The Top 8 Online Research Jobs from Home and Where to Find Them

What’s the funkiest neighborhood to visit in Buenos Aires? What are the names, phone numbers and addresses of the 5 best digital marketing agencies for small business in NYC? Which is the overruling Environmental policy with regards to forestry in Japan?

If you’re sitting there thinking “what the funk?”, then that makes two of us. But those crafty in the field of online research jobs would be thinking about what phrase to punch into that search bar, or where to look to get the most effective set of results and the answers they’re after.

If reading and learning has always interested you then you’re in a good position to use your curiosity and earn a living from it.

Research jobs from home are a great way to enjoy the freedoms of earning money online, and as you’re about to discover there are a range of fields under the research umbrella. This means that you can become the skilled master of one or two, or enjoy the variety that comes with being a researching ‘jack of all trades’.

By the end of this blog post you’ll have a much better understanding about:

Let’s get stuck into it!

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Top Eight online research jobs


A research assistant is more of a generalist role as an assistant within a research team, which is great for those looking to enter the industry or gain a range of different work experience. These roles are often offered as contract or remote research jobs.

Research virtual assistant jobs can include work like researching for federal presentations, researching information related to art works, researching to monitor disinformation in regional elections in Venezuela (seriously!), research within a university studying human stem cells. What variety!

And the best part is that these were all jobs that were seeking candidates at the time of writing this blog.


This job role translates medical discoveries into effective working treatments as clinical researchers study the effects of new medicines or treatments. They conduct safety tests, take notes on any adverse side-effects, and analyze the success rate of a particular treatment process.

clinical research jobs

Most clinical research jobs are performed by freelance researchers who also undertake on-site investigation since they require studying drugs and analyzing the effectiveness of a certain treatment. Clinical research jobs involve working with patients, collecting data, online researching etc.

The role is extensive and many opportunities are cropping up on freelance job portals.


A market research job includes conducting online surveys on customers and consumers preferences and choices regarding product and service designs, prices and promotions. After collecting all this data, they present the statistics to help industries and markets understand how to better approach their customers (a.k.a. their market).

A brilliant way to earn money online, it requires working with software to analyze the trends, prepare questionnaires and conduct surveys. Some examples of topics that market researchers would be involved in include a select group of customer’s choice of beverage in hot weather, cell phone preferences between genders and age groups, and how living standards effect purchasing power of consumers.

The variety of market research topics is literally unlimited, so it’s great if you seek variety in your work from home job.


Firstly, what’s UX? In short it’s user experience. In long, according to it’s “having a deep understanding of users, what they need, what they value, their abilities, and also their limitations” with regards to accessing and using a product or service.

For example, having ketchup bottles that stand on their lid so the sauce is at the top of the bottle when you want to use it, or having someone greet you and point you in the right direction when you enter a store are examples of improved UX.

ux researcher jobs

The UX researchers act as market analysts, seeking out the reasons behind behavior, needs and priorities of people interacting with a brand. Their research area covers consumer preference towards certain types of products and how to make products more appealing for consumers.

Many job portals feature it as online research jobs because of the type of researching it exhibits. Add ‘UX’ into the job portal search bar for improved results.


Research scientist jobs have the main aim of gaining knowledge from controlled laboratory based investigations, experiments and trials. Hang on a minute… does that mean I need to convert my basement into a lab?

Haha, no!

Aside from the physical experimenting side of things, research scientists are also involved in designing the project and experiments, and analyzing the information gained. I’m sure this now makes a lot more sense as a work from home job.

This one is often sought after by those in the field of science who want to cut out the commute and find work life balance as it requires working on projects like medical research, geoscience, pharmacology, meteorology, math, life sciences and many more.


7 Step Guide + 137 Sites Around The World



Personally I’ve used the skills of internet researchers to help develop Love Work at Home for tasks like researching my competition, what’s trending and work from home jobs amongst other things.

I sourced my researchers through freelance websites that are included in the ‘where to find the best online research jobs from home’ section of this blog.

Internet researching can be undertaken on just about anything from market and financial trends, to medical development, scientific exploration, public policy examination, or any other topic that requires investigating data from numerous published sources like internet searches, journals, and newspapers.

This is one of those stay at home jobs where you will stay in the know!


A social researcher will use a variety of methods to gather their information including questionnaires, focus groups and interviews.

Social science research jobs focus on social matters such as ethical issues, feminism in today’s world, effects of social media and bullying, family and single parenthood, legalization of marijuana and many, many other interesting topics.

If you find these sorts of topics interesting then this field of research would be perfect for you!


Raise public awareness on a number of issues through Policy research jobs. Policy researchers work to inspire political and social events by analysing current policies, assessing the effects of projected legislation, and presenting a detailed report on findings.

For example, this article on which water bodies across the US should receive protection from the Government under the Clean Water Act.

This field of research is well suited to people who are passionate about researching and learning about local, state or federal policies, the relationship between policy and societies wants and needs, and the impacts of policy change.

So now you’ve been introduced to the top 8 online research jobs, let’s dive into where you can find online research jobs for the work at home research aficionado.


Here’s a list of search engines, job boards and freelance sites that combined have an endless supply of online research jobs and research jobs from home. Go for it!


This portal is all about finding a job that is flexible, hence the name, with a focus on remote job options. The jobs board has reliable listings from companies that have been vetted to minimize the risk of untoward “opportunities” being listed. It includes a tonne of diverse online research jobs for all kinds of researchers who seek employment (be it part time, full time or contract) with flexible arrangements.


Upwork is a freelance site that came into being with the merger of oDesk and Elance. I’ve used this portal many times and have found the calibre of freelancers to be quite high. A place that I return to if the task I need completed requires a higher level of skill. This portal hoards an extensive variety of research jobs from home for freelance job seekers.


Featuring more online research jobs than a revered Indian guru has followers (well maybe not on second thought), many researchers use this platform to find fixed salaries and hourly jobs that are flexible.

Research Guru

We Work Remotely

A jobs board for all sorts of freelance researchers who work for customer services, designing, programming and more. At We Work Remotely (WWR), the Research jobs are typically posted in the Administrative Jobs section. WWR ensure that no office is required for jobs posted on their site! We’re all about promoting the laptop lifestyle.


A thoughtfully curated marketplace for stay at home jobs in a variety of fields. It’s a platform that prizes itself on having only hand-picked talent. Hit the Join button and share your work samples for online research jobs to be considered for admission.


Indeed is a great site where you can find reviews of companies to see what they are like to work for. In terms of their jobs board, you can find 2,000+ remote research jobs. This is a quality global site where you can find research jobs form home, and refine them down with advanced search criteria to suit your requirements.


All you have to do on this freelance platform is set up your profile, check what people are charging for whatever field of research you intend to enter, set your rates and apply for online research jobs that are available on the site.


Remotive has jobs related to Marketing, Human Resource, Sales, Engineering, and a few other areas. To find the best freelance researcher jobs, type ‘research’ and ‘online research’ into the home page search bar, the use the search function on your browser (try hitting Ctrl F) and search for ‘research’ to find the results nice and fast.


Now you should have a much better understanding about the top 8 online research jobs, paying special attention to what sort of research tasks and areas of focus are involved with each one.

Following that we’ve listed 8 sites where you can find an absolute boat load of online research jobs from home, covering freelance options and jobs boards.

Loaded with this information you are well equipped to take the plunge, surf the net and find which ones suit you, your interests, your experience, your qualifications and your personal work from home requirements.

We look forward to hearing in the comments below how you’ve gone, what you’ve found, and the fulfilment you’ve discovered by working from home as an online researcher.

Feel free to support us by sharing this post with anyone you think would get something out of it. We thank you kindly.

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