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Hey it’s Rowan here from and in this video I want to share with you just a very quick snapshot on the purpose of this page which is “Start an Online Business and Be Your Own Boss”. 

Now if you’ve discovered this video on YouTube or elsewhere then there’s a link to the page in the description below. 

Now this page is perfect for anyone who wants to start their own online business or perhaps diversify an existing business. 

The page contains a range of work from home options that can be run as online businesses but it also contains a bunch of valuable information to help you start a business such as ‘how to start a home business’. It’s the kind of stuff that they never would have taught you at school. 

Now what separates this page from the pages “Earn Some Extra Side Income” or “Find a Work From Home Job” is that the information below will help you start your own business so that you can nurture relationships with your own clients so that you can build your own brand, be it a personal brand or a business brand. 

It’ll help you build your business or an online business which is an asset, and that business, that asset, you can make it as grande or as niche as you want it to be, it’s totally up to you. 

The reason I have created this page is that since discovered so many freedoms myself in having my own businesses I know that I just wouldn’t go back to being an employee, not that there’s anything wrong with being an employee, but I just find such inspiration and fulfilment in nurturing the relationships and satisfying my clients and connecting with other entrepreneurs and finding the freedoms that I have found and continue to find all the time in growing this, making progress with my businesses. 

So how does this page work, well when you scroll down you’ll see a bunch of boxes that have different online business types and also information about how to get started, maybe ‘how to start an online business’ or ‘how to start a home business’. 

When you click on any one of those boxes it’ll take you to a blog post or to another page that we’ve created that will give you more information and that will help you decide if that’s the right option for you or to help you transition into your own online business. 

As you can tell I’m super, super passionate about building an online business because of the way it’s changed my life. 

Two examples, I used to feel super stressed in the morning getting the kids out the door to wherever I needed to take them I get then racing to work to make it to my cubicle on time and those stresses just are gone now in fact the mornings are the least stressful parts of part of my day and I really enjoy it. 

Also there was a time when my then one-year-old daughter wouldn’t go into daycare she just absolutely hated it and so we had to take her out and we worked it out but at that time I just decided you know what I’ll just take a day off every week to spend the time with her and to watch her grow and to look after her and that shifted so many paradigms in my mind not just about spending more time with family but also using utilizing life more and enjoying life more. 

So I hope that in sharing this information it inspires you to start your own online business so that you too can discover whatever it is that you discover, the freedoms and the enjoyment and the fulfillment and the inspiration and whatever else it may be. 

Now don’t get me wrong it’s not all peaches and cream. There are many stresses there are many difficulties you know when you’re first getting started and there’s so much to learn it feels overwhelming, all that sort of stuff but for me from my own personal experience, totally worthwhile. 

So, happy searching, get in there, find what you find and if you find something great or interesting then please share this page with someone that you know who might also find it interesting or add some comments in the discussion board below. 

All the best, see you soon.

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