Work from Home Bookkeeping – It Adds Up for Earning Money Online

There’s no end to the options and possibilities when it comes to working from home, however work from home bookkeeping is definitely up there with the best when it comes to financial rewards.

This blog post is written to help you better understand work from home bookkeeping as a work from home business, however this blog post also has resources to help you find remote bookkeeping jobs.

By the end of this blog post you’ll have the answers to these questions:

Equipped with all that information you’ll understand work from home bookkeeping and the path forward to start an online bookkeeping business from home.

So, let’s get stuck into it!

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A bookkeeper is a person, who records all the financial information for a company and prepares balance sheets, income flow charts and other financial documentation with precision.

Hang on a minute, doesn’t an accountant do that?

bookkeeper job description

Good question. They can. So what’s the difference between an accountant and a bookkeeper?

A bookkeeper is a person who does not need a higher degree of any financial course. A bookkeeper does the financial work for companies by keeping all the records of paying bills, employee salary sheets, company’s profit charts and other possible financial information by doing the data entry.

On the other hand, an accountant is a person who has a degree in financial education and their job starts where a bookkeeper finishes. In other words, once the information has been recorded the accountant interprets, analyses, summarizes, and reports the findings to the client. Capeesh?

Still confused…. you’ll find the answer here: What is Bookkeeping and a Bookkeeper Job Description?

Bookkeeper Salary – How Much do Bookkeepers Make?

When it comes to work from home bookkeeping, it’s hard to lay claim to a particular average amount for a bookkeeper’s salary, however here are some stats from various sources that were correct at the time of writing this blog to help answer the question how much do bookkeepers make?

bookkeeper salary

The income scale of bookkeepers obviously differs according to experience, qualifications and efficiency amongst other factors. Experienced bookkeepers can earn over $54,000 according to Payscale, however if you are a fresher, you have to start with a more modest amount.


If you love work from home or working remotely, then work from home bookkeeping will help you to earn money online and compete with the highest paying work from home jobs and home businesses.

To give you more precise guidelines on bookkeeping as a work from home job, here are the effective points you can follow step-by-step:

1. Get Certified

The fastest and easiest way to get clients is to become certified. A certified bookkeeper is always preferred by the clients. Therefore, before expecting clients, get the certification to impress your potential customers and then catch the project by convincing them with your conversational skills. A good place to start is one of the 7 Best Online Courses in Bookkeeping.

2. Make a Business Plan

When I Googled ‘how to make a business plan’ a few years ago I was totally overwhelmed by the amount of information they convinced me to put into it.

starting a work from home bookkeepping business from home

To start with, create a basic business plan, but be sure to re-visit it every quarter and flesh it out as your self-employed bookkeeping business scales and grows. It will invariably be of benefit to strategize your business.

3. Select a Business Name and Structure

Just as you cannot imagine your identity without your name, your business also requires a name to be identified as a brand. Choose an appropriate name related to your job – you can create something with your city name to help target your local area, or if you’re more of a freelancer a name that’s more objective related. It’s totally up to you.

In terms of business structure, there are various types of business structure including Personal or Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Liability Company and Corporation.

All these types have different requirement and terms. Make sure that you are choosing the right option according to your business.

In addition, to assist you further in this matter, we suggest you consult with a lawyer and/or an accountant, who will guide you on the right track.

4. Set up a Business Bank Account

Keep business and personal separate! Until that joyful time comes when you pay yourself. I love payday.

Before taking projects from clients, open a business account. Don’t be like the divorced relationship councillor or the overweight personal trainer. As a bookkeeper set a good example and sort this stuff out from day dot.

5. Bookkeeping Software

In starting your work from home bookkeeping online business no doubt you will have decided to invest in some bookkeeping software. There are stacks of options to choose from; however, opting for a top-class one will be the best investment for your job. Start your research by asking Google and filter the search results wisely to get the appropriate one.

6. Get Your Business E-mail ID

A business email address is essential in order to be seen as professional to prospective clients, so it’s important to get your domain name from the beginning. And for postal inquiry (if that still exists), you have to put the address of your office. It might be your home or be any rented place.

bookkeeping from home

The above is a list of some of the technical requirements needed to get things up and running. From there it’s time to start thinking about marketing and listing your services, attracting clients and delivering your world class bookkeeping service so you can enjoy bookkeeping from the comfort of your home!

Home Office Setup for Work from Home Bookkeeping

The good news here is that you don’t really need any special home office setup for bookkeeping from home. It’s not like transcription where you might need a foot pedal, or jewelry making where you need a large work bench.

However, if you need some guidance to help you setup your home office right the first time, copy and paste the following link to a blog post that we created for just that purpose. Sorry it’s not a link; that would mess with our site optimization.


Bookkeeping Courses for Beginners

To make success of your work from home bookkeeping business, you have to be efficient, professional and precise. It is important financial figures you’ll be working with after all.

To begin the process, learning bookkeeping online has got you covered.

Here are five bookkeeping courses for beginners to help you in achieving your goal in starting an online bookkeeping business.

Penn Foster Career School

This is certainly one of the more professional bookkeeping courses for beginners from an online school that is dedicated to professional education. Penn Foster note that you can “learn to be a bookkeeper in as little as 5 months”.


The Effective Bookkeeping and Payroll course is one of the more comprehensive courses on Udemy, which means it costs more than the beginner level courses, but if you’re going to carve out a career in this industry, don’t short change yourself and learn a fraction of what you need. I also chose this one because it has a very good rating with over 40 reviews.

bookkeeper courses for beginners


Futurelearn offers a Bookkeeping for personal and Business Accounting course which you can take for free. This study topic includes financial accounting, double entry and balance sheet making and more to give you a clear idea about the subject.


At Accounting Coach, you will get a plenty of information related to bookkeeping. There are various courses available on the website. You can start with Harold’s Bookkeeping Training which has 20 modules. Some of the tutorials are not free, but others are only useable under the paid Pro features. Either way you can get plenty of materials on this website.

FreeBookkeeping Accounting.com

The third best bookkeeping course for beginners is at this website which has plenty of free material much like Accounting Coach.

Bookkeeping Certification

For the best part a college degree is not a requirement to become a bookkeeper, however licensing, training, and other requirements can vary by state. We recommend checking with your state or licensing board to find out what’s applicable in the area where you wish to work.

Beyond that, given the fact that it’s a competitive industry, and the fact that you’ll want some salary bargaining power should you choose to work for a company, it always helps to have more qualifications up your sleeve than less.

A good entry level step would be getting a Certificate or an Associate’s degree in either accounting or bookkeeping.

Here are some bookkeeping certification options for you to consider on your journey to becoming a bookkeeper.

U.S. Career Institute

Enrol in the Bookkeeping School at this institute which has an ‘excellent’ rating on Trustpilot with over 1,000 reviews. They also have a career coaching program to help you prepare with the skills needed to become a bookkeeper.

Lone Star College

Obtain an accounting assistant / bookkeeper certificate at Lone Star College which covers computer fundamentals, Excel spreadsheet training, accounting functions and fundamentals and training in QuickBooks, and essential accounting software application. Well worth a look.


If it’s all in the name then we have a winner. The National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers offers training, courses, licences as well as various free resources such as practice tests. 


Once you start your career in bookkeeping from home, you won’t turn back.

where to find remote bookkeeping jobs

I’m hoping you’ve decided that upskilling is the right course of action, you’ve taken stock of the steps involved in starting a bookkeeping business from home, and you’re now considering whether to go down the path of freelancing or simply working remotely for a company. Either way…

This is where to find remote bookkeeping jobs:


With Flexjobs you can find a variety of online bookkeeping job options. This site mainly helps to provide access to part-time, freelance as well as flexible job offerings. This portal can be a good option for searching for accounting and bookkeeping related jobs.


This jobs board has more online bookkeeping jobs than you can poke a stick at. One of the search bar autocomplete suggestions was even ‘Bookkeeper remote’.


This freelancer portal will help you to connect globally with professionals engaged with accounting, bookkeeping and business analysis across the world. I personally use Upwork frequently as I feel it has a more professional edge than some of the other freelance sites. Perfect for those seeking bookkeepers.

We Work Remotely

This portal connects its users with online bookkeeping jobs in companies across the globe. Because it charges the company posting the add a reasonably pricey ad posting fee it eliminates the small fries and results in medium to larger companies using this portal, which can be great to help you find some bigger bookkeeping roles (if some have been posted). 

Remote OK

This freelancer portal is very similar to We Work Remotely, and charges companies a similar amount to post a job. Remote Ok reaches more than 800,000 remote workers per month.


This is a global community where you can connect with accounting related freelance bookkeeping jobs. This portal connects freelancers with companies to fulfil their requirements. At the time of posting this add there were 3 ads for bookkeepers.


This is a UK based website where you can list your profile, skills, qualifications and any other relevant information so businesses looking for bookkeepers can search through candidates. The People per Hour primary purpose is to provide businesses access to freelance workers across the globe.


Jobspresso is an easy to use remote job searching website for bookkeeping jobs from home. Through this portal you can choose to search specifically for contract, freelance, full time, internship or part time which makes things quick and easy.


Well that’s a wrap. By now you’ll have the answers to the questions what does a bookkeeper do and how much to bookkeepers make? We’ve also covered some great bookkeeping courses for beginners, what the requirements for bookkeeping certification are and of course where can you find work from home bookkeeping jobs.

So go forth and keep those books in order to ensure businesses aren’t heading down the common path of failure from mismanaged finances. It’s quite obviously a critical role in a business which I have no doubt you’re capable of successfully filling.

I sincerely hope you got something out of this post. I would be forever thankful if you could share this information with others who might also benefit from it.

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