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No commute. Working from a beach. No office politics. Flexible working hours. Save money. Work in your pajamas. Play whatever music you want. You choose the tea and coffee. No packing lunches. Plan a vacation and check social media as you wish. The list of reasons why working from home is THE BEST goes on and on and on.

These days earning money online with a work from home job is all the rage and everyone would like to get in on it, but unfortunately not everyone has the special skills to be a graphic designer, writer or web designer.

Graphic designer at work. Color swatch samples.

Opportunities for people who only have the basic computer knowledge in the new cyber age are few and far between… or are they?

You can also work from home and earn a lot of money no matter how limited your skills are and I have come to show you how. On the other hand, if you do have designer or writer skills, but you want to ease yourself into home based jobs, data entry is the perfect niche to get you started.

You can get data entry jobs and earn money online in the comfort of your home, and all you need is to know how to use a word processor (such as Word or Pages), spreadsheets and databases. Other skills will help but are not compulsory to start.

Earn up to $30.45 per hour (max) and $13.83 per hour on the average depending on how fast you can work. With 63,000 entry level opportunities from one jobs board alone, and the possibility to make a salary as high as $45,000 from the comfort of your home! Nice stats eh? These stats were taken from a popular jobs board at the time of writing this blog post, so needless to say, there are plenty of online data entry job opportunities around.

Which job board, you ask? Keep reading to find out.

By the end of this blog post, you will have a much better understanding about what data entry jobs are, what online data entry jobs are available, how to improve your data entry skills and where to find the best remote data entry jobs. Let’s get cracking!


A data entry job is one where you enter or update data into platforms to make it clear, succinct and understandable to those who will access it. The fast, accurate input of data into a database is what data entry is all about and you will hardly find a business, company or organization that would not have a need for a data entry clerk.

The person undertaking the job of data entry can be referred to as a Data Entry Clerk, Data Entry Keyer, Data Encoder or Data Entry Operator.

Records Concept on Folder Register.

In the field of data entry you can work as a freelancer, in which case you get different jobs from different companies with varying deadlines. If a company likes your work enough, they can make efforts to retain you and get you to work ‘offline’ with them which would increase your job security. But if you like your work flexibility (amongst other benefits), you can keep being a freelancer.

Speed, speed and speed are essential as a data entry clerk, but accuracy is also indispensable.


Offline data entry is when you work in an office, whereas online data entry is when you work remotely (or Love Work at Home which is what we’re all about!!!).

Data entry jobs from home are probably going to pay less compared to data entry in an office. It’s not just a question of home-based specialists being eager to earn less in return for working from the comfort of their home. Some reasons that SOME data entry freelancers earn slightly less are:

That being said, most of this is in your control, so don’t be scared off. This is a legit way to earn money online and bring some much needed change to your work life balance.

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There are a range of data entry jobs available, so while some may sound tedious and not your cup of tea, there’s bound to be a few that you can see yourself getting into and thriving in. This is not a complete list, but a very good start.

Data scrubbing: this kind of data entry job requires you to detect or correct data records. You can be given a chart or list among other things and you are required to check it for errors and subsequently purge the file of errors.

Data conversion: As a data converter, your job will be to convert computer data from one format to another. The new format usually has the same structure as the original database. PDF conversion also falls into this category.

Word Processors: You will be asked to type documents, reports or any other kind of file. There is also ‘Word Formatting.’

XML, SGML, HTML: These are types of internet coding languages. A data entry job opens up when a website has to change its programming for one reason or another and the code the website runs on has to be converted into another type of coding language or more. Web development experience would be extremely useful here.

3d; usb; data; door; hardware; digital; electronic; binary; device; store; access; technology; information; message; file; network; transfer; download; cable; entry; business; connection; communication; computer; pc; pendrive; web; internet; object; illustration; symbol; render;

Video or Voice Transcriptioning: you watch a video or audio and then convert it to text manually.

Payroll Processing: Payroll processing is one of the most common accounting services outsourced. Many accounting processes e.g. forecasting, budgets, and audits, bookkeeping and payroll services require data entry and you can be the data entry clerk for many firms. Just keep your ear to the ground.

Medical Transcription: Medical records are taken and kept in various formats which may need conversion to different other formats for long term storage. They may be challenging sometimes since the tolerance for error is very low, so work must be almost perfect every time. This type of data entry has its own category on 123outsource.net.

Medical Billing: You can find offline Medical Billing companies depending on your country. The probability of finding one on the internet is, however, low. Companies have a wide variety of specialties including billing and transcriptions.

Legal Transcription: Legal document processing or conversion. This type of data entry usually requires experience, and there is a very low tolerance for error. It is law we are talking about after all.

There’s also data cleansing, data capture, data analysis, clerical transcription, check processing, business transcription, cad conversion, insurance claims processing, IT services and others. What does that all mean? You have options!!


It is true that the more you do something, the better you get at it. But do you know that you would get better, faster? By being taught online by someone who knows what they’re talking about.

Young charming female freelancer using laptop computer for distance job while sitting in modern coffee shop interior, beautiful Caucasian woman working on net-book during morning breakfast in cafe bar

For every trade, job and field of work (even work from home), it always helps you to earn more, and sooner by upskilling. So here are a few courses tailored to make you rapidly improve as a data encoder.

Learning Numeric Data Entry from LinkedIn Learning

Accelerate Data Entry (Excel: Tips & Tricks) from LinkedIn Learning

Data Entry Course for Beginners from Udemy – at the time of writing this blog, this course scored only 4.5 stars from over 1,100 ratings.

You can also test your Data Entry Skills at Gonnatypefast.com and Thepracticetest.com.


There is an ocean of websites where you can find remote data entry jobs. We have taken one for the team and combed through the web in search for the best sites for you to work from home as a data entry operator. Check them out and see what appeals to you.

The list below is a mixture of companies supplying data entry solutions, jobs boards and freelancer / crowdsourcing sites. You’re bound to find something interesting in there!


I suggest looking at FlexJobs mainly because they investigate the majority of their activity leads to weed out the seeds from the chaff so you can be sure of the authenticity of any job posted here.


The way Clickworker works is that they get jobs in bulk and send the jobs to their teams to complete. You can apply to be on their team and if they have an opening, they will take you.

The quantity of jobs accessible to you will rely upon how well you perform, and so the quality of your work leads to an increase in pay. The work time is flexible and you’re paid either month to month or week by week through PayPal.

DionData Solutions

DionData Solutions is a company specializing in providing data entry solutions to companies and organizations. They’re popular and were not seeking new contracted vendors at the time of writing this blog, however it would be worthwhile submitting an application to work with them if you have some experience.

 You must be good with a computer, the internet, email connections, and both downloading and opening documents. You’ll be working autonomously, so you ought to have a high level of self-control. They additionally expect their data entry authorities to multitask and do multiple jobs at once while adhering to deadlines. U.S. citizenship is a necessity for their positions.


This is the jobs board that we used to find the awesome stats on data entry opportunities and pay rates at the start of this blog.

Similar to Flexjobs, they are also good at cross checking their listings thereby reducing the number of scams.


I’ve used Fiverr many times in the past. They’ve really evolved from the website where people would go to get something done cheaply to a website showcasing many skilled ‘sellers’ across a broad range of industries. Become a seller and see what jobs are available.


They often have a spot open for a data entry clerk or similar and their rates can be quite good.


Quite similar to Clickworker in that they get major clients and source for freelancers or contractors to do the work for them. You can work from any part of the world. List anything you’ll do for $5 (kinda sounds like the old Fiverr haha!).


This site is easy to navigate so you can connect with the job easily and they make use of the SafePay payment system.


Microworkers, as the name infers, is a microtask site. They offer a range of opportunities, and a sizable portion of those may incorporate data entry.

The way their payment system works is that you complete jobs and let your payments accumulate and when the payout limit is reached, the money is sent straight into your account. They have a payout minimum limit of $10 per payout. Be careful against trick jobs offered through Microworkers.

Other types of microtask crowdsourcing companies are The Smart Crowd and Amazon mTurk.

People Per Hour

How much work can you get done in an hour and at what rate? When someone visits this site and searches for the skill ‘data entry’, a long list of freelancers pop up. The trick is working out how to get to the top of that list.

The site allows you to work per hour or submit a proposal for what you would like to do continuously. Pays in bank transfer or Paypal. The site is US/UK-based but open worldwide.


I have worked with Upwork countless times. My best working experience was with them as they have lots of work available in various categories. Through Upwork you can work from any country on pay per hour or fixed price assignments.

Also check; SigTarck, Working Solutions, AccuTran global, Axion Data Entry Services.

Home-based data entry companies?


You absolutely need to watch out for scams on this site. You can use Adhunter for great results.


The entry of clear and concise data into one or more platforms is an important task that robots haven’t overtaken as yet.

One of the great things about data entry is that many companies understand that it’s a job that can be done remotely, so to get the best staff they need to offer it as a work from home job.

I’m sure this blog post has helped you to understand the data entry job description, what online data entry jobs are available out there, how to build your data entry skills so you can upskill for success, and where to find remote data entry jobs.

You can check out the YouTube clip that relates to this blog post here. All the very best!

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