35 Best Stay at Home Side Jobs and Full Time Gigs in 2022

The 25 Best Stay at Home Jobs in 2020

Two years ago — before the entire world went remote — the word “work” would conjure up thoughts of worry and anxiety about the long, tiring commute to and from work.

Of course, that has now all changed. Working from home has become the norm for many which opens up the door for having a few stay at home side jobs or even being a full time freelancer or remote worker.

According to Upwork, in their Freelance Forward 2020 report, 59 million Americans freelanced in the past year. This was 36% of the total US workforce and resulted in $1.2 trillion annual earnings from freelancing.

In fact, 12% of the US workforce started freelancing in 2020 and 58% of non-freelancers that were new to remote work are considering freelancing in the future. 

freelance stats

Working from home, allows you to schedule your day, work independently, spend time with friends and family, and, overall, promotes a healthier work-life balance. It also helps with your bank balance.

According to the above report, new freelancers reported positive financial results even though they had only been working for a few months. 

To help you make your work from home dreams a reality, we’ve put together a list of the 35 best stay at home side jobs and full-time gigs.

Whether you’re hoping to earn extra cash or full-time income, there’s a job in this list for you.


35 Best Stay at Home Side Jobs and Full Time Gigs

Lady working from home in a stay at home side job

1. Online Tutoring

If you’re knowledgeable on a specific subject, online tutoring may be an attractive option and a lucrative side hustle because many platforms allow you to set your own hours.

This role involves instructing students with homework and assignments they receive from their field of study.

For that reason, you may need to create a lesson plan for your student to follow. Besides the pay, helping students learn and grow can be both rewarding and fulfilling. And to do it from your couch or home office makes it all the better!

A well-known and trusted resource to find jobs as a tutor is Tutor.com. Many tutors here report being able to pick up any jobs on a consistent basis, which is also supported by 95% of tutors reporting satisfaction on this site.

2. Data Entry

This job requires you to source and key data into a spreadsheet. Though this job can be done automatically, there are specific tasks which still need a human eye to analyse. Therefore, a sharp eye for detail is imperative, as many company decisions will rely on the accuracy of your data.

Additionally, confidence in your computer skills are of equal importance. If this job sounds like a good fit, Clickworker regularly hires remote workers to accomplish a number of tasks for their clients—Data Entry being one of them.

3. Customer Service

Customer support assistants are responsible for answering questions, resolving issues, and offering service to customers. Customer interactions can be either through email, phone, or live chat on websites.

Strong communication is necessary for this type of job, so those with a natural, bubbly vibe may enjoy conversing with others on a daily basis. Most importantly, empathy towards other people’s issues is what will help you succeed long-term with this job.

Looking for a customer service job? Read15 Sites to Find the Best Remote Customer Service Jobs.

4. Accounting

Even the role of an accountant can easily be adapted to a remote role and you can earn decent money. In fact, based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth of accounting jobs is set to increase by 6% between 2018 and 2028.

Accountants can take on various specialized roles online, from bookkeeper to auditor to accounting manager and financial analyst. Such a high-paying job demands a degree in Accounting (or a related subject or qualification).

5. Online Proofreading

If you have good grammar and writing skills, then online proofreading may be a favourable option. This job tasks you to read a written piece of content, then make adjustments where necessary.

This could be to correct spelling or punctuation errors, or re-wording sentences to improve readability. Sounds simple, however does require a sharp eye for detail, and a strong understanding of good grammar.

Add online proofreading to one of the best side jobs for stay at home moms as you can work around your kids’ routines. Check out this video where Rowan shares the 9 best sites for freelance proofreading jobs from home.

6. Virtual Assistant

Business owners and sole proprietors are always trying to save time and money, and virtual assistants are a great solution. So much that the virtual assistant market size is predicted to reach over 15 billion by 2021

Virtual Assistant 12

Source: Statista

This job involves completing basic digital tasks, including customer service, research, managing social media and more. A great option for those whose computer skills are up to par, and who are comfortable with doing a range of tasks.

Freelancing as a virtual assistant is a great way to earn extra cash if you have a couple of hours in the day and enjoy being organized and helping others.

To find a remote job as a virtual assistant, Flexjobs may be a site to consider. They regularly list and update millions of job openings in various career fields. Check out this page to browse their virtual admin jobs.


7. Research

Research can help people and businesses make effective decisions. However, carrying out research on a given topic can be very time-consuming, which is why businesses hire researchers to complete this process.

If you’re skilled in research, from sourcing and analysing key information to presenting it to your clients, this may be a job position to consider. It’s an ideal stay at home job and you can earn decent money.

Be sure to check out this Love Work at Home blog post for more on research as a work from home job.


8. Transcription

This job involves turning audio and video into written text (e.g. subtitles, interviews etc). The nature of this work requires you to watch and listen to plenty of content — a bonus for those who already like to watch YouTube videos or podcasts in their spare time!

Fast typing is an essential skill to have, as most transcribers are paid per minute instead of the hour. To get started, you can find a number of paid work opportunities available at Rev, GoTranscript and Scribie.

9. Bookkeeping

Another online job opportunity that can earn you a full-time income is to become a bookkeeper. Bookkeepers record important financial data about a business, enabling business owners to make better-informed choices.

Tasks can include recording financial transactions, creating monthly sales reports, and sending out invoices to clients and suppliers.


Bookkeepers have good data entry skills, and always ensure their work is organised and accurate. If this sounds like a good fit, you can find a number of remote bookkeeper opportunities on freelance platforms like People Per Hour and Upwork, or even remote-only job boards like Virtual Vocations.

10. Online Travel Agent

Many people seek travel agents to help them plan their holidays. Travel agents are responsible for booking flight tickets, arranging transportation and even planning tours. Their main goal is to take the hassle out of holiday planning.

If you enjoy planning holidays for your personal trips, and have good communication and organisational skills, then this could be a favorable option. For potential job openings, Jooble may be a dependable site.

They are a reliable job search site for almost any profession, including travel agents. When searching for remote roles, ensure the ‘show only remote job’ button is turned on.

11. Recruiter

Online recruiters are responsible for matching job candidates with open roles available in a company. While good communication skills are necessary for this job, being able to carefully identify potential talent and meticulously vetting them is where it really matters. So, expect most open roles to require a form of qualification in HR or experience in recruitment.

Souce: Remote.co

It’s worth taking a look at Remote.co when browsing openings for a recruiter role. As their focus is on listing jobs that can be done remotely, you won’t need to do all the filtering to get to the type of jobs which apply to you. Take a look at the openings on their recruiters page here.

12. Project Manager

Believe it or not, project managers can enjoy a high paying job even from home. Such a role requires someone with good leadership and problem-solving skills as you’ll be communicating with your team on a regular basis.

A background in project management can greatly increase the number of job offers you get. However, this is no barrier for the layperson to find a remote job within this field. Paymo’s guide on how to become a project manager offers a detailed look at what this profession entails.

13. Freelance Writer

One of the best side hustles for moms, freelance writers have the primary role of writing content for businesses. Whether it’s to write articles, eBooks, emails, or general content for a web page, you can find plenty of opportunities to turn your writing skills into cash.

The internet is (and always will be) in constant demand of content. So if you enjoy writing, you may enjoy taking on this at-home job on a freelance basis to earn some extra cash. It’s one of the preferred jobs for moms as you can work around your children’s routine.

Many freelance writers enjoy working from a home environment too. According to a study conducted by Freelance Writing, 46% of freelance writers see working from home as one of the biggest perks to their work.

Freelance Writer

Most freelance writers market their services to potential clients, through third-party websites like Upwork or Fivver. While this is a viable method to find potential clients, it’s not exactly the best place to seek regular work with immediate pay.

WriterAccess may be a more reliable option. Anyone can register to join their pool of writers, where you can receive regular writing projects, at a fixed pay rate (per word).

14. Telephone Nurse

Those with experience in nursing may find interest in becoming a telephone nurse. As the title implies, this involves offering healthcare advice to patients via phone or video chat.

Unlike a one-to-one consultation, telephone nurses take on an “advisor” role: they assess the patients symptoms, then decide which type of assistance they’ll require.

A telephone nurse is suited more to those who have a degree or experience in Nursing. Keep in mind that a telephone nurse can also be referred to as a telephone triage, a nurse consultant, or nurse triage. So, while browsing jobs, swapping out some of these names in the search bar might help you find more relevant results.

15. Web Developer

If you have experience in coding, graphic design, or computer science, consider web development a viable career option. Web developers are responsible for creating the structure and functions of a website, both front-end and back-end.

Being such an in-demand service, you can’t really go far with this remote profession without any prior training, or qualification, in web development.

16. Graphic Designer

Whether it’s web design or social media branding, businesses heavily rely on the creative skills of graphic designers to communicate with customers. In fact, 49% of business owners rank graphic design as a ‘very important’ aspect of their business success.

Source: Finances Online

There are countless visual concepts a designer can create, from logos to illustrations to stock photography and even video. Regardless, knowledge in elements of design (e.g. shape, space, form, colours, contrast) and using graphic design software (e.g. Adobe) remain the cornerstone of your development.

Graphic design is another career that allows you to be flexible. You can earn extra cash as a side hustle or even earn a full-time income, it’s up to you.


17. Online Sales Representative

Online sales representatives sell products or services to consumers on behalf of a company and are usually paid on a commission basis. Therefore, good skill in persuasion and communication is ideal if you want to make great coin in the world of online sales.

Naturally, having a rich understanding of your product or service is important. A prospect always has their own questions and objections about your offering, which you’ll need to confidently address should they arise.

Glassdoor is a website dedicated to helping people find jobs and review companies. As of right now, they have over 12 million job openings, plenty of which you can find as a sales representative.

18. Translator

If you can speak more than one language, becoming a translator can be an easy way to start earning online. Businesses that want to reach a global audience are constantly searching for translators to convert written content into a variety of languages.

Besides speaking another language, good writing skills are needed as you’ll need to craft messages in ways that are immediately understood by a different culture in a different language.


Source: Gengo.com

To kickstart your remote translator career, check out Gengo. Upon registration, it’s mandatory that you undergo a translation test. Once accepted, you can immediately start getting paid as an official translator for Gengo. Learn more about the translation process inside their Getting Started guide.

19. Social Media Manager

In this growing internet age, many businesses are in need of social media managers to help them build their online presence. Social media managers are responsible for creating content, responding to comments, and interacting with their community across a number of social media networks.

As the voice of a brand, the ability to effectively engage with consumers is imperative. Many of us spend time on social media already, so this can be an awesome way to socialise while getting paid for it!

20. Medical Coding

A medical coder converts key medical data into code that can later be used to help doctors make a call on what prescription to give, or a diagnosis, for example. While this may sound complex, a formal degree is actually not required to become a medical coder.

Medical Coding

Using an online course, you can quickly and effectively learn how to turn medical coding into a profession. But, for those ready to seek jobs, perhaps Careerbuilder may be a useful place to start searching. You can find plenty of remote roles in their medical coder section on this page.

21. Online Teaching

Where a tutor helps students to better understand what they learn, a teacher creates the formal learning structure that a student will follow. This includes creating content for each lesson, setting homework, and instructing students on set tasks.

Online teaching is the perfect option for teachers who want to transition from class to home, while still maintaining a healthy teacher-student environment.

Online Teaching

Source: Skooli.com

Skooli makes it easy to start earning money as a teacher, even if you’re just starting out. Teachers here are paid up to $20 per hour, to hold small sessions with students, teaching almost any academic subject you can think of.

A degree or qualification isn’t necessarily required to teach here, though having one does help in the verification process.

22. Systems Engineer

Usually, within the I.T. department, a systems engineer develops, monitors and manages computer networks. They play a crucial role in just about every kind of business on Earth, especially in this technological age.

Many businesses depend on computers to store data, process information, communicate with others, and carry out important functions. Therefore, based on the nature of work, this profession requires experience in computer programming.

Indeed (Systems Engineer – Remote) is a well-known and trusted site to seek out jobs, review companies, and compare salaries. With over 10 jobs listed per second, you won’t fall short of finding openings here as a system engineer. Just be sure to search for, or set the filter to ‘remote’ when searching for jobs.

23. Creative Designer

As a creative designer, you are tasked to create marketing and advertising materials for businesses. This could be in the form of ad banners, product labels, brochures, videos and more.

Much of your work is customer-driven, whether it’s to trigger an emotion (excitement), or a specific response (purchase), from the person viewing the material.

Creative Designer

For that reason, this job demands someone who is highly creative, detail-oriented, and punctual with client deadlines. Experience with software like Adobe Photoshop can also be highly beneficial. It’s likely this will be your ‘playpen’ when working on projects.

On top of this, you’ll also need to make sure you have all the right tools before you take on your first project. Here are twenty tools 99Designs recommend graphic designers stock up on.

24. Software Engineering

Software engineers, otherwise known as computer engineers, enjoy a super flexible career working from home. When we search for jobs to put on the Love Work at Home jobs board, there really is no shortage of this high paying job.

They create and develop software that solves specific problems. For example, computer software that detects movement or the security level of a website.

Depending on your employer, you can expect to work in a team of software engineers, or independently. Either way, it’s important that you have a bachelor’s degree in either computer engineering or computer science to find sufficient work online.

Check out the jobs board linked above to start having a look at a few of the software engineer jobs available right now (the jobs board is updated weekly!).

25. Freelance Lawyer

Believe it or not, even lawyers can enjoy a career 100% remote. Whether you’re an experienced attorney, or early in your career as a lawyer, there are a growing number of virtual firms seeking out remote employees.

Freelance Lawyer

Credit: Flexjobs.com

Flexjobs (Legal) have listed on their site a large number of openings for virtual lawyer positions, and attorneys too.

26. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best stay at home business ideas because you can set it and forget it. No matter what type of business you have, you can use affiliate marketing to increase your reach and income.

Would you believe that more than 84 percent of entrepreneurs leverage affiliate marketing to earn money for their business?

You can use affiliate marketing to build a rapport with your audience. Tell them about a serious problem you had and share the link to the product you used to overcome it. Be honest about your experience and tell your audience what you learned throughout the entire process.

It is a win-win because you get to inform people about great products and make money on their purchases. You help the creators of the product, your business, and most importantly, your regular readers.

27. Wedding Planner/Coordinator

If you love weddings and enjoy helping your friends or family with special events, then a wedding planner or coordinator might be a great side hustle if you’re a stay at home mom (or even dad).

So what’s the difference between a wedding planner and coordinator? Wedding planners make the plans whereas wedding coordinators make sure that everything coordinates according to the plan on the big day. Pretty easy, right?

Wedding planning as a stay at home side job

And, you’re not limited to weddings only… Do you love planning your kid’s parties or family get-togethers? Why not make that into a side hustle and earn extra cash doing something you love!

28. Consulting

If you are an expert in any industry or niche, you can showcase it by sharing information and giving advice to individuals who need help in that department.

Consulting is a fun opportunity because you prevent others from making the same mistakes you made, making their journey easy and quicker. 

Getting paid for the service is a perk and it can be a lucrative side hustle.Many consultants make over six figures each year, helping individuals make decisions that will enable them to reach their goals.

People all over the world pay for consulting, whether it be for creating a blog, increasing brand awareness, staffing, and even investing. You can make money off of your knowledge and experience from home on your schedule.

29. Baking and Catering

Baking and catering are awesome side hustles for moms (and dads) if you love cooking and bringing people together with sweet treats. There are so many ways to make money as a caterer. From baking home cooked meals to diet-specific catering to cupcakes for birthday parties, the list and need is endless.

Add to that creating an online cookery course and a blog or even a cookbook, and you’re well on your way to earning passive income from your skills. It will just take a little time and hard work to set up.

30. Sewing and Garment Repairs

Sewing or garment repairs services can also be a way to earn extra money from home. You can advertise your services on Facebook, start a website. Whatsapp business, or even via traditional means and drop off flyers into post boxes. 

In today’s world, many people no longer have time to drop off garments or items to be repaired, maybe you could offer a collection service as well?

Sewing and garment repairs can be a great way to earn extra income

Sewing does not stop with garment repairs. That is what makes it a great at home business idea. You can create your own clothing and sell them to make a profit. Creating customized garments and home decor items such as curtains, pillows, and even seat covers increases your reach for additional income.

31. Arts and Crafts

Take your love for creativity to new heights by turning your crafts into an opportunity to make extra cash or even eventually a full-time income like these entrepreneurs

There are many crafts that can meet the needs of others, whether it’s finding that perfect gift or a “one-of-a-kind” designer piece to homemade dog or cat beds, there’s sure to be a demand. 

Arts and crafts can also be a form of passive income. Printable crafts such as checklists that help you stay organized and children’s coloring books are crafts that you can make once and sell as many copies as you want.

It gives you more time to work on creating more crafts for your audience instead of keeping up with the demand for one product.

32. Childcare or Babysitting

If you’re a stay at home mom or dad, why not offer childcare or babysitting services as a side hustle? There are plenty of parents out there who would love a safe and caring environment to drop their little one at when going on a much-needed date or an appointment.

Earn extra income by babysitting as a side job

If you’re already looking after your own kids, why not turn it into a “playdate” and add a few more kiddos to the group.

33. Pet Sitting 

If you’re an animal lover you can also look at opening a doggy daycare or pet sitting service. This could be a great side hustle as a stay at home job and could even eventually become a full-time job like this one. Many pet owners don’t want to leave their pets at home on their own and a “doggy daycare” or a pet sitter is a great option for them. 

Even offering “house sitting” services can be a great weekend side-gig and is a great side hustle for holiday times if you’re working while others are on vacation.

34. Music and Art Teacher

If you’re a musician or an artist, then teaching your skill to others can be a fulfilling stay at home job, especially if you’re a parent and need to work around little ones. 

You’re also not limited to teaching in-person. It’s quite possible to teach a student remotely and you can even create your own online courses to bring in a passive income as well.

35. Photography

Last but not least, in today’s social media-driven world, photography is top of the list when it comes to stay at home jobs. From being a wedding photographer to capturing family photographs for Facebook profiles to food photography, the list is endless.

Photography can be a great stay at home job

Turn your photographs into photo books and you have another form of income that you can do from the comfort of home.


There you have it, a comprehensive list of the best stay at home side jobs and full time gigs. All of these jobs can be done from home, whether as a lucrative side hustle or full-time income.

While reviewing these jobs, it’s important to keep in mind which job best suits your personal strengths. Working a job you’re already skilled in can help you find job offers quickly. On the other hand, it’s never too late (or difficult) to learn about a job you’re interested in.

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