Where to Find the Best Editing Jobs from Home & Freelance Editing Jobs

Do you ever notice on social media, pictures and posts of successful people who earn a living with their stay at home jobs? I bet you do. We all do.

Wouldn’t everyone want to learn how to earn money online in order to create a more comfortable life for themselves?

It might not always be a piece of cake, and you’ll constantly have new things to learn, but growing and sharpening skills in a profession like editing would be fulfilling to no end.

Stay at home jobs have the main advantages of cutting out the commute and the stress of being on someone else’s clock, making the call on how you organize your work schedule, and in a freelance capacity, which jobs you will take and which ones you won’t.

If you have a keen eye for detail, editing might be a great choice. Maybe you want to help an author launch a better book, make a magazine successful or a video more attractive. Editing can be any of those, or a lot more.

By the end of this blog post you’ll have a much better understanding about:

    • The different types of editing that you can do from home and the work involved
    • How much editors can make
    • Some pointers to help you work out how to become an editor
    • Some options for copy editor courses and video editing courses
    • Where to find the best editing jobs from home and freelance editing jobs

Equipped with all that information you’ll understand much more about which type of editing appeals to you, how to become an editor and where you can find work from home editing jobs.

Before we dive straight into it, have you checked out our blogs on ‘How to Start a Successful Blog‘ and ‘How to Become a Freelance Writer‘? If you’re in the writing space then you’ll definitely find some value in them. 

Ok, now let’s get into it!


An editor makes publishing plans by deciding what should and shouldn’t be included in a magazine, on a website, and so on, in order to make it valuable and attractive in the eyes of the audience.

As an editor you review content that’s submitted to you by others who produce it. Most of all, you’ll improve it by working on its accuracy and structure in order to make it fit the picture and portray the message you want to convey.

If you’re looking for a specific editor job description, you’ll find many based on the various streams of editorship you pursue.

Let’s take a look at a few types of editors…

Book editor

One of the work from home editing jobs which you can choose is book editing. This is probably one of the most common options that comes to people’s minds.

If you love books, it’s probably the best option. You won’t just be giving advice on ways in which a text can be improved, your editing can also impact which book gets published and which doesn’t. But wouldn’t it feel great to help a new author with great potential get their art on the market!

On one hand your client is the author, who wants to make sure his or her book is beautifully done and can become successful. On the other hand, you might collaborate with publishing houses, and they may expect you to actively search for writers who fit their needs.

Magazine editor

You can also find freelance editing jobs as a magazine editor. Although similar to the previous job in ways of working with written content, the amount will come in smaller batches in the form of articles.

A magazine editor job description will definitely include making an article fit perfectly with adjoining photos in order for them to create an amazing story suitable for the publisher’s theme.

editor job description

It’s not uncommon for you to be the one deciding on topics either, and invite authors to submit related work.

Furthermore, you’ll have to make sure that different articles fit well together as a whole. Your main clients will most likely be publishing companies for online and printed magazines and newspapers. Funny how only some printed magazines used to be online, but now some online magazines are printed (while others have worked out it’s not worth their time and energy in this day and age… oh how the times are a changin’ haha).

Fashion editor

This option might show up amongst freelance editing jobs too. As with the previous category, your collaborators will also be magazines and websites.

Your job will be to work with designers, both companies and individuals. When they’re the ones approaching you because they want their brands promoted, they become clients. Either way, you’ll need to be aware of present trends and make sure the magazine you’re taking care of respects them. It’s the only way to sell.

This won’t only involve looking at pictures of accessories and clothes, and picking the ones that look best. Your fashion editor job description will also include checking the written content attached to them to make sure it comprises a proper description or review.

Video editor

Even if this will be the only editor job description on this list that doesn’t relate to writing, being a video editor is fun too. Wouldn’t you like to know you’ve giving the finishing touch to an award-winning movie? Oh, I bet that sounds exciting!

You’ll have to be good friends with technology and video editing software. Other than films, you’ll get to work on commercials or TV shows too, putting the pieces together, adding some great songs on the background and cutting out redundant parts.

Who will be the clients requiring your services? Well, it can be anyone, including movie producers, marketing companies, YouTube influencers or perhaps music video producers.

what is an editor

Personally I’ve hired freelancers looking for freelance editing jobs to help me edit and upload my educational videos to YouTube for a previous channel of mine, which freed up time for me to produce more content to help more people.

Literary editor

Being a literary editor can be part of the home based jobs category too. It comprises and combines everything related to texts, starting with the way they look and ending with the way they’re understood.

That means you’ll need to have great grammar skills in order to make sure the text doesn’t break basic language rules. You will deal with text structure with the aim of cutting out any unnecessary repetition or superfluous details. You’ll make footnotes to help writers change their content according to your requirements. Lastly, you’ll check sources and citations to ensure information accuracy.

Your clients will vary in literary freelance editing jobs. They might be authors paying for your services to increase the quality of their work. They might be magazines looking for someone to deal with their articles, do reviews and literary criticism.

Copy editor

Another choice on this list of stay at home jobs is becoming a copy editor. Although it’s close to those previously described, in this case you’ll just work with authors, they are the client.

Authors come to you for a detailed, thorough opinion regarding their work. You’ll go over grammar with them, punctuation, typos, repetitions, fact checking, you name it. It’s not just books, it’s anything that contains text. It can be a blog article, a flyer or a commercial broadcast.

All that matters is making it ready for publishing, for meeting the eyes of the public.


Since you’re here because you’re curious about ways to earn money online, you’ll probably want to know about pay rates for freelance editing jobs as well. I would want to be sure of my chances of putting bread on the table.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics’ website, the average wage for editors in 2018 was $59,000. It varied between $31,000 and $110,000, depending on experience, and probably field of work too.

Apart from being a place suitable for job search, Indeed.com also offers insights related to salaries in various domains. For instance, the average copy editor salary in the United States is presently, in 2019, over $16 per hour based on 775 salaries. As a video editor, on the other hand, you’ll get around $17.5 per hour based on 278 salaries.


Obviously asking for enormous rates when you’re at the beginning of this path might not work out too well. Slowly increasing them as you go, while building a successful portfolio would be a great strategy to make success of your editing job from home.


Probably, you’ve figured out by now which one of the categories discussed earlier best suits your tastes and skills. If so, now’s the time to find out HOW to become an editor.

Home based jobs have loads of advantages, some of which mean starting and running a small business as well, even if you’re the only ‘employee’. It’s the same with freelance editing jobs, however fortunately, with freelance editing jobs you won’t need to make any huge investments.

Tips & Strategies – How to Become a Freelance Editor

Here are some tips and strategies to help you work out how to become a freelance editor.

Tech – make sure to own a decent computer that’s fast. Even though working within word processors doesn’t take much processing power, you’ll be doing lots of different online and offline activites, so having a computer that adds even just a fraction of a second to every process adds up over the course of a day and a week. Plus working on a slow computer is outright frustrating. Same goes with slow internet!

Online Presence – You should set up a website. You can start with a plain, free, blog-based one, but purchasing your own domain is affordable and could prove worthy in the long run. Also, learn how to take advantage of everything social media has to offer. Promote yourself with quality posts and test out paying a bit for Facebook or Google advertising.

Resume – Update your resume, set up accounts on freelance websites and go directly to the websites of publishing companies. Work from home editing jobs are fairly easy to find and I’ll give a few hints on that too, later.

Profile and Portfolio – Make sure you describe everything you know how to do, both in your profiles, and when sending offers over to clients. If you have a favorite type of editing, focus on that one. If someone sees you as a specialist in the field where they need help, you’re far more likely to be hired than if you’re a generalist. Setting up a portfolio is also useful, as you can share your best work samples there.

Offer – Sometimes offering a tiny piece of free service will make it hard for prospective clients to not test your services. Especially in the beginning, while building experience, you can offer editing a couple of pages for free which will also help you to check your compatibility with a client. Don’t make it a normal thing though. Only offer it to someone who’s genuinely interested but a bit hesitant for some reason, and make sure it’s just a small, bite sized chunk that you’d be happy to do.

Upskill – I won’t harp on about my previous “fail” because I was too stubborn to take a course in this section. I’ll leave that for this next section on copy editing courses online and video editing training courses.


In case you need a bit more detailed information on how to become an editor, there are always online courses you can take. These can prove to be quite useful and, as I’ve given you more general information, they will go deeper into the secrets of success for your chosen trade.

As I mentioned earlier, I ran a YouTube channel, which for the year that I worked on it took a lot of my time. Between thinking of video ideas, creating the content, filming, editing, uploading, optimizing, and doing it all again and again, it took heaps of time.

After one year I wasn’t getting the engagement and the number of subscribers that I’d hoped for, simply because I thought I could learn it all myself. That was my biggest take away which took it from a failure to a great lesson.


Nowadays, if there’s something I want or need to learn I don’t waste my time. As I’m sure you appreciate, time is your most precious resource that you’ll never get back. Instead I find someone who has achieved what I want to achieve and I take their course and implement what I learn, and I sincerely encourage you to do the same.

There are some really good copy editing courses out there. We’ve found a couple, some on Udemy that have high ratings based on plenty of reviews, and some that are offered via private websites, so it’s difficult getting genuine reviews for these courses. That being said, they appear to be professionally run sites.

Check out these copy editing courses online:

Editing Mastery: How To Edit Writing To Perfection – This course has probably the highest rating on Udemy for copy editing based on over 1800 reviews which is a great sign. This course focusses on the process of editing text. One of the more recent reviews noted:

“… very nicely and clearly presented. The examples and demonstration of the process are very helpful, and encouraging… The organizational steps for editing are very helpful.” 4.5 stars.

Kickstart a Freelance Editor & Proofreader Career on Upwork – I chose this course because, not only does it have a high rating based on over 250 ratings, but also because it appears to be a good copy editing course for people with their sights on freelance editing jobs.

Poynter & ACES Certificate in Editing – The Poynter Institute has teamed up with ACES – The Society for Editing, offering several copy editing courses online including this course for a more beginner level editor, and this comprehensive editing program for more advanced level editors.

Writer’s Digest – Copyediting Certification Course – This online course covers a great range of topics including phrases and clauses, sentence structure and form, paragraph structure and form, tools of the trade, news editing and book editing amongst others.

In case text is not your thing, a video editing course might come in handy. These courses are more specific to the editing software you use, however if you’re using Adobe Premier Pro there are a couple of really highly rated Udemy video editing training courses.

Check out these online video editing training courses:

Premiere Pro CC for Beginners: Video Editing in Premiere – This bestseller is highly rated with over 9,800 reviews at the time of writing this blog. With loads of practice exercises throughout the course, this will be a learn-by-doing type of course. The best way to learn in my opinion.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Learn Video Editing In Premiere Pro – This course is also rated very highly based on over 1,000 reviews. It is another beginner level course, however this one seems to have quite a bit less in terms of on-demand video, articles and downloadable resources, so maybe it’s more condensed, maybe it just covers less but really well. Either way, worth checking out.


Now, where can you find online editing jobs? Here is a list of websites and companies to start:


This is a great site because it offers trustworthy work from home editing jobs for all skill levels. As a beginner that’s good news. You’ll have control over your time, with their part-time and full-time filtering options. They have a small subscription fee, but they connect you with trusted employers, offer CV reviews, skill tests and other benefits.


Domainite is a company that deals with web design and online marketing. They regularly hire proofreaders and don’t ask for any previous experience, which makes it a great starting place. You only need to pass their sample test, which is included in the application form.


Upwork is a reliable freelancer website, where you can find freelance editing jobs and choose your preferred type of subscription. The awesome thing about this one is that it even helps you with taxes, so how cool is that?



This company focuses on work from home editing jobs related to the academic field, for helping students. It offers a choice for a few other languages besides English too.


This is another great place for freelance editing jobs. This one limits your number of job applications in the beginning and won’t let you apply to anything you want. The secret: make a proper description, including all your skills. Fiverr will know which projects to match you with.

TCK Publishing

TCK gives you the chance to work with books! Either fiction or nonfiction, you’ll regularly find online editing jobs on their website. Here you could try to take on bigger projects and play a role in publishing someone’s amazing manuscript. Imagine seeing a book on a shelf in a bookshop and being able to say ‘I was instrumental in that book being published’. How satisfying!


Indeed is a huge job market, although not entirely focused on home based jobs. Even so, you’ll likely be able to find remote work there as well. You might even have employers from a different continent which would be fun. You could call yourself a ‘global editor’, or an ‘editor of the world’ hahaha.


This company which offers its services to authors who speak English as a second language and helps them get their manuscripts published. Remember that idea about helping fresh writers start their career?


No prizes for guessing, this site is what its name suggests, and you’ll definitely find freelance editing jobs there. Usually, the competition is pretty high, but once you’ve built a reputation things start running pretty smoothly.


Our last entry on this list, at least for today, is yet another website filled with freelance editing jobs. It’s easy to use and you can take on projects payed by the hour, by milestone, by task or even recurrent.


We have no doubt that you’re now more confident about your knowledge surrounding work from home editing jobs and freelance editing jobs.

We’ve covered the different types of editing, how much editors make, pointers to help you work out how to become an editor and some options for copy editor courses and video editing courses.

We’ve also filled you in on where to find the best editing jobs from home and freelance editing jobs, so now you’re ready to earn money online and take steps forward towards that dream career.

Remember, patience is key to success, and growing in your field can seem slow sometimes. Don’t worry, you’ll get there. You’ll be working on the beach in no time.

We would be endlessly thankful if you would share this blog with anyone and everyone that you think could benefit from it. Thank you and have a great day!

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