Best Keyboard for Home Office in 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Best keyboard for home office

Have you ever hammered away ferociously at a dud key on your keyboard? ARGHHHH*%%;[email protected]##3! We’ve all been there… that’s why finding the best keyboard for home office is essential. Not only will it help you be more productive, but it will also save your sanity. Trust us, your family will be thankful!

After wading through tons of options, we’ve finally found the top five keyboards that work best for home office setups.

By the end of this blog, you will know:

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Top 3 Picks: Best Keyboard for Home Office

Best Full-Size Wireless Keyboard:
Logitech MK335 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

keyboard and mouse for home office

Best Rechargeable Wireless Keyboard:
Arteck 2.4G Wireless Keyboard

Best Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard:
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

black ergonomic keyboard for home office

choosing the best keyboard for home office

Buyer’s Guide to The Best Home Office Keyboard

If you’re on a mission to purchase the best keyboard for home office like the rest of us, you’ll want to keep the following in mind before buying:

1. Wireless vs. Wired – What Do You Prefer?

One of the first factors to consider: wireless vs wired… what should you choose?

If you’re a cable-hater, then you’re probably going to go for a wireless keyboard. Tech has been improving and the old short-range wireless keyboards are now a thing of the past. There are some great options out there that offer excellent range and reliability.

However, it’s good to choose wisely as even some rechargeable ones have their drawbacks and you could risk not being able to work because of forgetting to recharge them… of course, it also makes a great excuse for an extended coffee break. 

If you’re an environmentalist and want to keep batteries out of landfills or you’re one of those people that hates buying batteries every month, you’d probably want to go for the wired keyboard or a rechargeable one. Wired keyboards are very reliable and do make life simpler in many ways. Plus, you don’t need to remember to recharge them.

In the end, it’s totally up to your personal preference. If you don’t mind wires, then wired keyboards are great!  But, if a desk full of wires makes you see red… then opt for wireless.

2. Wireless vs. Bluetooth – What’s the Difference?

Keyboards are usually classified as wireless, Bluetooth compatible, or both.

This may be confusing, as you would think that Bluetooth falls under the wireless category. However, there is a difference. 

Keyboards designated as wireless usually come with a dongle that can be plugged into your computer. 

This dongle is what links wirelessly to your keyboard. But, there is a catch.

With some brands, losing the dongle will render a wireless keyboard useless. Trust us, some of these dongles are tiny and can easily join the land of odd socks! 

With other brands, to solve this problem, you can use another dongle from another wireless keyboard of the same brand.  But, most of us don’t have multiple wireless keyboards and their dongles lying around so, although this can be a solution, it’s not always viable. If you go the wireless route and get a dongle, be sure to keep an eye on it.

Bluetooth technology, on the other hand, is not dependent on tiny, dongle-like accessories to operate. They also don’t take up an extra USB port which can be limited on some devices.

With this kind of technology, your keyboard can connect to any device considered Bluetooth-compatible.

This is a useful option for a wireless keyboard as you don’t have to keep an eye on a tiny accessory. You can also potentially use it on multiple devices that are also Bluetooth compatible. 

3. Scissor, Mechanical, or Rubber-Dome… ?

This might sound like some strange terminology from the world of hairdressing but these are actually terms used to classify the keyboard’s switch.

In other words, it’s the gadget underneath the letters that not only supports the key but is also responsible for registering each stroke. Aka, the thing that goes clack-clack and makes sure that the correct letter appears on your screen.  

The three most common switch designs to choose from are scissor, mechanical or rubber-dome.

First on the list, scissor-switch. These switches give perceptible feedback but make the keys whisper-silent. If you’re secretly gaming at night or writing the next great novel while everyone is asleep, this might be the option for you. You’ll usually find scissor-switch on the more expensive keyboards.

Mechanical switches, on the other hand, are those that require the user to press down a bit more on the keys to get a response. (In other words, the “clack-clack” ones.)

This is the preferred switch design by touch-typists because it gives the most feedback upon key activation. These are also usually the preferred weapon of keyboard warriors … aka those people who take great delight in enthusiastically hitting “enter” with a triumphant look when making a point on social media or in emails.

Lastly, there’s the rubber-dome switch. These are collapsible rubber domes, a bit like soft buttons, that makes the keys soft and very tactile. Rubber-dome switches are actually the most common switches used in keyboards as they are more affordable and are also quiet.

These keyboards are perfect for those who like to feel like they’re up to something mysterious like cracking the code that solves the world’s greatest mysteries or programming the latest AI to solve traffic problems. You might even hear them muttering….”Just a sec” tap, tap, tap… “The password is…” tap, tap, tap… “Okay, I’m in!”  You get the picture.  

The downside is that they might not be as precise or as tactile as the other switches. But they do get the job done and if that’s what presses your buttons, then go for it!

Best Keyboard for Home Office: Summary Reviews

1. Logitech MK335 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Check Price on Amazon

If you’re sold on the wireless keyboard and mouse combo, this particular model by Logitech is bound to impress you in every way.

Not only does it not lag, but it also works pretty fast with most laptops and personal computers.

Product Highlights

This Logitech model boasts more than 10 hotkeys and four F-keys you can program according to your needs, especially if those needs are multimedia-inclined.

It’s an accessory combo you can rely on readily if you want to turn on your favorite film or play your favorite music tracks.

When it comes to your favorite multimedia options on your device, accessibility rarely gets as easy as when you have this combination.

The keyboard also does quite well design-wise. It has a sleek and stylish structure, highlighted by ultra-silent keys and a low profile.

All these make for a super-comfortable typing experience that’s going to make your typing fingers really happy.

The portable mouse is structured in a way that lets you stay connected even when not in use.

Plus, the mouse and keyboard can last one and two years without a battery change, respectively.

Each accessory has an On/Off switch that leaves it up to you to decide how their power management goes.

If you’re looking for the freedom of a wireless connection and the dependability of a cord, Logitech’s advanced wireless connectivity can give you that and more.

With this keyboard and mouse combo, you can expect transmissions to be fast and delays to be non-existent.

best keyboard for home office

The Good

The design and construction of both Logitech accessories are pretty solid.

Unless you’re looking for something fancy or your tastes are super-specific, you’re definitely going to love this combo.

From the long battery life of both accessories to their reliable wireless connection, everything about this screams simple and practical.

The Not-So-Good

What you might find disappointing about this particular combo is its lack of unifying capabilities.

If you are eyeing this model specifically for the said feature, you might want to change your mind and look elsewhere.



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2. Arteck 2.4G Wireless Keyboard

Check Price on Amazon

Now, this sleek, full-size wireless keyboard by Arteck is definitely something to behold, looks-wise.

Actually, it’s arguably even more impressive design-wise, with its gorgeous stainless-steel material and ergonomic construction.

Product Highlights

Like most of the keyboards on this list, this one prides itself on an easy setup.

All you really need to do is stick the nano USB receiver into the appropriate slot, and you’re all done.

There’s so much to love about this unit’s ergonomic design, too.

It is hallmarked by whispery, low-profile keys and a stainless-steel structure that assures you of high durability.

What’s more, the rechargeable lithium battery can last up to six months based on a two-hour-per-day daily usage.

You’ll also have no trouble carrying this accessory with you, as it is super-compact and lightweight.

Despite its smaller build, it still holds the arrow keys, number pad, shortcuts, and full-size keys you need for a superb typing experience.

The Good

This model scores particularly high in terms of portability.

Hence, you shouldn’t have trouble using it with compatible devices other than the ones in your home office.

Feel like you’d be more productive in another part of the house? Just bring your keyboard and its nano USB receiver with you.

The feel and whispery silence of the keys are also highlights of this particular model.

Really, there’s so much about it that makes it an excellent accessory for anyone working from home.

The Not-So-Good

One drawback to this keyboard is that it can mis-stroke if you type too fast.

This is particularly true for strokes that require double letters.

Sure, they are pretty easy to correct, but they can still be annoying when they happen.



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3. Apple Magic Keyboard

Check Price on Amazon

It’s hard to topple an Apple accessory from the top spot of almost any list, especially in terms of looks and design.

This remains true for the Apple Magic Keyboard, which is as sleek and compact as wireless keyboards come.

Product Highlights

This white and silver number (a trademark color combo of the Apple brand) boasts a numeric keypad with an extended layout.

It also offers quick scrolling for document navigation and full-size keys for gaming support.

This keyboard makes use of a scissor mechanism that gives keys more stability and a low-profile structure that optimizes key travel.

All these contribute to a more precise and comfortable typing experience.

If you typically work on business applications and spreadsheets, you’ll especially love the numeric keypad.

The Good

Two of the best things about this Apple keyboard are its weight (practically next to nothing at one pound) and structure.

It’s compact and solid and gives you the feel of the original Magic keyboard.

If you haven’t already experienced that, you’ll find that it is super-precise and comfortable to type with.

The Not-So-Good

If you like to type at night, this keyboard doesn’t have a backlight.

It also doesn’t connect to the trackpad, which Apple could have done easily to make things more convenient.



Check Latest Price on Amazon

4. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

Check Price on Amazon

This keyboard by Microsoft is designed with a split keyset to help users position their wrists and forearms better while typing.

It’s truly ergonomic in every way and lets you type in a relaxed position at all times.

Product Highlights

What further adds to this item’s ergonomic quality is a cushioned palm rest.

Not only does it provide proper wrist support, but it also promotes healthy wrist positioning.

Then, there’s the domed keyboard, which also contributes to keeping the wrist in a neutral position to avoid wrist strain.

The separate number pad also allows the keyboard to suit a wide range of workplace setups.

The layout of the keys takes the form of a natural arc, which mimics the fingertips’ curved shape.

The keyboard is also constructed to have a reverse tilt, allowing you to type with your wrists positioned neutrally.

The Good

Almost everything about this keyboard is targeted towards healthy, long-term typing.

Aside from making typing more comfortable, it also helps you type in a way that keeps your wrist and fingers healthy.

The Not-So-Good

As handsome-looking as this keyboard is, it does fall short in specific ways functionally.

This could have something to do with its function keys, which require you to toggle a switch when using them. But if you’re not too worried about function keys, then give this one a go.



Check Latest Price on Amazon

5. Perixx Periboard-512

Check Price on Amazon

Here’s another keyboard made to keep your wrists and fingers healthy with its 3D and split key design.

You can count on it to help keep your hand and wrist positioning natural even after hours of typing.

Product Highlights

This item has an integrated palm rest that helps keep your wrists in a comfortable position while typing.

It also has tactile keystrokes so that you can apply less pressure on the keys when you type, resulting in a more comfortable experience.

There’s absolutely no hassle to using this keyboard; you just plug it in, and it’s good to go.

It makes use of a USB interface and six-foot cable, which lends to making this part of the process even easier.

It offers a way of typing that veers away from the traditional due to the split keyboard design.

Sure, you might take a few weeks to get used to this form of typing, but once you do, you’ll find your typing experience all the better for it.

The Good

This keyboard is not only designed to keep the body parts responsible for typing healthy; it also ensures you’re able to type comfortably in most situations.

The Not-So-Good

The rear lift legs on this particular keyboard might not appeal to everyone. 



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what is the best keyboard for home office

Keyboard for Home Office FAQs

1. What are the 3 types of keyboards?

The three main types of keyboards in terms of size are full-size, tenkeyless, and 60% keyboards.

Full-size keyboards are the most common and usually contain all the keys. The alphanumerical keys, navigational keys, and the number pad on the right plus all the mysterious F keys (that most of us don’t understand) along the top. 

Tenkeyless (TKL) keyboards are compact keyboards that don’t have the number pad on the right but they do have the direction and arrow keys. There are a few advantages to this in that you can position your hands more ergonomically and the keyboard itself is smaller. The downside is if you’re a numbers person, you’ll seriously miss the number pad! 

Lastly, 60% keyboards are also compact keyboards except they leave out the direction and arrow keys plus some even leave out the row of F keys. So if you know what F keys are used for, this might not be the option for you. If you’re used to a full-size keyboard, you’ll have to spend a bit of time relearning your finger positioning for this keyboard. 

2. Do ergonomic keyboards really help?

Yes, they do if you work long hours on your keyboard. As mentioned above, if you don’t use the number pad on a full-size keyboard, you actually end up positioning your wrist and hands un-ergonomically which can lead to a whole lot of repetitive strain injuries over time.

Ergonomic keyboards position your wrists and fingers in such a way so as to reduce the stress and strain from holding a certain position for long periods. 

It also helps you position your body better while typing, leading to a more comfortable and precise typing experience overall.

3. What keyboards are good for typing?

This would depend on how you type and your personal preference.

A mechanical-switch keyboard would suit better those who put more pressure on the keys when typing and enjoy tangible feedback.

In comparison, a scissor-switch would be ideal for those who type softly and don’t like the click-clack noise. 

And, the rubber dome keyboards are great if you want to feel like you’re pushing buttons as opposed to keys.

4. Which one is better wireless or wired keyboard?

In terms of which keyboard people prefer these days, wireless keyboards win by far especially as tech has improved so much recently. 

However, as we mentioned, there are also many pros to using wired keyboards so it’s best to choose the one that works best for you.

5. Does any keyboard work with any computer?

Generally speaking, yes. However, it’s best to check device compatibility before buying. For example, an Apple keyboard might not work with a PC and vice versa. 

Most keyboards tend to use a USB port so if your keyboard and device are compatible, you should have no trouble connecting. 

Without further ado, let’s head over to find the best keyboard for home office. 

Conclusion: What Is the Best Keyboard for the Money?

All the keyboards on our list are guaranteed to get you your money’s worth.

However, if we’re talking about which keyboard gives the best value for its price tag, it would have to be the Logitech MK335 Keyboard and Mouse Combo.

This full-size, wireless keyboard is just as great for typing as it is for gaming.

You don’t often get a durable, versatile, and comfortable keyboard this far down the price scale, and that’s what makes this keyboard and mouse combo our winner.

We hope that you’ve found the best keyboard for your home office in this article. If you know of anyone hunting for the perfect keyboards, share the love and send them this article. We’d be ever so grateful.




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