5 Top Side Hustles For Teachers To Make Some Extra Cash

Rowan Adler working on a couch doing side hustles for teachers
I was recently interviewed by Tim the Online Teacher Dude to share 5 of the most lucrative side hustles for teachers to earn some extra money online.
In my opinion, teachers should be paid way more! I mean what’s more important than sculpting the brains of the next generation so humanity can move forward in leaps and bounds!?!?
But something I’ve found is that so many teachers are ambitious and motivated, so when the vacation period comes around, they’re keen to earn some extra on the side.
In the following list, there are high paying options, non-phone options, global options and much more.
So whether you’re an online teacher, a tutor, in accounting or marketing, a freelance writer or a UFC fighter (WHAT THE!?!), here are the best paying side jobs that you can start today!

#1 Become a Test Scorer

As a scoring professional you would evaluate written short answer tests, essays, spoken response tests and the like. 
The requirements vary from company to company, however some companies that hire for this role include Pearson and ETS, which stands for Educational Testing Service.
To hone in on ETS, they hire people to plan, develop and score over 50 million tests every year. 
That’s a whole lotta tests!
ets logo
You can earn money online with ETS which they title “total cash compensation”, which consists of base salary and variable pay. And you can earn individual and group performance awards for being awesome at what you do.
Now according to Glassdoor.com which has 19 salary reviews for the role of test scorer at the time of filming, the average base pay was $16/hr. Not bad at all. 
But keep in mind that this is not the highest paying of the 5 good side jobs for teachers that I’m sharing with you. We’ll get to that in a moment.
ETS offer benefits plans, and from what we’ve read they encourage work life balance and community contribution, with flex-time arrangements, access to health and wellness programs and volunteering opportunities.
Now if you do happen to be a teacher or tutor, you’re in luck because “At ETS, we recruit people who love learning and teaching and strive to maintain the highest standards in the field of education.”
ets quote
In terms of requirements, you need to:

And it isn’t just a sign up, score some tests, take it or leave it kind of affair. They have a fairly comprehensive online scoring page that shows the process of System Training, Content Training, Certification, Scheduling, Calibration, Scoring & Mentoring. 
So it’s nice to know that you’d be signing up into a professional company.
Do they have side hustles for teachers right now? Check out this page and have a dig around.

#2 Freelance Writing

I know firsthand that this is high paying because as a blog owner I’m paying for writers every month, and they produce great content so they’re worth their weight in gold.
As a freelance writer you can: 

In our article on How to Become a Freelance Writer we have a 7 step process that includes defining your niche, upskilling, creating a portfolio and so on. And in that same article we recommend 4 sites to help you find freelance side hustles for teachers including iWriter and Upwork.com.
screenshot of a love work at home blog
However, one we don’t mention in that blog is ProBlogger.com, which is a great site and it’s where I found my 3 writers who are from the US and UK. 
According to Payscale, the average base hourly rate for freelance writers in the US is over $23, so definitely a high paying option, although keep in mind that as a freelancer there’s a good chance you’ll be paid per word, rather than per hour.

#3 Customer Service

I’ve chosen customer service for those who don’t mind chatting on the phone and have a quiet home office, which is typically a requirement for online teachers.
laptop and headset needed for side hustles for teachers
Needless to say this is a massive industry and there are a massive number of opportunities in this space, many of which are part time.
Similar to freelance writing there are a range of different options including call center agent , live chat agent, inbound customer support, customer service scheduler, fraud specialist and several others that we discuss in further detail in this blog of ours.
In terms of the requirements for customer service, typically requirements include things like a dedicated home office that is away from noise and interruptions, a dedicated phone line and a high speed connection, an updated PC, and a phone headset.
In terms of salary expectations, Payscale notes an average base salary of almost $40k/annum. Meanwhile, Glassdoor notes $35k/annum, but what I like about Glassdoor is the list of companies a bit further down from the salary estimates, so you can see who’s paying the most and check out their careers pages to see if they have anything available that suits your needs.
screenshot of Glassdoor
In terms of where else to find jobs, as mentioned above, in our blog titled ‘15 Sites to Find the Best Remote Customer Service Jobs we list just that, from customer service specific companies to jobs boards to freelance portals and more.

#4 Freelance Social Media Manager

This option takes the prize for the highest paying, out of the 5 best side hustles for teachers I’m sharing in this list. 
To be honest I put this one in because it’s at the forefront of my mind as I’ve been trying to outsource my Pinterest marketing for Love Work at Home, and I believe that this could be a self-taught industry that you could break into.
The reason I say that is because in my search for a freelancer, I’ve found some pretty bad ones, so for anyone with a bit of smarts behind them I don’t think it would be hard to beat a lot of the competition on the freelance sites like Freelancer.com or Upwork.com.
And after working it out myself, I think this one should be on it’s own list of ‘easy side jobs for teachers’.
Not so long ago I had a writer with social media experience reach out to me. She wanted to write a guest post, and she wrote a great blog post titled ‘How To Become A Freelance Social Media Manager’ with 15 super helpful tips.
cartoon of money exchanged for social media manager work
She identified things like brands to work with, outreach, building your own brand, following others, knowing the platforms and so on and so forth. Well worth checking out for more information if you like the idea of making money from this rapidly growing industry.
In terms of pay both Payscale and Glassdoor agree to the upwards of $50k per annum mark at $52 and $54k respectively. Talk about a lucrative side hustle!

#5 Transcription

The final job on this list of top side jobs for teachers online that you can fit in around your life is transcription.
Some of the more common transcription avenues include general transcription, medical transcription or legal transcription which all have their own skill sets, requirements and rates of compensation.
There are some great sites that you can sign up to as a transcriber, captioner, translator or the like, including Speechpad.com, Rev.com, Scribie.com, and TranscribeMe.com.
If you want to take it seriously then you’d want to invest in a foot pedal which comes with software that helps you speed up, slow down, and edit your transcriptions for maximum efficiency and hence maximum compensation given these sites typically pay you per minute of audio that you transcribe.

Speaking of, Glassdoor notes an annual salary of $44k, while Payscale is a little more conservative at $40k. 
Now keep in mind that these numbers are probably more for general transcription, but if you specialise then you will certainly earn more!


There you have it, from scoring to writing to serving to managing to transcribing, that’s our list of the best side hustles for teachers. 
Do you have any others that you can share in the comments section below? Help a teacher out!
We sincerely hope you take away some new knowledge from this blog post on side hustles for teachers, and you’ve got some more options to help you make bank and Love Work at Home.
If so, we’d truly appreciate you sharing this blog so that other teachers can benefit too.




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