11 Best Print on Demand Courses – Start an Online Business Today!

Imagine having more time to do the things you love with the people you love, making money from the comfort of your own home and not working that 9 to 5 grind! 

I’ll be honest with you, as an owner of two online businesses, I don’t miss “working for the man” one little bit.

With the advent of the Internet, quitting your day job isn’t just a pipe dream. And one of the best online commercial ventures out there is the print on demand business

But you need more than determination and a dream to succeed. It takes hard work and proper know-how. So here are the best print on demand courses available that you can study from home to make your online business journey a successful one!

11 Best Print On Demand Courses Online

#1. Best Print On Demand Course for Beginners

How to Quickly Start a Print On Demand Merchandise Business with Zero Experience
On Skillshare

This Skillshare course covers everything someone new to e-commerce may need to know, including the basics of the process of print on demand.

The lessons here will also go over viable products for print on demand, as well as many of the other required steps and considerations for a new online business.

screen shot for one of the best print on demand courses on skillshare

There are 29 lessons that you can view over 3 hours and 57 minutes. Most students have remarked that this class exceeded their expectations, especially regarding information vital to those beginning their e-commerce journey. 

Some of the other courses outlined in this article cover some aspects of online businesses after the early stages more thoroughly, but this course is the best for beginners.

#2. Best Print On Demand Course for Learning Ins and Outs of E-Commerce

Print On Demand Business for Beginners: Earn While You Sleep
On Udemy

This is one of the more expensive courses on our list, but the instructor, Dan Talks, is very highly rated, and there is no subscription necessary.

This course covers everything from starting an online business to listing products, optimizing search engine results, and growing your business after the early stages.

best print on demand course 2

The lessons here target beginners, but much of the information is viable for those who have been utilizing e-commerce for some time and want to take their business to the next level, as well. The entire course is 1 hour and 51 minutes long.

#3. Best Print On Demand Course for Artists

Skillshare: Building a Career in Illustration: Explore Print On Demand
On Skillshare

If you’re an artist looking to use the Internet to boost your income, this course may be for you. The instructor is Cat Coquillette, who is an artist herself.

best print on demand course 3

The lessons here outline how you can combine your hobby and passion with business. Students will be able to grasp not only the artistic aspect of their designs but also the aspect that will appeal to consumers and therefore provide sustainable income. 

The entire course can be consumed in less than half an hour, making this one of the shortest courses on our list. It’s important to note that, despite the short runtime, these lessons were deemed very helpful by many students.

#4. Best Print On Demand Course for Shopify Users

Build a Shopify Print On Demand Business from Scratch
On Udemy

Like the previous course on our list, this Udemy course is not part of a subscription model and instead opts for a one-time payment with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Adam Reed, the creator of this course, is himself a successful online business owner. 

He takes pride in helping those with absolutely no experience build thriving businesses.

best print on demand course 4

The lessons revolve around Shopify, so if this is the medium you are leaning towards for your online store, this course will suit your needs. The entire course is a whopping 8 hours and 4 minutes long, making it the longest course on our list.

#5. Best Print On Demand Course for Etsy Users

Print On Demand with Etsy for Passive Income 2021 Guide
On Udemy

This course focuses on two things: utilizing Etsy as your online storefront and building passive income. The lessons cover some of the start-up aspects of e-commerce, but the emphasis is heavily on Etsy. 

If you already have some experience with online selling but want to take off with your designs as a business, this course is for you.

best print on demand course 5

There are some great insights into passive income in general outside of selling on Etsy, so there are gems to be gleaned by everyone involved in e-commerce.

#6. Best Print On Demand Course for Redbubble Users

Redbubble Print On Demand Masterclass
On Udemy

Redbubble is another medium employed by online sellers. This course will cover starting up on the site, customizing your shop, and optimizing sales.

best print on demand course 6

The lessons are divided into five “modules” and one bonus lesson. The first module introduces students to Redbubble and covers the early stages, with each subsequent module building on that foundation. 

Experienced sellers on Redbubble have also made use of this course, utilizing each module as needed. This course is great for anyone looking to sell on Redbubble.

#7. Best Print On Demand Course for Creative Minds

Print On Demand for Creatives
On Domestika

This online course created by e-commerce expert Rocio Carvajal teaches you how to start an online business with minimal start-up cost utilizing tools like Shopify and Printful. 

The lessons provided here are perfect for those who have already created a brand for their online presence or want to create one.

best print on demand course 7

The videos outline details that are helpful for those just starting on their online business venture and also those who may already have experience in the field but need some guidance in the world of print on demand. 

The18 lessons span 2 hours and 38 minutes, so you could potentially watch the entire course in one sitting with a bowl of popcorn. Access to the course is unlimited once it is purchased, which allows students to revisit lessons as needed.

#8. Best Complete Print On Demand Course

Build a Print On Demand Empire
On Shopify

Build a Print On Demand Empire is a course created by Adrian Morrison. It contains 19 lessons that are altogether 2 hours and 41 minutes long, which makes this course quicker to binge than most of your Netflix shows.

best print on demand course 8

This course covers everything from finding your niche in e-commerce, building an online store and running it through Shopify, generating business, and growing an empire from your humble beginnings. 

Whether you’re a beginner who has no idea where to start or an entrepreneur looking for the next step, this course has you covered.

#9. Best Print On Demand Course for T-shirt Sales

Launch a T-shirt Business with Print On Demand
On Shopify

When it comes to print on demand, we cannot leave t-shirts out of the conversation. Kerry Egeler created this course for those wanting to dive into the t-shirt sales market of e-commerce. 

The lessons highlight the importance of finding a niche so that your print on demand products stand out in a sea of online stores.

Everything you want to know about t-shirt sales can be found here, including the type of t-shirt you want to sell, design tips, marketing, and business growth. 

There are 19 lessons, and the entire course is only 45 minutes long, so it’s great for those of us with short attention spans haha.

#10. Best Print On Demand Course for Short Videos

Ecommerce Made Easy with Video Lessons
On Printful

Printful is the name to know in the world of print on demand. You may very well be making use of their services in your online business. But they also offer courses related to print on demand.

best print on demand course 10

There are several smaller courses covering different aspects of the business, so it will take a bit of searching to find everything you’re looking for. But it’s free!

All you have to do is create a Printful account, and you’ll have access to all of their print on demand video lessons. 

If you’re searching for information on a specific aspect of print on demand and don’t require an entire course, Printful’s videos may be just what you need. With no financial obligation, this might be the start you need for your dream to work from home!

#11. Best Print On Demand Course for Designers

E-Commerce for Artists: Selling with Print On Demand
On Skillshare

This is another short but sweet course with a runtime of only 24 minutes. The lessons here are for those with an eye for design. Wendy Lazar, the course instructor, creates plush toys and other collectibles as part of her business.

best print on demand course 11

There is a focus on brainstorming and building ideas before implementation with print on demand. Those partaking in this course are part of a specific niche, and those students that fit the mold, including experienced online sellers, have found this course very enlightening. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is print on demand still profitable?

While it is true that the online seller’s market is growing, the fact remains that print on demand is still profitable for anyone willing to put in the upfront work. As with everything, there are many factors that will affect your success. 

Your designs and how viable they are when it comes to consumer appeal is a big factor, but understanding market trends and capitalizing on them, knowing how to market your designs and products, and utilizing the right platform for your designs are all very important.

What is the cheapest print on demand site?

Most print on demand services, including Printful and Printify, are free to start with. You only pay for the products and shipping fees when your customers place an order. The other factors you will want to consider are shipping times and products available through these print on demand services. Some offer other services or specialize in printing on certain products.

How do you start a print on demand business?

First, you need to decide where you want to set up shop. Etsy, Amazon, and Redbubble are some examples of online storefronts for your home business. Then you need to find a print on demand service provider, like Printful or TeeLaunch. From here, it’s a matter of creating or finding designs that will appeal to your target consumers. 

If you really want to get started with print on demand, make sure to check out some of the courses on our list!

Final Thoughts

The 9 to 5 work life is no longer the norm. Or at least, it doesn’t have to be. 

The Internet has made working from home and on your own schedule a genuine possibility. Print on demand is a viable way to start your own online business and make a sizeable side income or perhaps even allow you to ditch your day job. The opportunities are out there. You just have to go online and grab them!

Did you enjoy this article? Make sure to share it with others who want to live a life of freedom and choice, rather than being tied down ‘working for the man’.

As we say here at Love Work at Home, Change Your Work, Change Your Life!

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