Best Wireless Headphones With Microphone for Work in 2021: Full Reviews

Whilst I try my hardest to prevent it, when I’m cooking dinner, chatting to my son and singing along to one of our favourite songs (pfff, as if a guy can multi-task like that), my 4 year old daughter quietly slipped out the room and headed straight to the home office where my wife is hosting a meeting. 

BANG BANG BANG, “MUMMYYYY!” she screams. 

Having two free hands to send out smoke signals for help is exactly why she needs the best wireless headphones with microphone for work! Not to mention some noise-canceling capabilities.

If this resonates with you for any reason, maybe you have a pet that loves to chat right at the wrong time, or maybe there’s lots going on outside, then you need the best headset for work from home.

And that’s exactly why we’ve spent the last day and a half researching so that we can share our balanced view on what is the best wireless headphones with microphone for work. 

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Top 3 Picks: Best Wireless Headphones With Microphone for Work

best wireless headphones with microphone for work for range

Best Wireless Range:

TECKNET Trucker Bluetooth Headset

best wireless headphones with microphone for work for sound

Best Sound Quality:

JLab Go Work Wireless On-Ear Headset

best wireless headphones with microphone for work value for money

Best Value for Money:

Sony MDR-ZX110AP

Best Wireless Headphones With Microphone for Work: Full Reviews

1. TECKNET Trucker Bluetooth Headset

Interestingly, TECKNET describes itself as an online retailer rather than a consumer electronics manufacturer on its official website.

The Trucker Bluetooth Headset is one of its successful releases that earned primarily positive feedback from buyers.

Product Highlights

Besides being one of the highly-rated headsets with an affordable price on the market, other notable qualities are worth highlighting, such as:

  • Background Noise Cancellation

For those with ambient noise issues, this headset from TECKNET may very well be among the best headphones for work.

It boasts the elimination of transmitting noise up to 99.6%, which virtually makes any unwanted sounds inaudible.

If answering calls or recording is a significant part of your daily routine, having excellent noise cancellation will boost the overall quality of your voice.

  • Connectivity

This headset is capable of connecting two devices at the same time.

It also has the means to operate up to 33 feet away from the audio source.

With this wireless range, you can move freely without worrying about disconnections and disturbances.

With these benefits, the TECKNET Trucker Headset with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity is among the best headphones for work from home setup.

  • Battery Life

For this headset with a USB-C charging port, it’ll take 1.5 hours before it gets fully charged.

A full, single charge can get you up to 32 to 36 hours of talking time and up to four days idle time.

If your job demands long hours of call time, you might want to consider the TECKNET headset because of its wireless feature and battery life.

Overall, the long hours of battery life make it one of the best headphones with mic on the road.

The Good

If there’s no Bluetooth on your desktop or laptop, the TECKNET Trucker Bluetooth Headset can still be viable via a USB dongle.

Not all Bluetooth-powered peripherals have this functionality, enabling this entry to be one of the best wireless options for mic headsets.

The Not-so-Good

The headset has a decent battery life, and there isn’t too much doubt about it.

However, you might get surprised when the battery dies because there’s no notification.


    • Lightweight design
    • Easy side switching
    • All-day comfort
    • Widely compatible


    • Audio quality could be better
    • Durability issues

2. Sony MDR-ZX110AP

In the audio industry, very few can match Sony’s success, quality, and brand recognition.

That’s why it’s common to assume that they offer numerous products that may be the best wireless headphones with microphone for work.

Among these is the Sony MDR-ZX110AP, which offers improved Android phone functionality.

Product Highlights

This pair of headphones from Sony has more than enough features to accommodate the needs of most users.

Some of the things that make it one of the best headphones with mic are:

  • Audio Quality

The headphones’ lightweight 30 mm neodymium dynamic driver units allow them to give a powerful, rhythmic performance to even the most challenging track.

With its highly sensitive diaphragm, you’ll be able to crank up the volume on the headphones without needing an amp and still enjoy the clear, detailed sound.

As such, the Sony MDR-ZX110AP is a good choice for workout headphones because it’ll provide excellent sound that allows you to be in the zone.

  • Hands-Free Calls

You can take hands-free calls from most smartphones while listening to music using the in-line controller and built-in microphone via the headphone wire.

Switching between music and calls without having to remove your headphones is as effortless as it gets.

This functionality works best when traveling, and you need to be available to take phone calls at a moment’s notice.

  • Ear Design

Listening in extra comfort is one of the highlights of the Sony MDR-ZX110AP.

It includes a self-adjusting headband as well as plush cushioned earcups that cover the entire ear.

  • Sound Sealing

The closed-back, enfolding design fits the ear, effectively sealing in sound while blocking out active noise.

Acoustics are deflected back, allowing you to hear even the faintest sounds.

The Good

This pair of headphones from Sony has a wide frequency range, spanning from 12 Hz to 22 kHz.

The deep bass, dynamic mid-range, and quality highs of the MDR-ZX110AP could make all the difference when choosing the best headphones for work.

The Not-so-Good

The cord is directly built into the earpieces, which means you cannot just buy replacements to make the headset functional again.

Unless you are skilled enough to wire replacement cords manually, you’re better off buying a brand-new pair.


    • Tangle-free cables
    • Affordable pair of headphones
    • Easy storage
    • Multiple color options


    • Nondescript design
    • Lacks noise canceling features

3. YAMAY M98 Bluetooth Headset

Shenzhen YAMAY Electronics Co., Ltd is a manufacturer that specializes in the development, manufacture, and marketing of wearable tech products.

The company specializes in making fitness trackers, smartwatches, and Bluetooth headsets.

One of their offerings is the YAMAY M98 Bluetooth Headset, which is usable in various work setups.

Product Highlights

If you’re continuously searching for the best headset for working from home, you might want to check out this wireless option and its qualities.

  • Noise Cancellation

The YAMAY M98 Bluetooth Headset can precisely pick up your speech and filter out background noise, ensuring crystal-clear discussions even in loud environments.

As such, distractions such as wind noise and another ambient sound should be less noticeable on the other end of the call.

  • Dual Connection

The headset can accommodate two Bluetooth devices at the same time.

Thus, you’ll be able to quickly swap the headset’s use from one device to the other.

If you have two smartphones, this function is quite useful, especially if you always expect calls from both.

  • Comfort Level

The soft ear pad ensures a comfortable wearing experience while taking phone conversations or listening to music for hours.

Not only cushioned, but the lightweight build of the pad also contributes to the overall seamless fit that the headset provides.

As such, these YAMAY headphones could offer more comfort compared to other noise-cancelling headphones.

The Good

Like many other expensive options, the reasonably-priced YAMAY M98 Bluetooth Headset offers two charging methods.

Together with the headset, you’ll have a charging base that offers convenience and style.

You can also use a micro USB cable if you prefer a traditional approach.

Regardless of the method, a single charge can give you up to 19 hours of talk time. 

The Not-so-Good

Mute and end call button is only applicable for calls on mobile.

If you’re doing calls on PC via Zoom calls and other third-party apps, you have to do different actions whenever you want to mute or end the call.

This limitation may be a deterrent for the headset to get recognized as one of the best headset for work from home.


    • Wide compatibility
    • Easy voice assistance activation
    • Stable Bluetooth 5.0 connection
    • Good audio quality


    • No swivel capability
    • Wired connection not possible

4. KALOXI Bluetooth Headset

KALOXI has a modest collection of electronic goods such as headsets, speakers, and Bluetooth transmitters.

At the top of its list is the KALOXI Bluetooth Headset, an on-ear audio piece that offers great sound quality.

Product Highlights

For notable qualities, this single pair provides more than enough to be one of the candidates for the best wireless headphones with microphone for work.

  • Advanced Components

The KALOXI Bluetooth Headset has a QCC3020 chipset and Bluetooth 5.0.

You can expect stable and fast signal transmission, thanks to these pieces of techs.

Pairing it with two devices simultaneously is also an option.

If your device doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity, you can still utilize it via a USB dongle.

  • Noise Filter

With a reliable AI Noise Reduction Technology, external noise and other disturbances are significantly reduced.

It is capable of minimizing unwanted sounds up to 40 decibels, or about 96% of noise.

If your work-related calls have no schedule, having the KALOXI Bluetooth Headset at your disposal is an advantage.

  • Comfort Level

This headset only weighs about 2.8oz and has an adjustable headband.

It is capable of accommodating most head shapes while providing a lightweight feel.

The soft earpad and anti-slip pad keep firmly in place that translates to all-day comfort.

The Good

Compared to the other best headphones for work from home, the KALOXI Bluetooth Headset will provide audio prompts when you press the mute button.

While it may sound nonchalant at first, having this feature ensures that there’s no need to second-guess if you are on mute or not.

The Not-so-Good

While this wireless option offers a decent battery life, the long charging time of two hours could be a negative for some.

If you opt for this headset from KALOXI, it’s advisable to have a portable charger whenever you don’t have sufficient time at home to get a full charge.


    • Long playtime hours
    • Easy controls
    • Wide Bluetooth range


    • Only works for USB 2.0 or above
    • Possible durability issues

5. JLab Go Work Wireless On-Ear Headset

The California-based company JLab views itself as the top accessible true wireless brand in the USA.

One of its top-rated products is the Go Work Wireless On-Ear Headset, which offers improved sound quality.

Product Highlights

As one of the contenders for best headset with mic for work from home, this JLab headset could rival many similar products due to its notable attributes, including:

  • Excellent Call Quality

C3 Calling has two mics: one picks up your speech while the other removes ambient noises around you.

Compared to regular headphones, the dual microphone offers more noise cancellation capability.

The result is your voice remains clear at all times, in most places.

  • Mute Indicator

While other headsets have audio prompts to notify you if you’re on mute, the JLab Go Work Wireless On-Ear Headset has a visual approach.

It utilizes a red LED installed on the tip of the boom mic, which lights up whenever you are on mute.

  • Easy Controls

The handy multi-functional controls on this JLab headset provide you total control over play, pause, answer, reject, volume, and track control with ease.

Two EQ settings (Work or Music) are installed to fit your audio needs.

The Good

The battery life of the JLab Go Work Wireless On-Ear Headset is probably the aspect where it excels above the others on this list.

In standby mode, it can last up to 470 hours.

For calls, the headset can operate up to 45 hours in a single, full charge.

The Not-so-Good

While the headset offers a wired option, it still needs power on its battery to operate.

In other words, you cannot just plug it and use it immediately like regular headphones if the power is completely exhausted.


    • Dual connectivity
    • Easy setup
    • Agreeable price
    • Compatible with consoles


    • Possible headband durability concerns
    • Short cables
best wireless headphones with microphone for working from home

How to Choose the Best Headphones with a Mic for Voice and Video Calls

With the market today saturated with all sorts of headphones that promise exceptional results, it’s pretty easy to get confused with the features.

To aid you in choosing your next favorite headphones, let’s determine and define some critical factors.


Over-the-ear headphones are ideal for listening sessions at home, but they might be a tad cumbersome when you’re outdoors.

Smaller, more portable versions may compromise some sound quality, but they are undoubtedly more convenient, and in-ear headphones are often easier to use.

Sound Quality

This factor is definitively the most crucial aspect to consider when buying headphones.

Most manufacturers promise the best audio quality for their releases, making it a bit challenging as to which ones will produce quality output.

Researching might help you deduce which headphones have high sound quality.

If your voice and video calls will mostly happen indoors, it’s common practice to go with wired headsets.

While some Bluetooth-powered headsets have good stability, corded headset picks are still king regarding clarity and quality.

Also, many companies in industries such as customer service require your headset to be wired. Something to keep in mind with your work from home job.

Noise-Canceling Feature

Unless you’re making calls in a studio or a sound-proof room, background noise is almost inevitable.

Most ANC (active noise cancellation) headphones feature microphones that cancel out ambient sound.

If a product brands itself as the best headset for working from home, it most certainly boasts a high degree of noise cancellation.

Overall, it’s crucial to pick a pair of headphones that delivers such capability.

FAQs About Headsets With Microphone

While there could be a few exceptions, most Bluetooth headphones in the market today have a built-in microphone.

Since the rise of smartphones, most, if not all, headphone manufacturers have considered the wireless calling function offered by Bluetooth connectivity.

Yes, most wireless earphones have their mic installed in their casing.

Some high-end releases could house more than one mic for each earbud.

The average continuous battery life for wireless or Bluetooth headphones is about five hours when actively used and around 24 hours idle time.

There’s a lot of headphones nowadays that can double the given average active and standby time.

That said, good battery life is a subjective topic because it mostly depends on the one who will use it.


Whether it’s to free up your hands for some good old Italian-like gesticulation, to take notes or to usher your kids out the home office door, a good set of wireless headphones with mic is essential. 

But before you choose the best wireless headphones with microphone for work from home, make sure you have a rough idea of what you want them for, sound quality, and the level of noise-canceling you need. 

Oh and don’t forget the aesthetics. Gotta look good right 😉

To jog your memory on our top 3 picks:

    1. Best Wireless Range: TECKNET Trucker Bluetooth Headset
    2. Best Sound Quality: JLab Go Work Wireless On-Ear Headset
    3. Best Value for Money: Sony MDR-ZX110AP

I hope you enjoyed this article. If so, we’d greatly appreciate you sharing it with other fellow remote workers! It really helps us out.


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