5 Side Jobs to Earn Money Online in 2021

We get it, we’ve been there. In fact we’re often there with a bit of month left at the end of the money, looking for some ways to make some extra side income and earn money online.

So here you have it, 5 great options you may have never heard of or considered. 

Happy reading, but if you prefer to watch the video instead of read…

Let’s get straight into it and earn money online baby WOOOOOO!!!


Microworkers is a global site where you can earn money online by accepting and doing simple jobs that only take a few minutes such as liking social media profiles, signing up to sites, downloading apps, Captcha testing and much, much more. 


Image credit  to Microworkers.com

As I just mentioned, this is a global site so anyone from any country can be a member (free to join) and start earning money online doing micro-jobs. 

The site pays in USD which is a bonus for most people in most countries. You just need to earn $9 + fees to be able to place a ‘Withdrawal Request’. 

Typically employers need quite a few candidates for their micro-tasks, so you can see how many people are needed for each task in the red boxed ‘Done’ column on the screenshot of my account below.

earning money online doing micro-jobs

Employers can post jobs in a ‘Basic’ campaign where any Microworker can take on the job, or they can run a ‘Hire Group’ campaign which gives them the power to select which workers they want in their group. 

What does this mean for you as the Microworker?

You can dabble and take on a few ‘Basic’ campaign jobs, or if you want to really earn money online you can take it a bit more seriously and work on enough jobs to build up your ‘Success Rate’ and your ‘Reputation’. 

When employers see that you have a good ‘Reputation’ they’ll invite you to work on a ‘Hire Group’ campaign which may mean repeat work with good clients. 

Click on the ‘Jobs’ button just under the Microworker logo and browse through hundreds of listings. As shown above, each listing shows what you’ll earn when you finish the task, the estimated time to finish (‘TTF’) and the ‘Done’ column shows how many spots are left available for Microworkers like yourself. 

Here’s the trick – to make the most out of this site start by sorting the results by ‘Most paying’ as I’ve shown circled red above. The highest paying jobs will now be at the top. 

Now slowly scroll through and look for tasks that have:

    1. High ‘Payment’
    2. High ‘Success %’
    3. Low ‘TTF’

We assume that ‘Success %’ is the rate at which Microworkers are actually finishing the job once they’ve accepted to take it on. We assume this because our research didn’t uncover a strict definition. 

If Success %  is low then that’s a sign that the task is laboursome or might take longer than the ‘TTF’ noted. 

Obviously a low time to finish is good so you can move onto the next task quickly and knock over as many as possible in the time you have. Let’s be honest, it’s all about earning money online as quickly as possible so you can get on with enjoying what you love doing outside the home office.

To maximise how you earn money online, challenge yourself and see how many you can complete in 55 minutes, then have a 5 minute break, do another 55 minute dash and see if you can increase your earnings; but make sure you do the tasks well to improve your ‘Reputation’. 


Mystery Shopping

Call Center QA claims that their “payout per call is one of the highest in the industry”, and I can see why. 

Based on their rate of $5 per mystery shop which they say takes 5-10 minutes for the call and a few minutes for the feedback form, if the calls were back to back there’s no reason why you couldn’t earn upwards of $25/hr.

Image credit  to Callcenterqa.org

Some of the great things about making extra money with Call Center QA is that you: 

    • don’t need previous experience
    • don’t require a background check
    • work from home on your own schedule
    • get paid in 7 days or less

So what do you need to bring to the table?

Some of the skills that would be of benefit include good phone manner, great listening skills, writing skills and attention to detail. 

You’ll also need to be 18 or older and a resident of the US, although they do allude to the fact that they consider ‘applicants with different backgrounds who have the right set of skills’.

Definitely no harm in registering from abroad if you ‘gots da skillz’. Head to the Employment tab and get going on your mystery shopping adventure and start to earn money online. 

Video Game Testing

Game Tester is a platform that brings players and developers together to make better games.

Image credit  to Gametester.co

Okay, okay, this one kind of snuck in under the radar given you won’t be fattening your pocket with greenbacks, but if you’re a gamer why not earn rewards (see below for how you can spend these rewards!) doing what you already enjoy doing. 

Not to mention you’ll be helping eradicate the gaming world of annoying bugs that always seem to know the worst time to ruin your gaming experience ARGHGHGH!

It’s a simple as creating an account, gaming your little heart out, giving some feedback and getting rewarded. 

Image credit  to Gametester.co

Beyond being able to use your rewards to buy top name hardware, peripherals, other game titles, vouchers and pre-paid cards, you also get the opportunity to get early access to new games, access to global events and win extra prizes and rewards… FOR DOING WHAT YOU’RE ALREADY DOING! You’d be nuts to not give it a go.

Game on! (does that make you think of a certain Adam Sandler film?!?)


Focus Groups

A focus group is when you get together with a group and focus on an inanimate object, in silence, then you go home… no not really, that’d be very weird. 

What a focus group REALLY is, is a round table open chat about products or services that you may have used, or are being developed or designed. There’s a moderator to ensure the 1-2 hour chat stays on topic and is productive, and when you’re done you are compensated for your time and opinions. 

Basically you’re being paid and earning money online to simply chat with others about stuff and things, how good is that!

Many companies run these focus groups in-house, but in the interest of working from home and earning money online, many companies also run in-home interviews, shop-along interviews, over the phone interviews and online research.

Image credit  to Fieldwork.com

Think you might not be the right fit? Then you’re the perfect fit! Research companies look for people with diverse backgrounds and interesting opinions. 

Also they’ll typically ask enough about you so they can place you in the right groups. 

It’s also an exciting industry because your input can influence the way brands both big and small develop and market their products to the world. 

Some companies worth looking at are:

    1. Fieldwork
    2. Focusgroup.com
    3. i-Say

Have your voice and opinions heard by the world from the comfort of your own home!

Test Scoring

ETS (Educational Testing Service) is an education company (der!) that hires people to plan, develop and score over 50 million tests every year. That’s a whole lotta tests.

As a scoring professional you would evaluate written short answer tests, essays, spoken response tests and portfolios.

Image credit  to ets.org

You can earn money online which they title “total cash compensation”. This is base salary and variable pay, and you can earn individual and group performance awards for being awesome at what you do. 

ETS offer benefits plans to meet your needs, and from what we’ve read they encourage the work life balance and community contribution, further offering a range of services and support including flex-time arrangements, access to health and wellness programs and volunteering opportunities. 

A pretty forward thinking company if you ask us. 

“ETS seeks out and promotes people who love learning,
teaching and doing for others. Whether you are just beginning
your career or aiming for a higher goal”

The online scoring work is a part-time position, however many positions offer 8 hour shifts. As a rater you would be scheduled based on program needs and your availability.

Believing the power of Learning

Image credit  to ets.org

What do you need?

You must:

    • reside and perform the work within the US, Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico
    • pass an in house certification once you’ve learned about the scoring process
    • check with ETS what tech setup you need in terms of hardware and software

There may be other requirements, but these ones stood out to us. 

If it’s anything to go by here’s what the company rating on Indeed.com based on 9 reviews.

ETS Educational Testing Service


Just to recap, 5 great side jobs to earn money online are:

      1. Micro-jobs
      2. Mystery shopping
      3. Video game testing
      4. Focus groups
      5. Test scoring

With those options you’re sure to find something you both enjoy and get handsomely compensated for. 

As we mentioned in the introduction, if you see something interesting go ahead and share it with someone you know. Share the love. Good luck!


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