Home Office Sets To Make Your Home Office Complete

Whether it’s for the modern home, the executive of the house, or smartly converting a small space into a useful place, there are home office sets suitable for every person and every space.

When it comes to choosing an office desk set for your home office, a little reflection on our top 4 considerations could be the difference between disappointment and sheer delight. 

So let’s dive into it!

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A home office furniture set is made up of any 2 or more pieces of furniture that match. 

A set will typically include a desk, filing cabinet and bookcase, but can also include furniture like a desk hutch, desk return, credenza, second bookcase, chair, storage cube, conference table or any other matching piece of office furniture.

A set isn’t a set until it has at least 2 pieces. So technically speaking it can be a 2 piece set up to a 6 piece or more set. Six piece is about the most we’ve seen, but what’s to stop you from adding more and more as you see fit? Nothing – go nuts!


You’re reading this… that’s a great start!!! If your first step in choosing the best home office set for your needs is to hit the online retailers, you’d be destined for failure. 

There’s plenty to consider because your home office needs to cater practically to your unique daily work activities, be an environment that inspires productivity and is a haven that you look forward to working in each day. 

The top 4 considerations that will guide you to the best home office set for your needs are location, layout, design and comfort/ergonomics.


Distance yourself from distraction – working in the living room or near the kitchen is a great idea if your business magically thrives on family member interruptions and 20 more cups of tea or coffee than you don’t need. 

If private space is out of the question, consider putting up a screen or getting a home office set with a bookshelf that can be used as a noise wall


Once you’ve got a home office location, you’ll be able to see the space you’ve got to work with. 

Experts recommend that the most efficient use of space is utilizing an L-shape or U-shape home office layout. 

Also, using corners for office setups is clever as it takes up less room and keeps everything in easy reach.

An L-shaped home office set can be laid out in a corner like this:

Or away from a corner like this:

A U-shaped home office set demands a decent sized space even when placed against a wall or in a corner. This is why it’s uncommon to see a U-shaped set placed away from walls. To give you an idea, this is what the layout looks like when the set is against a wall:

And this is a typical way to place a U-shaped set in a corner:

Follow these layout steps to guide you to the best home office set for your needs:

1. List the furniture you’ll need – taking into consideration the work spaces you need for your work activities, how much and what sort of storage you need, which pieces of equipment need their own home etc.

2. Measure up – home office sets aren’t like chess pieces – you can’t just pick them up and move them around willy nilly. To save time and energy, draw up your home office location with dimensions, then draw a few mock layouts with the various pieces of furniture from step 1. Start with your desk and fit things in around that.


3. Finalize the layout and the list of furniture, then check out our home office furniture set recommendations below and the various online stores that stock sets specifically. 


Your home office furniture set should complement the interior design throughout the rest of your house. For example, if your kitchen and living spaces are modern, going for the classic old-style executive furniture set is going to look a little out of place.

Good design is finding the right balance between form and function. When looking at furniture that takes your fancy, consider your workflow, what equipment and accessories you have and what you need within reach. 

That being said, sometimes balance needs to swing more towards what excites you over what serves you. You don’t want a well functioning home office that feels like the cookie cutter cubicle you’ve so skilfully escaped!

A few quick design tips:


Maintaining a clean and tidy space reduces stress, so ensuring that your home office furniture set includes a bookcase, filing cabinet, and sufficient drawers is the way to go.

Invest in a great chair. Some furniture sets come with chairs, some don’t. Either way, you probably spend hours parked in it so make it comfortable, height adjustable and able to swivel. 

It should support your back and prevent you from leaning back as this is ergonomically no bueno. 

I haven’t yet seen an office furniture set that doesn’t have a desk. The desk is like the heart of the home office. 

When choosing your office desk set, ensure the desk is at a comfortable working height for you. If you’re security conscious or your documents need to be stored ‘in confidence’, consider lockable drawers.

Need some desk inspiration, check out our Top 10 Best Home Office Desks for Every Home Office.

Now that we’ve discussed what a home office furniture set is and how to choose the best one for you and your working needs, let’s look at 3 options in each category of modern, executive and small home office spaces.


Heyworth Configurable Office Set

The consensus with the Heyworth configurable office set was that it’s definitely sturdy. Flimsy and Heyworth are two words that don’t go together at all.

It can be frustrating trying to get your new set assembled if the instructions aren’t great or things simply don’t align, however most users noted that it was pretty easy to assemble. That being said, some complained about pre-drilled holes not being in the right spot, however this was a solvable issue.

The Heyworth configuration aspect also extends to the credenza which has several adjustable shelves.

This set comes with a 10 year warranty.


Bestar U-Shaped Desk

The Bestar U-Shaped Desk is a sturdy piece of furniture, or more accurately a few large pieces of furniture combined to make a very nice home office centrepiece.

Some people were surprised at the weight of the boxed up desk on arrival, which pays testament to the solid materials used for this U-shaped desk.

This desk suits most aptly sized home offices as it has both left and right configurations.

One user was pleasantly surprised with the rubber flap connected to the back wall of the shelf portion as it worked well for organizing cables and chargers.

Despite various users assembly difficulties, the general consensus is very positive.


Cynthia Rowley Home Office Set

In the modern home office sets category, this Cynthia Rowley home office set definitely takes home the style award.

If you’re looking for a desk that doubles as a showpiece, look no further.

Aside from the aesthetics, this desk also plays the functional role well with its drawer removable dividers and drop-front for keyboard use. See it’s not just a pretty face.

The glass top also serves as an easily cleaned protective layer, so this desk doesn’t freak out when it sees you sit down with your cup of coffee.



Hillsdale Desk with Bookcase Office Set

It’s not often that we hear sheer delight with the setup instructions, but with the Hillsdale set you get that, combined with readily labelled pieces. That’s how you start a good home office desk experience.

The majority of users were more than satisfied with the quality and sturdiness of this desk set.

One suggestion that manufacturers should consider is incorporating holes for the monitor cable in a suitable location. Naturally this can be fixed with a drill and the right sized bit, but after putting everything together who can be bothered.


Bush Furniture Commerce 60W U Shaped Desk

This U shaped set by Bush Furniture comes in ‘Autumn Cherry’ (dark reddish brown) or Cocoa & Pewter (a greyish color… of course).

The thermally fused laminate is designed for durability and scratch resistance, so this desk will stay new looking for longer.

The pieces of this set go together very well to make another sturdy selection in our collection of executive desk sets.


Django Configurable Office Set

It’s hard to deny this beautiful set as the piece de resistance of our executive desk set collection.

If you don’t like compliments on your home office setup, don’t buy this desk.

Again, a very sturdy desk that adds a polished finish to your home office.

The soft close doors are a nice feature, and you’ll enjoy the fact that you don’t need to assemble this desk yourself.

When it arrives, double check that all the doors and drawers open and close well to ensure you’re not left disappointed.



Chocolate Finish Compact Desk and Bookcase Set

This small home office set will help you transform any small space into a useful place.

The bookcases feature two fixed and two adjustable shelves, which gives  the right combination of sturdiness and flexibility.

Another flexibility feature are the utility and file drawers which can be mounted on either side of the desk.

Definitely a small home office set worth considering.


Rustic Writing Desk with 4-Tier Storage Shelves

small home office furniture set

This spacious writing desk set is no exception to the case when it comes to strength and sturdiness. Just be sure to tighten all screws so they’re flush.

With the major majority of reviews coming in at 4 or 5 stars, those who found the assembly to be challenging were happy to overlook this once they had the finished product in their home office.

Some users commented on the odd loose handle or leg, but nothing that wasn’t fixable with some handy screw work.


GreenForest Computer Desk with Shelves Industrial Style

If your available space seems much smaller than your desk and shelving needs, this industrial style workstation with bookcase might be just the ticket.

If you’re anything like me you’ll look at it and think it might collapse under the weight of your laptop, but users have noted throughout that this is infact a great, solid desk.

Be sure to measure your space and compare against the provided dimensions as some users have commented on the petite size once fully assembled.


Our Choices

Once you’ve put some consideration towards your home office location, the layout and design to best suit your needs and desires, and of course the comfort and ergonomic factors, you should be well placed to make a call on which of the above home office sets would work best for you. 

To add a bit of clarity to our findings, in the modern home office furniture set category the Bestar U-Shaped Desk set was a nose ahead of its rivals despite the weight of the boxed set on arrival and some users experiencing assembly issues. 

People loved the sturdiness of this desk set, the ability to assemble it with left or right configurations, and the rubber flap that works well for organizing cables and chargers.

In the executive desk set category, the Django Configurable Office Set was a favourable choice for those looking for that time tested executive design. 

While it’s not the most economical desk set in our collection, the polished finish and style that this desk set adds to a home office seems to be worth every penny. The soft close doors are a nice touch, and not having to labour for hours assembling it is always a bonus. 

In the small home office furniture set category, assuming this category interests you because you genuinely have a small space, the GreenForest Computer Desk with Shelves may be just what you need. 

Combining storage with desk space and that cool industrial look, users were happy with the sturdiness of this little number. You’ll want to consider what layout you need in your home office because some people found it to be quite a petite set. 

We sincerely hope you got something out of this article. If you know someone else who might find it interesting, feel free to share it with them. Best of luck choosing your ideal home office set.

P.s. Feeling a little chilly? Don’t forget to check out our article on the 10 best space heaters for home office to avoid piles. What!?!? Yep, you read correctly. Check it out.




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