Translation and Interpretation – Work it From Home and Make Bank (CHA-CHING!)

Salut, Privet, Nǐ hǎo, Ciao, Anyoung, Ahlan, Yā, Hallo, Oi, ¿Qué tal?

Being the incredibly worldly person that you are I have no doubt that you recognize all 10 of those informal greetings. Go you!

As for the rest of us philistines, being bilingual is not easy – it requires a lot of passion and interest in other languages to acquire this skill if you haven’t been lucky enough to have been raised in a bilingual or multilingual environment.

If you can speak or understand the written word in another language, why not make this skill of yours lucrative with the enormous number of translation and interpretation jobs that are out there!

If you are somebody who loves spending time indoors rather than braving the elements, then let me share with you some information so you can earn money online with a translation or interpretation home based job.

Is that even possible? Yes, it absolutely is!

By the end of this blog post you’ll have a much better understanding about:

We also have a blog on how to become a freelance translator in 5 steps, online courses to take, and how to become a certified interpreter – check it out here.

If you’re not sold on working in the field of translation/interpretation by the end of this blog, you’ll definitely be inspired by our article on The 25 Best Stay at Home Jobs!

Without further ado, let’s get stuck into it!


First thing’s first, the main difference between a translator and an interpretor is that one starts with ‘transla’ and the other starts with ‘interpre’…   **cringe** Sorry.

But seriously, the real main difference is that a translator translates the written word from one language to another, but an interpreter interprets a spoken language and speaks it in another language to the audience or recording equipment.

To further break down a translator’s job description, a translator needs to have a good grasp on not only the source language, but also the culture of the country from which it is spoken. They can use tools such as dictionaries and reference materials to ensure they can write a quality translation from the source document.

To further break down an interpreter’s job description, an interpreter more often than not needs to be able to speak both languages back and forth between the parties involved. What’s more they need to do it on the spot, without dictionaries or other assisting resources.

An interpreter doesn’t need to repeat word for word what the first person said as this would rarely make sense. Instead they need to skillfully listen, memorize, process, and then convey the message so that it makes sense to the listener.

And when you’re great at that you can consider simultaneous interpretation, which to me is mind blowing. Have you ever been to a big seminar where the speaker is full of energy and rattling off information a million miles an hour?

For example, Tony Robbins speaks for hours on end at his seminars and has many of them interpreted into multiple languages such as Japanese, French and Spanish via headsets.

For this the interpreter must be highly skilled at that process of taking in information, memorizing it, processing it and speaking it in another language while still taking on more and more information continuously. Skillz!

For online translation jobs and interpreter jobs from home clients will need you to read documents, prepare summaries, edit and write a copy in the language so mentioned, or record your interpretation and talk to a third party to get a message across. Or perhaps a combination of these.


Interpreter jobs from home and online translation jobs are a great option for making a living while still allowing you to walk around in your underwear, have 56 tea breaks or sing as loud as you want while you work. Actually that last one won’t work very well for interpreters.

So how much can you make? Well it does depend on several factors such as:

Scope of project – Bigger project = bigger budget. Thanks for that Brainiac.

Ok, enough of the babble already! Here’s a table summarizing how much translators make and how much interpreters make:

SourceTranslator / InterpreterSalary / Hourly RateAverage / Median
Salary.comMedical Interpreter$44,550/yrAverage
Bureau of Labor StatisticsBoth$49,930/yrMedian

Looks like ZipRecruiter got a little excited about the translators salary; regardless, the averages of the above salaries indicate that translators make around $51,116 per annum, while interpreters make around $45,075 per annum.

Now they are some inspiring numbers to use a skill that you probably already have embedded deep inside your mind. So, next step, where can you find online translation jobs and interpreter jobs from home??


Here’s a list of job boards, freelance sites and companies that combined have an endless supply of online translation jobs and interpreter jobs from home. Go for it!


This portal must become the go-to option for all those translation and interpretation enthusiasts who intend to work from home. They offer a wide range of job offers for people so that people can secure stay at home jobs and rest easy while earning plenty.


Upwork allows the people who are interested in translation and interpretation to sign up as a freelancer and fetch projects for themselves. This way people can earn money online and also work from home.


This company specializes in interpretation jobs, and they have a specific section for independent contractors who want to avoid traffic and work as a self-employed contractor. The impact lives by connecting those with limited English to essential services such as healthcare, 911 and finance.


This site originally named itself based on the strategy of being a portal for people paying $5 to have a task done, however it has shaken that strategy and now joins the ranks with the most popular freelance sites. Don’t worry, you can earn a lot more than $5 here.


CloudPeeps take the standard up a notch. If you think you have a certain level of experience in translation and interpretation – then you must totally check this portal out. They’ll help you can find online interpreter jobs and translation jobs from home.


This company offer both interpreter and translator services to their clients, with 24/7 service for telephone interpreting, video remote interpreting, on-site interpreting, email, chat and document translation.


This platform specializes in translation jobs from home for freelancers, amongst just a few other specialties. Definitely worth checking out given the emphasis on translation.


Flexible jobs under well-known companies – isn’t that what all of us have dreamt about? Yes, we do expect the pay to be amazing as well. Anywho, AuthenticJobs has got you covered for your translation and interpretation needs. So what are you waiting for?


Quick and easy to use. Just enter the skills that you are good at and the platform would begin to display a chunk of needs that have been posted by your potential clients. Bid for it and have it to yourself. Translation and interpretation need simplified.


Indeed is a great job search engine that curates all the jobs that are available and posts them on its portal so that people can go through them easily. For an individual like you, it makes it a lot easier to find online interpreter jobs and translation jobs from home. Most importantly, it is free.


It is a well-known fact that LinkedIn serves as a portal wherein you can upload your qualifications. Once it is out in the open – potential employers are going to reach out to you for their translation and interpretation needs. Also, there is a possibility that you can search for flexible jobs, too.


The Omnipresent. You’ve probably happened upon the name “monster” as a jobs search engine. However, little do people know that they can run a flexible job search on it as well. So what are you waiting for? Monetize your passion of languages!


A quick way to secure your online interpreter job easily – since people use this website because they want to get things done as soon as possible and if you are going to help them do that, wouldn’t it be cool to work on one of the stay at home jobs?


For work that suits your translation and interpretation needs – this portal has got “amazing” written all over it. Not literally, but you know. Secure one of your home based jobs and get started right away.


Your all-purpose job board. You can hunt for full-time translation and interpretation jobs as well as flexible – no matter what the need be. Since you are into flexible working – don’t budge and go and get what you have been hunting for.


We sincerely hope our blog post has helped you delve into the answers that you were looking for. We’ve covered translation and interpretation jobs and freelance gigs as a means to earn money online, we’ve tabulated and found the average salary to answer the question ‘how much translators and interpreters make?’

We’ve also listed 15 resources so you’ll have an endless supply of opportunities when it comes to online translation jobs and interpreter jobs from home. All the suggested portals are trustworthy and will certainly help you find the freedoms that come with home based jobs.

Check out this blog for more information on how to become a freelance translator (5 steps to success), translation courses,  how to become a certified interpreter and some awesome interpreter courses

If any part of this blog helped you, we’d be endlessly thankful if you’d share it freely so that someone else can also discover the fruitful world of translation and interpretation. Have a great day!




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