Best Light Bulbs for Home Office: Reduce Eye Strain & Headaches

Getting your hands on the best light bulbs for home offices is so much more than improving the aesthetics of your workspace.

Office lighting affects everything from our sleeping schedules to our general eye health.

As someone who Loves Work at Home, like us, you have the potential to transform your environment with something as simple as changing your home office light bulbs.

This guide will explore ten of the best options to consider when shopping for the best light bulbs for offices.

Not only that, but we’ll also dive deeper into three of the top-rated solutions to improve the quality of your home office.

Let’s get into the exciting features each of these bulbs bring to the table.


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Top 3 Picks - Best Light Bulbs for Home Office

Sengled Smart Bulb

Best Type of Light Bulb for Home Office

Great Eagle Lighting Corporation LED Light Bulb

Best Natural Light Bulbs for Office

Our 10 Best Light Bulbs For Home Office – Full Reviews

sengled best light bulbs for home office
#1. Best Type of Light Bulb for Home Office: Sengled Smart Bulb

Features | 60W brightness with CRI 90 rating. Smart home and Bluetooth Low Energy functionality via 5.0 wireless technology

The Sengled Smart Bulb is the best light bulb for home offices with its straightforward design.

You can quickly screw the bulb in and access all its smart features through Alexa.

Using the app, you can customize lighting routines and schedules while adjusting the light’s brightness.

With a warm glow, this is a natural-looking bulb ideal for any room in your home.

It also boasts the benefit of hands-free controls via voice control with Alexa.

With Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tech, you can manage every light home-wide.

You’ll love its struggle-free and tinker-free design. A worthy inclusion on this list of the best light bulbs for home office.

Once you’re able to learn how to sync the bulbs to Alexa, controlling lighting schedules has never been simpler.

Users appreciate the straightforward installation of the bulbs and the app’s many customizable features.

Also, the convenience of managing light dimming from your smartphone is an added luxury.

phillips white light bulb
#2. Best Light Color for Home Office: Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance LED Smart Bulb

Features | 60W brightness with up to 25,000 lifetime hours

Customizable controls for up to 50 smart lights home-wide with Bluetooth functionality.

The Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance LED Smart Bulb is the best light bulb for offices with its impressive functionality.

With these bulbs, you can connect all the lighting in your office with Alexa and Google Assistant.

As a device certified for humans, it’s a straightforward way to upgrade your lighting.

On average, these bulbs offer around 22 years of use and are efficient with their Energy Star certification.

You can integrate them into your existing Hue Hub or create your first smart home ecosystem with up to 50 connectable lights.

Another huge advantage is that you can customize the coloring of each bulb and create lighting schedules and routines.

The primary feature users love with these bulbs is their lighting customization, allowing you to dim and brighten the bulbs as needed.

You can also choose different color options to boost daily productivity or a more relaxed end-of-day atmosphere.

One difficulty you could experience is poor Google Assistant functionality, as these bulbs work best with Google Home instead.

best light bulbs for home office
#3. Best Natural Light Bulbs for Office: Great Eagle Lighting Corporation LED Light Bulb

Features | 9W LED bulbs with up to 10,000 lifetime hours. It offers 2700K brightness with warm white coloring

If you’re looking for an alternative to the best fluorescent bulbs for offices, the Great Eagle Lighting Corporation LED Light Bulb is ideal.

It’s a valuable replacement to your existing 60W bulbs while helping you save up to 85% on energy consumption.

On average, these bulbs will last up to 10,000 hours before needing replacing.

With LED technology, you also benefit from a warm white color, emulating natural sunlight.

The bulbs also boast realistic, brilliant colors, helping to preserve your eyesight and prevent headaches and eye strain.

They’re a fantastic solution to creating an energy-efficient office with their straightforward design.

One issue with the Great Eagle Lighting Corporation LED Light Bulb is that they aren’t dimmable.

However, the amount of light they produce is exceptional without being too overwhelming. Also, users love that it’s bright, clean, and white.

sylvania led white light bulbs
#4. Best Light Bulb for Office: SYLVANIA ECO LED A19 Light Bulb

Features | 9W and 2700K brightness with medium base lumens and frosted exterior. Provides an approximate seven-year lifespan.

Another simple option for the best type of light bulb for home offices is the SYLVANIA ECO LED A19 Light Bulb.

It features a frosted exterior that helps reduce the light’s harshness without reducing brightness.

Available in a pack of 24, you’ll have more than enough bulbs to replace every bulb in your office, with some left over for your neighbors!

The A19 base on these light bulbs is ideal for most fixtures as a replacement for incandescent bulbs.

You’ll also find they offer up to 7700 hours of light before needing replacement. Each bulb produces 750 lumens, more than enough for adequate office lighting.

Users would appreciate it if the bulbs were dimmable, but they are easy to use and install.

You’ll love the high-quality feel of the plastic material. Also, with regular use, you’re likely to get several months of use.

Another good inclusion as one of the best light bulbs for home office.

Color Changing Dimmable Smart light bulb as best light bulbs for home office
#5. Best Smart Light Bulb for Home Office: Kasa Smart Bulb

Features | 9W and 800-lumen brightness with smart home functionality on 2.3Ghz connections. Dimmable and color-changing for modern home offices.

The Kasa Smart Bulb is a fabulous alternative to more expensive smart bulbs.

Its color selection allows you to choose from 16 million variations and light patterns emulating dawn through dusk.

You’ll also find plenty of white settings across warm and cool color temperatures.

With remote control functionality, energy monitoring, and light scheduling, you can create optimal schedules for your workday.

This lighting can reduce your energy usage while maintaining 60W brightness, typical for most light bulbs.

You’ll also appreciate its iOS and Android compatibility to help you dim the lights, adjust their colors, and more.

A concern with these bulbs is their connectivity, which users find is lacking compared to other smart bulbs.

However, their brightness and diverse array of color selections make them well worth the investment.

Users love that you can create nighttime and daytime lighting to accommodate your working needs.

four multicolor light bulbs
#6. Best Color Changing LED Light Bulb for Office: RGB LED Light Bulb

Features | 40W 450 lumen brightness paired with dimmable technology. 12 interchangeable lighting settings with infrared remote control.

The RGB LED Light Bulb is a great office addition with 450 lumens as a color-changing remote-controlled light bulb.

Its high-quality color adjustments allow you to choose various colors using an infrared remote.

Also, you won’t have to worry about pairing the bulbs to WiFi or Bluetooth, making them easier to use.

There are 12 color choices with three brightness levels offering up to 40W of comparable brightness.

You can also choose between two lighting modes, helping you create bright or atmospheric lighting.

An extra benefit is the memory and synchronization feature, enabling you to sync all of your bulbs together.

Users love the coloring of the bulbs, emulating real-life colors with impressive brightness.

They also love turning the colors off and adjusting the traditional white lighting.

One important note is that the bulb size is smaller than expected.

six white dimmable best light bulbs for home office
#7. Best Dimmable Light Bulbs for Home Office: Linkind Dimmable A19 LED Light Bulbs

Features | 40W, 5000K brightness with 480 lumens. UL listed and FCC certified construction with dimmable technology.

The Linkind Dimmable A19 LED Light Bulbs is an excellent choice for the best light bulb for offices with its contemporary design.

These bulbs allow you to utilize up to 480 lumens with extensive dimming functions.

You can also choose between daylight (5000K) and soft white (2700K) color temperatures.

By using these bulbs for three hours per day, they’ll last up to 13 years and help you save up to 85% of your energy costs.

You’ll find they’re the best replacement for 40W bulbs, featuring dimness between 10% and 100%.

Also, they boast a 230-degree beam angle, perfect for indoor use like your home office.

Users love how these bulbs are warmer than standard LED bulbs, and they feel smoother on their eyes.

The dimming process is user-friendly and won’t buzz when you adjust the brightness.

However, there could be some flickering depending on your home’s energy consumption.

colorful smart light bulb with packaging box
#8. Best Bluetooth Light Bulb for Office: GE Lighting Cync Full Color Direct Connect Smart Light Bulb

Features | 60W A19 LED bulb with smart functionality via Bluetooth and WiFi. Pairs easily with Alexa and Google Home for customization.

The GE Lighting Cync Full Color Direct Connect Smart Light Bulb is a 60W LED replacement with interchangeable colors.

You’ll be able to sync these bulbs to your WiFi network, allowing you to control them as part of your smart home.

Also, using the Cync mobile app, you can customize lighting schedules away from home. This is definitely one of the more high tech inclusions on this list of the best light bulbs for home office.

There are millions of color options you can choose from on these smart bulbs, including several warm, amber, and cool tones.

As a replacement for 60W bulbs, you’ll find they can consume 84% less energy than incandescent lighting and can last 15x longer.

Users suggest they are some of the best bulbs for office lamps and ceiling lighting fixtures.

The WiFi connectivity could use a little work, as the connection drops frequently and is challenging to sync.

However, the customizable options are diverse for optimal home office lighting once connected.

colorful smart light bulb with remote
#9. Best Type of Light Bulb for Home Office: Vont Smart Light Bulbs

Features | 810 lumens RGBW light bulb with smart features through Alexa and Google Home. LED brightness with A19/E26 compatibility.

The Vont Smart Light Bulbs is another great option for customizable, energy-efficient lighting with smart functions.

You’ll find these bulbs work with Alexa and Google smart homes, even without a hub.

Also, they feature Bluetooth 5.0 technology for quick, effortless connectivity.

Once you connect to the bulbs through the Vont app, you can change the lighting’s color, schedule, and dimming.

Also, a unique feature is music syncing, in which your lights change in time with the music.

These bulbs can offer up to 20,000 hours of use with hands-free voice control and up to 80% in energy savings.

Homeowners have found the Vont Smart Light Bulbs is an excellent replacement for bulky bulbs as they are sleeker.

Also, the dimming features are convenient, allowing you to reduce lighting to 10%.

The only improvement to consider is the Vont app, which is only accessible from one device at a time.

6 vintage yellow best light bulbs for home office
#10. Best Vintage Light Bulbs for Home Office: Ascher Vintage LED Edison Bulbs

Features | 60W, 700-lumen brightness with antique filaments for a warm glow. Non-dimmable design with E26 base.

The Ascher Vintage LED Edison Bulbs brings a unique aesthetic to your office with its warm, amber glow.

The antique filaments add an extra layer of uniqueness to your office lighting while offering LED technology.

You’ll have a 2300K color temperature, helping to create a more relaxing mood for your most stressful days.

The eco-friendly design of the bulbs ensures they don’t produce any infrared or ultraviolet light.

You’ll also appreciate the high-quality glass casing that provides exceptional brilliance.

Many homeowners love how bright these bulbs are. Users also appreciate how natural they look, especially with warmer colors.

However, be wary of the bulb size as it might not accommodate all fixture types.

best light bulbs for home office space

How to Choose the Best Light Bulbs for Home Office

Before trying to choos the best light bulbs for home office, consider a few essential features.

Let’s explore some essentials the best bulbs should have to transform your office space.

Color Temperature

Color temperature is one of the most important things to consider when choosing the best light bulb for offices.

You’ll want to ensure you choose higher color temperatures, known to help boost productivity and task completion.

Typically, any color temperatures above 3500K can be quite beneficial to your daily workflow.

Alternatively, opting for lesser color temperatures can be preferable, especially if you’re prone to headaches.

Sticking between 3500K and 4500K will give you an agreeable amount of light for better productivity while minimizing headaches.

Fixture Compatibility

Another critical factor to consider with your chosen bulbs is compatibility with your fixture.

All fixtures have a specific bulb size they work with, for example, E26, and choosing the wrong size means the bulb won’t work.

Always consult your fixture’s instructions or manual before investing in energy-efficient bulbs.


The brightness of your lights is equally as important as the color temperature.

If your office is too dark, you could experience eye strain and fatigue.

Alternatively, if the lighting is too bright, you can also experience headaches and general discomfort.

Brightness can also affect the general atmosphere of your office. If bulbs are too bright, the lighting will appear extremely artificial and give it a sterile “office-like” feeling.

Opting for a moderate brightness with a warm color temperature can make your space cozier.


We all know the importance of dimming when choosing the best LED fluorescent light bulbs, or any of the best light bulbs for home office for that matter.

Adjusting the brightness of your lights is essential to improve your eye health and the general atmosphere of your space.

You must find bulbs that allow you to dim lights down to 10% and increase their brightness to 100%.

best light bulbs for home offices

Final Thoughts

Searching for the best light bulbs for home office takes a little more footwork than you might expect.

You’ll not only want to consider the ambiance of your workspace but your eye health as well.

With the best light bulb for home offices, you can boost productivity while emulating natural light.

If you or someone you know is searching for better office lighting, be sure to share this guide.

Thankfully, there are many versatile bulb options for all fixture types to consider.

If this article helped you in any way we’d be endlessly grateful if you’d share it with some others who might also benefit from it!


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