10 Best Large Desk Mats For A Stylish Home Office in 2022


10 Best Large Desk Mats For A Stylish Home Office in 2022

After reviewing a multitude of large desk mats and getting an in-depth understanding of different users’ experiences, I have compiled a list of the best desk mats to get for your home office. 

A quality desk mat, also called a blotter, will protect your desk from wear and tear and can be more comfortable on your hands as you type and jot down notes throughout the day. 

One reason to Love Work At Home is the ability to fully personalize your workspace, using items like desk mats to add some of your style and ‘flavor’. 

Desk mats are available in a variety of materials and sizes and can offer various features, such as paper-holding flaps or reversible sides. I’ve put together a list that includes the best options for stylish and cool desk pads. 

– 5 Best Ergonomic Chairs for Standing Desk
– Top 10 Best Home Office Chairs – Choice Made Easy

    1. Miroddi Wireless Charger Desk Pad (high-tech desk mat)
    2. Orbitkey Desk Mat (vegan leather mat with concealed flap)
    3. Harber Leather Desk Pad (leather mat with wool felt base)
    4. Ktrio Gaming Pad (extra large desk mat)
    5. Dacasso Classic Desk Pad (classic leather desk mat)
    6. YSAGi Multifunctional Desk Pad (multicolor reversible desk mat)
    7. House of Doolittle Doodle Pad Refillable (desk mat and notepad combo)
    8. Grovemade Felt Desk Pad (wool felt desk mat)
    9. Awnour Clear Desk Mat (transparent plastic desk mat)
    10. Satechi Eco-Leather Deskmate (sustainable leather desk mat)

This post contains affiliate links and I may be compensated, at no additional cost to you, if you make a purchase after clicking on a link.

Top 3 Picks – Best Large Desk Mats

Satechi Eco-leather deskmate

Satechi Eco-Leather Deskmate

Best environmentally-friendly leather desk mat

Doolittle doodle pad

House of Doolittle Doodle Pad Refillable

Best desk pad for taking notes

Extra large desk mat with charger

Miroddi Wireless Charger Desk Pad

Best high-tech desk mat

Full Reviews of 10 Attractive Large Desk Mats

Extra large desk mat with charger
1. Miroddi Wireless Charger Desk Pad

Materials: PU (polyurethane) leather

Dimensions: 31.2” x 11.8”

Most computer desk pads are fairly low-tech and don’t come with a lot of frills, but the Miroddi Wireless Charger Desk Pad is a futuristic take on the classic blotter. In addition to a large synthetic leather surface designed to be mouse-friendly, one section of the pad serves as a wireless phone charger. 

Users love the minimalist design of the sleek black deskpad and are big fans of the convenient charging station. Since the charging pad does take up a considerable portion of the mat, this product is best for someone who plans on regularly using the feature and doesn’t need a ton of space for their mouse. 

Orbitkey desk mat
2. Orbitkey Desk Mat

Materials: Vegan leather, 100% recycled PET felt, zinc alloy (magnetic cable holder)

Dimensions: 27” x 14.69” (medium), 35.28” x 16.65” (large)

This animal-friendly Orbitkey Desk Mat is composed of vegan leather, comes in a variety of sizing options, and has a few sneaky extra features that make it stand out. For starters, a hidden magnet along one side of the mat helps keep cables organized, giving your desk a clean look. But the main attraction is a hidden flap that allows you to conceal important papers underneath the mat.

For anyone who works regularly with confidential information, this desk mat will be a useful addition if you work from home. By easily concealing important materials when you aren’t working, you will be able to maintain a high ethical standard, even with family and guests regularly passing through. 

Harber leather desk pad
3. Harber Leather Desk Pad

Materials: Vegetable-tanned leather, wool felt, microfiber

Dimensions: 19.6” x 17.71” – 31.49” x 17.71” 

The Harber Leather Desk Pad is a premium desk mat that would be excellent for someone looking to invest in their home office space. Made with care by the Harber London brand, this genuine leather desk pad is eco-friendly and designed to last.

In terms of durability, the raw edges will prevent fraying, and the wool base will prevent the mat from sliding around your desk. Users adore the classy look of this high-end leather mat. The only aesthetic quibble people seem to have is with the felt border, which some feel distracts from the attractiveness of the leather.

Ktrio gaming pad
4. Ktrio Gaming Pad

Materials: Rubber, lycra 

Dimensions: 31.5” x 15.7”

The Ktrio Gaming Pad is designed to suit a hefty video game setup, but the large size is ideal for anyone with a large desk or multiple monitors. The material is designed to be spill-resistant, and the non-slip rubber base is perfect for keeping all of your equipment in place and works well as a desk cover.

This large desk pad functions excellently as a mouse pad, and users rave about how smoothly the mouse glides over the surface. The water-resistant surface is a nice touch for a home office, where food and beverages are frequently brought in.

I would especially recommend this desk pad for anyone working at home while looking after young kids, who are prone to have accidents and cause spills. 

Dacasson classic desk pad
5. Dacasso Classic Desk Pad

Materials: Leather, felt

Dimensions: 25.5” x 17.25”

The Dacasso Classic Desk Pad will make you feel like a CEO, and who doesn’t want that vibe when working from home? The simple design is attractive and mature, making any space seem more professional. This desk cover would be helpful for someone who regularly has clients or colleagues visiting their home office and wants to make a good impression.

For usage, the Dacasso Classic Desk Pad is a good fit for those who frequently write by hand while working. Between the ridge edges and non-slip backing, this heavy-duty pad will stay put while you take notes. The premium leather material is particularly nice when using a fountain pen or high-end stationery. 

ysagi multifunctional desk pad
6. YSAGi Multifunctional Desk Pad

Materials: PU leather

Dimensions: 23.6” x 13.7”

For adding a pop of color, the YSAGi Multifunctional Desk Pad is a good option. This PU leather desk protector pad is reversible and has a different color on each side — the product is available in 16 color combinations total. 

This mat is intended to be spill-resistant and waterproof, so it can last a long time with regular usage in your home office. And, of course, if you ever tire of the color, all you need to do is flip it over. Overall, this is an attractive mat at a reasonable price that will add a nice personal touch to your workspace.

Doolittle doodle pad
7. House of Doolittle Doodle Pad Refillable

Materials: 100% recycled paper, leatherette

Dimensions: 22” x 17” 

For a practical design, the House of Doolittle Doodle Pad is perfect. This desk mat doubles as a large, 50-sheet notepad (it’s also refillable). If you frequently find yourself scrambling for a piece of scratch paper, this desk mat may be the solution.

Users appreciate the details in the design that increase functionality, including the leatherette corners that keep the paper in place and a cardboard backing that will protect your desk from ink stains. In addition, the use of recycled paper is a nice touch for anyone who is environmentally conscious.

Grovemade felt desk pad
8. Grovemade Felt Desk Pad

Materials: German merino wool felt, vegetable-tanned leather

Dimensions: 11” x 24.75” – 26.5” x 49”

When designing your home office, you may want your space to have a more cozy space to better reflect your work-life balance values. If that’s the case, the Wool Felt Desk Pad from Grovemade could be the way to go. Available in smaller and larger options, this felt desk pad is a great choice. 

The wool felt will feel soft and comfortable on your hands and wrists, and your computer mouse will smoothly glide over the material. Although not designed as a writing surface, this homey mat is ideal for those who conduct all of their work digitally and want a desk mat large enough to have space for their computer and office supplies.

Awnour clear desk mat
9. Awnour Clear Desk Mat

Materials: plastic

Dimensions: 24” x 14” – 35” x 20”

Sometimes you need some extra surface protection but don’t want to disrupt the aesthetic appearance of your desk in your home office. The Awnour Clear Desk Mat is a no-frills solution to having the functionality of a desk mat while maintaining a streamlined and minimalist look.

The plastic material of this mat is durable enough to stay in place and protect your desk from scratches and stains. Additionally, the clear mat is convenient for keeping important notes and reminders directly underneath.

Satechi Eco-leather deskmate
10. Satechi Eco-Leather Deskmate

Materials: eco-leather, PU leather

Dimensions: 23” x 12.2”

The Satechi Eco-Leather Deskmate is a fan-favorite for a modern leather computer desk pad. This minimalist and attractive leather mat is made from sustainable materials and comes in three different colors.

Users appreciate the soft and high-quality leather, which is water-resistant and rarely scratches. With a no-slip base, there is very little to complain about with this stylish and environmentally-friendly desk mat. 

Large Desk Mat Buyer’s Guide

With so many desk mats and blotters on the market, it can be challenging to look through them all to determine which is the best one for you. Read on for some helpful background information on large desk mats.

Large desk mat on a desk with a tablet

Why Use a Desk Mat?

Desk mats serve a variety of functions for your workspace and are a popular desk accessory. The mat acts as a protective layer on your desk, preventing your furniture from getting scratched or stained.

Additionally, a desk mat creates a smoother work area, which can help when writing notes and will keep your desk organized. Furthermore, desk mats and blotters are attractive decor items that will enhance the look of your home office. 

How Big Should My Desk Mat Be?

The sizes of desk mats can vary greatly, and you should always check the measurements before you buy one. Make sure that the mat is the right size for the dimensions of your work desk.

One way to do this is to lay sheets of paper down covering your ideal desk mat size, then have a look above to see if any of the options are a similar size. 

Alternatively, if there’s a desk mat above that you love, get the size and lay paper down on your desk to cover that same area. Can you make your desk layout work with a desk mat that size?

You’ll also want to ensure that the mat is large enough to fit a keyboard, computer monitor/laptop, and mouse. Depending on your work style, you may want extra space on the mat for a phone or coffee mug. 

How Do I Choose a Desk Mat?

There are plenty of factors to consider when picking out a desk mat. Some of the key elements to keep in mind include size, material, color, and your budget. When shopping, you should also be on the lookout for extra features (such as a charging pad or storage flap) that could be useful to your workspace. 

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this article. A quality large desk mat is a useful item for improving your home office space and protecting your desk. It is also a nice way to elevate the overall appearance of your work area and encourage you to love work at home.

While there are a plethora of desk mat options out there, the ones included in this list are some of the most popular and have attractive designs. They are a great starting point for your hunt for the perfect desk mat.

If you found this article useful, we’d greatly appreciate you sharing it with others who may be interested.


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15 Gorgeous Modern Monitor Stands to Save Your Neck and Back

White monitor stand on a desk

15 Gorgeous Modern Monitor Stands to Save Your Neck and Back

After reviewing dozens of different modern monitor stands, I’ve put together a list of the best monitor stands to get for your workspace.

Working at a desk all day can do some major damage to your back and neck, and raising the height of your monitor can make all the difference.

Monitor stands come in a variety of materials and sizes, and many feature convenient storage areas like shelves or drawers.

I’ve compiled a list that includes the best options for each of the different styles available.

Best Modern Monitor Stands

    1. SONGMICS – Bamboo Monitor Riser Stand (bamboo wooden monitor stand)
    2. Honaz Acrylic Monitor Stand (clear acrylic minimalist monitor stand)
    3. Eutuxia – Type S Black Tempered Glass Monitor Stand (sleek and modern glass monitor stand)
    4. Inbox Zero – Ergonomic Bamboo Wood Monitor Stand (wooden monitor stand with drawer)
    5. Satechi – Type-C Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub (aluminum compact monitor stand)
    6. Pezin & Hulin Bamboo Dual Monitor Stand (wooden dual monitor stand)
    7. Zri Bamboo – Computer Monitor Stand Organizer (colorful monitor stand)
    8. Allsop – Metal Art Ergo 3 Adjustable Monitor Stand (adjustable metal monitor stand)
    9. OROPY Wood Monitor Stand Riser (rustic wooden monitor stand)
    10. Satechi – Aluminum Universal Unibody Monitor Stand (minimalist aluminum monitor stand)
    11. HUANUO – Monitor Stand Riser – Mesh Metal Desk Organizer (mesh metal monitor stand with wide drawers)
    12. Klearlook Computer Stand (solid acrylic monitor stand)
    13. Homerays Bamboo Monitor Stand (mid-century modern bamboo monitor stand)
    14. Vaydeer Wireless Charging Monitor Riser Stand (high-tech wireless charging monitor stand)
    15. Simple Houseware Metal Monitor Riser Stand (metal monitor stand with side storage)

This post contains affiliate links, and I may be compensated, at no additional cost to you, if you make a purchase after clicking on a link.

Top 3 Picks — Best Modern Monitor Stands

Pezin & Hulin bamboo dual monitor stand

Pezin & Hulin Bamboo Dual Monitor Stand

Best for dual monitor setups

Full Reviews of 15 Top Modern Monitor Stands for Your Desk

From eco-friendly bamboo to a black tempered glass monitor stand, we have monitor stands for every taste and office. Here are our top 15 modern monitor stands for your home office or desk.

Songmics bamboo monitor riser stand modern monitor stand
1. SONGMICS – Bamboo Monitor Riser Stand 

Weight: 5.2 lb

Dimensions: 23” x 12” x 3.3”

The Bamboo Monitor Riser Stand is an attractive wooden monitor stand made out of sustainable bamboo. This convenient stand can hold up to 80 pounds of weight and has plenty of desk organizing features. 

Users appreciate the organizing notches, as well as the ample storage space underneath for keyboards or important papers. The one downside is that the phone notch doesn’t fit perfectly for all phone models, so if this is an important feature to you, you may want to double-check the measurements. 

Overall, this design is ideal for someone looking to improve their working posture and in need of some extra desk decluttering. 

Honaz acrylic monitor stand
2. Honaz Acrylic Monitor Stand 

Weight: 2 lb

Dimensions: 3.5” x 15” x  7.5”

Clear acrylic stands can be an excellent option for a minimalist looking for a no-fuss monitor stand, and the Honaz Acrylic Monitor Stand has great reviews for durability and function.

While lightweight, the acrylic is sturdy, and the curved shape gives a sleek appearance. The 3.5 inches of storage space underneath is also quite useful, with plenty of room for a mouse, keyboard, or miscellaneous desk clutter. 

Black tempered glass modern monitor stand
3. Eutuxia – Type S Black Tempered Glass Monitor Stand

Weight: 4 lb

Dimensions: 21.6” x 8.2” x 3.3”

The Eutuxia Type S Black Tempered Glass Monitor Stand has a sleek, modern look and comes with plenty of surface area. This sturdy monitor stand has room for monitors up to 32 inches wide. 

Users enjoy the glossy and contemporary feel of the tempered glass and how easily the material can be cleaned. This Eutuxia monitor stand is a great fit for anyone looking for a reliable product with a polished appearance. 

Inbox zero bamboo monitor stand
4. Inbox Zero – Ergonomic Bamboo Wood Monitor Stand

Weight: 7.68 lb

Dimensions: 22” x 9.4” x 5.5”

Inbox Zero makes some lovely wooden monitor stands, and the Ergonomic Bamboo Wood Monitor Stand is particularly attractive and useful. This stand has plenty of organizational features and storage options, including notches for pens, a phone holder, two drawers, and an open shelf. 

The 5.5 inches of elevation will be helpful for anyone trying to get their monitor closer to eye level, and the wooden style is classy and sophisticated. The only downside users seem to find is in the size of the drawers, which are rather small and can’t fit certain items. 

Satechi monitor stand
5. Satechi – Type-C Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub

Weight: 1.19 lb

Dimensions: 10.04” x 8.82” x 2.17”

The Satechi Type-C Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub is perfect for anyone who wants to maximize space with a compact and stylish monitor stand. Mac users will probably find the metallic colors especially complementary to their computer. 

This stand is not only convenient because of its small size but also because of its handy USB ports, SD card slot, and audio jack. Although the stand’s height is a little lower than other items on this list, the multipurpose features make this an attractive option for clearing up your desk space. 

Pezin & Hulin bamboo dual monitor stand
6. Pezin & Hulin Bamboo Dual Monitor Stand

Weight: 5.7 lb

Dimensions: 36” x 8.7” x 4”

Dual monitor setups are becoming increasingly popular for people who love work at home: they help you stay organized and increase productivity. For a more comfortable dual monitor arrangement, the Pezin & Hulin Bamboo Dual Monitor Stand works wonderfully. 

With a width of 36 inches, this stand can easily hold two monitors while still having plenty of storage space for office supplies. The adjustable angle maximizes the stand’s versatility, so it should work well with a variety of dual monitor arrangements and work styles. 

Green bamboo monitor stand organizer
7. Zri Bamboo – Computer Monitor Stand Organizer

Weight: 9.73 lb

Dimensions: 22.05” x 10.6” x 4.7”

Although this stand comes in a few different variations, the green version of the Zri Bamboo Computer Monitor Stand Organizer will add a charming pop of color to your workspace. 

The two drawers provide some extra storage space, and the notches on top are perfect for a few pens, a phone, and a cup of coffee. Users seem to love this stand for its retro look and useful design.

Allsop metal art ergo monitor stand
8. Allsop – Metal Art Ergo 3 Adjustable Monitor Stand

Weight: 3.3 lb

Dimensions: 10” x 18” x 8”

The Allsop Metal Art Ergo 3 Adjustable Monitor Stand is an excellent choice for someone with specific monitor height needs or someone looking for easy versatility. The design foregoes shelves and notches for a more streamlined look. 

This monitor stand can be set as high as eight inches or as low as six, depending on user preference. With a sturdy design and perforated surface, this monitor stand will last a long time and keep your laptop cool during long working sessions.

Oropy wood monitor stand
9. OROPY Wooden Monitor Stand Riser

Weight: 7 lbs

Dimensions: 16.3” x 9.4” x 6.3”

The Oropy Wooden Monitor Stand Riser adds a sweet rustic twist to a modern monitor stand. This 6-inch riser adds plenty of height to your monitor and will prevent hunching over while working.

In terms of design, the narrow shelf is a good width for storing a small day planner or notebook, and there is ample space underneath for a keyboard and mouse. This wooden monitor stand would be perfect for a cottage-style working space.

Satechi aluminium monitor stand
10. Satechi – Aluminum Universal Unibody Monitor Stand

Weight: 2.16 lbs

Dimensions: 15.6” x 8.25” x 1.75”

Satechi is a go-to brand for monitor stands that coordinate with your Mac, and the Aluminum Universal Unibody Monitor Stand is a simple and modern option that will add just a bit of extra height to your monitor. 

This no-frills stand is petite but can hold up to 31 pounds. With a sci-fi style silhouette, this minimalist design will be a fun desk accessory for anyone who enjoys some space-age flair. 

mesh metal desk organizer
11. HUANUO – Monitor Stand Riser – Mesh Metal Desk Organizer

Weight: 4.7 lbs

Dimensions: 15.8” x 11.8” x 4.1”

Supporting up to 33 pounds of weight, the Mesh Metal Desk Organizer from Huanuo is a straightforward but extremely useful monitor stand.

This stand provides a decent elevation at around 4 inches and has two drawers taking up the space below. As an added organizational feature, the top drawer is divided into three compartments with plenty of space for office supplies.

According to users, this organizer is ideal for anyone who has lots of junk on their desk that needs to be put away. Users also praise the sturdiness and quality of the materials but warn that the drawers can be tricky to pull out when the monitor is balanced on top.

Klearlook computer stand
12. Klearlook Computer Stand

Weight: 2.86 lbs

Dimensions: 17.2” x 8.19” x 3.35”

The Klearlook Computer Stand is a minimalist style acrylic stand that is available in both white and black.

This simple design will easily match any home office aesthetic, and the slide-out storage spaces for a phone and shallow drawer are especially convenient.

Although this stand is light, it can support up to 55 pounds of weight, making it a reliable choice for a heavier monitor.

In addition to the phone and drawer storage, there is ample space underneath for a keyboard and office supplies. This is a neat option for anyone who wants a decent amount of storage space without giving up a sleek and modern look. 

Homerays bamboo monitor stand
13. Homerays Bamboo Monitor Stand

Weight: 6.6 lbs

Dimensions: 24.02” x 7.87” x 5.91”

The Homerays Bamboo Monitor Stand is notable for its chic mid-century modern aesthetic.

Both the rounded edges and v-shaped drawer give the monitor stand slight old-school touches without making it seem cheesy or something out of The Jetsons.

This monitor stand is a good fit for someone who wants a soothing and stylish aesthetic in their office. One factor to keep in mind is that there isn’t a ton of space underneath the shelf, which may be a challenge depending on your storage needs. 

Vaydeer wireless charging monitor riser stand
14. Vaydeer Wireless Charging Monitor Riser Stand

Weight: 3.44 lbs

Dimensions: 22.36” x 8.98” x 2.76”

The Vaydeer Wireless Charging Monitor Riser Stand is a luxurious choice for someone who takes their work from home setup seriously.

Fancy perks include a wireless phone charging pad and three USB ports.

This high-tech stand can also support weights up to 66 pounds and provides a modest elevation of 2.76 inches. Unsurprisingly, this wireless charging hub is on the higher end of the monitor stand price range but is a worthwhile investment for someone who spends a lot of time in their office.

Simple Houseware metal monitor stand
15. Simple Houseware Metal Monitor Riser Stand

Weight: 3.94 lbs

Dimensions: 11.5” x 20.24” x 5.79”

The Simple Houseware Metal Monitor Riser Stand is a well-designed stand and desk organizer that would work nicely in a variety of office arrangements.

This useful stand features a shelf underneath and side storage, maximizing all of the available space. 

Additionally, the perforated metal is a thoughtful design to keep your computer cool and protected.

Generally, this is a good monitor stand for anyone who wants something simple with lots of storage space, but be aware that the side pockets are too shallow for pens and other longer office supplies. 

Modern Monitor Stand Buyer’s Guide

With so many modern monitor stands on the market, it can be hard to parse through them all to find the best one for you. Read on for some helpful background information on monitor stands. 

Do monitor stands work with all monitors?

Most monitor stands are designed to be compatible with common computer monitor sizes. However, it is still a good idea to check the size and weight of your monitor and compare it with the monitor stand. 

Is a monitor stand worth it?

Buying a monitor stand is worth it. Many are inexpensive, and even a cheaper monitor stand will make a huge difference in your physical comfort throughout the day. Repetitive stress injuries are a serious issue for desk jobs, and having a comfortable desk arrangement is essential to maintaining your long-term health. 

How do I choose a monitor stand?

When choosing a monitor stand, you will want to consider the size and weight of your monitor. You will also want to think about your comfort needs and how much elevation you are looking to get. Finally, you should keep your style preferences and budget in mind while shopping to find a stand that is the best match. 

How far away should your monitor be?

As a basic rule, try to keep your monitor about twenty inches away from your eyes or arm length. This will be a healthier position for your arms and hands while you type and will be easier on your eyes. 

Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy our list of the best modern monitor stands? When you work long hours at a desk, a monitor stand is an essential item to protect your physical health.

It’s also an extremely useful organizational tool for maximizing space in your work area and a fun way to personalize your desk.

If you found this article useful, we’d greatly appreciate you sharing it with others who may be interested.


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10 Best Sit Stand Desk for Home Office Ergonomics in 2022

best sit stand desk for home office

10 Best Sit Stand Desk for Home Office Ergonomics in 2022

Did you know that sitting for extended periods can be a massive cause of back, arm, and neck pain, according to UCLA Health?

The best sit stand desk for home offices is something we all wish we had, especially when we began working from home so much more.

Fortunately, the invention of sit stand desks has given the work-from-home crowd a whole new definition of working comfort.

In this guide, we’ll go over ten fantastic options that you can bring into your home office to transform your setup’s ergonomics

We’ll also explore three of the top options to help make your choice even easier.

Let’s dive into all of the impressive features these desks offer.

– 5 Best Ergonomic Chairs for Standing Desk
– Top 10 Best Home Office Chairs – Choice Made Easy

Best Sit Stand Desk for Home Office

    1. Flexispot EG1 Standing Desk (Best standing desk wood top)
    2. KKL Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk (Best modern standing desk)
    3. FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk (Best metal stand up desk)
    4. FAMISKY Dual Monitor Adjustable Height Standing Desk (Best electric standing desk)
    5. Win Up Time Height Adjustable Standing Desk (Best modern stand up desk)
    6. BANTI Dual Monitor L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk (Best modular standing desk)
    7. Egotron – LearnFit Mobile Standing Desk (Best small sit stand desk)
    8. Stand Steady Tranzendesk Power (Best tall standing desk)
    9. VersaDesk Power Pro Electric Height-Adjustable Desk Riser (Best ergonomic home computer desk converter)
    10. IMLIB Standing Desk (Best standing desk for short person)

This post contains affiliate links, and I may be compensated, at no additional cost to you, if you make a purchase after clicking on a link. 

Our 3 Best Sit Stand Desk For Home Office Quick Picks

Flexispot EG1 Standing Desk

Best Standing Desk Wood Top

Our 10 Best Sit Stand Desk For Home Office – Full Reviews

1. Best Standing Desk Wood Top: Flexispot EG1 Standing Desk

Features | 40″, 48″, and 55″ desktop widths with height adjustments between 28.6″ and 47.2″.

The Flexispot EG1 Standing Desk is a huge contender for the best standing desk under 300, as its design accommodates every working style.

Its impressive construction utilizes environmentally-friendly materials and modern tech to simplify desk adjustments. 

Overall, its adjustable height system is one of the more user-friendly solutions for sit stand desks.

You’ll be able to raise and lower the desk at one inch per second, allowing you to make quick adjustments as needed. 

Its solid construction supports up to 132 pounds, giving you more than enough resilience for your computer tower, monitor, and other peripherals. 

Whether you’re gaming or working, the 40″ to 55″ desktop sizes offer plenty of usable space. 

Users have experienced several benefits by implementing this desk into their workspace, including its easy-to-use adjustment mechanism.

You’re also likely to appreciate how quiet the desk is when raised and lowered.

With that said, the assembly instructions aren’t helpful, as they lack clear step-by-step directions.

2. Best Modern Standing Desk: KKL Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

Features | 48″ and 55″ desktop widths with numerous desktop colorways including: vintage brown, greige, black, bamboo, and yellow.

It features metal and particleboard paired with electronic components.

The KKL Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk has plenty of great features you’d expect from a modern sit stand desk.

It boasts anti-collision and auto reset technology, allowing you to program your favorite height settings.

You’ll also benefit from its high-quality construction, offering a waterproof desktop with impressive anti-scratch durability.

This desk features a side hook for hanging your headphones or organizing cables, making it ideal as the best standing desk with storage.

Also, its thick, metal legs add exceptional support and make it easy to fit dual monitors, laptops, and even your computer tower. 

With a quiet motor producing less than 50 dB of sound, it’s an excellent choice for a quiet workspace.

Putting the KKL Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk together can be challenging, but it’s worth the time. 

The convenience of the memory functions makes it seamless to ensure your desk is at the right height.

Also, users noted the desk feels exceptionally sturdy when installed, ideal for dual-monitor setups.

3. Best Metal Stand Up Desk: FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

Features | 48″, 55″, and 63″ desktop widths with black and espresso color options.

Crafted from a combination of metal and particleboard.

The FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk is ideal when searching for a modern standing desk.

It has a contemporary style with a wood and metal desktop and a highly reliable metal frame. 

You’ll find it combines everything you’d expect from a quality workspace, including up to 154 pounds of weight allowance.

The adjustability of the desk is straightforward, thanks to the three preset buttons and customizable heights from 27.16″ to 46.06″.

Assembly is also seamless, as the desk arrives with detailed instructions and a video guide. Also, all of the tools needed for assembly are in the package.

One of the all-time favorite features users love with this desk is its wheel design.

The wheels are detachable and lockable, allowing you to easily put the desk on hardwood or carpet.

As long as you adhere to the weight restrictions of the desk, it will last several years.

4. Best Electric Standing Desk: FAMISKY Dual Monitor Adjustable Height Standing Desk

Features | 48″ and 55″ desktop widths with rubberwood, black, greige, and walnut desktop finishes. Primary materials include metal and particleboard.

The dual-motor system of the FAMISKY Dual Monitor Adjustable Height Standing Desk is convenient. 

You can quickly adjust the desk’s height between 27.56″ and 44.88″ quietly with the 40 dB motor.

It also boasts a unique desktop screen, where you can put up pictures, important notes, and other workday essentials.

Overall, the desk’s construction is one of the best, offering up to 220 pounds of weight allowance for all of your tech.

Also, its instructions are simple to follow for assembly, especially as it comes with a hex key required for installation.

Another feature to note is its anti-collision technology, protecting your desk from bumps and scratches.

Users love the general aesthetic of this desk, as it adds to a clean workspace with the efficient organization.

The desktop is stable and feels exceptionally secure when assembled correctly, ideal for heavy equipment.

One concern is that the desktop isn’t waterproof, though you can use a protective plastic mat for extra protection.

5. Best Modern Stand Up desk: Win Up Time Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Features | 47″ desktop width with black, white, marble, and teak finishes. Features sturdy particleboard and steel framing for a maximum load capacity of 176 pounds.

The Win Up Time Height Adjustable Standing Desk is one of the best ergonomic desks for home office with its 2021 restyling.

Adjusting the desk’s height between 29″ and 45″ makes it the best standing desk for short people as well.

With its 48″ desktop, you have plenty of usable space for your monitor, tower, and other peripherals.

The general construction of this desk is a notable advantage, as it has solid MDF.

In total, you’ll be able to manage 120 lbs of weight, great for single monitor and laptop setups.

Also, it’s considerably easier to assemble than other standing desks as it doesn’t have electronic components.

Unfortunately, this is also one of the primary concerns with this desk, as it has a foldable crank for manual lifting.

However, the crank can turn easily, and the desk adjusts relatively quickly.

Thanks to its two built-in wheels, users were pleasantly surprised by how maneuverable the desk is.

6. Best Modular Standing Desk: BANTI Dual Monitor L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk

Features | 41″ desktop width with rustic brown, white, and black desktop finishes. Features advanced technology as well as a particleboard and metal construction.

L-shaped standing desks can be hard to find, which is why the BANTI Dual Monitor L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk comes highly recommended.

It is stylish and highly functional, like the best modern home office standing desk.

As an added benefit, you’ll find an add-on wooden stand, offering more height for your monitor.

The robust lift system in this model is its largest claim to fame and its weight capacity of 176 pounds.

This model is ideal if you’re on the hunt for the best electric standing desk paired with a large desktop.

You’ll have up to 48 inches of usable space arranged in an L-shape, making it easy to fit into tight spaces.

Users have noted the 360-degree rotating casters make the desk exceptionally easy to move from one spot to another.

Also, the three preset height memory functions and anti-collision tech bring this desk to a whole new level.

As with any standing desk, you must minimize weight on the desktop to prolong the lifting motor’s lifespan.

7. Best Small Sit Stand Desk: Egotron – LearnFit Mobile Standing Desk

Features | Short and tall work surface sizing options ranging from 29″ to 49″. Boasts engineered wood paired with high-quality metal materials.

At first glance, there’s no doubt the Egotron – LearnFit Mobile Standing Desk has everything you need from a stand-up metal desk.

Its smaller workspace is iconic for dorms and small offices, while the larger version (49″ desktop) is excellent for regular size offices.

Portability is a significant feature this desk can bring to your home office, as it’s great for movement.

Not only will you be able to raise and lower the desktop, but it also comes with four easily maneuverable wheels.

You’ll also find it answers your needs for extra storage, thanks to the built-in cup holder, tablet slot, and integrated hook.

Not to mention the desktop is easily adjusted up to 29″.

One of the most common features users love with the Egotron – LearnFit Mobile Standing Desk is its assembly.

You won’t require any tools, and you can assemble the entire desk in under three minutes.

With that said, the desktop isn’t as sturdy as larger sit stand desks, making it better for laptops and monitors only.

8. Best Tall Standing Desk: Stand Steady Tranzendesk Power

Features | 55″ desktop space with sleek black modern finishes. Contemporary styling paired with engineered wood construction.

The Stand Steady Tranzendesk Power technology easily makes it a fabulous modern stand-up desk.

You’ll have access to an integrated AC outlet as well as two USB ports for charging your devices.

With the added benefit of an electric motor, you can quietly adjust the desk’s height using one button.

This standing desk has a design to give you more height, making it great for taller users.

You’ll have 45″ of total desktop height paired with a weight capacity of 150 pounds, ideal for all of your essentials.

Adding the benefit of the optional wheels, maneuvering your new desk has never been simpler.

Users highly appreciate the easy assembly this desk offers and its sturdiness once assembled.

It’s a highly agile desk with impressive versatility for gaming, school, and everyday tasks.

With that said, ensure you don’t go over the desktop’s weight limit to protect the motor from deterioration.

9. Best Ergonomic Home Computer Desk Riser: VersaDesk Power Pro Electric Height-Adjustable Desk Riser

Features | 36″ semi-circular desktop width with unique adjustable rising function.

The VersaDesk Power Pro Electric Height-Adjustable Desk Riser features a unique desk for any modern stand-up desk.

You can adjust the desk from standing to sitting using fully electric power in seconds. In total, you can adjust the desk’s height up to 20″ with a single button.

The general quality is also important, made from high-pressure WilsonArt laminate.

 The fiberboard desktop is dirt and scratch-resistant, making it easier to clean.

Overall, this is one of the best options for customizable height adjustments.

Users love the quality of the powder-coated carbon steel frame, allowing them to hold 80 lbs of equipment.

Also, the speediness of the riser makes this one of the more efficient sit stand desks. 

With that said, the desktop space is somewhat lacking, making it better for small setups.

10. Best Standing Desk For Short Person: IMLIB Standing Desk

Features | 48″ desktop width with sleek and contemporary styling. Features functional electronic components, raising the desk at one inch per second.

The IMLIB Standing Desk is what you’d expect from an ergonomic home computer desk.

It has a classic modern style that fits any office with its all-black design.

Also, the integrated technology, such as a preset memory function, adds to its versatility.

This desk has a powerful lift system that raises the desk up to 48″ at one inch per second.

It also has an industrial-grade steel frame to support up to 176 pounds. With a spacious work area of 48″, you’ll never run out of usable space.

Home office owners love the quick adjustments that accommodate tall and short uses alike.

Also, the electric motor is one of the best, offering many years of adjustments with ease.

As a recommendation, consider a plastic covering to protect the desktop from scratches over time.

best sit stand desk for home office space

How to Choose the Best Sit Stand Desk For Home Office

Before deciding on the best sit stand desk for home office, you need to ensure you’re choosing a model with everything you need. 

Let’s get into some of the best factors to keep an eye out for when you start shopping around.


The adjustability of your new standing desk is an essential thing to consider. 

You’ll need to ensure you can customize the height to accommodate your workspace. 

When standing, the desk should sit at a comfortable height, as it should when you’re sitting.

Any best standing desk will give you a range of heights to choose from.

For example, you should be able to select any adjustment between 28″ and 49″ without predetermined stops.

This level of customization makes it easier to create an ergonomic-friendly workspace.

Memory Presets

Memory presets and functions are another essential factor to consider with a tall standing desk or any other workspace.

When you’ve found the ideal settings for your setup, you can save the desired height into the desk’s memory.

As you go from sitting to standing during the day, you push one button, and the desk automatically goes to your desired preset height.

Weight Restrictions

Whether you find a standing desk wood top or metal top, it will come with weight restrictions.

These numbers are important to note, as they can affect the general stability of the desk and the motor’s lifespan.

The more weight you have on your desktop, the more strain it puts on the motor, making it more likely to break.

It’s also essential to consider any built-in storage that could affect the desktop’s weight.

Even the best electric standing desk with drawers will be heftier for the motor than standard models.

With a higher weight allowance (170+ pounds), your desk will last considerably longer.

Cable Management

Many overlook cable management with ergonomic desks, but it’s essential for keeping you organized.

You’ll want to ensure your desired desk has ways for you to run wires off the desktop and neatly behind the desk.

Also, you’ll want to ensure the cables don’t interfere with the lifting system for standing desks. 

best sit stand desk for home offices

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a well-built small sit stand desk or an adjustable desk glass top, each model has benefits.

Every style is unique, from flexible height systems with quiet motors to ample workspace for dual monitor setups.

When it comes to finding the best sit stand desk for home office, ensure you remember ergonomics, cable management, storage, and longevity.

If you found any of the models we explored on this list helpful, share this guide with your friends and coworkers.

You never know who could be on the hunt for an ergonomic home computer desk to transform their workspace.


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Best Light Bulbs for Home Office: Reduce Eye Strain & Headaches

best light bulbs for home office

Best Light Bulbs for Home Office: Reduce Eye Strain & Headaches

Getting your hands on the best light bulbs for home offices is so much more than improving the aesthetics of your workspace.

Office lighting affects everything from our sleeping schedules to our general eye health.

As someone who Loves Work at Home, like us, you have the potential to transform your environment with something as simple as changing your home office light bulbs.

This guide will explore ten of the best options to consider when shopping for the best light bulbs for offices.

Not only that, but we’ll also dive deeper into three of the top-rated solutions to improve the quality of your home office.

Let’s get into the exciting features each of these bulbs bring to the table.


This post contains affiliate links, and I may be compensated, at no additional cost to you, if you make a purchase after clicking on a link. 

Top 3 Picks - Best Light Bulbs for Home Office

Sengled Smart Bulb

Best Type of Light Bulb for Home Office

Great Eagle Lighting Corporation LED Light Bulb

Best Natural Light Bulbs for Office

Our 10 Best Light Bulbs For Home Office – Full Reviews

sengled best light bulbs for home office
#1. Best Type of Light Bulb for Home Office: Sengled Smart Bulb

Features | 60W brightness with CRI 90 rating. Smart home and Bluetooth Low Energy functionality via 5.0 wireless technology

The Sengled Smart Bulb is the best light bulb for home offices with its straightforward design.

You can quickly screw the bulb in and access all its smart features through Alexa.

Using the app, you can customize lighting routines and schedules while adjusting the light’s brightness.

With a warm glow, this is a natural-looking bulb ideal for any room in your home.

It also boasts the benefit of hands-free controls via voice control with Alexa.

With Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tech, you can manage every light home-wide.

You’ll love its struggle-free and tinker-free design. A worthy inclusion on this list of the best light bulbs for home office.

Once you’re able to learn how to sync the bulbs to Alexa, controlling lighting schedules has never been simpler.

Users appreciate the straightforward installation of the bulbs and the app’s many customizable features.

Also, the convenience of managing light dimming from your smartphone is an added luxury.

phillips white light bulb
#2. Best Light Color for Home Office: Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance LED Smart Bulb

Features | 60W brightness with up to 25,000 lifetime hours

Customizable controls for up to 50 smart lights home-wide with Bluetooth functionality.

The Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance LED Smart Bulb is the best light bulb for offices with its impressive functionality.

With these bulbs, you can connect all the lighting in your office with Alexa and Google Assistant.

As a device certified for humans, it’s a straightforward way to upgrade your lighting.

On average, these bulbs offer around 22 years of use and are efficient with their Energy Star certification.

You can integrate them into your existing Hue Hub or create your first smart home ecosystem with up to 50 connectable lights.

Another huge advantage is that you can customize the coloring of each bulb and create lighting schedules and routines.

The primary feature users love with these bulbs is their lighting customization, allowing you to dim and brighten the bulbs as needed.

You can also choose different color options to boost daily productivity or a more relaxed end-of-day atmosphere.

One difficulty you could experience is poor Google Assistant functionality, as these bulbs work best with Google Home instead.

best light bulbs for home office
#3. Best Natural Light Bulbs for Office: Great Eagle Lighting Corporation LED Light Bulb

Features | 9W LED bulbs with up to 10,000 lifetime hours. It offers 2700K brightness with warm white coloring

If you’re looking for an alternative to the best fluorescent bulbs for offices, the Great Eagle Lighting Corporation LED Light Bulb is ideal.

It’s a valuable replacement to your existing 60W bulbs while helping you save up to 85% on energy consumption.

On average, these bulbs will last up to 10,000 hours before needing replacing.

With LED technology, you also benefit from a warm white color, emulating natural sunlight.

The bulbs also boast realistic, brilliant colors, helping to preserve your eyesight and prevent headaches and eye strain.

They’re a fantastic solution to creating an energy-efficient office with their straightforward design.

One issue with the Great Eagle Lighting Corporation LED Light Bulb is that they aren’t dimmable.

However, the amount of light they produce is exceptional without being too overwhelming. Also, users love that it’s bright, clean, and white.

sylvania led white light bulbs
#4. Best Light Bulb for Office: SYLVANIA ECO LED A19 Light Bulb

Features | 9W and 2700K brightness with medium base lumens and frosted exterior. Provides an approximate seven-year lifespan.

Another simple option for the best type of light bulb for home offices is the SYLVANIA ECO LED A19 Light Bulb.

It features a frosted exterior that helps reduce the light’s harshness without reducing brightness.

Available in a pack of 24, you’ll have more than enough bulbs to replace every bulb in your office, with some left over for your neighbors!

The A19 base on these light bulbs is ideal for most fixtures as a replacement for incandescent bulbs.

You’ll also find they offer up to 7700 hours of light before needing replacement. Each bulb produces 750 lumens, more than enough for adequate office lighting.

Users would appreciate it if the bulbs were dimmable, but they are easy to use and install.

You’ll love the high-quality feel of the plastic material. Also, with regular use, you’re likely to get several months of use.

Another good inclusion as one of the best light bulbs for home office.

Color Changing Dimmable Smart light bulb as best light bulbs for home office
#5. Best Smart Light Bulb for Home Office: Kasa Smart Bulb

Features | 9W and 800-lumen brightness with smart home functionality on 2.3Ghz connections. Dimmable and color-changing for modern home offices.

The Kasa Smart Bulb is a fabulous alternative to more expensive smart bulbs.

Its color selection allows you to choose from 16 million variations and light patterns emulating dawn through dusk.

You’ll also find plenty of white settings across warm and cool color temperatures.

With remote control functionality, energy monitoring, and light scheduling, you can create optimal schedules for your workday.

This lighting can reduce your energy usage while maintaining 60W brightness, typical for most light bulbs.

You’ll also appreciate its iOS and Android compatibility to help you dim the lights, adjust their colors, and more.

A concern with these bulbs is their connectivity, which users find is lacking compared to other smart bulbs.

However, their brightness and diverse array of color selections make them well worth the investment.

Users love that you can create nighttime and daytime lighting to accommodate your working needs.

four multicolor light bulbs
#6. Best Color Changing LED Light Bulb for Office: RGB LED Light Bulb

Features | 40W 450 lumen brightness paired with dimmable technology. 12 interchangeable lighting settings with infrared remote control.

The RGB LED Light Bulb is a great office addition with 450 lumens as a color-changing remote-controlled light bulb.

Its high-quality color adjustments allow you to choose various colors using an infrared remote.

Also, you won’t have to worry about pairing the bulbs to WiFi or Bluetooth, making them easier to use.

There are 12 color choices with three brightness levels offering up to 40W of comparable brightness.

You can also choose between two lighting modes, helping you create bright or atmospheric lighting.

An extra benefit is the memory and synchronization feature, enabling you to sync all of your bulbs together.

Users love the coloring of the bulbs, emulating real-life colors with impressive brightness.

They also love turning the colors off and adjusting the traditional white lighting.

One important note is that the bulb size is smaller than expected.

six white dimmable best light bulbs for home office
#7. Best Dimmable Light Bulbs for Home Office: Linkind Dimmable A19 LED Light Bulbs

Features | 40W, 5000K brightness with 480 lumens. UL listed and FCC certified construction with dimmable technology.

The Linkind Dimmable A19 LED Light Bulbs is an excellent choice for the best light bulb for offices with its contemporary design.

These bulbs allow you to utilize up to 480 lumens with extensive dimming functions.

You can also choose between daylight (5000K) and soft white (2700K) color temperatures.

By using these bulbs for three hours per day, they’ll last up to 13 years and help you save up to 85% of your energy costs.

You’ll find they’re the best replacement for 40W bulbs, featuring dimness between 10% and 100%.

Also, they boast a 230-degree beam angle, perfect for indoor use like your home office.

Users love how these bulbs are warmer than standard LED bulbs, and they feel smoother on their eyes.

The dimming process is user-friendly and won’t buzz when you adjust the brightness.

However, there could be some flickering depending on your home’s energy consumption.

colorful smart light bulb with packaging box
#8. Best Bluetooth Light Bulb for Office: GE Lighting Cync Full Color Direct Connect Smart Light Bulb

Features | 60W A19 LED bulb with smart functionality via Bluetooth and WiFi. Pairs easily with Alexa and Google Home for customization.

The GE Lighting Cync Full Color Direct Connect Smart Light Bulb is a 60W LED replacement with interchangeable colors.

You’ll be able to sync these bulbs to your WiFi network, allowing you to control them as part of your smart home.

Also, using the Cync mobile app, you can customize lighting schedules away from home. This is definitely one of the more high tech inclusions on this list of the best light bulbs for home office.

There are millions of color options you can choose from on these smart bulbs, including several warm, amber, and cool tones.

As a replacement for 60W bulbs, you’ll find they can consume 84% less energy than incandescent lighting and can last 15x longer.

Users suggest they are some of the best bulbs for office lamps and ceiling lighting fixtures.

The WiFi connectivity could use a little work, as the connection drops frequently and is challenging to sync.

However, the customizable options are diverse for optimal home office lighting once connected.

colorful smart light bulb with remote
#9. Best Type of Light Bulb for Home Office: Vont Smart Light Bulbs

Features | 810 lumens RGBW light bulb with smart features through Alexa and Google Home. LED brightness with A19/E26 compatibility.

The Vont Smart Light Bulbs is another great option for customizable, energy-efficient lighting with smart functions.

You’ll find these bulbs work with Alexa and Google smart homes, even without a hub.

Also, they feature Bluetooth 5.0 technology for quick, effortless connectivity.

Once you connect to the bulbs through the Vont app, you can change the lighting’s color, schedule, and dimming.

Also, a unique feature is music syncing, in which your lights change in time with the music.

These bulbs can offer up to 20,000 hours of use with hands-free voice control and up to 80% in energy savings.

Homeowners have found the Vont Smart Light Bulbs is an excellent replacement for bulky bulbs as they are sleeker.

Also, the dimming features are convenient, allowing you to reduce lighting to 10%.

The only improvement to consider is the Vont app, which is only accessible from one device at a time.

6 vintage yellow best light bulbs for home office
#10. Best Vintage Light Bulbs for Home Office: Ascher Vintage LED Edison Bulbs

Features | 60W, 700-lumen brightness with antique filaments for a warm glow. Non-dimmable design with E26 base.

The Ascher Vintage LED Edison Bulbs brings a unique aesthetic to your office with its warm, amber glow.

The antique filaments add an extra layer of uniqueness to your office lighting while offering LED technology.

You’ll have a 2300K color temperature, helping to create a more relaxing mood for your most stressful days.

The eco-friendly design of the bulbs ensures they don’t produce any infrared or ultraviolet light.

You’ll also appreciate the high-quality glass casing that provides exceptional brilliance.

Many homeowners love how bright these bulbs are. Users also appreciate how natural they look, especially with warmer colors.

However, be wary of the bulb size as it might not accommodate all fixture types.

best light bulbs for home office space

How to Choose the Best Light Bulbs for Home Office

Before trying to choos the best light bulbs for home office, consider a few essential features.

Let’s explore some essentials the best bulbs should have to transform your office space.

Color Temperature

Color temperature is one of the most important things to consider when choosing the best light bulb for offices.

You’ll want to ensure you choose higher color temperatures, known to help boost productivity and task completion.

Typically, any color temperatures above 3500K can be quite beneficial to your daily workflow.

Alternatively, opting for lesser color temperatures can be preferable, especially if you’re prone to headaches.

Sticking between 3500K and 4500K will give you an agreeable amount of light for better productivity while minimizing headaches.

Fixture Compatibility

Another critical factor to consider with your chosen bulbs is compatibility with your fixture.

All fixtures have a specific bulb size they work with, for example, E26, and choosing the wrong size means the bulb won’t work.

Always consult your fixture’s instructions or manual before investing in energy-efficient bulbs.


The brightness of your lights is equally as important as the color temperature.

If your office is too dark, you could experience eye strain and fatigue.

Alternatively, if the lighting is too bright, you can also experience headaches and general discomfort.

Brightness can also affect the general atmosphere of your office. If bulbs are too bright, the lighting will appear extremely artificial and give it a sterile “office-like” feeling.

Opting for a moderate brightness with a warm color temperature can make your space cozier.


We all know the importance of dimming when choosing the best LED fluorescent light bulbs, or any of the best light bulbs for home office for that matter.

Adjusting the brightness of your lights is essential to improve your eye health and the general atmosphere of your space.

You must find bulbs that allow you to dim lights down to 10% and increase their brightness to 100%.

best light bulbs for home offices

Final Thoughts

Searching for the best light bulbs for home office takes a little more footwork than you might expect.

You’ll not only want to consider the ambiance of your workspace but your eye health as well.

With the best light bulb for home offices, you can boost productivity while emulating natural light.

If you or someone you know is searching for better office lighting, be sure to share this guide.

Thankfully, there are many versatile bulb options for all fixture types to consider.

If this article helped you in any way we’d be endlessly grateful if you’d share it with some others who might also benefit from it!


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Best Network Switch for Home Office – Mafia-Like Connectivity

Best Network Switch for Home Office - Mafia-Like Connectivity

A successful work-from-home career involves investing in the right technology.

So hat’s off to you for fine-tuning your home office setup with a network switch. 

We know you’re a smart cookie and you not only get lame tech puns like that, but you probably also know what a network switch is by now, so we’ll spare you the explanation and get into it. 

If you’re on the hunt for the best network switch for home offices, keep reading. 

We reviewed the top 10 options to help you find the right one for your needs and budget.

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This post contains affiliate links, and I may be compensated, at no additional cost to you, if you make a purchase after clicking on a link. 

Top 3 Picks - Best Network Switch for Home Office

Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Switch 8-Port

Best Fully Managed PoE+ Gigabit Switch

TP-Link 8-Port Gigabit Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

Best Energy-Saving Network Switch

Netgear Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Best Large-Capacity Network Switch For Home Or Small Business

Top 10 Network Switches for Home Office

blue netgear 8 network switch as best network switch for home office
#1 NETGEAR 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Features | Plug-and-play network switch that fits your budget

Netgear is one of the most trusted network equipment manufacturers, offering everything from routers to modems and network switches.

One of their popular network switches is the GS108 model, coming in as the first option on our list for the best network switch for home office.

What sets it apart is its plug-and-play design, a half-duplex mode, and an almost-bug-free system.

The GS108 ranks among the best in the industry.

It’s designed for network builders who want to split a single connection between various devices and enable additional wired connections.

With its plug-and-play design, you won’t need to install new drivers because the device has everything it needs to operate. 

Another advantage of this network switch is its power-saving mode. It works by reducing power consumption when the network cable is disconnected.

In addition, it automatically adjusts power consumption according to its length, saving you money on electricity.

However, this inexpensive switch is not without a few drawbacks. One is that it only supports a 1KB buffer.

If you only have a few networks in your home office, it’s going to be sufficient. 

black tp link network drive
#2 TP-Link 16-Port Desktop Switch

Features | Green Ethernet technology that saves power by up to 80 percent

The TL-SF1016D is ideal for small offices and work-from-home setups. It has 16 ports that support auto MDI/MDIX.

Like the previous model, this fast ethernet switch has a plug-and-play design, so you don’t have to worry about the cable type to use.

Additionally, it supports an auto MDI/MDIX function so that you don’t need to use crossover cables or Uplink ports.

The non-blocking switching design of the TL-SF1016D means it allows network transmission at a full-wire speed.

It also provides complete control of full-duplex and half-duplex mode to eliminate traffic congestion.

Again, this network switch uses green technology that saves power up to 80 percent.

blue netgear network switch 24 port as best network switch for home office
#3 Netgear 24-Port 101001000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Features | Large-capacity network switch for home office or small business at a reasonable price

If you need a network switch that supports 10/100/1000 Mbps devices, this might be what you’re looking for.

This Netgear 24-port comes in at #3 on our list for the best network switch for home office.

It boasts 24 auto-sensing ports, plug-and-play connectivity, a power adapter, and status indicators to help you monitor speed levels and other functions.

Unique to this device is the flexible auto uplink technology, which automatically adjusts to accommodate varying Ethernet cables for consistent uptime performance.

Moreover, it has a fanless design, so it operates quietly.

Many users say this gigabit switch works like a charm. Plus, the unit runs cool to the touch even when run with 250Mb internet traffic.

Users also claim that it’s well-made. Many have used this device in over a year and had no or very minimal issues.

black armcrest network switch
#4 Amcrest 8-Port POE Switch

Features | POE network switch with metal housing to support MD/MDIX devices

The Amcrest AGPS8E8P-AT-96 is a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) switch that provides 10/100/1000 Mbps to connected devices.

It has a plug-and-play design and a very compact size with durable metal housing and LED indicator lights.

The Amcrest AGPS8E8P-AT-96 has plenty of good reviews. In fact, you’ll find many users impressed with its small but very sturdy design.

It’s capable of powering a lot of standard PoE devices like security cameras, APs, and more.

Furthermore, it supports applications with extreme temperatures (-14°F ~ 131°F) or humidity.

black and blue 16 port network switch
#5 Linksys 16-Port Network Switch

Features | Unmanaged 16-port desktop switch in a metal enclosure with minimal transfer times and high bandwidth

This network switch supports wired connection speeds up to 1,000 Mbps. It comes with 16 ports, eight of which are PoE+ ports.

The LGS116P has a total bandwidth of 32Gbps. The PoE technology uses Ethernet cabling for intercoms and other network devices.

It also boasts a plug-and-play connection, autosensing technology, and QoS traffic prioritization.

This unit prioritizes particular devices to maintain mission-critical data throughput even when you are experiencing network congestion issues.

At the same time, it minimizes transfer times of high-bandwidth files to connected devices without interference.

Many users give this product a thumbs up for being easy to use, silent, and reliable.

grey tp-link network switch
#6 TP-Link Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch

Features | Energy-saving network switch for managing video and data networks

This device offers Ethernet Splitter connectivity for your router, modem, and other wired connections, including your laptop, gaming console, printer, and more.

Like other reliable network switches, it can support 10/100/1000 Mbps.

The five non-blocking 10/100/1000 Mbps ports allow for the instant transfer of large files without interference.

Also, plenty of users like its sturdy metal case with a fanless design for quiet operation.

To ensure durability, a high-quality metal case protects the interior components of this unmanaged network switch.

Moreover, you will find that this energy-saving network switch magnifies your network magnitude and doesn’t require any software insertion.

Each port has an auto-negotiation feature to determine the speed of a network device and boost its performance.

The TL-SG105 provides high-quality transmission of video and voice data.

Most buyers love how simple it is to use. The only drawback is that it lacks network management options.

black d-link network switch
#7 D-Link 8-Port Ethernet Switch

Features | Clever little network switch that adds high-speed networking to home offices and small businesses

This 8-port Ethernet switch features D-Link’s green technology, reducing heat and extending the product’s lifespan without sacrificing performance.

It supports 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit ports and uses MDI/MDIX crossover for each port.

Moreover, it supports IEEE 802.3az Energy-Efficient Ethernet (EEE), so it automatically powers down an idle port to save you a substantial amount of power.

Its features include plug-and-play installation, cable diagnostic function, and full and half-Duplex communication.

The eight ports have four different Quality of Service (QoS), enabling users to prioritize devices that need more bandwidth.

grey tp-link 8 port network switch as best network switch for home office

#8 TP-Link 8-Port Gigabit Unmanaged Ethernet Network Switch

Features | Reliable and quiet unmanaged Ethernet network switch

The TP-Link TL-SG108 is the eight-port version of the TL-SG105.

Essentially, they have similar features. They differ in that you get additional ports to accommodate more devices.

This network switch supports 10, 100, 1000 Mbps network devices and uses the latest energy-efficient technology.

In turn, it can help you save on power costs while expanding your network capacity.

This device also has advanced software features for prioritizing heavy traffic and enabling high-quality transmission of video or voice data.

The internal components of the TL-SG108 are enclosed in metal hardware with a fanless design for quiet operation.

Many users like that this network switch has LED indicators and is fairly compact.

Another good option for the best network switch for home office.

white ubiquiti network switch
#9 Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Switch 8-Port

Features | Fully managed PoE+ Gigabit switch with intuitive and robust configuration

The Ubiquiti Unifi Switch is the compact version of the Unifi managed PoE switch that features gigabit ethernet, PoE+, and SFP.

What makes it unique is that Ubiquiti has created its own Power-over-Ethernet standards.

Instead of the standard 48V, this switch operates at 24V.

If you’re looking to power 802.3af devices, this device is worth taking a look at.

The eight-port network switch includes two SFP ports for uplink and fiber connectivity options, each delivering up to 1 Gbps each.

white 5 port network switch
#10 Ubiquiti Networks UniFi USW-Flex-Mini Managed 5-Port Gigabit Switch

Features | Network switch that manages networks from a single control panel

If you like a managed version of the Ubiquiti network switch, the USW-Flex-Mini is what you’re looking for.

Functionality aside, just the aesthetics of this switch give it a place on this best network switch for home office list.

Its advanced features include intuitive and robust configuration and monitoring, guest portal and hotspot support, and remote firmware upgrades.

UniFi is a smart managed switch. You’d be able to take advantage of five RJ45 Ethernet ports, which ensure your devices get one Gigabit links.

Many users can attest to the fact that this network switch is lightweight and easy to set up.

best space heater for home offices

How To Choose the Best Network Switch for Home Office

Switches are a key component of many business and home office networks.

They connect and boost the network connection of multiple devices like PCs, access points, phones, servers, and other hardware devices.

Network switches can cost as little as 20 dollars but can go as high as 300 bucks.

That said, how do you know if you’re getting the right unit without the fear that you’re spending too little or too much?

Here are the factors to consider:

Types of Network Switches

First of all, you need to decide whether you need a fully managed or an unmanaged switch for your network.

You can use an unmanaged switch if your home office network is not very complex or if you only need to connect a few devices.

This type of network switch usually has a plug-and-play design.

On the other hand, a managed network switch is ideal for a complex network.

If you think your home office network will evolve sooner or later, you may consider getting a managed switch.

As the name suggests, this type of switch allows you to modify your network remotely according to your needs.

If you have a relatively uncomplicated network but still want to partially take control of it, you can always choose a smart switch.

It’s excellent for managing VoIP phones.

Number of Ports

Another crucial thing to consider when choosing the best network switch for home office is the number of ports you need.

Count the devices you want to connect to your network. Don’t forget to allocate one Ethernet port for your router or modem.

Also, it’s important to ensure you have free ports so that you can add new hardware devices in the future.

Network Speed 

The minimum transfer speed for network switches is Gigabit Ethernet (Gbe).

Many users go for 10Gbe or higher, as it is strong enough to support the growing demand for data.

Look for a network switch that can support 10, 100, and 1000 Mbps devices.

10 Mbps are generally used for email and intranet networks, while 100 Mbps are for small file transfers.

Lastly, 1000 Mbps are for large files, such as video applications.


In the past, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) was something that was exclusively used by businesses.

However, more and more home users are now enjoying the benefits of this feature as well. 

A PoE switch allows wired network devices like VoIP phones and IP cameras to be powered by Ethernet cables.

As a result, setting up the power supply is incredibly more straightforward because the switch wiring is simplified.

A PoE network switch is enough to supply full power to surveillance cameras and other surveillance-based devices.

Build and Noise Level

Noise is often an overlooked factor when choosing the best network switch for home office.

Unless you don’t mind the buzzing sound, you should look for a network switch that doesn’t have an internal cooling fan.

At the same time, you want something you can use for a long time.

Many good-quality network switches have metal enclosures that can tolerate freezing temperatures.

Lastly, be sure to choose a product that comes with a good warranty.

Be wary of lifetime warranties, which aren’t bulletproof but are actually subject to fair usage and expectations.

Reliable switches will have two to five years of manufacturer’s warranty.


Choosing a network switch for your home office may sound intimidating, especially if it’s your first time getting one.

Make sure you consider the complexity of your home network and the number of devices you want to connect to the device now and in the future.

Lastly, pay attention to the specs and details.

Your home office network switch must be able to support the connection speed and amount of data you deal with every day.

We hope you enjoyed this list for the best network switch for home office. If so we’d be endlessly grateful if you’d share it with those who you think might also benefit!


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5 Best Home Office Printers for Mac in 2022 – Save Time & Money!

best home office printer for mac

5 Best Home Office Printers for Mac in 2022 - Save Time & Money!

We’ve all been there, tapping and clicking away, trying different things as the frustration grows due to the new printer not working with our Mac, ARGHHHH!

Then the penny drops. Maybe this printer isn’t even compatible with Mac.

What an oversight. 

We’ve taken the risk of that happening out of the equation so that you don’t end up on Craigslist trying to sell a printer that was only ever going to be a paperweight for you.

While you can connect some models to your Mac, the best home office printer for Mac allows for quick connectivity and problem-free printing.

At the same time, you can expect to get excellent print quality every time.

To help you complete your setup, below are detailed reviews of the top five printers that thousands of Mac users swear by.

We’ve also included an in-depth buying guide to help you decide which printer meets your needs and budget.

This post contains affiliate links, and I may be compensated, at no additional cost to you, if you make a purchase after clicking on a link. 

Top 3 Picks - Best Home Office Printer for Mac

HP DeskJet 4155e All-in-One Wireless Color Printer

Best Quality Printer For An Affordable Price

Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer

Best for Uninterrupted Printing

Epson EcoTank ET-2750

Best Cartridge-Free Printer

5 Best Home Office Printer for Mac - Full Reviews

white hp printer as the Best Home Office Printer for Mac
#1 HP DeskJet 4155e All-in-One Wireless Color Printer

Features | All-in-one family printer with scan, copy, and mobile fax functions

This HP printer is compatible with Mac laptops and iPhones, as well as other iOS devices.

Since it’s wireless, you can work from anywhere in your home office and set the printer up anywhere you’d like.

The HP DeskJet 4155e is best for printing basic color documents, such as forms, travel documents, and letters.

You’d be able to copy, print, and scan in color and mobile fax from your phone via the HP Smart App.

If your work involves a lot of sending fax messages, you will significantly benefit from this printer.

All you need to do is access the HP Smart App from your iPhone or Mac computer and send a fax from there.

This printer also comes with a 35-sheet automatic document feeder, allowing you to scan and copy documents quickly.

In addition, the customizable shortcuts eliminate repetitive tasks to help save you time and energy.

For its price, the DeskJet 4155e makes a reliable device for your day-to-day printing needs.

Another cool thing about it is that it comes with six months of free ink refills. You’ll get original HP ink delivered to your doorstep.

Some users find it a bit challenging to set up the HP DeskJet 4155e. Others say it doesn’t print as quickly as other models.

black brother printer
#2 Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer

Features | Superb printer with two-sided printing and Amazon dash replenishment

For a low-cost Mac-compatible printer for your home office, you’ll never go wrong with the Brother HL-L2395DW.

If you print a lot of documents regularly, you will appreciate its fast printing speed of up to 32 pages per minute.

Some users even say that printing 10 pages from a MacBook takes 27 seconds.

You will like that it has a paper capacity of 250 sheets, so there’s no need to refill frequently. Also, it can handle legal and letter-sized paper.

Even if you don’t print daily, you can expect the toner cartridges to last long, sometimes reaching upwards of 700 pages.

Like the HP printer, this unit is also wireless for convenient printing.

That said, it has a USB port at the same time to let you plug it directly into your Mac if you have terrible Wi-Fi.

Unique to this printer is the automatic duplex printing feature.

This means the machine will print on both sides without you having to re-insert the paper to print on the back.

Lastly, this Brother printer is eligible for Amazon dash replenishment.

Once your printer detects low toner levels, it will automatically make an Amazon order before you run out of ink.

Lots of reviewers find it easy to set up.

Take note that the HLL2390DW printer is not a color printer. If you’re only printing documents and forms, this is an excellent choice.

On the other hand, if your work requires printing copies in full color, you may be better off with something else.

black printer with colorful inks and printed sheet
#3 Epson EcoTank ET-2750

Features | All-in-one cartridge-free printer that is outstandingly cost-effective

Finding a printer that lets you save ink is very important for work-from-home professionals who print tons of documents regularly.

If you’re one of them, you should consider the Epson EcoTank ET-2750.

This printer has a high initial cost compared to the first two models we reviewed. However, you’ll find that its Supertank ink system is incredibly cost-effective.

In fact, the brand claims that you can save up to 90 percent on replacement ink costs with this printer.

In terms of print quality, the EcoTank ET-2750 will meet your expectations.

Not only can you expect fine document printing quality but decent photo quality at the same time.

This machine is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 – Mac OS 10.12.x10 devices, which means you can easily print from your iPad, iPhone, and Mac computer.

Unlike many ink-tank-style printers, the ET-2750 is surprisingly compact and lightweight. 

If you need a color printer with a copier and scanning feature but don’t have enough space for a bulky machine, this might be what you are looking for.

That said, some users find the printing speed to be just average.

The printer also takes quite a while to print photos, so you may have to wait a bit if you need to print a few in a row.

white printer as one of the best home office printer for mac
#4 Canon PIXMA TS3520

Features | All-in-one amazing printer with a simple button panel and segment LCD screen

The Canon PIXMA TS3520 is another excellent option if you’re looking for an all-in-one wireless printing solution for your home office.

Plenty of satisfied users love the 1.5-inch segment LCD screen and straightforward buttons that allow for a hassle-free printing experience.

You can also set it up for your iPhone or any other Mac device.

Depending on your current needs, you can go wireless or use a high-speed USB connection to print your documents.

Interestingly, this Canon PIXMA printer comes with an app that lets you explore a variety of printable objects and crafts.

If you’re in the creative field and your work involves a lot of creating designs, you’ll find the Canon Creative Park App 2 an extremely helpful tool.

Like the older versions of the TS series, the TS3520 is more of a basic machine perfect for home use.

This Canon printer has a lightweight and compact design, which is a good thing if you have a smaller desk.

Users think that the ink program can be improved. A handful of them says the printer takes a lot of ink.

Some report having to refill the ink every other week, which can get pretty expensive.

blue and white HP printer with printed photo of family
#5 HP DeskJet 3755 Compact All-in-One Wireless Printer

Features | Network-ready, HP Instant Ink-eligible, and Cloud Print-enabled printer

The HP DeskJet 3755 is a compact, good-quality printer that also works as a copier and scanner.

It comes with the brand’s Instant Ink feature, which is a subscription service for your printer cartridges.

Basically, it allows you to print a set number of pages without buying a new cartridge each time.

With your convenience in mind, this HP printer lets you print from various cloud platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud.

It also comes with an LCD screen for ease of operation.

You’ll like that the DeskJet 3755 is extra small in size, so it won’t eat up much space on your desk.

Most users love how easy the DeskJet 3755 sets up and is small enough to sit on a desk.

It’s also relatively inexpensive, which makes it an excellent option if you’re looking for a budget-friendly printer.

However, some find that it takes quite a while to print, especially colored documents.

best home office printer for mac computers

How To Choose the Best Home Office Printer for Mac

Choosing the best home office printer for Mac depends on what you need.

In this section, we’ll talk about the most important things to consider when shopping for a printer.

Printer Type

Before you dig deeper into the nitty-gritty specs of any printer, decide whether you want an inkjet or a laser printer.

An inkjet printer uses liquid ink. Cheaper models of inkjet printers usually have one or two cartridges, while more upscale models use more.

One caveat of inkjet printers is that you have to replace the cartridges regularly.

However, some printer makers, such as Canon, Epson, and Brother, use refillable tanks that are more cost-efficient than traditional ink cartridges.

In comparison to inkjet printers, laser printers have higher costs upfront.

That said, since they use toner cartridges that last far longer than regular liquid ink, your cost per printed page will be significantly less.

This means you can save money over the long run.

The downside is that most lower-end laser printers can only print in black color.

While color laser printers are already out in the market, they are a lot pricier. Plus, they don’t produce color prints as good as color inkjets within the same price range.

In that case, which type should you buy then?

If color is not important to you, a laser printer will be a more cost-efficient choice. It also prints a lot faster than inkjet machines.

On the other hand, if you print a lot of colored materials, such as for your kid’s schoolwork or for printing photographs, an inkjet printer is what you need. 

If you’re a professional photographer or someone in the design field, you need a more sophisticated machine that will get the job done.

There are specialized printers for producing high-quality photos or images.

In fact, if you’re more concerned with high-quality color prints for images or graphics, you may need a separate photo printer.


All-in-one or multifunctional printers are recommended for most home offices because they have essential features, such as built-in scanners and copiers.

Some models even come with mobile fax.

Multifunctional printers are a life (and space) saver because they let you accomplish various tasks, such as scanning, copying, or sending fax messages.

What’s more, scanned documents automatically convert into PDF files, which means you can email copies immediately.

If you see yourself doing a lot of copying or scanning, consider getting a printer with an auto document feeder (ADF) to make your office life incredibly easier.

You may also look for printers with adjustable paper trays for added convenience.

Another helpful feature to many professionals looking for the best home office printer for Mac is duplexing.

Printers with an automatic duplexing feature can achieve detailed prints on both sides of a single page without the need to manually re-insert the paper.

While you can technically print on both sides of the paper using any printer, re-feeding the paper can be a tedious task, especially if you print many documents.


The price range of good-quality printers covers a broad spectrum. Sure, you’ll be able to buy a printer for as low as 50 dollars.

However, you wouldn’t want to skimp too much because a lower price tag will likely mean poorer quality output and reliability.

You can buy good printers for about 100 bucks. Popular brands like HP offer budget printers that are perfect for home office use.

Also, keep in mind that the initial cost of your machine isn’t the only thing you need to be concerned about.

The most significant expense of a printer is the replacement ink.

While you can buy third-party ink products, it’s best to use those that originally come from your printer manufacturer for the best color printing results.

Some printers will seem very much affordable.

However, if you think about the cost per page, you will realize that you could have saved more money if you purchased a more expensive unit with a very low cost-per-page.

When you’re searching for best home office printer for Mac, is there a way to know how much ink your printer will cost you over the long term? Gladly, there is.

To calculate the cost per page, simply divide the price of an ink cartridge by the number of pages you expect to get out of the cartridge.

Alternatively, you can check the product description of the printer to see the page yield.

Connectivity for Mobile Printing

Newer models of printers now offer wireless connectivity to help you produce great-looking prints from any device.

This feature allows you to easily print, copy, or scan documents not just from your Mac laptop but also from your iPhone or iPad and other mobile devices.

Wireless printers work by utilizing the wireless router in your home office.

This means that anyone on your network can access the printer and print directly. There’s no need to connect any cables, so there’s less hassle.

That said, it’s still good to have a backup plan just in case you experience internet connection issues.

Some wireless printers also come with a port for printing, so you can still connect them to your computer and get them to work when you can’t use Wi-Fi.

Ease of Use

Some printers have an LCD control panel for easy operation, while others have touchscreen displays.

They are especially helpful for tasks that involve massive document production.

Others come included with mobile apps that you will install on your device.

From the app, you can perform pretty much all the functionalities offered by your printer.

It’s important to choose the best home office printer for Mac that’s easy to set up with your devices.

If you print plenty of documents in one go, consider choosing a machine that has a high print speed.

If you only print a few pages at a time, then a basic printer should be perfectly fine.

Lastly, if you print various documents, get a printer with paper-handling versatility and can print on different paper sizes.


Choosing the best home office printer for Mac devices shouldn’t be a complicated process.

With the wide variety of modern printers on the market, you’ll be able to find the perfect choice for your needs.

Don’t forget to take into account how you’d like to use your printer so that you can narrow down your options.

Whether you’re aiming for a cheap printer or a high-end model, it’s always important to consider the features you need, the cost per page of the machine, and its ease of use.

If you got something out of this article and you know some others who would also benefit, we’d be endlessly grateful if you’d share it on with them. 


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10 Best Floor Lamps for Home Office in 2022 [Pro Reviews]

best floor lamps for home office

10 Best Floor Lamps For Home Office in 2022 [Pro Reviews]

CONGRATULATIONS on taking a step to look after your health. 

On face value, you’re interested in buying a light. But the reality is, you’re either fixing or preventing eye strain, headaches, migraines and tiredness, to name but a few of the negative effects of poor lighting. 

One survey found that 80% of UK office workers (in their survey sample) have suffered some form of negative symptoms, no thanks to poor lighting, and around 50% have suffered from headaches, eyestrain or eye irritation. 

Conversely, many studies have found that good home office lighting contributes to improved productivity, mood, and collaboration.

And better-looking Zoom calls of course!

A floor lamp makes an excellent addition to your home workspace while warding off the negatives and promoting the positives mentioned above.

So let’s dive into this article on the best floor lamps for home office. 

With so many choices, finding the best floor lamps for home office can be tricky. So, to make your search easier, we’ve rounded up the top brands that thousands of work-from-home professionals swear by.

This post contains affiliate links, and I may be compensated, at no additional cost to you, if you make a purchase after clicking on a link. 

Top 3 Picks - Best Floor Lamps for Home Office

Simple Designs Home Mother-Daughter Floor Lamp

Best Affordable Mother-Daughter Lamp

PAZZO Floor Lamp

Best Multi-Functional Floor Lamp

10 Best Floor Lamps for Home Office

black stand and base for one of the best floor lamps for home office
#1 JOOFO Floor Lamp

Features | Super bright task lamp with three-color temperatures and remote control for brightness adjustment

This 30W torchiere floor lamp delivers 2,400 lumens of light. Enough to light up a 120-square-foot room, it’s no wonder why most users attest to its incredible brightness.

It’s also effortless to put together. The base itself is heavy, so the lamp is very stable. Also, the white acrylic cover offers a high transmission rate while making sure the light does not hurt your eyes.

Depending on your current needs and preferences, you can choose from three color temperatures: warm white, natural white, and cool white light.

Another cool thing about this lamp is its memory function, which means it remembers the lighting settings or preferences you’ve previously set.

Lastly, the remote control is magnetic, so you can stick it to the metal pole or any metal surface for easy access.

floor lamp with white stand and base
#2 Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Lamp

Features | Modern corner lamp with integrated light

Another torch lamp packed with very high 2,190 lumens, the Brightech Sky is the ideal choice for bigger rooms.

It’s a minimalist, contemporary lamp that will complete the look of any modern home office.

This torchiere lamp boasts a three-way dimmable feature, memory function, and a sturdy head that easily pivots.

Even if the bulb isn’t replaceable, the Brightech Sky uses a LED light rated to last for 20 years when used for three hours a day.

Additionally, you’ll find that it has a color temperature of 3,000K warm white, making it a perfect task light.

Furthermore, you can operate the Sky lamp using a wall switch or a smart plug.

Using a smart plug allows you to connect and control the lamp via smart home apps such as Alexa.

black mother daughter lamp as one of the best floor lamps for home office
#3 Simple Designs Home Mother-Daughter Floor Lamp

Features | With a fully-adjustable smaller lamp you can use independently of the main floor lamp

If you’re looking for a reasonably sturdy modern-style lamp, this could very well be it.

It has a three-way switch that lets you set the mood from low to high, so you have the correct type of light for work and relaxation.

What’s unique about this lamp is that it comes with a separate reading light feature.

Connected via a metal gooseneck, you can position the bulb anywhere you need it.

Depending on your needs, you can use it on its own or together with the floor lamp.

With its many interesting features, plenty of users can attest that it’s one of the most affordable floor lamps that won’t disappoint.

Unfortunately, the light bulb for task lighting doesn’t come with the package, so you’d have to purchase a 60W Type A medium bulb separately.

black mother daughter lamp
#4 BoostArea LED Floor Lamp

Features | Energy-saving floor lamp for mood lighting, work, and reading

If you’re looking to make your home office a cozy space, the BoostArea floor lamp is another good choice.

Like the Simple Designs lamp, it features a mother-daughter style.

Even so, you’ll like that it uses energy-saving LED bulbs that boast a service life of about 50,000 hours.

Many users are satisfied with its durability, as it has a heavy base and metal pole that is very stable.

The majority of reviewers also love the stylish look of this office standing lamp, which you can easily fit in any corner of your room.

The lamp has a three-way rotary switch that is very convenient to use.

It’s also straightforward to assemble, with most users saying it sets up in just five minutes.

With its simple yet functional design, it will work well alongside urban, casual, mid-century, or contemporary home decors.

Lastly, the gooseneck side lamp is very helpful for those times when focused lighting is needed.

black floor lamp with remote as one of the best floor lamps for office
#5 Dimunt LED Floor Lamp

Features | Stepless lamp with adjustable shades

Imagine your favorite task lamp converted into a tall floor lamp. With one, you won’t have many problems illuminating your entire home office.

That is what the Dimunt LED Floor Lamp offers to give you.

It features 112 pieces of bright LEDs with an arcuated light design that can be increased in range of up to 1,000 lumens.

Even with that much light, you’ll find that this lamp is energy-efficient because it uses an 18W LED bulb.

Reviewers also rave about its weighted base and sturdy design that make it safe to use around children and pets.

Aside from stepless dimming and color adjustability, this lamp has a self-timing function. When activated, this feature automatically turns off the lamp after an hour.

For even more impressive accessibility, you can connect this fixture to your smart devices.

white eclipse floor lamp
#6 Brightech Eclipse LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Features | Beautiful modern variation of the classic floor lamp

If you’re looking for unique pieces for your ultra-modern home office, this Brightech lamp might just fit the bill.

It’s more like a piece of art, featuring two minimalist rings that you can adjust in position and lock in place as you please.

Moreover, this light fixture has a built-in dimmer touch control switch for when you need soft and ambient lighting.

The built-in power-saving LED light uses 28W of power and delivers 2,000 lumens in warm temperature color.

While you cannot replace it, you can expect to get 15 to 20 years of service from this bulb.

black metal floor lamp
#7 LEPOWER Metal Floor Lamp

Features | Adjustable architect swingarm standing lamp that is durable and aesthetic

No matter how hard you look, you won’t find many lamps as uniquely designed and functional as this one.

Its heavy-duty metal base and overall look will nicely complement a modern or rustic home office.

The swingarm and the lamp head are flexible and adjustable, so you can raise it or lower it for more focused lighting.

What’s really admirable about this lamp is its top-of-the-line dissipation design.

The headlamp uses a unique leak design that increases the air contact area and speeds up heat dissipation, adding to the device’s lifespan.

Note that the bulb does not come with the package, but you can use either a LED or incandescent bulb.

black led floor lamp with remote
#8 Dimunt Torch Floor Lamp

Features | Extremely bright mother-daughter lamp with three color modes for different uses

This Dimunt lamp comes with two heads that can work together or independently.

Both headlamps have three color temperatures: warm light, cool light, and white light.

Because it is much smaller and adjusts up and down within a certain distance, you can use the neck light for overhead lighting.

The durable body has a black color finish, so it beautifully fits home offices of varying styles.

Whether you’re after a modern or traditional look, this lamp can be an awesome addition to your home office setup.

black modern floor lamp as one of the best floor lamps for home office
#9 FIMEI Floor Lamp

Features | Uniquely designed floor lamp that rotates 360 degrees

This FIMEI floor lamp is suitable not only for a home office but also for the living room or bedroom.

At first glance, you’ll immediately notice its modern and futuristic design.

The main headlamp has two individual pieces that rotate separately to light up a wider range. For even more convenience, the smaller lamp can also rotate freely.

The FIMEI floor lamp features stepless color temperature adjustment and memory function.

Most reviewers also say that this lamp is very sturdy.

black multi purpose floor lamp
#10 PAZZO Floor Lamp With Shelves

Features | Multi-functional floor lamp made of solid wood and comes with shelves for storage and display

What if you can have both a floor lamp and a storage or display area in one piece?

This PAZZO floor lamp turns that dream into reality.

The base, which also serves as storage or shelves, is made of real solid wood and can bear up to 20 pounds of load.

This makes it perfect for home office displays and even books or gadgets.

The lamp delivers 1,000 lumens in three color temperatures.

It also comes with two USB ports and a power outlet that allows you to charge three devices simultaneously.

best floor lamps for home offices

How To Choose the Best Floor Lamps for Home Office

How do you choose the right floor lamp for your home office? Let us break down the most important factors to consider:

Lamp Height

Floor lamps come in varying heights, but you can generally categorize them as short, average, and tall lamps.

Small floor lamps have heights just above the shoulder when you’re seated.

If you’re looking to place your lamp next to a desk or chair, you want this kind of lamp.

An average floor lamp is roughly five or six feet in height and is usually at around eye level when you’re standing.

It’s a great source of accent lighting and should be bright enough for a small room.

If you have a big home office, you’ll want a tall lamp that is about seven or eight feet tall.

Alternatively, you can choose a lamp with an adjustable base, especially if you’re still not sure where exactly in your home office you will place it.

This is also a good solution if your home office has a very limited floor space.


The quality of light is important for office spaces.

Since an office is more of a formal working environment, you want to opt for a more functional lamp that produces bright light.

For tasks lamps, you want something that has at least 600 lumens. 

However, for floor lamps usually situated far from your work area, you want a brighter light or at least 1,000 lumens.

Generally, a square foot of space requires about 10 lumens of light. Even so, you want a lamp you can use for different lighting purposes.

Modern Features

Modern floor lamps boast a set of unique features to accommodate varying needs.

For example, most models have adjustable shades or brightness so that you can use them for different lighting purposes such as relaxation, focused work, or decoration.

Some of the best floor lamps for home office come with remote control for ease of use, along with a memory function, dimmer switch, and more.

Others allow you to have the lamp connected to your smart devices.

Look for a lamp with multiple color temperatures to choose from so that you can change the mood or ambiance in your office as you wish.

For example, you can switch from a soft glow to direct the lighting angle to where you want it depending on the task at hand.


If you want to add layers of light in your home office to make it look cozier, opt for multi-head lamps or mother-daughter lamps.

These floor lamps allow you to aim separate arms in different directions, creating interesting effects or ambient light for decorative purposes.

Another interesting design is the tree floor lamp, which also creates amazing lighting effects.

Energy Efficiency

To save on power costs, look for modern designs of floor lamps that use LED bulbs.

LED uses much less energy than traditional incandescent or fluorescent bulbs without sacrificing brightness.

In fact, LED lamps require 75 percent less energy than incandescent lamps.

LED lights also have longer lifespans than incandescent and halogen lights. Many LEDs have a rated life of up to 50, 000 hours.

Durability and Stability

The last thing you want to happen is to see your floor lamp tipping over and hurting your toddler or your pet.

That’s why it’s imperative that you choose a sturdy and stable lamp. 

When shopping for one of the best floor lamps for home office, carefully examine their build.

The body should be made of durable materials like metal, and the base must be heavy enough to support the lamp and prevent it from tipping over.


Without a doubt, a floor lamp makes a great addition to any home office.

It doesn’t only provide supplemental lighting but also enhances the overall look and feel of any workspace.

When choosing from the best floor lamps for home office, always take into account the size of your room, the height of the lamp, its features, brightness, bulb type, and durability.

With the best floor lamp, you’ll be able to work effectively and productively in your home office.


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16 Best Wood Laptop Stands to Avoid Growing a Hunchback

Wood laptop stand on a bed

16 Best Wood Laptop Stands to Avoid Growing a Hunchback

When I started working from home, I wanted the freedom to work from wherever I pleased. I needed a wood laptop stand to help me work comfortably from any room in my house or a coffee shop if I was traveling or just needed a change of scenery. 

As a passionate “work-from-anywhere” guy, being able to work comfortably in different settings is important. And supporting and raising my laptop plays a key role in this.

If you’re looking for the best wood laptop stand, I’ve got you covered. 

I’ve reviewed dozens of wooden laptop stands, and these were the ones that stood out to me. All three were great on-the-go options, or offered unmatched versatility in various situations.

16 Best Wood Laptop Stands

LYG Vertical Wooden Laptop Stand (lightweight, ultra-portable, easy assembly)

HumanCentric Black Walnut Vertical Laptop Stand (vertical stand, space-saving, adjustable)

Wishacc Extra Large Bamboo Laptop Riser (adjustable, folds flat, ultra portable)

Wheanen Foldable Laptop Tray Table (lap desk, non-slip, folds flat)

SUPER DEAL Rolling Adjustable Laptop Table (standing desk, heavy, adjustable)

HITTITE Folding Wooden Laptop Stand (natural wood, adjustable, ventilating)

Samdi Radiator Laptop Stand (ventilating, natural wood, cord management)

Solid Wood Laptop Stand and Phone Holder (phone stand, natural wood, easy assembly)

Pink Dot Store Ergonomic Portable Computer Riser (lightweight, ultra-portable, adjustable)

Alstoy Foldable Laptop Table (large surface, no assembly, cupholder)

CRAFKART Wooden Multipurpose Adjustable Laptop Stand (rustic, ultra-portable, multipurpose)

ErgoTree Portable Bamboo Laptop Stand (multipurpose, ultra-portable, bamboo)

SAMDI Low Profile Radiator Notebook Stand (ventilated, low profile, lightweight)

Shandongchuanxin Folding Wood Laptop Stand (space-saving, ultra-portable, adjustable)

SIDUCAL Mobile Stand Up Desk (large surface, standing desk, rolling)

MYOYAY Adjustable Standing Desk Converter (standing desk, large surface, adjustable)

This post contains affiliate links, and I may be compensated, at no additional cost to you, if you make a purchase after clicking on a link. 

My Top 3 Picks for the Best Wood Laptop Stand

Foldable laptop stand

Wheanen Foldable Laptop Tray Table

Best wooden laptop stand (for desk and bed)

16 Best Wood Laptop Stands

If you’re wanting a bit more detail about the best wood laptop stand available, here are the top 16 out of the numerous wooden laptop stands that I reviewed. 

LYG vertical laptop stand#1 LYG Vertical Laptop Stand Wood

Weight: 9.9 ounces

Dimensions: 11.42 x 6.22 x 0.94 inches (package)

This minimalist wooden laptop stand holds your laptop horizontally at an ergonomic 18-degree angle for more comfortable work.

You can also tilt the stand to make it into a space-saving vertical laptop stand. 

It comes in two sizes — one for laptops less than 15 inches and one for 15 to 17 inches. Plus, it’s lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble for working on the go.

Black walnut vertical laptop stand#2 HumanCentric Black Walnut Vertical Laptop Stand

Weight: 1.3 pounds

Dimensions: 9.69 x 5.71 x 3.07 inches (package)

This vertical laptop stand (wooden) is designed to hold your laptop closed and upright for storage and ventilation during use with an external monitor.

It isn’t ideal for working on the go, but if you’re staying in a hotel or home office with a small workspace, this space-saving vertical stand can be a lifesaver. Its adjustable design can accommodate laptops up to 1.5 inches thick.

Extra large bamboo laptop stand#3 Wishacc Extra Large Bamboo Laptop Riser   

Weight: 2.57 pounds

Dimensions: 15.4 x 11 inches 

This adjustable tabletop bamboo laptop riser has five ergonomic angles to choose from for maximum comfort wherever you’re working. 

It easily folds flat to slide into your bag or suitcase for travel. The solid surface doesn’t do much to keep your laptop cool, but it does keep it elevated and ergonomically angled so you can work comfortably for longer.

Foldable laptop stand#4 Wheanen Foldable Laptop Tray Table

Weight: 6.6 pounds

Dimensions: 25.1 x 17.4 x 2.3 inches (package)

This wooden laptop stand (for desk or for bed) is perfect for working in multiple areas.

The extra-large particleboard tabletop (oh, so that’s how it passes as a wood laptop stand) is covered in a non-toxic, scratch-resistant laminate coating. 

There are no adjustments for the angle of the table, but the legs are slip-resistant and fold flat in seconds. It’s an excellent choice for the digital nomad who spends more time on the couch than at a desk.

Rolling laptop stand#5 SUPER DEAL Rolling Adjustable Laptop Table

Weight: 14.34 pounds

Dimensions: 13.58 x 23.4 x 23.82 inches

This versatile rolling desk takes you from sitting to standing anywhere in your home and it really is a super deal.

The laptop tray and mouse tray adjust separately for maximum customization and allow you to set it at the perfect eye-level height. 

The swivel top makes it easy to work from a chair, couch, bed, and more. It is heavy, though, so most digital nomads won’t find this stand very useful for travel outside the home.

Folding wooden laptop stand#6 HITTITE Folding Wooden Laptop Stand

Weight: 1.39 pounds

Dimensions: 11 x 11.22 x 0.71 inches

The HITTITE folding wooden laptop stand is made from high-quality walnut wood with smooth, rounded edges for a warm, skin-friendly experience. 

The gold-plated hinges allow the stand to fold flat for travel, and the riser adjusts from 20 degrees to 55 degrees for custom comfort.

Also, the open back maximizes airflow to keep your laptop cool. Oh and there’s a handy carrying handle too.

Samdi laptop stand#7 SAMDI Radiator Laptop Stand

Weight: 2.55 pounds

Dimensions: 10.91 x 9.88 x 5.91 inches (package)

The unique shape of the SAMDI natural birch wood laptop stand allows it to accommodate laptops of any size, even above 17 inches. 

The platform features ventilating slots to keep your laptop cool, and the opening in the back is perfect for helping you manage your cords.

Unfortunately, it’s not adjustable, and the angle isn’t ideal for typing, but it’s great if you have an external keyboard.

Solid wooden laptop stand#8 Solid Wood Laptop Stand and Phone Holder

Weight: 15.9 ounces

Dimensions: 11.5 x 7.64 x 1.61 inches (package)

This wood laptop stand holds your computer at a comfortable angle above the desk to eliminate neck strain.

The open back allows for ventilation, and when you’re not working on the small screen, simply tilt it back for a vertical laptop stand. 

This natural wood stand is similar to another on this list, but it comes with a bonus wood phone stand in the shape of an elk which is really cute for your home office.

Portable laptop riser#9 Pink Dot Store Ergonomic Portable Computer Riser

Weight: 7.7 ounces

Dimensions: 11.7 x 4.25 x 1.2 inches

This natural pine laptop riser is handcrafted with love by artisans in Uttar Pradesh, India. The minimalist shape of the Pink Dot Store wood laptop stand fits everything from a large screen laptop to a mini-tablet. 

The ergonomic shape holds your laptop at a more comfortable viewing angle, elevates the keyboard for easier typing, and provides ventilation to keep your laptop cool.

Foldable laptop table#10 Alstoy Foldable Laptop Table

Weight: 5.07 pounds

Dimensions: 24.65 x 12.6 x 0.79 inches

This adjustable lap table is made from solid wood particleboard and covered in a moisture-proof, scratch-resistant laminate for maximum durability.

The folding legs are made of steel and feature a non-slip sleeve to prevent slipping. 

The laptop riser adjusts to four different angles, and the separate mouse platform even has a built-in cupholder! It’s a great wooden laptop stand for bed and for the couch.

Adjustable wooden laptop stand#11 CRAFKART Adjustable Wooden Laptop Stand

Weight: 2.2 pounds

Dimensions: 12.5 x 11.3 x 2 inches (package)

The CRAFKART multipurpose laptop stand is made from rustic natural wood and features a ventilated platform the keep laptops cool.

The angle is adjustable from flat to nearly vertical, and the wide lip means it can support heavy books, too. 

It’s lightweight and folds completely flat, so you can slide it into a bag and take it with you wherever you’re working.

Ergo tree laptop stand#12 ErgoTree Portable Bamboo Laptop Stand

Weight: 0.88 pounds

Dimensions: 12 x 1 x 7 inches

Several entries on this list fold flat for storage and travel, but none fold as flat as the ErgoTree laptop stand.

This stand is made from three flat bamboo cutouts that come together to make a surprisingly versatile laptop riser. 

You can turn it on its side for use with tablets, e-readers, and cell phones, and when you’re ready to go, super-strong magnets hold it all together.

Low profile notebook stand#13 SAMDI Low Profile Radiator Notebook Stand

Weight: 15.5 ounces

Dimensions: 9.96 x 9.45 x 3.46 inches (package)

The second entry from SAMDI on this list is like the first, but with a lower profile.

This laptop riser keeps your keyboard at a comfortable typing angle, and your screen elevated for improved posture. 

Unlike the taller version, this one allows you to work on your laptop’s keyboard, which is great for when you’re travelling and don’t want to carry an external keyboard with you.

Shandonhuanixin wood laptop stand#14 Shandongchuanxin Folding Wood Laptop Stand

Weight: 9.7 ounces

Dimensions: 10.23 x 1.96 x 0.78 inches

Some laptop stands fold flat, but this portable wood stand folds down to almost nothing. Forget putting it in your backpack — you could put this one in your pocket. 

It’s also the most adjustable wooden laptop stand on this list, with eight height adjustments to choose from. But it can only support laptops up to 15.6 inches, so those with larger computers should steer clear.

Adjustable mobile stand up desk#15 SIDUCAL Mobile Stand Up Desk

Weight: 25.3 pounds

Dimensions: 21.65 x 23.62 x 45.3 inches

This versatile rolling laptop desk has a two-piece surface that allows you to adjust the front and rear height independently.

The front tray’s angle is also adjustable for typing comfort. 

Raise both trays to work standing up. It has to be completely disassembled for travel, though, so it’s better suited for the digital nomad who mostly moves from room to room.

Adjustable standing desk#16 MYOYAY Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

Weight: 13.27 pounds

Dimensions: 13.4 x 23.6 x 16.3 inches

The MYOYAY desktop riser can make any surface in your home into a comfortable sitting or standing desk.

It can hold up to 66 pounds on its nearly 24-inch surface, which is enough for a laptop, monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and it raises and lowers to go from sitting to standing. 

If you pair it with many of the other risers on this list, you’ll get even more space-saving efficiency. 

Buyer’s Guide to Getting a Wooden Laptop Stand

There are a lot of variables to consider when choosing a wood laptop stand, so consider what factors are most important to you. Depending on how and where you work, you may want to consider portability, height, adjustability, and ventilation.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind while you decide.

Benefits of a Laptop Stand

Whether you’re working from your home office or a coffee shop, there are several benefits to having a laptop stand. If you’ve found yourself working for long periods like the gentleman below, your neck will thank us!

Gentleman working on a laptop on a table outside

Laptop stands can help set your laptop at a better angle for your neck. They can also protect your eyes and wrists from the strain of working at an uncomfortable angle, save space on your desktop, and keep your laptop cool during long workdays.

There are also many compact external keyboards that will further help you work in comfort. 


If you find yourself working in public spaces fairly often, look for a laptop stand that folds flat for storage. Some fold flat with hinges but are still too thick for a backpack. Other laptop stands come apart to lie flat, taking up an inch or less space.

The Shandongchuanxin folding stand for example collapses down to about the size of an umbrella to carry in a purse or even a pocket.

For the digital nomad who travels a lot but primarily works from their hotel, you might not need something quite so compact.

Look for a lap table that can convert your bed to a desk or a folding angled riser that can tuck away into a suitcase. If all you want is the freedom to move from room to room at home, a lightweight rolling desk might be just what you’re looking for.


Laptop stands come in a range of heights, and the right height for you will depend on how you typically work and may even change from day to day.

If you typically work from one room in your house, an adjustable riser that goes from sitting to standing gives you more versatility in your workday. But if you’re working on the go, you might need something more accessible to carry around.

If you do most or all of your work without an external keyboard or monitor, look for a riser that gets your keyboard to your preferred height for typing.

It will improve your typing comfort and reduce eye strain, even if it doesn’t get your screen to the perfect eye-level height. If you use an external keyboard, look for a stand that raises the screen to eye level. 


If you tend to work under the same conditions from one day to the next, you may not need an adjustable laptop stand. But if you tend to move around and work in different conditions, look for an adjustable laptop stand.

Adjustable heights, angles, and orientations will make it easy for you to get comfortable when you connect to an external monitor or keyboard, for example.


An overheated laptop can’t perform as effectively as a well-ventilated one.

A laptop on any flat surface can get hot fast, so look for a riser with ventilation holes for airflow. Your laptop will run more smoothly, even during marathon work sessions.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this list and that it will help you find the best wood laptop stand for you. I’ve covered a wide range of laptop stands for the home and mobile offices to help you find the perfect laptop stand. 

If you found this guide helpful, be sure to share this article with your friends to help them upgrade their home office with a new wood laptop stand.


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10 Best Space Heaters for Home Office to Avoid Getting Piles

best space heater for home office

10 Best Space Heaters for Home Office to Avoid Getting Piles

It’s an oldie, but it’s a goody. 

What I’m talking about is the myth that sitting on a heater can give you piles (a.k.a. hemorrhoids). 

And it is just that. A myth, as debunked by the BBC.

That being said, when you find the best space heater for home office from our list below, I wouldn’t go sitting on it!

We’re hot on the trail, pun intended, of the best space heaters, and we know you’ll warm to our list. Now do you see why I’m a washed-up comedian!?

To make your search easier, we reviewed the top 10 best space heaters for home office on the market. We’ve also included a buying guide to help you examine the most important factors to consider when shopping for one.

This post contains affiliate links, and I may be compensated, at no additional cost to you, if you purchase after clicking on a link. 

Top 3 Picks - Best Space Heater for Home Office

Lasko Tower Heater

Best Space Heater Under $100

AEscod Electric Heater

Best Mini Space Heater

Our Reviews of The 10 Best Space Heaters for Home Office

black Portable Electric best Space Heater for home office#1 GiveBest Portable Ceramic Heater with Thermostat

Features | Energy-efficient heater with PTC ceramic heating tech and high-speed fan

This GiveBest ceramic heater measures 6.2 x 7 x 9.2 inches and only weighs 3.2 pounds. So you’ll have no issues moving it from one room to the next.

If you’re anything like me and you like to mix up where you work throughout the day, you can still get things done comfortably in other parts of your home.

The heater is made of flame-retardant material and is equipped with an auto shut-off feature.

This safety add-on activates automatically when the heater gets knocked over by your unruly pet or toddler.

Since it uses ceramic plates for heating, you can expect it to heat up pretty darn quickly.

Despite being budget-friendly, it boasts three heat settings to suit your needs.

Many users like and comment on how warm and toasty their rooms get when using this portable space heater.

Those who have kids and pets also admire its safety features. However, there are a few complaints about its noise level.

#2 Andily Ceramic Small Heater With Thermostat

Features | Compact under-desk heater with adjustable thermostat

If you want a small space heater you can put under your desk, you’ll find this Andily unit a perfect fit.

It features an adjustable thermostat with three modes: fan-only, low heat, and high heat.

You’ll also like that it is ETL-certified and automatically shuts off when certain parts overheat or when tipped forward or backward.

Setting it up is as easy as it gets because it has a power indicator to let you know if it’s properly plugged in.

A significant number of reviewers say that the Andily space heater is small but mighty.

You can expect it to generate an adequate amount of heat for a home office personal space heater.

Plus, it isn’t noisy at all, so you won’t get distracted from work. Definitely a good option for the best space heater for home office.

black selanto Portable Electric best Space Heater for home office#3 Selanto Ceramic Portable Heater With 4 Modes

Features | Four-mode heater for home office or desktop use

Aside from the low heat, high heat, and fan settings, this Selanto unit has an ECO mode.

With this mode on, you will experience comfortable warmth while consuming 30 percent less energy than a standard heater.

This portable heater is exceptionally lightweight at only 2.68 pounds. You can place it on your desk or under it because it is small and won’t take up too much space.

Since it uses ceramic heating elements, this Selanto heater generates heat really quickly.

For safety, it comes with an auto shut-off feature to prevent overheating, as well as tip-over protection.

Many users appreciate the ECO mode, which provides just the right amount of heat.

Users also say it operates pretty quietly, making it ideal for home offices.

black Amazon Basics 1500W Ceramic Personal Heater#4 Amazon Basics Ceramic Personal Heater

Features | Ceramic space heater with multiple safety features

This heater from Amazon Basics delivers 1500W of heat at the highest setting and comes with an adjustable thermostat for comfortable warmth. 

It also comes equipped with a helpful LED indicator to let you know if the unit is plugged in correctly.

For ease of transport, it has a built-in carrying handle.

This Amazon Basics heater is available in black and silver and comes with a limited one-year warranty, which helps it maintain a spot on our ‘best space heater for home office’ list.

Many users say it’s pretty powerful for its size. Unfortunately, the surfaces of the machine can get hot when it’s running.

black dreo space heater#5 Dreo 70-Degree Oscillating Portable Heater

Features | Oscillating space heater with 12-hour timer and washable filter

If you need a slightly bigger heater, this Dreo unit fits the bill.

It stands 10.3 inches and comes with a hidden handle so that you can carry it from one room to another.

As the name suggests, it has a 70-degree oscillating feature to help circulate the warm air throughout the room.

For your convenience, you can take advantage of the unit’s adjustable thermostat and timer.

It even comes equipped with an LED screen and touch control for ease of operation.

Like the previous model, the Dreo machine also has ECO mode.

However, it works differently because it adjusts the heat output based on ambient temperature.

Another thing to like about this space heater is its detachable, washable filter.

This feature effectively blocks dust, pollen, and other airborne particles to bring you clean, warm air.

According to users, this Dreo unit heats up fast and is super quiet. It’s another good option for a larger space.

They also love the oscillation feature and touch controls, although a few wish that the controls light up.

grey Lasko Ceramic Space Tower Heater with remote#6 Lasko 755320 Tower Heater

Features | Ceramic tower heater with remote control and digital display

This Lasko heater boasts full digital controls that are easy to use, which alone earns this heater a spot on our list for the best space heater for home office.

Personally, I like my heater some distance away from me so I’m getting evenly disbursed heat, rather than concentrated heat. 

Its features include an adjustable thermostat, widespread oscillation, and an eight-hour timer. 

It has a convenient carry handle on the back for mobility and a slim design so that it can fit nicely in small spaces and tight corners.

For safety, this tower heater features self-regulating ceramic elements, cool-touch housing, and overheat protection.

The heater delivers 1500 watts of heat output, which you can tweak via its two heat settings (high and low).

Many users are satisfied with its performance, but some say the auto shut-off feature isn’t sensitive enough.

white Portable Electric Space Heater#7 KUshopfast Mini Heater

Features | Mini but a mighty energy-efficient heater 

This mini heater looks like a small fan and only weighs 1.6 pounds.

It measures only seven inches in height, so if you plan to place a heater on your desk, this unit certainly fits.

Despite its compact design, it can deliver up to 1000W in high heat.

Additionally, it uses advanced ceramic heating technology, features an adjustable thermostat, and has three modes.

According to most users, this little heater delivers a big punch. Many also like its cute and modern design.

white GAIATOP best Space Heater for home office#8 GAIATOP Energy Efficient Small Space Heater

Features | Uniquely designed heater with removable wooden stand and V-0 fireproof housing

The GAIATOP ceramic heater is an ETL-certified machine with a removable wooden stand and non-slip silicon for added stability.

It has three heat setting modes, a PTC ceramic heating element, and an adjustable thermostat. 

Despite being small, this reliable machine has an excellent heat output, according to most users, which helps it stay on this top 10 list for the best space heater for home office. 

Unfortunately, it isn’t one of the quietest heaters around.

yellow Portable Electric Heater on black leg stands#9 AEscod Portable Electric Heater

Features | Space-saving unit that warms up a 200-square-foot larger space in three seconds

The AEscod heater uses PTC ceramic elements and a high-speed fan to deliver warmth evenly.

It has three heat setting modes that you can operate via its dial system.

Furthermore, this heater has an internal thermostat that adjusts to the temperature of your room for comfortable warmth.

You will also find that it has a carry handle for portability, as well as standard safety features like auto shut-off.

tall black and white heater with remote#10 Lasko Bladeless Space Heater

Features | Bladeless heater with digital touch controls and remote control

What makes this space heater stand out is its bladeless design that will complete any modern home office setup.

To further support its modern design, it comes with an eight-hour timer, automatic thermostat, and a digital control panel.

It is equipped with specially designed heat channels that blend heat with air to deliver uniform and long-range heat output for a larger space.

You can easily wipe the heat channels clean, while the permanent rear filter keeps your heater from collecting debris.

In addition, it comes with a thermal overload protector to prevent overheating.

Lasko’s bladeless heater has a sleek design that fits well into the existing decor of your home office.

Most users say the heater works great and provides plenty of heat for its size. It’s also quiet and is safe for toddlers.

best space heater for home offices

How To Choose the Best Space Heater for Home Office

When it comes to buying a space heater for your home office, there are a few factors you need to consider.


A radiant heater is one of the preferred types of space heaters for home offices because they deliver quick, spot-heating. Other choices are:

    • Ceramic space heaters, which use ceramic plates attached to metal coils that heat up;
    • Fan space heaters, which heat up a metal coil instead of ceramic plates;
    • Infrared heaters, which emit electromagnetic waves into the air and warm up the objects within the room.

Heat Output

When choosing a unit for your home office, remember to check the heater wattage rating.

This number will tell you if the heater is capable of providing enough warmth for the size of your room.

Generally, you need at least 10 watts of power for every square inch of space. So, if your office is 50 square feet, you need a 500W heater. 

Of course, the size of your home office isn’t the only consideration.

Your space heating requirement can vary depending on other factors like your indoor environment and how cold it is in the region you live in.

Essentially, a space heater is only a supplementary source of heat.

Keep in mind that smaller personal heaters often come with smaller wattage.

If you simply want to stay warm in one area, such as your desk, then consider looking for a tabletop model.

If two or more people work in your home office at the same time, then it’s worth investing in the best space heater for home office with a higher wattage.

Basic Safety Features

Safety is a major concern for any home appliance, more so for space heaters.

Low-quality units can easily become fire hazards, so make sure you pick a reliable unit that underwent quality control tests.

To reduce the risk of fires, many manufacturers incorporate safety measures into their space heaters.

Look for models with an auto shut-off feature, which powers the unit off when it overheats or is accidentally tipped or knocked down.

If you have pets or young children at home, look for a space heater that offers plenty of safety features, such as one with no blades.

Always review the instruction and warning labels to ensure safe operation.

Lastly, inspect the machine for any damage or manufacturing defect before plugging it in and turning it on.

Noise Level

Most portable heaters generate noise during operation.

Also, some models are significantly quieter than others, making them much more preferable for a home office.

Radiator-type or non-fan models are usually the quietest space heaters.

Energy Efficiency

Heating appliances usually consume the most electricity.

If you are concerned about your power costs, look for a space heater rated as energy-efficient.

Some units have adjustable thermostats so that you can set the temperature to where you’re most comfortable.

Then, there are others with an ECO mode, which automatically adjusts the setting according to the ambient temperature in your room.

This way, it doesn’t generate excess heat.

There are also space heaters with programmable timers to help minimize power usage.

Also, choosing the right size and type of space heater for your room will help save on power costs.


If you have a small home office, you’d be better off using a spot heater, which warms up your space quickly.

The best models will warm up your room within a few minutes.

Portable space heaters are more advisable for home offices because they are easy to use and carry.

If you feel like working in another area, you can simply bring your compact heater with you.

For larger spaces, you need a bigger unit to achieve the warmth and comfort level you prefer.


Some other extra features to look for are:

    • Thermostat

This component helps maintain a comfortable temperature, so you don’t have to turn the heater on and off as the temperature changes.

Some heaters have a built-in thermostat and multiple output settings to let you conserve energy and control the level of heat.

    • Timer

Another energy-saving feature worth considering is a self-timer.

With this feature, it would be easier to keep track of your heater’s energy consumption.

    • Remote control

Some space heater models come with remote control for convenient and safe operation.

    • Carrying handle

If you like working from room to room, look for a lightweight model with a carrying handle and a secure grip.


A space heater is an economical solution to keeping your home office warm and cozy in the winter.

These machines come in varying styles and sizes, so it’s crucial to find the model that suits your requirements.

Since any heating equipment is tied to risks of fire hazards, you should take time choosing a reliable space heater.

In our opinion, when looking for the best space heater for home office, the most important things to consider are the noise level, energy consumption, heat output, and safety features.

If you got something out of this, we’d be endlessly grateful if you’d share the warmth with those who might need it!


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Best Desktop Computers for Home Office

Best Desktop Computers for Home Office

Best Desktop Computers for Home Office

If you work from home, picking the best desktop computers for home office use should be a priority.

That being said, it’s no easy task. 

Desktop computers come in various models, sizes, and specifications. And for the average Joe, this can get confusing — if you don’t exactly know what to look for.

To help out, we’ve rounded up the 10 best desktop computers for home office use. Whether you’re looking to work from home, or already do, this article will help you grasp a better idea of which desktop computer to buy.

We know you find this list of the best desktop computers for working from home beneficial.

Setting up your home office? Check out these inspirational offices: Best Home Office Setup Ideas.

Best Desktop Computers for Home Office

Dell Inspiron 3880 (Best desktop computer)

Acer Aspire TC-885-NESelecti3 (Best value computer for home office)

CyberPower Gaming Desktop (Best gaming computer for home office)

Lenovo ThinkCentre M720 (Best tiny desktop computer)

Acer Chromebox CXi3 (Top desktop browsing computer)

Acer Aspire Z24-890-UA91 (Best all-in-one computer)

HP Pavilion 24-Inch (Top all-in-one PC for work from home)

Acer Aspire C24-865-UA91 (Most stylish PC for work from home)

Lenovo IdeaCentre A340 (Best compact computer for home office)

HP 21.5-Inch All-In-One (Best all-in-one computer under $500)

This post contains affiliate links and I may be compensated, at no additional cost to you, if you make a purchase after clicking on a link. 

Top Picks - Best Desktop Computers for Home Office

best desktop computers for home office

Dell Inspiron 3880 Desktop

Best desktop computer under $1000

acer aspire best desktop computers for home office

Acer Aspire Z24 All-In-One PC

Best all-in-one computer under $1000

HP best desktop computers for home office

HP 21.5 Inch All-In-One Computer

Best all-in-one computer under $500

Our 10 Best Computers for Working From Home – Full Reviews

Best Desktop Computers Under $1000

best desktop computers for home officeDell Inspiron 3880 Desktop Computer

Features | 10th Gen Intel Core i5 plus solid state drive 

The Dell Inspiron 3880 has amazing performance. It comes with Intel UHD Graphics 630 so you can more easily run a bunch of different apps at the same time and have outstanding graphics. 

This model is smaller than its predecessor, and offers 2 year onsite service after the smart cookies at Dell remotely diagnose the issue.

It comes with Windows 10 Pro which is pretty cool, as this is not a typical bonus. Another reason why this is arguably the best desktop for working from home.


Reviewers have also praised it’s quiet yet efficient performance. It’s not loud like most desktops, so you can enjoy a silent work environment, without being distracted by background noise.

Image of black Acer tower with keyboard and mouseAcer Aspire TC-885-NESelecti3 Desktop

Features | 8th Gen Intel Core processor plus immersive sound. It’s a monumental multitasking machine.

At such a low price for quality, the Acer Aspire may be an option to consider. Powered by 8th Gen Intel processing, this desktop is perfect for any computer task at hand.

From general browsing to complex tasks like photo or video editing, the desktop offers an abundance of storage, power, and speed. Plus, it’s iconic, the sophisticated design adds a touch of elegance to any home office.

Image of the front and side of a cyberpower pc with its lights onCyberPower Gaming Desktop 

Features | 9th Gen Intel Core, Wifi ready, Windows 10 plus it looks cool

While primarily for gamers, the CyberPower desktop is perfect for almost any task you throw at it. Driven by the newest 9th Gen Intel Core processor, you can be sure it won’t slow down your productivity in the middle of a big task. And with 8GB RAM memory, there’s plenty of storage space available for your files.

Slim Black ThinkCentre LenovoLenovo ThinkCentre M720 Tiny Desktop

Features | Available in 16 GB or 8 GB solid-state drive, Windows 10 Pro 

If you’re space-savvy, this desktop may be a great fit. A compact design allows it to sit comfortably on top of any home office desk. But its performance isn’t limited by size. In fact, it delivers the same, if not better, performance than a full-size desktop. Moreover, the tiny desktop is driven by the newest generation of Intel processing. In other words: it offers a fast, reliable computing experience while taking up minimal desk or floor space!

Picture of a black Acer with the chrome logoAcer Chromebox CXi3 Desktop

Features | Runs on Chrome OS, perfect for online work and browsing, great performance

A desktop equivalent to Chromebook, this machine is run via Google’s Chrome operating system. The Acer Chromebox CXi3 is another compact design with great performance. Being super lightweight and weighing only 1.2 lb, this desktop can easily fit onto any desk. It’s so small you can even attach it to the back of your monitor. Still, though, the performance is pretty sound. With an Intel i3 processor, the desktop is able to handle most of your browsing needs. You can switch between numerous tabs at once without any sign of overload.

Best All-In-One Computer Under $1000

Image of Ascer Aspire all-in-one with keyboard and mouseAcer Aspire Z24-890-UA91 All-in-One PC

Features | 9th Gen Intel Core, full HD, wireless keyboard and mouse

If you want a computer that’s affordable, yet classy, check out this all-in-one. Performance-wise, the machine uses the latest 802.11ac wireless. That’s more than fast enough to browse the web, without need for an ethernet cable. 

The display: outstanding. On the exterior, the PC is super thin, bordered by a small bezel that supports a 23.8-inch HD display. You’ll also find an HDMI port at the back, in case you need to attach an additional display.

Best of all, it’s powered by 9th Gen Intel core processing, so it’s perfect for everyday tasks. In terms of all-in-ones, this could be the best home office computer around.

But, keep in mind: some reviewers say you’ll notice a slow-down while doing complex tasks like Photoshop editing.

Picture of black HP all-in-one with keyboard and mouseHP Pavilion 24-Inch All-In-One PC

Features | 512 GB solid-state drive, upgradable memory, awesome touch screen so that you can feel like Ironman

This strikingly designed All-in-One, powered by Hexa-Core 9th Gen core processing, is great for a bug-free experience. It’s also paired with advanced Intel UHD graphics, providing you with fantastic visuals and a performance you can depend on. It has a 10-point touch display for an ultra-responsive touch experience. Its slim profile allows for plenty of desk room, and its solid aluminum stand ensures proper stability while in use. 

White Acer Aspire All-In-One with keyboard and mouseAcer Aspire C24-865-UA91 All-in-One PC

Features | 8th Gen Intel Core, wireless keyboard and mouse, elegant silver

Similar to the Acer Aspire Z24, this all-in-one PC offers a smooth browsing experience. 

Appearance-wise, it produces beautiful, clear visuals. Visuals that can be enjoyed at 1080p resolution on a full HD display. Plus, the addition of 8th Gen Intel core processing is more than enough to carry out tasks, such as using Windows Office or surfing the net. This all-in-one is silver, elegant, and full of style.

Picture of Lenovo all-in-one with keyboard and mouseLenovo IdeaCentre A340

Features | responsive touchscreen, available from 4GB to 32GB, solid-state drive

This all-in-one is powered by 8th Gen Intel core and has a multi-touch display. It comes with Windows 10 and an iPuzzle Mouse Pad. It’s powerful enough for work tasks, light streaming, studying and even light gaming. Reviewers mentioned that it’s light and easy to move about. If you want an extra computer about the house or your work doesn’t require too much space and power, then this is a good option. 

Best All-In-One Computer Under $500

White 21.5 inch HP All-In-One with keyboard and mouseHP 21.5-Inch All-In-One PC

Features | Essential home computer, adjustable tilt stand, attractive design

Although the cheapest computer on the list, it still packs a decent overall performance. The All-in-One has a slim bezel, supported by a tilt stand that you can adjust for viewing preferences. It also has a built-in HD camera that can be switched on or off to ensure privacy.

It’s great for day-to-day tasks, such as browsing, emailing, or sending photos. Some users have complained about speed but apparently connecting via ethernet should solve the issue. If you are on a really strict budget and don’t need major computer power, then this might be a good option. But anything more and I’d opt for one of the computers above, especially for the long-term.

How to Choose the Best Desktop Computers for Home Office

Before you buy a desktop, you need to know which one fits your needs best. Here are a number of factors to look out for so you know how to find the best work from home computer

PC Desktop or All-In-One Computer?

When looking for the best desktop computer for working from home, you’ll need to decide whether you want a desktop or an all-in-one computer.

Of course, each has its own pros and cons. To give you a better picture, here are a few of them:

Advantages of Desktop Computers

    • More powerful. In general, desktop PCs are able to regulate heat consumption more efficiently than an all-in-one PC. So it can run faster for longer.
    • Customizable. Desktop PC’s allow you to customize the internal system. For example, you can add a new graphics card or a more powerful processor.
    • Generally cheaper. Desktops are often cheaper than all-in-one computers. And if you already own a keyboard and mouse, this makes this option even more affordable.

Disadvantages of Desktop Computers

    • Size. Desktops do vary in size. However, most are usually bulky and you have to find a spot to place the tower.
    • Individual costs. Not every desktop PC comes with a keyboard and mouse. For some, you’ll need to buy this separate from the desktop.

Advantages of All-In-One Computers

    • Easy setup: Setup is as simple as 1) placing it on a desk, 2) plugging in the cable, and 3) switching it on! A hassle-free way to get started.
    • Space-saving: Without the need for numerous cables, you have more room to move around the desk. All-in-one PC’s help to keep your workstation decluttered.
Neat home office with an all-in-one desktop computer on the desk.

If you like a decluttered workspace then an all-in-one desktop is a good option

Disadvantages of All-In-One Computers

    • More expensive: An All-in-one ties in every feature into a single machine. However, this makes it costlier compared to desktop computers. 
    • Harder to upgrade: It’s easy to upgrade a desktop, but all-in-one computers don’t share this same advantage. Without the option to upgrade, you may experience slower performance as the years pass.


This goes without saying, but the computer you choose depends on what you can afford. So, before searching for a computer, define a realistic budget. 

Nature of Work

Every person has different tasks involved in their work. Some of us write. Some of us edit photos or videos and others analyze data.

So with this in mind, it’s crucial to pick the best desktop computer for working from home that aligns with your nature of work.

If you are a graphic designer or video editor, consider choosing an all-in-one computer that usually comes with a fairly large screen and full HD. 

If you aren’t a designer and already have a screen, mouse, and keyboard, then a desktop is a good option. It’s also more affordable in many instances plus you can always upgrade or replace the hardware further down the line. 

No matter the nature of your work, at some time or other you might need a printer, find one here in The Best Home Printers for Small Business & Home Use.


It’d be great to have all the space in the world. For most of us, though, space in our home office is limited, so we have to use it wisely. This is one factor that we tend to forget when shopping for the best work from home computer.

If you are short on space then an all-in-one is a good option because it doesn’t have a large tower that needs to be stored somewhere (not to mention all the cables and plugs). Also, if you are still setting up your home office and currently work at the dinner table, then an all-in-one is much easier to move if you need to do so. 

When looking at desktop computers, also consider the space where you’ll store the tower. Is there enough space under your desk or do you need to have it on top of your desk which limits your working surface?

Talking about under the desk, looking for a chair that slides under the desk? Check out our Top 10 Best Home Office Chairs – Choice Made Easy.

Image of a desk with limited workspace and an all-in-one desktop computer

How much desk space do you have? An all-in-one might be a good option if space is limited.

Do you like bringing a bit of fun into your workspace? You might enjoy reading 32 Best Desk Gadgets – Fun & Function for the Home Office. 

Electrical outlets

Along with space, look at electrical outlets. For a desktop, you need to plug in the monitor and the tower. If you have limited outlets, this is something to consider if you want to avoid tripping over extension cords on the floor or using multiple-multi plugs to make enough outlets.

Now you’re aware of what factors to consider, scroll back up and pick out the best work from home desktop computer for your specific needs and circumstances.


It doesn’t matter how kitted out a home office looks. Without the right computer desktop, day-to-day work will feel like an uphill battle.

Before you choose the best desktop computer for home office, make sure you have a rough idea of what type you’re looking for. Define a budget. Check your desk has adequate space. Keep in mind the nature of your work. Then, decide if you want to buy a desktop computer or an All-in-One PC.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If so, we’d greatly appreciate you sharing it with other fellow home workers! It really helps us out.


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