.

What’s more is its eye-safe display feature, reducing harmful blue light for your protection.

What We Don’t Like

Most users agree that the HP Spectre x360 15T is more on the heavy side when it comes to weight and price.

Also, it seems to run hot while in use, especially when watching videos.


    • Luxurious design
    • Fast
    • Excellent sound quality
    • Superb resolution
    • Well-built


    • No CD or DVD drive
    • Can overheat if pushed hard

4. HP Elite Dragonfly 2-in-1 Laptop

The HP Elite Dragonfly 2-in-1 Laptop proved to be one of the best business laptops out there.

Product Highlights

The HP Elite Dragonfly comes with IT and security features that most business professionals look for in laptops.

It also comes with fast hardware, multiple ports, and a stylish design that everybody will love.

Elite Dragonfly is available in various specifications, but the top-end model comes with a Core i7 8th generation processor, 256GB SSD, and 16GB of RAM.

The magnesium chassis of the device gives it its lightness at 2.2 pounds, while its small footprint measures 11.98 inches wide by 0.63 inches thick, making it easy to pack and travel with.

It’s the perfect business professional companion with its multitude of connectivity ports like HDMI, 3.5 mm audio jack, and two Thunderbolt 3 on the right.

At the same time, you will find one USB-A port on the left side of the laptop, a Nano-sim slot, and the power button.

Enjoy the bright and crisp images in full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution on the 13.3-inch touchscreen.

When it comes to sound quality, no one can beat HP with their speakers projecting upwards, producing excellent audio quality.

It is also one of the best laptops with the most long-lasting battery life that can last up to eight hours without charging.

Like the other HP laptop models, the Elite Dragonfly has a privacy camera feature to protect you from prying eyes.

What We Like

One of the best things added to this laptop is the LTE integration, allowing you to be online always.

Also, HP decided to apply an oleophobic coating (aka fingerprint-resistant coating) on the laptop, keeping it fresh-looking and easy to clean.

One more thing, the Elite Dragonfly has a soft and bouncy keyboard without the annoying clicking sound as you type.

What We Don’t Like

The Elite Dragonfly on the more expensive end for an ordinary remote worker.

It also has useful features that might not be necessary for regular work-from-home folks.


    • Lightweight
    • Feature-packed
    • Excellent battery life
    • Touchscreen
    • Clear image display


    • More costly than other models
    • Not as fast as its contemporaries

5. HP Omen Gaming 15.6” Laptop

The premium quality HP Omen Gaming laptop is a formidable device using the combined components of AMD and Nvidia (powerful stuff suitable for gamers and designers) with long battery life. If you’re wanting to use a laptop for work during the day and gaming at night, this might be a good option. 

Product Highlights

The HP Omen Gaming Laptop comes with a preinstalled Windows 10 Home with a new minimalist design.

This latest version includes the AMD Ryzen 7 processors paired with the 6GB Nvidia, producing 1080p gaming frame rates. If you’re not a gamer, trust that this is more than enough processing power for whatever you can throw at it.

It’s the perfect device for a mid-level gamer with its first-rate keyboard and almost ten hours of battery life.

The overall design of the Omen is conventional, with squared-off edges.

It does not have any color accents with subtle lettering of its name. You will notice a small reflective square placed on the middle of the laptop cover. But don’t be fooled with the formal and straightforward design of the Omen; let’s just say it’s what’s under the bonnet that counts.

The aluminum keyboard looks sturdy, while the overall chassis is made of premium quality hard wearing plastic.

Omen’s inward-sloped edges give it an illusion of being thinner than its actual 0.89-inch thickness.

It’s a bit heavy at 5.42 pounds which is typical of gaming laptops, but the 15-inch anti-glare screen is bright and colorful with wide viewing angles.

Omen has multiple USB ports, including one Type-C, three Type-A, HDMI, mini Display Port, an Ethernet jack, SD card reader, and a headphone-microphone slot.

Also included in the Omen’s connectivity features are Bluetooth 5 and WiFi 6.

What We Like

The HP Omen’s keyboard layout is perfect for gamers, especially the full-size arrow keys essential to game navigation.

You can also enjoy the full sound of the Bang & Olufsen speakers placed on the laptop’s left and right palm rests.

What We Don’t Like

One noticeable downside of Omen and other gaming laptops under the same category is the lack of biometric features.

The imperfect image quality of its webcam seems to be the norm as well.


    • Does not overheat
    • Large responsive trackpad
    • Excellent port options
    • Straightforward design
    • Performs fast


    • Quality fan, but can be a bit loud
    • Wobbly screen
best hp laptop for home office


1. What Operating System Should You Choose?

The most common preinstalled OS is Windows, but HP also offers Chrome OS.

If you are using Windows applications, then choose this option.

If you are just surfing the net and checking on emails, a Chromebook will suffice.

Of course, if you’re not into Windows, then you might find this article, The Best Lap Desk for Macbooks [coming soon] useful. 

2. Should You Consider a Comfortable Keyboard?

Typing on an uncomfortable keyboard may result in discomfort if you have to do it for more extended periods.

Don’t overlook the importance of having a comfortable keyboard when searching for a laptop. Of course, you can also choose to purchase a keyboard and mouse to connect to your laptop. 

What Is the Best HP Laptop for Home Office?

Choosing the best HP laptop for home office use can be challenging with all the various options to choose from.

We consider the HP Envy 13.3” 10th Gen the best option among the five choices we have reviewed.

It has the right size and sufficient memory capacity that are suitable for work-from-home individuals. Plus it looks stunning. 

If you’ve found this article helpful and you know of anyone whose looking for a HP laptop, we’d be ever so grateful if you shared it with them. 


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