Is blogging still relevant? Yes, this man sitting by the pool is a blogger
As a person who blogs consistently and sees the traffic generated by blogging, I can say emphatically that the answer to the question, “Is blogging still relevant?” is a resounding, “You betcha!” 
You might think, “This guy sounds pretty self-serving. He writes a blog so of course, he thinks blogs are still a thing!” 
I may want to believe that blogging isn’t dead because it’s a big part of what I do. 
But… What if other marketing experts verified the importance of blogging? What if proof exists that blogging continues to generate high readership, and that you have evidence to show that you can use blogging to make money online?
Let’s dive in!

Is Blogging Still Relevant or Is Blogging Dead?

An ice cream sundae in a glass to show that blogs are still as popular as desserts
The answer to this question is the same answer to: “Is dessert still popular?” 
If online businesses ranging from behemoths like Microsoft and Bloomberg, down to mom and pop businesses like this gym in Texas or this Californian stationary business, can still use blog posts to generate traffic and sales, then the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. 
We’ll get into the nuts and the odd bolt later in this article, but suffice to say, blogs are still relevant and are far from dead in 2021.

Are Blogs Still Popular?

According to Google Trends, the search term “blogging” has declined in popularity since 2009.
Google trends shows that the term "blogging" has declined since 2009
That same Google Trends graph reveals that the search term “content marketing” has risen in popularity over the same time frame. 
That’s because many people lump “blogging” under the content marketing strategy, one that’s growing in popularity. 
Further, over 7 million blog posts get posted online each day.

Do People Read Blogs Anymore?

Do people still read blogs? Yes this person is reading a blog on a tablet
Honestly, this is a fair question along with, “Do people actually read blogs?”
Just because the term “blogging” has declined, you might think you should make podcasts or TikTok videos instead.
Would your view of blogging change if you learned that more than three-quarters of all online users gain value from blogs? 
Impactplus.com reports just that, noting that 77% of all Internet users enjoy reading blogs.
Are we starting to build a case here?
As for Love Work at Home, when we had a drive on our content creation and publishing between September 2020 to February 2021, we saw a 5x increase in our daily website traffic (visitors to our website). Purely from blogging. No social media marketing. No advertising. No link building. Purely organic traffic from blogging!
Graph showing the increased traffic from the LWAH blog.
If you ran a business, how valuable would 5 times the prospects coming through your door be to you? 
If you shared a message, how helpful would 5 times the reach be to sharing that message?

So is Blogging Dead or Do Some People Just Say So?

Statue in a graveyard
If so many people still go online with an intent to read blog posts, then why do some folks still wonder if blogging is still relevant?
The answer requires an understanding of a nuanced change to the blogging world. Back in 2009, for example, you could post a blog with some keywords stuffed in it and get to the top of the search engine results much more easily. 
But things have changed quite a bit since then. The Director of Content at HubSpot, Lisa Toner, explains on HubSpot’s blog that you need a well-rounded search engine optimization strategy, high-level content, and the right distribution strategy to rank well in today’s blogging environment. 
It can be challenging to rank nowadays and it might cause some to wonder,“Is blogging worth it?” and “Is blogging still relevant?” Others, without the above criteria in place, might even throw their hands in the air, give up, and declare that blogging is dead. 
My opinion… Blogging can be challenging but most online business opportunities with massive upsides are hard. 
Is blogging dead? Absolutely not!

What Has Replaced Blogging?

What has replaced blogging? Headphones to represent the popularity of podcasts.
Nothing has truly replaced blogging. While it’s true that video marketing and podcasting have become more popular over the last few years, that doesn’t mean these two marketing channels have taken over and made blogging irrelevant. 
In fact, where do many videos and podcasts end up getting posted? 
If you answered “on blogs,” then bingo! You deserve a prize, give yourself an extra slice of Grandma’s special apple pie for dessert tonight.
You see, when it comes to gaining online traffic, the blog is the home, the hub, the central point and the final destination where you want your audience to end up. It’s from here that you should be collecting details such as a name and email address, or making sales.
All the other avenues for growing an audience like YouTube, podcasts and social media, these should be considered as arms to your marketing strategy that ultimately bring people or prospects back to your website and… blog. 
So to answer the question, what has replaced blogging? Nothing. 
Your blog should still be your online home, hub and final destination to help you grow whatever it is that you want to grow.

So, Is Blogging Dead?

I think you know the answer by now. 
Just for good measure though, to bring a financial benefit into the argument, Semrush reports that the average monthly salary for bloggers was $8,000 in 2021.
Is blogging worth it? The stats from SEMrush show's that the answer is yes.
Is blogging worth it? You now know the answer is yes. 

But… I Don’t Know What to Blog About!

Is blogging still relevant? Yes, steps to publish a blog post.
“I want to start a blog but I don’t know what to write about.” 
If you say that to yourself, then you should know that you can blog about absolutely anything.
The key is to think about your interests and what you might enjoy teaching others. 
By the way, it might help you to think of your blogging efforts more as teaching opportunities. 
When you blog, you’re simply passing concepts and ideas on to others who share your interests. 
Here are a few tips to trigger blogging ideas.

What Should I Blog About? Think Through Your Passions

Ask yourself what you love to talk about when sitting at a coffee shop with a friend.
Those passionate subjects leave clues into what you might enjoy blogging about. 
Ask yourself if you had an interest in something years ago and you failed to follow your heart into that area. Now is your chance to revive that forgotten passion. Start blogging about it and turn it into a business.

What Blogs Do You Read?

It’s possible that your best blogging choice is staring you in the face. What blogs do you read each day? You could turn around and blog about a similar topic. 
Put your own spin on it. That’s the beauty of blogging. You see things differently to the next person, so you can cast a new light on an old topic. Some readers will dig your spin, some won’t. That’s the way it works.
Do you notice content gaps with your favorite blogs? 
Maybe your favorite blog is all about DIY motorcycle repair and the focus is on fixing all bikes. You could start a blog that niches down and teaches how to repair a certain manufacturer’s motorcycles or maybe dirt bikes only.
Logo of HTMR How-To motorcycle repair
What if your favorite football blog focuses on the entire NFL? You could start a blog that reports on your favorite team instead.

What Do You Naturally Teach Others to Do?

What topics do your friends and family come to you for advice on? Those subjects leave clues about what you could blog about. 
It’s OK if you don’t consider yourself the ultimate expert on topics you can teach others. Don’t feel like you need to prop yourself up as the “guru” when blogging. 
You simply need to know a little more than your readers. You could also invite people on your personal journey that revolves around your trek to learn more on a topic. Then, your blog becomes the chronicling of that journey.

Focus on Solving a Problem

It might help to think about writing a blog with the intent to solve a specific problem. 
Maybe you battled alcoholism in the past. Start a blog that shows readers how to solve the problem of addiction. 
Shatterproof logo
Image courtesy of www.shatterproof.org
Do you have a unique parenting style that works well with teenagers? Start a blog that teaches parents how to identify better with their teenagers and more effectively connect with them. 
Are you starting to see that you can blog about any topic that makes you excited?

Popular Niches for Blogging Ideas

Blogging ideas - man working on his blog on a laptop
Let’s help you narrow your search for a fantastic blogging niche. It’s effective to start with the three main areas of life that almost everyone wants help in:

    1. Health
    2. Wealth
    3. Relationships

Almost every sub-niche fits inside one of these three main niches. For example, here are a few sub-niches that fit within the big three:

Start brainstorming about the sub-niche that fits you best. Here are more blogging ideas to spur you on:

Don’t Chase Blogging Niches Because They Make Money

Rainbow over a landscape
Like the elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, starting a blog on a topic just because it “makes money” is not a good idea. You’ll see advice from others to go into broad niches such as “make money online,” relationships, or fitness, for example. They’ll tell you that those types of niches give you the best opportunity to make money from your blogging activities.
Don’t fall into this trap. You can make money in any niche imaginable and the income will follow your ability to solve real problems that you care about. 
Someone might tell you that you can make money by teaching others about e-commerce. It’s possible that you could do that. It’s also highly unlikely if you hate teaching e-commerce topics. 
You’ll do much better solving solar power problems for people if that’s your natural talent. Or, start a blog that helps people overcome their fear of public speaking if that’s a problem you now know how to solve. 
Focusing on what you’re passionate about always works the best.

Successful Blog Examples in Various Niches

 Here are a few examples of successful blogs that have sprouted from people following their passions. Be inspired!
Crooked Calligraphy logoA former corporate lawyer named Shinah now teaches calligraphy to her blog readers. Her website gets over 4,000 visitors every month.
Lawn Care Nut logoAllyn Hane teaches over 42,000 monthly visitors how to solve their lawn care problems.
Baby Foodie LogoMichele Olivier attracts almost 500,000 visitors each month who want to learn what she teaches new parents about baby food. 
Dr. Noa Kageyama uses his unique performance psychology skills and music background to help almost 10,000 musicians perform better each month.
SYB logoEvery month, SYB helps 18,000 visitors to protect themselves from EMF radiation.
If you’ve ever asked, “Do people actually read blogs?”you now know they do and you shouldn’t have any excuses left for not creating your own blog. 
Isn’t it exciting to see how people own successful blogs in strange niches like lawn care, EMF radiation, and calligraphy?

FAQs About Starting a Blog

FAQs about blogging

Can You Make Money Blogging?

Yes, and this isn’t a fact you can dispute. The world’s top ten blogs earn anywhere from $4.8 million to $500 million per year. What about “average” blogs? According to Convertkit, the average pro blogger nets over $138,000 per year. That’s much better than the average U.S. employee, right?

Is Blogging Worth It?

Seriously, have you paid attention yet? Yes, blogging is worth it in 2021 and will remain so in years that come.
As Penelope Trunk says, you’ll set yourself apart as an expert with a well-developed blogging strategy. You can also work toward the above-mentioned six-figure net annual income after you start blogging.

What Should I Blog About?

One of the best blogging benefits is that you can blog about anything your heart desires. Turn it into your own version of the Wild West. Blog about any topic that excites you. Work to solve problems for others and you could turn it into a career.

Do People Still Read Blogs?

There’s no question that they do. I know you remember the quote I gave you above that reports how 77% of online users read blogs regularly! Blogging is a form of content marketing. People crave content that educates and informs them about what they have an interest in.


So, is blogging still relevant? You betcha! 
The possibilities are endless with blogging. You have the chance to educate and entertain your readers, attract best-fit prospects for your products, and post videos and podcasts on your blog. 
Did you enjoy this content and learning about how relevant blogging is today? If you did, then I encourage you to share this article with others who might enjoy learning the answer to, “Are blogs still relevant?” and much more.




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