11 Sites for the Best Remote Digital Marketing Jobs

Remote digital marketer working from home

Just because you love to work at home, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a “proper” job (if you even believe in all that). If you like the idea of being a badass marketer from the comfort of your humble abode, you might be wondering where to find the best remote digital marketing jobs.

By the end of this article, you’ll know:

    • The types of digital marketing roles available plus how to search for them
    • Average digital marketing salaries
    • The best sites to find remote digital marketing jobs

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What are The Main Remote Digital Marketing Job Titles?

Before you start looking for a job, it’s not a bad idea to know what kind of job you actually want. A revolutionary thought, huh?

Since digital marketing is all about promoting a product or service digitally, you’ll find many roles related to social media, blogging, online ad campaigns, and email marketing. And, great news, all of them can be done from the comfort of home (or your nearest coffee shop).

Here are some of the main digital marketing job titles you’ll come across. We’ve also included popular search terms that others use for that particular role to help you find your ideal position.

Digital Marketer 

This one is simple enough — smaller companies and startups often hire digital marketing generalists. It’s a great way to get a broad overview of the field and you’ll most likely be required to be a “jack of all trades” and handle digital marketing across all its areas.

Remote digital marketing jobs might include creating a marketing strategy

If you’re someone who likes ironing out digital marketing strategies and prefer to do a bit of everything instead of specializing in a specific area, then use the terms below when job hunting. 

Popular search terms

    • Digital Marketer
    • Digital Marketing Manager
    • Digital Marketing Director
    • Digital Marketing Assistant
    • Digital Marketing Consultant
    • Director of Marketing Services

Growth Marketer or Growth Hacker

Although growth marketing is a bit of a buzzword, this emerging digital marketing area centers on technologically-focused “hacks” to foster fast growth.

Remote digital marketer monitoring growth

It’s great for those who are into tech, data geeks, and those who love to pour over analytics. If this sounds like you, try the following searches. 

Popular search terms

    • Growth Marketing Manager
    • Growth Marketing Operations Manager
    • Growth Marketing Director
    • Growth Marketing Specialist
    • Growth Marketing Coordinator
    • Growth Marketing Head

Content Strategist or Content Marketer

Think you’d prefer to focus on content (like blog posts, emails, newsletters, and multimedia) rather than other marketing tasks? You could make an excellent content marketer or content strategist. 

Content marketer thinking strategically

Content strategists focus more on the strategic decisions and measurements, whereas the content marketer focuses on the content. You’ll most likely fulfill both roles depending on the size of the company. But if you like to think strategically and write, this might be a good option for you. 

Popular search terms

    • Content Marketer
    • Content Strategist
    • Content Marketing Manager
    • Director of Content
    • Creative Content Director (more visually appealing content)
    • Content Marketing Director
    • Content Marketing Writer
    • Content Marketing Specialist
    • Content Marketing Coordinator 
    • Content Account Manager

Social Media Marketer or Social Media Strategist

If you spend a lot of your free time trying to improve your Instagram game or increase your Twitter followers, chances are you’d do a great job of doing the same thing for a brand. 

Monitoring social media marketing as a remote digital marketer

Social media managers focus on using the socials strategically. They create content, might manage team members, and grow social media accounts. Social media strategists do similar tasks but also focus on strategy, implementation, and measurement. Once more, depending on the size of the company, you might be required to fulfill both. 

Speaking of socials, got a Pinterest board that these Pins could call home? Tap it & ‘Pin it’ 😉

Popular search terms

    • Social Media Marketer or Marketing
    • Social Media Manager
    • Social Media Coordinator
    • Social Media Strategist
    • Social Media Head
    • Social Media Evaluator
    • Social Media Management
    • Social Media Account Manager

SEO Specialist

Few things are more important for a brand’s digital presence than ranking highly on Google. 

SEO specialists monitor Google analytics and more

SEO specialists use software like Google Analytics and keyword research tools, so it can also be a good job for those who like to get technical and pour over numbers and data. Try using the popular search terms below to find your ideal work-from-home job.

Popular search terms

    • SEO Specialist
    • SEO Manager
    • SEO Account Manager
    • SEO Strategist
    • SEO Assistant
    • SEO Product Manager
    • SEO Director
    • SEO Marketing Manager
    • SEO Content

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Specialist

Usually strategizes, implements, monitors, and manages pay-per-click campaigns on search engines like Google, social media and other platforms. 

A piggy bank with coins to represent managing pay-per-click budgets

Sometimes this can be a specific role or included as part of another digital marketing role. If you are good with balancing budgets and numbers, then this might be an ideal role for you in marketing. The search terms below will narrow down your hunt. 

Popular search terms

    • PPC Specialist
    • PPC AdWords Specialist
    • Paid Advertising Manager 
    • PPC Account Manager
    • PPC Marketer

Wondering what to expect from a digital marketing job description? You’ll find it in Digital Marketing Job Description and Types of Digital Marketing.


What’s the Average Salary in Digital Marketing?

We all want a rewarding career working for a company with great values — but that doesn’t mean we’re willing to disregard salary completely! Before you commit to following the digital marketing path, you probably want to know what kind of compensation to expect.

According to Payscale, the average salary for a digital marketing specialist in the US is $50,054 — not bad. Glassdoor touts a similar figure, suggesting an average annual salary of $53,394.

Naturally, this isn’t where your earning potential ends. The average digital marketing manager makes $66,721, and a digital marketing director can expect $164,055.

For freelance digital marketers in the US, ZipRecruiter places the lowest salary at about $22,500 and the highest at $127,000. The average salary being $68,970 per year or $33 per hour. 

Of course, if you’re just starting out, especially as a freelancer, your rate will initially be on the low side. But, a six-figure salary is definitely possible if you’re willing to put the work in and climb the ranks to remote digital marketing success.

You can be successful in your remote digital marketing job!

Of course, as you upskill, your rate will increase, so check out The 8 Must-Have Digital Marketing Skills (Plus Where to Upskill)

11 Sites for the Best Remote Digital Marketing Jobs

Happy with the salary and convinced digital marketing is the career choice for you? Amazing! Now, let’s outline where you can go to get your first break.

Virtual Vocations

Virtual Vocations for Remote digital marketing jobsAs the name suggests, Virtual Vocations is a job service that hand-screens remote career opportunities and provides a curated database of remote and work-from-home jobs.

At the time of writing, they had 47,173 remote jobs in over 45 career opportunities, including digital marketing. Although they post jobs from US companies, they do try to mention if the company is open to hiring outside of the United States. 

Jobs are posted daily and you can use the filters to narrow down your search. It’s worth joining their community to receive email alerts when there’s new remote opportunities that match your interests. Their premium subscription gives you full access to all their jobs plus exclusive subscriber services and online courses.


    • Good quality hand-screened remote jobs
    • Job boards are updated daily
    • They have a live chat service available to help out with any searches or queries


    • Most opportunities are from companies based in the USA but they do endeavour to mention if the company is open to hiring internationally. Plus you can always ask customer support for help
    • Limited free jobs but their premium service is only $15.99 backed by a money-back guarantee


Growth Hackers LogoWe’ve already taken a brief look at what growth marketers do, and the GrowthHackers job board is ideal for those thinking of entering this field or who are already in digital marketing.

It features all kinds of cool companies, including fintech startups and well-known companies like Slack. Sadly, there are fewer jobs posted than other sites, but those that do appear are high-quality. 

However, you can’t filter by remote opportunities.


    • High-quality jobs
    • Great for those interested in growth marketing


    • Number of jobs is limited
    • Can’t filter by remote but you can search via location


Flex Jobs logo - find remote digital marketing jobsWe couldn’t discuss remote jobs without mentioning Flexjobs, the king of the industry. It’s been going strong since 2007!

The advantage of Flexjobs is that all opportunities are remote and there are plenty of them — whether you want to be freelance, part-time, full-time, or on a temporary contract. Use the advanced search to narrow down your preferred job and location. 

They have an excellent customer service team standing by to help you plus a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

And the downside? You’ll have to pay to sign up — but $14.95 for one month isn’t bad if it results in a job and there are often discounts offered on their site. 


    • All positions are remote
    • Lots of jobs posted every day
    • Can filter for 100% remote jobs


    • Costs $14.95 a month – but it’s backed by a 30 day money back guarantee… not bad!


Angel List logo AngelList is the premier site for connecting startups with talent. If you fancy the fast-paced nature of startups and the chance to make a real impact on an organization, this could be the place for you to find the perfect opportunity.

Startups are more likely to be open to hiring remote employees than traditional companies, and AngelList lets you filter job type by remote opportunities. Although technology and engineering roles make up most of the jobs, there are also marketing roles. Their locations are limited to the US, Canada, and India but they do state if the job is 100% remote or open to being remote.

To start browsing the full selection, you must create your profile — then, you can either apply to jobs directly or wait for companies to reach out to you. 


    • It’s free to sign up and create a profile
    • Filter by remote opportunities
    • You can wait for companies to contact you


    • Only suitable for people who want to work for startups
    • More opportunities in technology and engineering
    • Limited to the US, Canada, and India


Remotive logoIf you don’t like the prospect of trawling through hundreds of jobs that aren’t even suitable for remote employees, Remotive will help you cut through the noise. All jobs featured here are remote and Remotive hand-screens each job.

There’s a dedicated marketing section, with new jobs posted most days in all kinds of marketing. It couldn’t be easier to find a job here especially if you scroll to the menu at the bottom of the page and select Remote Marketing Jobs. If you are not in the US, be sure to select the “Hide US-only jobs” option when you search. 


    • Exclusively for remote jobs
    • Easy to find high-quality jobs


    • The job board is slightly smaller than other job boards

Hey Marketers 

Hey Marketers logoHey Marketing is a paradise for any and every career in the marketing sphere, and it has a special section for remote jobs.

There’s even a newsletter you can subscribe to, so you don’t have to remember to check the website regularly.

Unfortunately, most of the positions are for managers or other senior positions, so if you’re just starting out, it might be harder to find a job on this board but, you never know, you could be lucky!


    • Only has marketing jobs
    • Special section for remote jobs
    • Can subscribe to weekly newsletter to get job updates


    • If you are just starting out, you might struggle to find a suitable position


Jobspresso LogogJobspresso is a job board for various positions in tech-oriented businesses, mostly startups. 

They focus on remote opportunities but you’ll need to check for those marked as “Worldwide” if you are not in the United States. You can also post your resume on Jobspresso for free. 

There aren’t as many job postings as some sites, but you can sign up for daily job updates via whichever medium you prefer, so you don’t have to keep checking the job board fruitlessly.


    • Sign up for daily job updates
    • Dedicated marketing section
    • Can post your resume on Jobspresso for free


    • Fewer job adverts than other sites


Hubstaff logo - find remote digital marketing jobsHubstaff is a remote company that provides software to monitor staff productivity, but it also has a Talent section with job adverts for various other companies. You can join Hubstaff talent for free. 

It’s a very user-friendly site and lets you filter by pay, experience level, and more. You can also see clearly which positions are remote. The downside? Some of the positions seem to be underpaid but, that being said, if you’re just starting out, this might be a good platform to join.  


    • Easy to use 
    • Useful filters
    • Free to create a profile


    • Some positions seem to be underpaid – but if you’re just starting out, you might find a job here


Upwork logoIf you’re open to freelancing, you’d struggle to find a better platform to give it a go on than Upwork (except Fiverr of course).

There’s an incredible amount of work, and it’s possible to build up to $100/hour+ if you’re prepared to put in the grind.

The downside? You might struggle to get accepted onto the platform if you lack experience — and even after you’re accepted, it takes a long time to build up your reviews enough to justify high prices. You need to be in it for the long run!


    • Lots of work available
    • Great platform if you’re just starting out 
    • Possible to earn big money


    • Can be hard to get accepted — make sure you have some courses or qualification under your belt
    • Takes a while to build up reviews
    • You might have to start off at a lower rate to get jobs


Fiverr logoDon’t fancy putting yourself through the hassle of trying to get Upwork to accept you? I don’t blame you. Fiverr is another great alternative. 

It works similarly to Upwork, but you’ll list your services as a “gig” clients can order instead of applying to jobs directly or waiting for messages. This can save you a lot of time.

But you’ll still face the struggle of battling with low prices and underpaying clients until you build up your reviews enough to raise your prices. The 20% commission Fiverr takes can also be an obstacle for some.


    • You don’t need to apply to jobs to get work
    • Anyone can sign up – it’s free


    • Highly competitive
    • Takes a while to build up your reviews and increase prices
    • Fiverr takes a 20% commission


Indeed logoUnless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last decade or so, you’ve probably heard of Indeed. Maybe you’ve even used it to apply for work before. But did you know it also posts a load of remote jobs?

Just filter “remote” in the location field and get ready to be amazed.

There are plenty of remote jobs in the digital marketing sphere posted on most days, but almost all of them require some experience. You’ll also have to sift through the lower-quality positions.


    • Huge database of jobs
    • Filter by remote jobs


    • Experience required
    • Some low-quality adverts


Monster logoAnother mainstream jobs site that most people don’t consider for finding remote work is Monster. There’s also lots of work here, so you could find some gems!

Unfortunately, unlike Indeed, you can’t filter by remote (unless you want to work in Remote, the hamlet in Oregon). That doesn’t mean there’s no remote work available though — if you search for “remote” as a keyword, you’ll find plenty of positions in the digital marketing sphere.


    • Lots of jobs
    • Platform well-known by employers


    • Can’t filter by remote opportunities but you can use “remote” in advanced search

Final words

Whether you fancy yourself as a freelance growth marketer, a remote marketing manager, or something else, hopefully one of the job sites or positions suggested on this list gave you an “a-ha” moment and you’ll find a number of remote digital marketing jobs to apply for and get the job of your dreams!

Remote digital marketing is only going to grow over the next few years as more companies go online, so why not be on the forefront of that?

If you have a friend who fancies a career change or going remote, why not send them a link to this article? It might just change their entire career direction — or even their life! 

Also, if you are successful in finding a job on one of these platforms, please reach out and tell us about it so that we can celebrate your success with you! 


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