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Hey it’s Rowan here from LoveWorkatHome.com and in this video I share a quick overview of the purpose of this page “Make Extra Side Income – Ideas & Options”. 

 Now if you’ve stumbled upon this video on YouTube or elsewhere then there’s a link to this page below. 

Now this page, it’s a one-stop shop really that’s full of resources that act as a kind of banquet of options for those who aren’t necessarily looking for a job or to build an online business but they just need it, you know, to get that cash flow happening. 

The reason I’ve created this page is because we all have different circumstances. While I’m a big advocate for the power of building an online business, this might not be right for you for any number of reasons. Sometimes we just need to make some extra side income to supplement other earnings or to create a bit of pocket money or to start a savings account, whatever the case might be this page has many, many options. 

So I’ve arranged this page as a scroll down list so that I can keep adding to it over time as I keep discovering more and more ways to make some extra site income. And I’m always checking these options and opportunities to make sure there’s nothing scammy or weird or dodgy in there so I do those checks. 

So please scroll down and see what captures your attention I’m sure you’ll find something in there that is interesting, fun, exciting and that you can earn some extra side income from, how good is that! Bonus. 

So happy searching and if you find something great then share this webpage or share the options on with someone you know who might benefit from it, or add some comments in the discussion board below. 

We’d love to hear about it, there is always someone who would love to hear about it, so happy searching, thanks very much and see you soon.


Apps & Sites

With the right collection of apps, you could turn your cell phone from a liability into an asset that earns you money. Best part is there are a range of apps that don’t need you to do anything once you’ve setup your account. Some track your movements, your app usage or your web searching, while others just want to put adds somewhere on your screen. There’s bound to be at least a few that you’re cool with.

Here are a collection to get you started:

  1. Swagbucks – Search the web, watch videos and complete surveys and then get reward points that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards from retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Target.
  2. InboxDollars – Offers cash for surveys.
  3. Cashcrate – Get paid to try new products, sign-up to free websites and services, taking surveys, get cashback on purchases, and earn points towards prizes for socializing, playing games and winning contests.
  4. Sweatcoin – Converts steps that you walk into “Sweatcoins” that can be redeemed for fitness gear, classes, or cash.
  5. Field Agent – Use your device to take photos, videos or gather information from stores and other locations.
  6. Product Tube – Rewards shoppers for making short videos about the products they buy and consume
  7. Toluna – Ask and answer questions and get rewarded for sharing your opinions.
  8. Panel App – Measures device data, including apps and location, for the purpose of market research and analytics.
  9. Slidejoy – Pays you to have ads on your lock screen. Just swipe twice instead of once to unlock.
  10. Ebates – Earn up to 30% cash back rewards when you shop and save, with discounts at 750+ stores.
  11. Poshmark – A fun and simple way to buy and sell fashion.
  12. Bookscouter – Buy and sell your used books and textbooks.

Listen To and Review Music

Are you a music lover? If so, don’t miss the opportunity to be paid by doing one of your favorite things – listening the music. How it works? You listen to the songs of new and upcoming artists and share your opinions about them. I dig the kind of work you can do while swinging in a hammock.

Here are a few websites that will pay you to listen to music:

  1. Musicxray – Chose the type of music you love, rate new artist’s songs and get paid.
  2. PlaylistPush – Monetize your playlists while discovering new music.
  3. Cash4Minutes – Earn cash and rewards with your unused monthly phone minutes by listening to internet radio broadcasts.


Doing micro-jobs has become one of the easiest ways to make money online with your skills. These are small tasks that are simple and quick to do such as website testing, mystery shopping, copy editing, research, proofreading, checking gas prices, taking photos, giving reviews, data entry, scheduling appointments, verifying online information to be correct, signing up for newsletters, image tagging and the list goes on. The more quick jobs you can complete, the more you earn.

Here are some great websites that you can sign up to for microjobs:

  1. Fiverr – A marketplace where people are selling their skills like social media, graphics design, video and animation, writing, advertising, building backlinks, logo design, business cards, SEO, copy-writing and many more.
  2. Microworkers – A site where you undertake basic tasks such as writing a short article, clicking on webpages, Captcha testing, or even liking someone’s YouTube video, and in return you receive payment.
  3. Figure Eight (video here)– Do simple tasks such as transcribing text or annotating images.


7 Step Guide + 137 Sites Around The World

Video Game Testing

What gamer wouldn’t find it appealing to get paid to do something they already love doing, I mean seriously. Although, despite the name, being a video game tester actually entails testing from a quality assurance perspective, as opposed to just having a great old time in game land. Still, better than flipping burgers some might say.

As a game tester you’d need your own gaming gear and you would play a version of a game that’s under development, and you’d be looking for and reporting bugs in the game. Here’s a resource for finding video game testing jobs:

  1. Game Tester – A platform that brings players and developers together to make better games.
  2. Games Jobs Direct – A careers portal for the Games Jobs Direct industry.
  3. Bananatic – Play, test, and review games receiving steam wallets, and Amazon gift cards.

Cash Back and Rewards Programs 

There are a variety of great sites where you can get cash back, vouchers, discounts, specials and more by doing any number of tasks like shopping, responding to surveys, watching entertaining videos and searching the web. These sites are generally free to join, so there’s every reason to give it a go.

Here are a few definitely worth checking out:

  1. Ebates – Earn up to 30% cash back rewards when you shop and save, with discounts at 750+ stores.
  2. Cashcrate – Get cashback on purchases, and earn points towards prizes for socializing, playing games and winning contests, or get paid for various simple tasks.
  3. ShopBack – Get a percentage of your money back when you shop online.
  4. Shopkick – Earn “kicks,” which you can exchange for gift cards.
  5. FlipGive – Earn cash every time you shop online for equipment, restaurant gift cards, travel, clothing and more.
  6. Ibotta –An easy app for earning cash back from your purchases.
  7. Swagbucks – Search the web, watch videos and complete surveys and then get reward points that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards from retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target.
  8. InboxDollars – Offers cash for surveys.
  9. Ferpection – Give your opinion on mobile sites and applications.
  10. Paribus – An online tool that checks your purchases to help you get money back when prices drop.

Focus Group Participant

If you’re interested in making some extra cash by participating in focus groups, there are a lot of places to do it. Focus groups are all about getting a group of people together to get their feedback and opinions on things like products, services, campaigns, tv series, websites and many more, so you must be ready to give your honest responses to questions about the subject.

Here are a few popular focus groups that you can check out:

  1. Fieldwork – Participate in research groups and get paid for your time and opinions.
  2. Ipsos i-Say – Consumer survey platform.
  3. Focus Pointe Global – Offers to test new products, taste new snacks and beverages, watch new TV shows, take online surveys, and more.

Product Testing

Before companies launch a new product to the market they need to investigate people’s thoughts about the product so they can improve it and give it the best chance of being a winner from day one. Products can range from digital products to bathroom products to appliances and white goods to foods and beverages and many more. It’ll make you feel like you’re ahead of the times.

More often than not the company will send the product directly to your home, but also, trying things out before anyone else has heard about it. Some companies allow you to keep the product (which may be considered the payment), while others offer some amount of money for your feedback.

Here are 3 popular companies that offer product testing:

  1. Pinecone – Popular survey website that also sends free products to test.
  2. Trnd – A Europe based company that sends you a product to test, as well as samples to hand out to friends.
  3. BzzAgent – Get free products in exchange for honest opinions.

Watch and Review Videos

As I said with listening to and reviewing music, I’m all for any money making method that can be done from a hammock. There are companies that are looking for contractors to work on projects related to pop culture, automotive, events, politics, cities, fashion, animals… and so on. Your main duty will be watching and listening to video and noting important details for catalog descriptions. You should have a good eye for detail and be able to identify these easily in images and videos, which is something you’ll get better at the more you do.

Here are some websites that will pay you to watch videos:

  1. Paid2YouTube – Get paid to view YouTube videos.
  2. Nielsen Digital Voice – This software will be learning more about what you do online and help businesses discover internet trends.
  3. Success Bux – Earn extra cash by watching advertising, doing simple signs up on websites and many more.


Companies want your opinions, and they’ll pay you for it. You don’t need any special skill or talent, just the ability to complete surveys online. By learning to target products at the target audience, companies cut their advertising spend and increase sales, which is why they’ll pay you for your opinions.

However be aware of scammers and take only proven and legit surveys to not waste your precious time. Here are some legit survey websites:

  1. Global Test Market – On this survey website you can take surveys that include topics of anything from cars to movies.
  2. Mysurvey – Take short surveys that take the minimum of your time.
  3. YouGov – They conduct surveys on topics such as politics, public affairs and commercial products.

Telephone Mystery Shopping

Does mystery shopping conjure up images of exotic shopping locations, exciting adventures toting bags upon bags of cool, funky products to show off to your friends? If so, sorry to burst your bubble but it’s not quite that fun. Although it is a legit way to make some money on the side.

Telephone mystery shoppers jobs vary, but all of them require access to a phone (with unlimited long distance on your calling plan as you could be calling businesses anywhere in the U.S.). As a telephone mystery shopper you’ll make a recorded call to individual locations or call centers to ask questions and find out more information about products or services so the managers can evaluate how well their sales or customer service teams are doing. You may need to write a report or fill out a survey following the call. Here are some mystery shopper companies that you could make a start with:

  1. Call Center QA – Head to the ‘Employment’ tab for phone based mystery shopping in the US. This company spells out their pay rates and requirements.
  2. Confero – In store and telephone mystery shopping available in every US state, Canada, Mexico and South America.
  3. Reality Based Group – Offers all kinds of mystery shopping opportunities, including via phone options.


Is there something you love doing that you’d love to show others? A secret beach, the perfect champagne sunset spot, a hidden cave with fairies in it… ok maybe not, but if it’s a cool experience, people will pay you to be their guide. And you’ll meet some interesting travelers in the process.

Here are some sites that will let you play tour guide and take people on your special experience:

  1. AirBNB Experiences – Add a listing and help others experience a new side to health and fitness, social impact, a concert, your secret surf break, somewhere by sail.
  2. AdventureAlly – List an adventure and create unique experiences for others while earning money.

Website Tester

Website testers are responsible for testing and monitoring of websites and web applications on different desktops, laptops and mobile devices. This may be to find and report bugs and glitches, or to get feedback on how people use their site and what the user experience is like for their target market or the average Joe who might find their website.

Here are some websites where you can become a website tester:

  1. User Testing – Help companies eliminate bad user experiences by evaluating their websites.
  2. User Conversion – This company offers a variety of website testing opportunities.
  3. UTest – Self-proclaimed #1 destination for freelance software testing and feedback.

House and Pet Sitting

Ever considered a vacation to somewhere totally random where you don’t have to pay for any accommodation? I thought the idea was exciting when I looked into some of the websites where people post their houses and pets that need looking after while they’re away from a few days to many months at a time. All over the globe too!

House sitters not only turn lights on and off to let the neighborhood know that someone’s home, they can also be responsible for looking after the pets, doing some housework and maintenance, paying bills, forwarding or filing mail etc. Line a few of these jobs up in a row and you could have yourself a unique vacation, or save yourself paying rent in your local area… BONUS. Check out the world of house and pet sitting opportunities here:

  1. TrustedHousesitters – This platform has a huge range of sits all over the world.
  2. Mindahome – Australian house sitting service that always has a lot of options.
  3. Mind My House – A global house sitting matching service.

Short-Term Rental Host

One of my favorite ways to make a decent quick buck is through short-term renting of our house. While it’s a little harder getting our place prepared with two kids making a mess where we just cleaned, it has been well worth it.

Even if you’re renting where you live, your landlord may be open to you sub-leasing so long as they get a cut. And you don’t have to rent the whole space, you can rent out single rooms if there’s a bed in there just collecting dust. With this opportunity you have a chance to make some money and meet different interesting people from around the world. It’s up to you to decide how often you want to rent out your space and how much to charge. I use AirBNB, but here are some others as well:

  1. AirBNB – Become a host on arguably the most popular platform in the world.
  2. VRBO – This site is aimed more at the US. You can list your property here as well. VRBO is a part of the HomeAway family of sites. Speaking of…
  3. HomeAway – Put your home in front of a global network of travelers looking for the perfect match.

Test Scoring

This is temporary position for those who want work remotely and read and evaluate student tests.
There are several companies that hire workers in this field on a per-project basis. You’ll probably need a bachelor’s degree in any field and pass the scoring company’s test and training.

Here are a few companies that hire test scorers:

  1. ETS – This education company hires professionals to plan, develop and evaluate tests and testing programs in areas such as science, economics, languages, history etc. Check out their Test Development career page or any of the other categories.
  2. Write Score – Analyze essays for various grades, from elementary to high school students.
  3. Measurement Inc. – This company specializes in assessment scoring for state governments, other testing companies, and various organizations.

Sell on Craigslist

Have a look around your house and, unless you’re a professional minimalist, I’ll be you can find a bunch of stuff that you could sell off. Remember one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

You can sell second hand goods on Craigslist, a marketplace that’s been in the States since the mid-90’s. The majority of Craigslist members do their buying and selling at the local level. This marketplace is very competitive so you need to have advantages in front of the others. Try to have more precise information on your product description, do research on price range, take quality photos of the product, list dimensions etc.

Craigslist is now operating in around 70 countries. Find your local Craigslist here: Craigslist

Mail Decoy

Mail decoys receive mail that is intended for a company, then reporting each day that you receive mail in the company’s system. It’s pretty simple and won’t take a lot of time, so while it won’t make you a millionaire, you can benefit from some gift cards or some extra side income every month. Here are some mail decoy resources for you to check out:

  1. Local Influencer – One person per zip code can give permission to be marketed to and will get $15 per month.
  2. ReportEZ – The firm is responsible for monitoring various mail pieces that are delivered to the homes and businesses.
  3. US Monitor – Mail decoy tracking service, where different items are mailed to your mailing address.

Photography – Sell Photos

Fancy yourself as having a keen eye for capturing the right moment or an artistic angle? Then selling your photos could be a great way to make a little extra ka-ching.

There are a load of interesting ways to use those photos you already have, or to make money taking new photos, such as selling your photos to art enthusiasts or stock image suppliers, to selling them as print-on-demand products.

To start selling on stock image sites you might need to pass a test, but once your photos are out there you can watch those royalties roll in… hopefully! Here are some popular websites where you can sell your images:

  1. Shutterstock – As a photographer you can sell your photos and keep your copyrights protected.
  2. Depositphotos – Commission on this website depends on the license type under which the image is uploaded and the technical aspects.
  3. iStockphoto – Wants to see three samples of your best photography, so carefully read the sites quality standards.
  4. Redbubble – ‘Sell your art’ in this online marketplace where people can print a wide variety of merchandise like t-shirts, skirts, scarves, notebooks and many more.
  5. Zazzle – ‘Sell on Zazzle’ for customized items and make a side income from it.


7 Step Guide + 137 Sites Around The World


There are lots of great work-at-home opportunities for artisans and crafters. For some quick extra side income and to test the market for your crafts you can sell things like beautiful embroideries or handmade cards with creative or funny greetings to local stores, or have a stall at your local markets. If you want to take your skillz (‘z’ intended) online you could start your own business selling your goods online, become a craft blogger or crafts instructor, or even grow a YouTube crafting channel. So if you’re talented, don’t miss the opportunity to make money selling your handy-work.

Need some creative inspiration? Check out the highly rated courses available on the following platforms to kick-start you:

  1. Creativelive – On this platform you can master your crafts, whatever they may be.
  2. Udemy – Select from top instructors around the world.
  3. Skillshare – Thousands of classes to learn something new.

Dog Grooming

Dog people LOVE their dogs and will go to great lengths to keep them looking good. If you’re a dog lover, or perhaps you have grooming skills of some sort, then this could be a good option. Consider creating a home dog grooming setup, or offer an at-home service for better rates. Generally certification or licensing is not required for dog grooming, however you need to have knowledge surrounding how to wash pets and use clippers and scissors to create K9 styles that suit each dog breed, and the client’s requests of course.


Graphic Design & Image Retoucher

For those who love creating and are interested in design programs, graphic designing can be a great way to make some extra money working from home. Freelance graphic designers are independent contractors who combine their creativity and artistic talent to create visual concepts that have a high visual impact for their clients. They can design a small logo for a company/brand or develop the whole branding package for advertisements, brochures, magazines etc.

A retoucher on the other hand provides image retouching, color correction, retouching skin textures, cropping images, removing unwanted objects, insert text and overall specializes in enhancing an image through programs like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Corel’s Paintshop Pro Photo. If you have an eye for detail then this could be a great way to freelance your skills. Check out these design related freelance sites:

  1. 99designs – A global creative platform for graphic design.
  2. Design Crowd – This portal is exclusively for graphic design jobs.
  3. Fix the photo – This global service is constantly looking for retouchers. Scroll to the bottom of the home page and click ‘Photo Retoucher Job’.

ESL Tutor

People around the world are keen to learn English (ESL = English as a Second Language). Moreover they want to learn the language with a native speaker, or just a person they’ll feel comfortable with. This can be a great way to make a side income if you prefer night or early morning work as the main clientele live in Asia.

If you feel that you could help others learn English, you have a video link setup, the ability to explain the material, motivate students, and connect with them for a beneficial learning experience, you can try yourself as an online tutor and make some money from home. Here are three sites that often hire ESL tutors:

  1. Cambly – Become a tutor and chat with students and help them learn English in an informal atmosphere via video.
  2. QKids – This platform doesn’t require a degree, so even students are welcome.
  3. goFLUENT – Contracts business ESL teachers who can work 4 hours per day.

Virtual Assistant

VA’s are tasked with performing clerical work and administration duties such as making/taking phone calls, scheduling meetings, digital copying, researching, making bookings, paying bills etc. Developments in technology are allowing more administration roles to be performed out of the office, making this position perfect for anyone after a home office set up. While people often think about the Philippines or Thailand when it comes to VA’s, there are real advantages to hiring someone on a better aligned time zone. If you’re handy at quick turn-around admin work then being a VA could be right down your alley. Here are some freelance sites where VA’s are always in demand:

  1. Freelancer – One of the biggest freelance job sites with huge amount of jobs for VA’s.
  2. Upwork – This freelance job website has a huge number of clients looking for VA’s.
  3. Amazon Mechanical Turk – A relatively new freelance website where it’s easy to find VA jobs.

Sell Printables

Selling printables online can become a nice passive income. To start making money with printables you can join a website marketplace that sells printables, or if you’re growing a following you can setup links on your website or social media channels to sell your own merch. It’s easier than you think. Once it’s set up, a printable can create a nice side income (or a multi-million dollar empire if you’re Logan Paul).

Here are some websites where you can have printables made and/or sold:

  1. Etsy – A popular global ecommerce website to sell design work.
  2. Creative Market – A good place to sell your designs online.
  3. Society 6 – Another place where you can sell your designs.

Slogan Writing

If you like to draw someone’s attention and you can sum up a product or brand in a sentence, then maybe it’s time to become a slogan writer? Companies need this as a slogan is a part of branding and reminds consumers as to why a certain company, product, service or brand is special.

This is another great freelancing gig to earn some extra money on the side.

e-Book Publishing

When I learned that you can become an e-book publisher with no writing experience by outsourcing a range of tasks, I was blown away. Since then my wife and I have published several e-books that rank well on Amazon and make us some nice side income.

Becoming a publisher would be even more interesting if you are passionate about books. Nowadays people are shifting from traditional paper books to e-books. If it’s a book niche, it’s on Amazon. For more information on a step by step course suitable for authors, publishers or the book-publishing ignorant (like I was) alike, this is the must buy course: K-Money Mastery


Makeup Artist (or Beauty Therapist)

Makeup artistry is a great way to make some extra side income which you can slot in around other work or do more readily on the weekend. While there’s plenty of potential to be a home based makeup artist, you’ll find more work if you’re happy to meet clients wherever it suits them.

You can play a part in making a bride and bridesmaids look their best, making models stand out, or find private clients who just struggle with the daily routine of ‘putting on their face’. While this option can be great for making some money on the side, it’s also a very viable business building option.

Retail Arbitrage

When we are talking about retail arbitrage we mean to buy low and sell high. You can find the product for a lower, or slightly discounted price and then sell the same product at a higher price, therefore flipping it for a profit. It’s all a game if you can find something at the cheapest price and make the highest profit in the quickest amount of time. Sounds exciting doesn’t it.

Direct Sales Consultant

Having been a consultant for a direct sales company in the past, something I loved was the stories about people who were struggling to make ends meet who went on to build a team and make great success, with no formal education and no previous experience.

As a direct sales representative you will be directly representing the company you work for and the company’s line of products. Many people make a side income by selling products to their direct network by hosting parties, coffee catchups, online presentations and many other ways.

I highly recommend the teachings of industry legend Eric Worre. Check out his YouTube channel or grab his book ‘Go Pro’ here:

Eric Worre’s YouTube Channel 

Freelance Writing

A freelance writer often engages in writing text for things like advertisements, websites, a company’s internal or external announcements, ebooks, magazine articles, press releases, blog posts… the list goes on which makes this a diverse and interesting way to make some side income.

Excellent grammar and writing skills are essential. There are many freelance sites specifically for writers; here are a few:

  1. Journalism Jobs – A platform for media professionals.
  2. Freelance Writing – If you want to make money from your writing sign up to this website for freelance writing jobs.
  3. Contently – Once selected by their account management team, you will be directly connected with clients for well-paid freelance writing projects.

Online Researching

As a researcher you can conduct market research, financial research, medical research, court research, scientific research, public policy research or any other type of research that requires mining data from published resources and internet searches.

I’ve personally hired researchers in the past and think they’re service is so important in helping companies free up time to work on other tasks. This can be a great freelance gig to make a side income, but can also be a full-time job for organizations needing work from home researchers. Here’s are some freelance sites where people are hiring researchers:

  1. PeoplePerHour – Connects clients to freelancers on an hourly, or per project basis.
  2. JustAnswer – Choose the category you are an expert in, login when you want to work and answer people’s questions.
  3. Wonder – This company hires freelance researchers who will complete customer requests.
  4. Kolabtree – ‘Become an Expert’ at this company which is in the science space and offers clinical research and secondary research services.

Data Entry

When data entry is raised, there are those who look sideways, and there are those who love to put on some tunes, grab a coffee, and get in the data crushing zone.

A data entry role involves entering new and updated information from various sources into the company computer system. This is quite a straightforward job and suits people who have skills like fast typing, an eye for detail and familiarity with spreadsheets and online forms.

This is another way to make money online as a freelancer, so check out these freelancing sites:

  1. Clickworker – Platform that offers a variety of work and among them you can find data entry jobs.
  2. SmartCrowd – This website has a stack of microjobs including many that are data entry.
  3. Guru – Get paid by milestone, task or by the hour on this freelance work platform.


Talented illustrators create original pieces of artwork for print and digital publications. They mainly work on a freelance basis or may be employed by publishing and advertising agencies, the fashion and retail industry, multimedia productions agencies, private clients or many others.

Here are some freelance websites specifically for creatives:

  1. Behance – Is a platform to showcase works in the creative industry.
  2. Dribbble – Become a part of ‘the world’s top designers and creatives’.
  3. Coroflot – You post your portfolio on the website and clients post the work they need done, and Colorflot sets up connections between you and the client.

Proofreader Online

A proofreader ensures content is free of typographical, grammatical, spelling, punctuation, syntax, formatting and other such errors. Proofreaders need to be perfectionists and ensure that the final product is error-free, consistent and accurate. While there certainly can be flexibility in your work schedule, proofreaders need to possess time management skills as they are often expected to meet deadlines and manage multiple projects. Don’t forget though, as the freelancer you can pick and choose which projects you’d like to bid for.

Being proficient in your language is obviously a must. Here are some freelance sites where proofreading jobs are being posted all the time:

  1. Scribendi – The platform offers to work on-site and remotely requiring a minimum of three years’ experience and a relevant university degree for freelance positions.
  2. Polished Paper – This global company hires professional editors to provide editors and proofreader services to their clients. Find the ‘Editing Opportunities’ button in the footer of the home page.
  3. Proofreading Pal – Proofreading services for businesses, resumes, academics, students, essays, and books/manuscripts. They claim that editors typically earn $500-3000/month.

Resume Writer

Having worked in a role where I had to look over resumes from many, many applicants, I can assure you that no two resumes are the same, and there are some shockers out there. There really is a science to writing a resume that will catch the attention of the reader and have it placed in the ‘go’ pile, as opposed to the ‘no go’ pile.

A professional resume writer is someone who displays the relevant information like education, qualifications, work history and so on, in a clear and concise manner. It’s definitely a skill that can be mastered relatively quickly, so here are a few courses and websites where resume writers are in demand:

  1. Talent Inc. – Become a resume writer with them and help “change job seekers’ lives”.
  2. Career Directors – Offer Resume Mastery Course with CARW Certification that will help you to write professional resumes.
  3. Coursera – With this online course you will learn how to convert a boring resume into a dynamic asset statement.

Administrative Assistant

Who wouldn’t want their own ‘life admin assistant’! Traditionally admin assistants are responsible for supporting managers and employees through a broad variety of tasks such as answering phones, taking memos, maintaining files, sending and receiving correspondence etc. The ability to effectively communicate via phone and email are important.

Making a side income as an Admin Assistant is all about freelancing and finding what works for you. These sites are a good place to start:

  1. Belay – Become an administrative assistant and help someone to grow their business.
  2. Fancy Hands – Claiming to be the fastest, most affordable virtual assistant service in the US.
  3. Zirtual – You can do tasks like scheduling meetings, paying bills, and booking travel. Send them an email to enquire.

Appointment Setting

As an appointment setter your main role is acquiring new clients that help generate new sales leads, so it’s a pretty exciting and important part of any business (i.e. makes sense there would be demand for this sort of work). Lead generation is done by making phone calls, leaving voicemails, and trying to convert leads into appointments. Organizational skills and people skills are beneficial. This can be considered as entry level home based work, and can be great for making a side income.

These freelance sites would be a good place to start:

  1. Blue Zebra Appointment Setting – Business lead generation services and appointment setting company. Check their Career page which has an email address at the bottom.
  2. Paragon Planners – Paragon Planners frequently hires appointment setters for up to 35 hours a week.
  3. SalesRoads – This quickly emerging company offers B2B appointment setting and lead generation.


7 Step Guide + 137 Sites Around The World

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