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If you have worked in a depressing office cubicle and ever daydreamed of a better life, you are not alone. Due to advances in technology and a global pandemic that threw brick and mortar out of the window, over 60% of workers around the globe aged 22 to 65 now work remotely in some capacity.

However, jumping ship and starting your own business can make anyone a little hesitant. Besides, can you make a liveable income on the Internet anyway?

I am here to tell you, yes, you can! As a freelance writer, I was once in your shoes: longing to leave the 9 to 5 but paralyzed by the journey and hustle it takes to be successful.

With office skills in your back pocket, all you need is the best virtual assistant training course to take your work from cubical to remote. Whether you want the flexibility to work from home, travel the world, or have more time for your hobbies, the demand for virtual assistants continues to grow year after year.

Oh, but if you’re looking for ‘how to become a VA’, this article of ours, 8 Steps on How To Become A Virtual Assistant With No Experience, will be more what you’re after. 

Top 3 Picks: Best Virtual Assistant Training Courses

10kVA logo

Best overall VA course

$10K VA

Fully Booked VA logo

Best virtual assistant course for quick cash

Fully Booked VA with Gina Horkey

Work From Home as a Virtual Assistant logo

Best affordable VA course

Work from Home as a Virtual Assistant

8 Best Virtual Assistant Training Courses For VA Success

There are many virtual assistant courses out there so it can be hard to know where to start. I spent ages combing through the lot and narrowed it down to these top 8 best virtual assistant courses that will allow you to get onto your virtual feet in next to no time.

Virtual assistant working from home

The cost for these courses ranges and there’s something to suit every pocket. You’re also not limited to completing just one, if your budget is limited, start with the most affordable one to get yourself learning this rewarding career path.

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1. $10K VA 

10kVA logoThe best virtual assistant training course is the $10K VA course. Kayla Sloan, the course creator, is a VA who has had her share of successes, like scaling her VA business to $10K per month.

Price (at time of publishing)

    • $497 

What you can learn

Kayla’s course has seven modules meant for the beginner virtual assistant or a VA who is having trouble getting their business off the ground.

Find out how to get multiple clients, how to cold pitch, how to communicate effectively with a client, and how to become more productive.

Most importantly, you will learn Kayla’s business plan to start your path to earning $10K per month as a virtual assistant.

You will also receive a collection of bonuses, including interviews with successful VAs, a private Facebook group to connect one-on-one with Kayla and other students, worksheets, templates, and the job board.

Kayla even offers a free workshop to gauge your interest in becoming a virtual assistant before investing.

Students of the best virtual assistant training course appreciate that it is self-paced and full of practical advice. Some even admit they would never have known how to get their virtual assistant business off the ground without taking the $10K VA course.

2. Fully Booked VA 

Fully Booked VA logoFormerly “30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success”, Gina Horkey can help you find and book your first paying client within the next 90 days.

In addition, Gina ensures her inside knowledge can help you even if you don’t know the first thing about becoming a virtual assistant, business owners who are ready to scale, or lack the confidence to move forward.

Price (at time of publishing)

    • Get started for $199 (pay for add-ons later) 
    • $497 for full access (or 3 payments of $199).

What you can learn

Gina uses a three-step process to prevent you from getting burnt out just learning how to become a virtual assistant. The three steps start, build, and scale.

The Fully Booked VA will help you narrow down your services, charge competitive, livable wages, and how to “break up” with inadequate clients and communicate better with the good ones.

Several of Gina’s students liked how easy it was to follow the simple steps and how quickly they could gain confidence and get paid for their respective skillsets.

Bonuses include templates, worksheets, scripts, and guides that answer your most asked questions and act as reference points when unsure how to proceed. Upon completing the course, participants receive official certification and access to job listings (including proprietary client leads – updated daily).

You will also have access to a private #FBVA Community Forum, weekly group coaching sessions, and bi-weekly deep-dive training. It’s important to note an additional charge after the initial 90 days to be a part of the community.

Gina also offers a full refund if you don’t land your first client and receive your first paycheck within 90 days.

To receive a refund, you must be an active participant, earn your certification, send a minimum of 30 client pitches/follow-ups tracked by the free Pitch Tracker, and attend at least three group coaching sessions.

3. Work From Home as a Virtual Assistant 

Work From Home as a Virtual Assistant logoWork From Home as a Virtual Assistant is a top Udemy course built for beginner virtual assistants. It features full lifetime access and 3 hours of on-demand video learning.

In addition, you will receive a certificate of completion. Udemy courses are popular for newbies since they offer concise tips and retail at under $50 making it great for those who have a limited budget.

Price (at time of publishing)

    • $49.99

What you can learn

Work From Home as a Virtual Assistant offers information on working from home and how to start a virtual assistant business.

Participants of the course had in-office experience or skills and were interested in using those skills as remote workers.

Tina Marie Hilton has had an online presence providing services since 2007 and a business coach since 2011. She is the co-founder at Start Blogging Today, a virtual online technology assistant, and a university faculty member.

Bonuses include client intake, assessment, information, and consultation form. The course also provides up-to-date business advice and if/when it’s appropriate to send gifts to clients.

4. Social Media Management: The Complete Manager Bootcamp

social media management courseA virtual assistant best Udemy course, Social Media Management by Lottie Mosley, helps novices and advanced alike tackle ever-changing social media goals and techniques.

Learn from current experts in the field who provide a detailed blueprint of how to achieve the same success. The course offers over 7 hours of video instruction, 24/7 access, and no subscription fees.

Price (at time of publishing)

    • $119.99

What you can learn

You are taught how to discern the best social media platforms for each client, how to run your own freelance business, and, most importantly, get results. In today’s social media-driven world, you can offer an invaluable service to your customers. 

The course is full of tips to guide you to an unlimited earning potential so you can work and travel anywhere you like.

In addition, the system provides instruction on how to approach each social media platform, the best social media tools, plus little-known industry secrets to scaling your business quickly.

Students like the amount of information provided for the cost and the insider information on scaling quickly. However, some mention that an update would benefit 21/22 to include standout social media trends like TikTok.

5. SavvySystem

savvy systemThe SavvySystem is great for workers who desire to transition from a 9 to 5 as the course is entirely self-paced.

Get your business up and running in as little as one week (average course time, four weeks).

With over 3,000 students since 2016, the SavvySystem has helped moms, dads, men, and women quit their day jobs and offer clients excellent services, all while making more money and having more time for family and hobbies.

Price (at time of publishing)

    • $1,497 (The SavvySystem) 
    • $2,997 (Ultimate SavvySystem)

What you can learn

The SavvySystem includes 14 modules starting with terms you need to learn, templates, discovering your unique skill set, pricing, marketing, and scaling your business to include subcontractors.

Bonuses include the VA toolbox to make your business legal, printed notebook, free merch when you hit milestones, personalized website, and how to use LinkedIn to network.

Plus, monthly group accountability calls, proposal reviews, job opportunities, and weekly live calls for any feedback or feedback requests.

We realize this course may be challenging to invest in if you are transitioning careers or life stages. However, the course creator, Abbey, offers free introduction training modules.

Plus, the SavvySystem provides a monthly payment plan and a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days.

6. 90 Day VA

90dayvaThe 90 Day VA by Esther Inman is a masterclass for beginners. The course is geared toward military spouses, busy parents, and nomads looking for a flexible lifestyle. 

90 Day VA is a solid course for interested virtual assistants who aren’t sure what skills they want to learn or are interested in providing multiple skill sets.

Price (at time of publishing)

    • $197

What you can learn

90 Day VA provides you with the most lucrative VA skills like content marketing, social media management, video editing, and more.

The course provides 11 modules that take you from VA newbie to paid work within 90 days. You will also receive lifetime updates, templates, a weekly job board, coaching, and exclusive Facebook group access (6 months).

You will also receive access to bonus classes like remote resume help, how to price services, and taxes.

Students love the straightforward pace that is easy to understand, even for newbies. As a result, the course participants often get their first client even before finishing.

7. Canva 2021 Graphic Design Class | Latest Canva Version 3.0

canva graphic designNeed a crash course on the latest version of Canva?

The Canva 2021 Graphic Design Class provides up-to-date instruction, so it is easy to follow along with the current tool menus on the cloud-based software.

Canva has both a free version and a professional paid subscription. Learning how to use Canva can help you create stunning designs with little to no creative experience.

Price (at time of publishing)

    • $84.99

What you can learn

Step by step, learning the essential Canva tools, how to work with text, color, shapes, layers, and photos.

Complete various projects and learn basic graphic design theory, including video and animation.

The Canva 2021 Graphic Design Class works as a one and done and, upon completion, is an excellent professional skill worth adding to your VA toolbox.

8. New Virtual Assistant Business – Your Blueprint to Launch

new va business udemyFor under $40, learn how to launch a virtual assistant business, even if you are short on cash.

The course is informative, updated frequently, and self-proclaimed Virtual Assistant Mentor, Erin Booth, has 16 additional courses to provide you with even more tips and tricks. 

Price (at time of publishing)

    • $34.99

What you can learn

In the Blueprint to a Launch course, you will learn about the different types of VAs, valuable tools, and how to pitch clients.

Plus, you will learn the most common mistakes that can cause your business to fail and receive five downloadable resources. 

Students love how easy it is to follow and even mention that Erin inspires
confidence that motivates you to start your own VA business.

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10 Courses to Learn Virtual Assistant Skills 

Continual learning is one of the keys to becoming a successful virtual assistant. Here are 10 courses available on Udemy that can teach you the skills for your particular niche.

Virtual assistant online training course

Administrative Virtual Assistants

Administrative virtual assistants are responsible for taking tasks off the manager’s or owner’s plate, such as answering phone calls, emails, and scheduling.

Recommended course: Business ESL: Administrative Tasks for Virtual Assistants

Bookkeeping Virtual Assistants

Bookkeeping virtual assistants are mainly utilized in small companies and startups and specialize in one type of accounting software.

Recommended course: Quickbooks Online in 90 Mins – For Bookkeeping and Accounting

Data Entry Virtual Assistants 

Data Entry virtual assistants take pertinent business information and organize it electronically to give all employees up-to-date access to company and customer data.

Recommended course: Data Entry Course for Beginners

eCommerce Virtual Assistants

eCommerce virtual assistants love fast pace work and consistent challenges. They often are in charge of analyzing algorithms, studying competitors, and improving customer relationships.

Recommended course: eCommerce & Marketing Course: Agency, Marketer, Affiliate

Marketing Virtual Assistants

Marketing virtual assistants work to improve and expand a company’s B2C relationship. They can also oversee a budget for ads, customer acquisition costs, and competitive keywords.

Recommended course: The Complete Digital Marketing Course – 12 Courses in 1

Personal Virtual Assistants

Personal virtual assistants are flexible and require a “jack-of-all-trades” attitude. For example, you may be required to coordinate lunch orders, book business travel arrangements, personal shopping services, or even general accounting.

Recommended course: Ultimate Guide for Executive Travel Planning for Assistants

Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Real Estate virtual assistants need to have flexible working hours to accommodate early morning or late-night showings. Plus, you may be asked to work on marketing tasks, customer service inquiries, and generate leads.

Recommended course: Virtual Transaction Coordinator for Real Estate Agents

Research Virtual Assistants

Research virtual assistants work in various industries such as marketing, medical, or legal. You will be asked to gather data so the said manager or executive can continue to take on more clients.

Recommended course: Research Methodology: Complete Research Project Blueprint

Sales Virtual Assistants

Sales virtual assistants are needed when there is a sudden uptick in company growth or to keep up with sales paperwork. You should be comfortable with popular CRM programs and be willing to work long hours during peak sales seasons.

Recommended course: Sales Skills – How to sell to challenging modern buyers

Social Media Virtual Assistants

Social Media virtual assistants live and breathe social media. You should know the tone and visual style of the company you are posting for and keep an eye on the company’s competitors to help the business come out on top.

Recommended course: Social Media Marketing Strategy | Complete Guide

Why Should I Take Virtual Assistant courses?

Becoming a virtual assistant or starting your own online virtual assistant business can be overwhelming.

Although there is free information online on how to do both, investing in an online course can help you make fewer mistakes on your virtual assistant journey and lead you to more fulfilling work and higher-paying clients.

Plus, depending on the type of virtual assistant work you are interested in, specific courses can provide you with current trends and techniques to give you a competitive edge.

Not sure where to start? Check out our 8 best virtual assistant courses above and consider taking one of the specialized skill courses to broaden your offering as a virtual assistant.

Virtual Assistant Certification

It is not necessary to have a certification to be a virtual assistant. You can acquire clients and even run your own business with simple work experience and referrals. However, certificates are available through online courses.

These certifications can help you gain access to clients that trust that particular course instruction. Completing a certification may also help you attain employment by mentioning to the employer that you have completed a course on specific job requirements or specialized skills.

Not to mention, it will also help build your confidence!

Frequently Asked Questions – Virtual Assistant Training Course

FAQs about virtual assistant training coureses

Do you need a certification to be a virtual assistant?

There is currently no degree or standardized certification to become a virtual assistant. However, some virtual assistant training programs have certifications to qualify you to join job boards and proprietary access clients.

Is virtual assistant training worth It?

Not all people will go through virtual assistant training as some will be self-taught or have experience in an in-office setting.

However, if you are new to the virtual assistant world or would like to accelerate your path to success, investing in training can help you build your business quicker and make fewer mistakes.

How much does a virtual assistant make?

Since virtual assistants set their rates, the amount of money you make will depend heavily on your experience, the niche you choose, how often you raise your rates, and how many hours you work.

According to Indeed.com, the average hourly rate for a virtual assistant in the U.S. is $19.35 per hour.

What qualifications do I need to be a virtual assistant?

Requirements may vary by employer, but having the following skills and qualifications could improve your chances of being competitive in the field and securing consistent employment.

    • High school diploma or GED 
    • Knowledge of office software and tasks such as VoIP, online calendars, scheduling, spreadsheets, MS Word
    • Organizational skills
    • Ability to multitask
    • Time management
    • Communication skills
    • Ability to work independently
    • Access to a computer/laptop and high-speed Internet

What online services are in demand?

There has recently been a shift in the top demanded virtual assistant services. Where it was once admin, it is now in specialized services like the categories below:

    • Social media
    • Graphic design
    • Digital marketing
    • Tech
    • Branding
    • Project management
    • Accounting
    • Human resources
    • Programmers
    • Analysts

What are the limitations of being a virtual assistant?

Since a virtual assistant works remotely, a few limitations can make the job difficult. For example, if you are starting your own virtual assistant business, you will need to seek out clients, find the motivation to stick to your deadlines and find ways to separate your home life from your work life.


According to CNBC, virtual assistants are among the remote jobs that will surpass brick and mortar jobs by 2025.

Whether you are just learning virtual assistant basics or are ready to quit your 9 to 5 and become a virtual assistant rock star, choosing the best virtual assistant training course is essential to accelerate your goals. Please utilize our in-depth article as a resource to quickly narrow down the course(s) you need to take to make your remote work dreams into reality.

Our top 3 picks include:

We hope you enjoyed this article. If you did, please consider sharing it with those who are interested in work-at-home jobs and becoming virtual assistants.




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