When both my children were born, something that really stood out to me while we were in hospital was just how amazing nurses are. While they all had their differences in personality, they all had some common traits like caring, giving and empathy to name a few. Real salt of the earth type of people with a genuinely kind nature about them.

Another thing that I hadn’t realized before spending that time in hospital was the shift-work nature of nursing. If New York is the city that never sleeps (let’s be honest, it’s actually Vegas!), then nursing is the profession that never stops, and it can take its toll on a nurse.

One way that nurses can reduce or escape this shift work life is to find a work from home nursing job. There are a broad range of alternative jobs for nurses, so whether you’re interested in studying nursing online to become a nurse, looking to upgrade your current qualifications, or looking for online and work from home nursing jobs, you’ve some to the right place.

By the end of this blog post you’ll have a much better understanding about:

    1. What nurses do in a work from home capacity
    2. Alternative jobs for nurses – this list will open your eyes to the possibilities
    3. Steps to becoming a nurse – a simple 4 steps that are critical for your journey
    4. How to study nursing online
    5. Work from home nursing jobs – we have a quality, comprehensive list towards the end of this blog!

So, let’s jump into it!


Hang on a minute, nursing from home? How does that work? What do nurses do as a home based job?

The answer is, nurse’s jobs aren’t limited to treating patients that are sick or recovering and needing assistance. They provide recommendations and support to patients and their families, help doctors to diagnose patients, caringly treat patients, administer drugs if needed, and they are available to give follow-up care.


The actual job description will vary depending on which of the many work from home nursing paths you head down. So let’s take a closer look at some of these alternative jobs for nurses more closely.


Below is a list of alternative jobs for nurses beyond the role of nursing within a hospital, patient care or aged care facility. Some of these roles can be undertaken as a side job for nurses or a home based job, whereas others require travel to the homes of patients. Either way, these alternatives will provide more variety and a change from the daily commute to the same work location.

Home Care Nurse / Home Health Aide

Home care nurses pay visits to patients who are home bound for any number of reasons, such as being too physically unwell or unfit to visit their medical center.

Working under the supervision of a doctor they organize and address the considerations specific to each patient, with a mobile kit suitable for prescribing and administering drugs as needed, checking heartbeat, breath and pulse rates, helping patients move, dress and wash, taking notes on the patient’s condition, and changing dressings amongst other things.

Private Duty Nurse

A private nurse can be self-employed, work as a contractor or work in a home care organization. They undertake similar duties to home care nurses and can work with patients suffering from a diverse range of conditions such as cerebral palsy, mental health issues, traumatic brain injuries and many more.

Private duty nursing grew as a profession around the 1980’s as nurse entrepreneurs expanded their working horizons and broke new ground.

Telehealth/Telenursing/Telepractice/Triage/Telephonic Nurse

These interchangeable terms within the nursing industry are essentially nurse counseling over the phone. Advances in technology in recent times permit telehealth nurses to communicate with patients, monitor their conditions and give advice and recommendations using computers with audio and visual.

This is particularly useful for patients who live in more remote areas or those with a disability or travel difficulties requiring regular check-ups.

Case Manager

Case managers undertake a collaborative process of working with physicians, nurses, social workers and patients to create a holistic plan for treatment and/or recovery of the patient. They ensure that the admission, care and discharge processes consider the physical, emotional and social needs and expectations of the patients.


Case managers may also need to understand the public and private reimbursement policies regarding the chosen path for the patient.

Insurance Worker Nurse

An insurance worker nurse calls clients and customers to develop their patron base, meet with clients to discuss their needs and insurance coverage, match insurance rules to their wishes and provide an explanation for the options to customers.

Legal Nurse Consultant

This field of nursing encompasses evaluating standards of care, causation, damages, and other medically related issues through the examination of healthcare statistics, scientific literature, felony documents, and different pertinent statistics.


There are some necessary steps that one must take to become a nurse, starting with the following list.

1. Choose a nursing path

As you can tell from the previous section of this blog, nursing can take you in many directions, from beginning out as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or staff nurse to operating a nursing team as a nurse administrator.

When deciding on your profession path, think about the sort of environment you would like to work in. For example a Registered Nurses (RN) can be located in hospitals, doctors’ places of work, and other clinical settings, but licensed nursing assistants often work in nursing houses.

Knowing that you’ve discovered this blog because you probably like the idea of a home based job or starting an online business, we recommend digging a little deeper into the previous list of alternative jobs for nurses.

Further down we also have a list of sites where work from home nursing jobs can be found. By scratching around within these you’ll get a much better idea as to what’s available, who’s hiring and what their educational or other requirements are.

2. Earn your qualifications

Once you work out where you want to steer your career in nursing, you’ll have a much better idea as to what level of certification or degree you’ll need to obtain.

Consider what you can fit into you busy life. Many nursing degrees and certifications can be earned on-line (with clinical requirements finished in your neighborhood community). Be sure to have a look at the resources below where you can study nursing online.

steps to becoming a nurse

According to Rasmussen College a home healthcare nurse needs to “earn either a Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) Diploma, an Associate’s degree in Nursing (ADN) or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)”.

3. Pursue Licensure

Once you’ve completed your education and clinical requirements, you must pursue licensure to become a Registered Nurse (RN).

This step to becoming a nurse involves passing the NCLEX-RN exam. This is the National Council Licensure Examination which determines if it’s safe for you to begin practicing as an entry-level nurse.

Licensure requirements do vary state to state so be sure to check if it’s a necessity for you.

4. Seek experience

There are countless resources where you can seek remote nursing jobs and browse through what’s available. The world is your oyster. Some great news that Rasmussen College quotes is that for home healthcare nurses the vast majority (as in 84% majority) of job postings prefer candidates to have 0-2 years of experience. In other words there are plenty of jobs for newbies.


As we’ve previously discussed, a nurse ‘aint a nurse. You can become a home aide nurse, a telephonic nurse, a case manager, a self-employed private duty nurse amongst many other exciting possibilities.

With regards to the online nursing degrees, given the hands on nature of nursing, keep in mind that you’ll probably need to attend an approved facility to obtain the practical component of the degree.

So here’s a short list of online nursing programs so you can get a feel for what’s out there to help you study nursing online to gain any, or all of the qualifications you desire.

study nursing online

Excelsior College

Excelsior offer an Associate in Science in Nursing as an 8 week fully online course which makes for an easy transition to a BS in Nursing for Registered Nurses program should you wish to follow that path. They also offer free preparation for the NCLEX-RN.

University of Central Missouri

For those who are already registered nurses, UCM offer an ‘Online Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing’ online nursing program which they note can be completed in as little as 2 semesters. It’s very flexible and you can choose a course work plan that suits your needs.

University of North Carolina Wilmington

UNC also offers an RN-BSN course with the flexibility to allow you to continue working while undertaking your studies. They have 6 start dates through the year, so there’s bound to be one coming up soon.


Here’s a comprehensive list of companies that all have jobs boards or careers pages listing work from home nursing jobs:

FlexJobs – Flexjobs is a great site for remote and flexible jobs of all types. At the time of writing this blog they had a stack of remote, partial remote and option for remote jobs. Be sure to hit ‘Find Jobs’ and search for the category ‘Medical and Health Jobs’.

Magellan Health – This group has a jobs board with plenty of options which can be searched for to include remote work options.

UnitedHealth Group – UnitedHealth’s careers page showed various telecommute options when selecting ‘nurse’ from the drop down list. UHG scored 3.3 stars on Glassdoor at the time of writing this blog based on over 9,800 reviews.

BroadspireBroadspire are a claims management company that has numerous remote/home based jobs. Check out the careers page here, select the ‘Medical Case Management’ category and hit search.

BAYADA Home Health Care – Bayada scores highly on Glassdoor at 4.2. At the time of writing this blog there didn’t appear to be many remote jobs on their jobs board. Try typing ‘remote’ or ‘home based’ into the search bar and see what auto-populates before you hit the search button.

Care Team Solutions – Let a virtual recruiter find the job for you. Enter your desired position as remote or home based, upload your CV and see what they find for you. They know the channels, so leave it to the pros to find you work from home nursing jobs.

Abbott – With website headlines like ‘Got student debt? We’ve got you’ and ‘Working mothers thrive at Abbott’, it’s pretty compelling for graduates or navigating working around family commitments. You can search for jobs at Abbott here.

Tenet Healthcare – Tenet appear to be a dominant player in the healthcare industry, which was reflected by the fact that when we searched ‘remote nurse’ on their career search page, there were a whopping 488 results.

Humana – The trick to searching for remote jobs on the Humana careers page is to not enter anything into the search bar, but scroll down the left hand side to where it says Work Style and tick Work at Home. Then in Job Category tick Integrated Care. There were 19 options in various jobs at the time of writing this blog.

Anthem, Inc. – Anthem work with a range of health care providers so they have access to plenty of jobs. On their careers page click the Jobs by Category list and select Medical for your best chance at work from home nursing jobs.

Professional Services Network, INC – PSN work in the healthcare industry as a managed healthcare staffing solution. Their job board isn’t the most user friendly, but if you scroll to the bottom their filters will show up. Click Job Type and Telecommute to see what’s available.


In my eyes, nurses (much like teachers and childcare workers) play a critical role in society and should be revered as heroes amongst mere mortals. They have some unique and beautiful character traits that they only share amongst those in their own industry, and we should be grateful for the work they put into helping strangers, healing wounds and comforting souls.

We sincerely hope you gained some valuable insights into the world of work from home nursing.

To recap, you should now have a much better understanding about what nurses do in a work from home capacity, what sort of alternative jobs for nurses exist out there, and four critical steps to becoming a nurse.

Naturally, with a skilled profess
ion like nursing you needed to know how to study nursing online so that you can be the golden candidate for work from home nursing jobs.

We would be endlessly grateful if you would share this blog with someone else who might benefit from it. Thank you and have a great day.

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