25 Best Office Gifts For People Who Work From Home

Forget socks, the standard box of chocolates, or a bottle of wine for Christmas this year. Instead, check out this brilliant list of gifts for people who work from home. 

We’re sure they’ll help your family and friends Love Work at Home 😉

This year has flown by at lightning speed and, although we’re only in August, the end of the year is rapidly approaching.

Before we know it, it will be the season for giving… the time when all plans to buy the “perfect gift for everyone” dismally fail and we head to our standard “go-to” gifts: socks… soap-on-the-rope… chocolate, and a bottle of vino for the “I-have-no-idea-what-to-give-them” relatives. 

But, in the words of Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings

“A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day.”

This year, it will be different. As veteran work-from-homers, we’ve spent some time ambling through the virtual shelves and have come up with a wish list of gifts for people who work from home (aka we would love to get these under the tree or even a birthday gift for ourselves). So without further ado or quotes… charge…!

Larpers charging

Under $25 Gifts For People Who Work From Home

We have a few gifts for home office that are less than $25 dollars. Nobody likes getting socks every year, no matter how much they grin and go: “Soooockssss…thanks… I really need these.” Choose one of these home office gifts instead.

Cool office gifts - kinetic art balance toysCool Desk Gadgets – Kinetic Art Balance Toys

If you were fascinated by the standard Newton’s Cradle that sat on your local family GP’s desk, then you’ll love this. It’s perfect for the “gadget man or gal” in your family and makes a great gift for anyone. 

Why we love it – There is a whole range of these desk gadgets. They are mesmerizing and are perfect for giving the eyes a break from the computer screen. We would definitely rate this as one of the cool office gifts on this list. 

Users loved – The sturdiness and quality. Great entertainment for the whole family and they rated it as a great gift for all ages.

Porcelain tea mug makes a great home office giftPorcelain Tea Mug For Tea Lovers

“Tea is liquid wisdom.” – Anonymous

Most home office gift ideas include a coffee mug or two, but not that much for tea lovers. Start the day with some liquid wisdom infused in this beautiful tea mug. With 12 different colors, these mugs can be the new socks for everyone.

Why we love it – No need to bring out a teapot or tea strainer, the mug has a built-in infuser and a lid to keep your tea warm. 

Users loved – Raved about this tea mug. With 7,935 global ratings with an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars, this is one of our best gifts for home office and tea lovers.

Improve your posture in your home office with a yoga ball chairYoga Ball Chair To Strengthen the Posture and Core

We all know that sitting for hours on end in a chair can wreck your back and your health. Give someone the gift of health with a yoga ball chair as one of the more practical office gifts.

Why we love it – The quality of this ball is excellent. Plus it comes with a pump as well as a poster to keep you inspired. 

Users loved – Users loved the quality and rated it higher quality-wise than the best sellers.

A desk protector with a laptop and tablet - a great gift for home officeElegant Desk Protector

Cancel the need for a mousepad, writing pad, and a tablecloth. This desk protector is big enough to accommodate a laptop, a tablet, phone, and more. If you need inspiration for gifts for people who work from home that are more practical, look no further.  

Why we love it – It can be used as a mousepad, writing pad, it’s waterproof and portable. Comes in a variety of colors and is a great gift for someone who might have to use the dining room table as an office desk.  

Users loved – The anti-slip feature that keeps laptops and things from sliding around. They also liked the clean look and elegance of this product.

Memory foam slippers make a comfy gift for home officeMemory Foam Slippers That are Good For Your Sole

Keep the feet comfy and warm with these memory foam slippers. Available in a variety of bright colors, these slippers are one of our comfiest gifts for people who work from home. 

Why we love it – Working in your slippers… say no more. We love the colors and the comfort. 

Users loved – Loved the comfort of these slippers. “The most comfortable house slippers I have ever owned!” 

Under $50 Gifts For People Who Work From Home

If you’re looking for practical office gifts for under $50, we have a few that you might like and if the gift receiver works from home, they’ll love them.

A desk organizer is a practical gift for officeDesk Organizer with Adjustable Pen Holder, Pencil Cup, Phone stand, and more

Everyone likes to feel organized… but staying organized is a totally different ball game if you have a home office. No more with this adjustable desk organizer that you can customize. The little holders are held by magnets and you can rearrange the configuration countless times. 

Why we love it – Super practical to keep things tidy and organized plus it doubles up as something to do during a long meeting or phone call instead of doodling. 

User’s loved – The quality of this organizer and pretty much everything about this product. “Love everything about this! If you’re looking for something sleek, nifty, and offers great organization this is definitely for you!”

Foldable footrest to put under the home office deskFoldable Storage Footrest That Doubles Up as Storage

Why wait for the end of the day to put your feet up? This foldable footrest is a perfect home office gift for those who put in long hours. Plus it doubles up as storage if needed. 

Why we love it – It’s foldable and can be packed away if not needed. We love the fact that you can store extra stuff in it and that it can fit under the desk. 

User’s loved – The quality and practicality of this product.

A great home office gift for her - motivational plantsMotivational Desk Plant Set

If you’re looking for a home office gift for her, look no further. Surprisingly life-like, these artificial plants don’t require any TLC. Plus, you can assemble them yourself with stickers that motivate and inspire you.

Why we love it – It’s a bit of DIY – You have to assemble the plant and add the stickers. It’s motivational and you can arrange the plants as you please.

You can also change the stickers to keep yourself motivated or just need a change. 

User’s loved – The quality of the pots, plants, stones, and stickers. Cute and pretty!

Charging lamp for the officeEye-Friendly Desk Lamp with Charging Port, Timer, and More

Another one of the cool gifts for the office, this LED lamp is multifunctional and can charge your phone and other equipment at the same time. You can also adjust the brightness levels and lighting modes.  

Why we love it – It’s neat and cares for the eyes. We also love the fact that it’s multifunctional and eliminates the need to have too many cables and chargers lying around. 

User’s loved – The multifunctionality of this lamp and the fact that it doesn’t take up too much room.

This under desk heater is a great gift for people who work from homeUnder Desk Heater

While things start heating up weather-wise for those of us who live in the Southern Hemisphere over the festive season, for those who live in the North, it can start to get chilly! Stay warm and toasty with this compact heater that’s small enough to fit under a home office desk. 

Why we love it – It’s compact enough to fit under a desk but powerful enough to keep you warm. We also like the safety features – it has a tip-over switch that will shut off the unit if it tips forwards or backward. 

User’s loved – It’s powerful and can comfortably heat an office without taking up too much space. Small but mighty!

Under $100 Gifts For People Who Work From Home

For under $100, you can get quite a few gifts for home office. Here are 5 that made it to our list, but, trust us, virtual window shopping can be addictive and these might just trigger off a whole lot of home office gift ideas for you.

Keep your Apple gadgets fully charged for the officeWireless Charging Stand from Geekera 3-in-1 For Apple Lovers

We love gadgets that are multifunctional, save space, and look cool. This wireless charging stand from Geekera is top of the list for cool gifts for the office.

Like quite a few of our favorite gifts for people who work from home, it’s multifunctional. You can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and Airpods all at the same time. It’s compact and looks great too. 

What we love – It caters to a number of iPhone models, Air Pods, and iWatches. You can also charge your phone horizontally or vertically. Great if you want to catch up on your favorite series or listen to your favorite YouTube channel — like this one

Users loved – The fact that it’s almost a ⅓ of the price for a genuine Apple product. It’s also super easy to charge your phone and other Apple products and saves space.

Dual Monitor standsDual Monitor Stand – Height Adjustable

Home offices can sometimes be short on space. Save desk space and clutter with these height-adjustable dual monitor stands. 

Although one of the more practical gifts for people who work from home, these dual monitor stands are great if you usually have a second monitor propped up on a stack of books or a box of sorts. It also helps eliminate clutter on your desk. 

If your family member or friends share a desk, they too can look like these guys!

What we love – It’s height-adjustable and completely customizable for the best ergonomic positioning.

User’s loved – The fact that it’s fairly easy to put together. (Trust us, these things can be complicated!) It can easily hold two monitors and as one reviewer said, it’s: “Perfect for a work-from-home kit.”

Wall art for the home officePersonalized Wall Art

Festive celebrations aren’t the same if you don’t throw in the odd cheesy gift. Brighten up any home office with personalized wall art. 

From family pics to the favorite pooch, these custom canvas prints will make a great home office gift and will be sure to bring a smile to all.

What we love – Art can be tricky as not everyone has the same taste. A favorite photograph of a special memory or even a cheesy one… is sure to be a hit. 

User’s loved –  Almost everything about this product… except for one guy who sent in a photograph of his girlfriend’s favorite dog and got back a canvas of an old guy on a horse. But, that being said, with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars and over 1, 868 global ratings… that’s not bad and most customers were delighted!

Stay cook with this home office fanHome Office Fan

Now something for those of us who don’t experience snowy festive celebrations….an oscillating tower fan with fresh air ionizer… this is a “cool” office gift for those who work from home. 

What’s an air ionizer? I’m glad you asked, in a nutshell, it helps to freshen the air. It’s also portable, so if the kitchen is the office for the day, you can set it up easily. 

What we love – It’s not the traditional fan shape that takes up space. It can easily fit in a corner.  It’s also very quiet so you don’t sound like you’re in a wind tunnel on Zoom calls.

User’s loved – The quietness of the fan, the portability, and the remote control.

The Shiatsu neck massager is a great gift for home office.Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

After a long day’s work in the home office, there’s nothing quite like a good massage. This Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager will help alleviate neck stiffness, muscle soreness and promote relaxation.

What we love – It’s fairly big and wraps around one. You can sit back, put your feet up and relax. It also warms your neck and shoulders.  

User’s loved – The massage action that feels like someone massaging your neck. They also loved the heat. The only pointer they made is that this massager needs to be plugged in. Also, quite a few moms got these as gifts!

Under $150 Gifts For People Who Work From Home

Now for the more expensive office gift ideas. For under $150 you can really spoil someone with an amazing gift that will not only help them be more productive but will also help them create a home office they love working in.

Vintage Tripod Floor Lamp for office ambianceDecoluce Vintage Tripod Floor Lamp

Create an ambiance in any home office with this vintage tripod floor lamp. It emits a soft warm glow and brings warmth to any space. It’s perfect for those who have a vintage-style home office. 

What we love – It’s one of our favorite gifts for people who work from home on this list. It looks cool and will bring an amazing vibe to any office. 

Users loved – The warm glow that it brings and the fact that you can angle the light. Users who loved this the most were looking for a home decoration more than an actual lamp.

This home office desk makes a practical home office giftComputer Desk with Storage Shelves

This is the perfect home office gift for someone who wants to turn a space into their ideal work-from-home office. 

Many folk who transition to working from home, often start by working at the kitchen table. But the time eventually comes when having a specific home office or a dedicated space for work becomes important if not essential. This computer desk with storage shelves is a great gift for anyone who wants to set up their office space. 

What we love – It’s compact enough to fit into a corner or area of a room but large enough for two monitors. We also love the storage!

User’s loved – The sturdiness and the storage space. They also loved the space to fit dual monitors. It’s also fairly easy to put together. 

A home office swivel chair is a perfect gift for home officeHigh-Back Executive Swivel Office Desk Chair

Bring a touch of elegance and class to someone’s home office with this high-back executive swivel office desk chair. 

Available in Stunning White, Brick Red, Classic Black, and Generous Grey, there’s a color for any space and makes an ideal home office gift.

What we love – The elegant look that brings a professional air to any space. 

Users loved – The design, the sleekness, and the quality. It’s also easy to assemble.

The Jabra Speak 510 is compact and portableJabra Speak 510 – Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

One of the beauties about working from home is that you can literally hold meetings anywhere. Care to have a Zoom call in the yard…. no problem with the Jabra 510 wireless Bluetooth speaker. 

What we love – We use this ourselves and highly recommend it. The sound is clear and it’s easy to set up. 

User’s loved – The clear sound and lack of echo. They loved the ease of use and that it’s literally “plug and play.”

Instamax mini smartphone printerFujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer

With over 12,000 5-star reviews, you know this home office gift is a winner.  You can print photos easily from your smartphone via the Instax Mini link app.  You can also add filters and frames to your photos. Print in 12 seconds and it takes approximately 90 seconds to develop the photograph after printing.

What we love – It’s compact and so useful. It’s also available in a number of colors. You can also print photos from your videos which is great for those of us who struggle to take great photos!

User’s loved – The fact that you can select the photographs from your phone and not waste film on photos as what would happen with the old Instax cameras. They also loved the quality of the photos.

Under $250 Gifts For People Who Work From Home

Last but not least, these gifts for people who work from home are perfect for the festive season but are also great for birthday presents or any other occasion. Although on the high-end budget-wise, they are worth the investment. We totally get it if you buy one of these as a gift for yourself!

Fill your home office with smell of coffee with this SMEG coffee machine.SMEG Retro Coffee Machine with Timer 

Coffee lovers unite! This SMEG Retro Cofee Machine works as well as it looks. It has a timer that is extremely precise and keeps the coffee piping hot. It also has a 10 cup capacity. Available in a number of colors, it makes a great home office gift. 

Why we love it – You can set the timer, being German, it’s very precise. You can wake up to the smell of coffee in the morning. One of our LWAH team members has about 3 coffee machine brands at home… the reason being is that they all taste like plastic. This one is the first one that does not. 

Users loved – The design, though some found the logo a bit gaudy. Most loved the coffee!

Mobile standing desk - a practical office giftMobile Standing Desk

A great option if you’re looking for home office gift ideas that are practical. This mobile standing desk is height adjustable and is on wheels. It’s great if your home office space is in a shared space such as a lounge or spare bedroom. It can be rolled out of the way when not needed. 

Why we love it – Standing desks are great and do make a difference in your health, both physically and mentally. We like the fact that it has shelves and is large enough for a laptop and monitor. 

User’s loved – The space and the fact that you can adjust it to your needs. Some customers also liked the fact that it was on wheels.

Under desk bike pedal exerciserDeskCycle2 – Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

While we’re on the theme of gifts that improve health, this Under Desk Bike is a great way to help someone “fit” more exercise into their day. 

What we love – It’s small enough to fit under your desk and has adjustable settings. You can sit and pedal while working… it’s a little easier than an under-the-desk treadmill. 

User’s loved – The smooth pedaling and the fact that it’s quiet. They do recommend following the instructions to build up your resistance. As one reviewer said, “It’s a great workout while working!”

A home office rug for a comfy office spaceHome Office Rug

A beautiful rug can bring warmth and comfort to your home office. Plus if you need to take a power nap, there’s nothing quite like stretching out on a rug in the sun between calls. 

Why we love it – It brings a bit of “home” into the home office. It’s stain-resistant and can be easily washed. Being an indoor/outdoor rug, it’s a little bit more robust which makes it perfect for a home office. 

User’s loved – The good value for the price. It’s stain resistance and durability.

Convertible couch for your office space at homeConvertible Sofa for Home Office

Last but not least, if you know someone who has converted the spare room into their home office and now has a bed pushed up against the wall, give them this convertible sofa instead.  

Not only is it elegant, but it’s also very practical and can bring a professional feel to any home office.  

Why we love it – It has a sleek design and can turn any spare room into an office space or home office into a spare room. It’s a great spot for kids to lie and read while you’re working. Our kids love hanging out in our home office. 

User’s loved – The versatility of the couch and the great quality. It’s not for heavier people, but great if you have a small space that you want to use for a bedroom and an office.

Let’s Wrap it Up

So there you have it… 25 home office gifts that are great for people who work from home. No matter your budget, you’re bound to find something in this list of home office gift ideas that those who love work at home will simply love. We hope this helps to inspire you and we’d be ever so grateful if you shared it. 


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