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Desk with a laptop and a monitor.

If you’re a two-screen sort of person, finding the best desk for dual monitors should be at the top of your priority list. After putting up with more ad hoc work setups than I’d care to admit, I’ve accepted that it’s true what people say: creating the right working environment is vital for productivity.

Not sure where to start or what you’re looking for? Relax. Even if you don’t know what a dual monitor desk mount is yet, you’ll be an expert after reading through the picks below.

By the way, if you’re also on the hunt for a chair to go with your dual desk, check out Top 10 Best Home Office Chairs – Choice Made Easy.

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Top 3 Picks – Best Desk for Dual Monitors

How to Choose the Best Desk for Dual Monitors 

Before chucking a load of recommendations at you, I thought it would be sensible to give you a brief understanding of what to look out for. You’re welcome. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of how to separate the terrible from the terrific when it comes to dual monitor desks.


If you’re using two monitors (and if you’re not, why are you still reading this?), you’re going to need a pretty big desk.

Ideally, you should place your screens alongside each other and tilted at a slight angle, around an arm’s length from you. For a full breakdown of how to set up an ergonomic workspace, check out the video below.

Most monitors are at least 20 inches wide, so a desk with a width much below 50 inches is unlikely to cut it. If you also want to take notes or use a third monitor — yes, some people use even more than two monitors! — then an even bigger desk is in order.


It goes without saying that price is a huge factor for most of us. But how much is too much?

Expect to cough up at least $100 for a decent desk; if you’d like a high-quality item, around $250 is more realistic. But, unless you’re hoping for a handcrafted desk that also makes your coffee for you, paying much beyond that is excessive.

Ease of assembly

Most of us don’t give a second thought to putting together the flat-pack furniture we order until it arrives. “I’ll figure it out,” you think to yourself, “I’ve built Lego before, how hard can it be?”

Boy following instructions to build a Lego model.

Ahem…fast forward to the day you open the package, and you’re in tears because the furniture still isn’t assembled after six hours.

If this sounds familiar, you might want to look for an “easy to assemble” option. Otherwise, congratulations on your DIY prowess. Fancy putting my desk up for me next time?

Extra features

Some desks are designed for sitting; others for standing. Some have a fixed height; others are adjustable. 

You’ll even find desks with added storage space or shelving units. Make sure you know which factors are important for you.

If ergonomics is an important factor and you need a chair, you’ll find one in The Best Ergonomic Office Chair Under $300.

How much space do you have for a desk?

Measure out your home office. No, really — take out your tape measure and do it now. How much space do you actually have? There’s no point setting your heart on the perfect desk if you can’t accommodate it.

Great, now you’re ready to find the perfect desk for two monitors that’s right for you.

Our Top 10 Home Office Desks for Two or More Monitors

As I said, there’s something for everyone here. To help you pick out the right desk, you’ll find three categories:

      • Space savers
      • L-shaped desks
      • Standing desks

Space Savers and Budget-Beaters – ideal for small apartments or a small office space

A dark wooden easy-to-assemble desk for dual monitors.Modern Simple Desk

By Cubiker

Features |  Simple study desk with a storage bag to maximize space, color options and sizes

If you want to go for a minimalist approach, this simple style desk should tick all your boxes. It even comes with a handy storage bag to maximize space efficiency.

Unless your monitors are both tiny, the 39-inch option will probably be too small, but the 47.2- and 55.2-inch desks should be perfect for most people

For further customization, you can choose between black, espresso, or natural wood. Oh, and the desk is very easy to assemble.

Dark wooden and metal desk with two monitors.Sturdy Office Desk

By Coleshome

Features |  Sturdy home office desk, multiple sizes

Another great option for minimalists is Coleshome’s sturdy desk. With adjustable leg pads to ensure stability in unstable environments and a tough build, this is a desk to help you weather any storms your work brings.

Again, the 47- or 55-inch sizes are probably most suitable. 

If you combine the desk with a dual monitor desk mount, you can have the best of both worlds: two monitors and space efficiency. 

Sleek black desk with laptop, lamp and booksSleek Black Desk

By Foxemart

Features |  High quality, durable, adjustable leg pads. Also available in 55-inch size.

At just 47.2 inches wide, this Foxemart home office workstation is an obvious choice for the “space savers” category. This is a brand that isn’t even giving you the chance to take up more space than is strictly necessary.

But, if you have more room, these desks look great side-by-side to extend your workspace thanks to their extremely simple design. Have one for your computer and another for taking notes!

It’s also easy to assemble.

White desk with a bookshelf and enough space for dual monitors.Desk with Hutch and Bookshelf

By Tribesigns

Features |  Desk and bookshelf two-in-one. Compact but fits 2 monitors

The Tribesigns desk is another 47-inch space saver, but it also doubles as a bookshelf and a display unit. Not bad!

As if that weren’t enough, you can assemble it in just 20 minutes and the super-thick surface will support all the monitors and books your heart desires. Within reason.

L-Shaped Desks for Two Monitors

Dark wooden L-shaped desk with enough space for two monitors.Round L-Shaped Desk

By AuAg

Features |  Multi-functional comes with a free CP stand

L-shaped desks are a personal favorite since they maximize corner space and look stylish; this round corner desk is no exception. I’m also a fan of the modern, sleek design.

While most companies say their desks are easy to assemble, this one lives up to the claim, with even the most amateur DIY-ers managing the task.

If you’re so inclined, you could even buy a second L-shaped desk to create a U-shaped workspace. Witchcraft!

Large L-shaped desk with a laptop and plantsLarge Beveled Edge Desk 

By Elephance

Features |  Extra spacious, adjustable leg pads, 12-month warranty

For anyone with a decent amount of space to play with, the Elephance L-shaped desk is a good bet. With both sides of the desk 59 inches long, you could probably fit four monitors on this beast if you really wanted to.

Not to mention it’s practical.  The bevel edge ensures the desk will actually fit into the corner of your office, and the adjustable leg pads ensure you won’t need to worry about scratching the floor or facing an unstable surface.

Adjustable L-shaped desk for dual computer monitorsAdjustable L-Shaped Long Desk 

By Bestier

Features |  Can be L-shaped or a long desk, enough space for 2 people

Can’t decide whether you want an L-shaped desk or not? No problem — this Bestier desk is adjustable! Whether you want a desk 95 inches long or one with 59 inches of space in either direction, it’s got you covered.

Built with savvy shoppers like you in mind, it also comes with a free dual monitor stand for the desk and a cable management system. Is that an objectively irresistible offer, or do I need to get out more?

Best Standing Desks for Two Monitors

White electrical height-adjustable desk with two monitors.Electric Adjustable Standing Desk 

By Flexispot

Features |  Sit to stand desk, motor lift system

The list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning some standing desks. They may not be to everyone’s tastes, but the health benefits of standing up when working are undeniable. 

The Flexispot desk doesn’t even restrict you to always standing up, because it’s adjustable. By simply pressing a button, you can lower it down to sitting height and grab your chair — don’t worry, I won’t tell anybody you were being lazy!

However, note that if you’re taller than 6”3, you’ll need to look elsewhere for an ergonomic option.

Standing desk converter for two monitors plus mouse and keyboardBlack Tabletop Workstation


Features |  Height adjustable, fits on any table, large enough for 2 monitors

There are two ways to approach standing desks: you can buy an entire desk or opt for an add-on to convert your regular desk into a standing desk. If you prefer the second option, consider this Vivo standing desk converter.

You can adjust its height within 32 inches, so you can also use it while you’re sitting. Why not pair it with one of my picks for minimalist or L-shaped desks?

You’ll be relieved to know there’s almost no assembly involved, either.

Electrical standing desk converter with two monitorsElectrical Desk Riser

By Stand Steady

Features |  Electrical standing desk converter, integrated phone/tablet holder

The Stand Steady FlexPro Hero Power desk is similar to #9 but even fancier. It’s not just a desk converter — it’s also electric and comes with some impressive features.

The built-in wireless phone charging means you won’t need to worry about pesky cables interrupting the Feng Shui of your workplace, and there’s even a cable management system to deal with other wires.

There’s also a media holder slot to safely display your table and ample space for anything else you might need, from essentials like a keyboard to your trusty coffee mug.

Decision Time: Which Dual Monitor Desk Is for You?

At this point, you’re probably realizing that finding the best desk for dual monitors is harder than you thought. So, have a good think about how much space you need and which features are important to you. The option to stand up? A hidden bookshelf?

With any luck, you’ve already found your dream desk and are itching to order it. If so, please share this article with others so they can share your excitement. Happy shopping!


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